Useful tips for responsive web design

We are all aware of the manner in which technology has evolved in the past few years. As a result the fact that people are more and more connected to their mobile devices it comes as no surprise at all. Well, taking these things into consideration you, the web designer, will have to think of some ways through which you will be able to create a remarkable responsive website design. Don’t worry! You are not alone in this quest. The following lines will show you a few helpful tips you ought to be aware of, in order to create something unique that your clients will be happy to use.

Things you should do

Use the right tools

Due to the fact that the mobile devices available out there have different characteristics it is mandatory for you to take care of the user interface compromises that these might need. As a result, you will have to make use of a user interface scaling tool. This will help you realize the important features that must be inserted in each display.

Know your audience

You want your work to be successful and as a result you will have to do some research in order to find out the types of devices people are accessing your website. Well, figuring this thing out is not complicated at all. Use analytics and you will manage to see what kind of devices your target audience are using. Also, make sure that you know how your customers are using their smartphones in order to be able to provide them with the right things.

Offer a flawless user interface

If you want your customers to benefit from a satisfying user experience you will have to give them a user interface which is devoid of mistakes and whose elements are optimized. This means that you must provide them with a fast loading time and that you must make sure that they don’t wait for a long time; otherwise they will feel like they are wasting time with you. Anyway, you will have to make sure that your design will work in your advantage. Let’s say for example that you have an application which is not entirely optimized and which could cause delays. Well, in this case you should insert great tips or an interactive loading animation, so that you will keep your customers interested.

Important things must be highlighted

It is crucial for you to focus on and to optimize the elements that are representative for your responsive website design. This means that such elements should be fast and reliable and they should have a pleasant design. Anyway, it does not mean that your work stops here; after you have launched the design your will have to work on these features and you will have to improve and optimize them. In this way your clients will be truly happy with your work.

Keep it simple

When you create something you want to distinguish yourself from the rest. As a result, in your desire of accomplishing this you might get distracted and you might forget that all your visitors want is to complete their tasks fast and easy. Therefore, it goes without saying that if success is what you are looking for, then you will have to come up with a quickly and effortlessly user interface. Afterwards, if you like you may add some features that will contribute to the enhancing of the user experience.

Things you should avoid

Do not choose a complex template

Like it was mentioned earlier, it is important both for you and your users to avoid inserting difficult and complex elements. So, a simple template with a standard menu will do wonders for your responsive website. You will avoid making mistakes such us putting too much details and menus next to each other, while your visitors will navigate your website easy and fast.

Do not insert unnecessary things

Web designers should take into account the fact that mobile devices have smaller screens and as a result some compromises must be made. In case you are wondering what you should do, then you must know that it is necessary for you to edit your content and to get rid of the pages that hinder the effective mobile browsing. This way you will manage to include only the most important content and your visitors will be provided only with the essential parts of your website.

Do not add long texts

You want your audience to feel comfortable with your responsive web creations and as a result you will keep in mind that such online presences must not contain too much text. If your visitors will be welcomed with too many words, they will live under the impression that everything on your website is so tight and cramped that things are unpleasant to read or to look at. Try to organize your ideas with numbers and bullets or maybe try to rephrase some of your thoughts. If you will manage to create a clean look, you will gain more and more visitors which will definitely boost your business.

Avoid the size problems

When you are working on a responsive web design project you will have to make sure it fits across various dimensions of mobile screen sizes. It goes without saying that if you won’t respect this criterion you will lose the interest of your visitors who will start looking for something else. So make sure that the size of your content will fit like a glove the width of your visitors’ devices.

Now that you know which are the things that you must do and which are the things that you must avoid doing, go ahead and start working on your responsive websites. Keep in mind that it is important for you to think about your visitors, in order to end up with something that will last for a long time.