Why the WP Sidebar is Your #1 Conversion Tool

WordPressWordPress, started in 2003, began as a simple self-hosted blogging tool. Since then it has grown into so much more. It is now a content management system with many large websites such as Forbes and Tech Crunch running entirely on the platform. The company was quite accurate when they said, “WordPress is limited only by your imagination.” Using those same creative juices, configure your sidebar to ensure you convey exactly what your web site is about and deliver the most value to your visitors.

A sidebar is just that, a bar on the side of a blog or website that stays put as you click through different pages. It is very easy to produce, and helps the visitor to your blog or website understand more about you as a person as well as many other helpful things that generate traffic. Easy navigation is essential for any website, and while a sidebar provides this for visitors, it also allows you to choose which pages or posts they navigate to.

Directing People to Social Media with the Sidebar

wordpress-sidebar-widgetsSidebars come in many shapes and size, so pick out the correct theme with a style you like – it will save you hours of time in customization. It can point out things that you would like to highlight when visitors are on your page. It is also a great way to direct people in the right direction so they know how to contact you or follow you on social media. The importance of this is huge; when people know you on a more personal level it makes it easier for them to relate to you. It is easier to trust or support a company or person when you can check them out, and social media is a good way to do this. You can see how the person interacts with others, and check if they are a legit business.

Great Uses for Your Sidebar

The possibilities are endless when it comes to deciding what to put in your sidebar. It is easily changed and can be customized (think of the sidebar as the equivalent of virtual advertising magnets) as you see fit. The most popular options are:

1-     An about link/picture: This is important because it will show people your expertise and whether or not they should trust your business or opinion. This also makes your page very personal and more welcoming to others.

2-      Contact information: This can include ways to contact you on social media, phone numbers, addresses (if applicable) and any other way you are open to receive communication. If people have questions or concerns they need to be able to get a hold of you.

3-      Links: These could be links to other websites or blogs you run, or websites that you are affiliated with and support. If people are interested in your blog they will more than likely want to check out other stuff you create or support.

4-      Popular posts: This will showcase the most popular posts which could essentially spark immediate interest in what you are offering. This is also a great way to drive views to relevant content.

WordPress is a fun and easy way to write and be creative. Use your sidebar to help you keep visitors entertained and help them find exactly what they are looking for.