WordPress 3.5 – Hot off the Presses, Elvin Jones is a Rock’n

Hi boys and girls, have you been good this year?

Uncle Matt and his elves seem to think so, as just in time for the holidays WordPress 3.5 is ready for download.

Elvin Jones, famous Jazz drummer, is the namesake of release version 3.5 which comes with a host of goodies:

1) Totally revamped media handling – uploading and management is now a breeze
2) Retina ready throughout including icons, dashboard, etc
3) For developers:

    a) New Tumblr Importer
    b) Links manager removed from new installs
    c) Multisite switch_to_blog() is now faster and more reliable
    d) You can now install Multisite in a sub-directory.
    e) New external libraries: Underscore, Backbone JS libraries
    f) WP_Comment_Query and WP_User_Query classes now support meta queries just like WP_Query.
    g) Post objects are now instances of a WP_Post class
    h) WP_Image_Editor class abstracts image editing functionality such as cropping and scaling, and uses ImageMagick when available.

4) Fresh updated look for default theme Twenty Twelve

Go check it out and happy holidays.