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Top Joomla templates and themes for Joomla web sites

BlackStudios Creative Joomla Template

BlackStudios, supported by Joomla! 1.5 and 2.5, has an easy-to-use quickstart function that immediately displays the default demo page, and is one of the best selling Joomla templates. BlackStudios is a highly customizable, powerful piece of software. With an included mobile site designed for smartphones, 7 module combinations and dozens of sidebar configurations, this layout is powered by Gantry, with all the font and logo customizability that entails, and also includes several color schemes with pre-fabricated PSDs. The front page is dark, sleek and metallic, with speedy, semi-transparent menus that evoke the cutting edge in business websites. User login, fully supported by BlackStudios, is also available in the top right corner. Below, a scrolling slideshow gives viewers a sneak peek into site offerings before they click in. BlackStudios is an ideal theme for any modern company website, but can also easily be adapted to humor and text sites that run on an editorial model. Deceptively simple, but always elegant, BlackStudios is a true workhorse of a theme.

Ammon template for Joomla

Gantry-powered and mind-bogglingly customizable, Ammon is a glass skyscraper of a theme, with attractive, transparent menus and a huge array of slideshow backgrounds. Its transparent, dark gray menus are sure to look good on the flashiest of backgrounds, while its shopping cart header is unobtrusive and well-placed. Scrolling down, white space is available for product postings or a blog, with useful tools for aggregation of content optional but available. Dozens of module positions are possible, and twelve sliders are available, including an option for video background, while colors are unlimited and the mobile site updates automatically. Ammon is relentlessly functional for any and all business website needs, large or small, and it’s worth its weight in gold when it comes to attractive, all-purpose website design.

FutureProspects - Corporate Joomla Template

Shining like liquid metal, the FutureProspects theme is the perfect foundation on which to build your company website or blog. With a wealth of informational pages to get the message out, a frontpage slideshow that makes product or service display a charm, and 24 moveable modules that let you take the basics into your own hands, FutureProspects is exactly what it sounds like: a forward-thinking investment that matches utility with sleek form. Color recombination is easy and a mobile site is easy, while grid size changes with the modules on every page. FutureProspects is also great for artists and small businesses, with its gallery section, attractive menus, and nearly infinite options for publishing the information your customers want in a cool venue your customers will love.

Phoenicis - Premium Joomla Theme

Phoenicis is a chameleon Joomla theme, with 38 premade color and texture options and a huge range of options for content layout. With a clean, architectural look and built-in shopping, Phoenicis is perfect for manufacturers and distributors of nearly any product. Clean, subtle gradients and blocks of color put readability first, giving Phoenicis a light-drenched downtown library feel that’s perfect for any metropolitan group looking to revamp its online presence. It’s a basic layout with a classic, classy feel that will give your content the ambiance it deserves.

QuickM - Joomla 1.5 template

QuickM gives the basic Joomla template an industrial, nuts-and-bolts sheen little seen in other variations. With a full range of features from unlimited color to mobile support, QuickM has enough modules for every purpose, including, notably, a newsletter feature attractively integrated into the front page as a sidebar – comments are also supported. It comes with an attractive range of sliders, each hand-picked to form an imposing, never blocky presence at the top of each such page. QuickM’s machinist-chic is perfect for IT companies and graphic design studios looking to project their reliability and know-how, while its user-first approach to company publications makes it a great pick for just about anyone hoping to open a genuine dialogue with their consumer base.

Dark - Mobile Joomla Theme
Mobile Dark

Mobile Dark takes a cue from the dark, shiny screens of the smartphones that display it and gives the viewer an easy to read, white-on-black approach to reading content and checking his or her user account. With a single home page and subpage included, Mobile Dark’s approach to mobile browsing is simple and streamlined, with JavaScript to automatically remove the original site’s navigation bar. Cheap and effective, Mobile Dark eliminates all of the hassle typically associated with mobile browsing in a few easy tweaks.

Eatoreah - Clean Joomla 1.5 and 1.6 Template

With clean slideshow options and an integrated newsletter for thoughtful customer outreach, Eatoreh is customizable enough for just about any Joomla website. With galleries, newsfeeds, blog and contact pages, a number of layout options, featured articles and an easy-to-use member platform, Eatoreh is a buffet of options that pushes Joomla functionality to the limits of customization. Comic book-style dot fill dominates the background, with colorblock splashes giving the theme a Pop Art feel that’s trendy and fresh. Those in advertising and publicity might be especially attracted to Eatoreh’s modernist spark, but the layout is great for any group of young professionals who want to make a lasting online impression.

Abrax - Joomla Template

Attractive, contrasting menus take center stage in this infinitely customizable theme, while the background boasts seamless integration of Twitter, Google Maps, Google Fonts, and eminently usable newsletter and testimonial options. Abrax doesn’t deviate far from the Joomla standard – it improves its functionality behind the scenes to give your website the hidden edge it needs. With a white body backing its customizable grid for news, updates, and other content, Abrax is offset by a header and accents in a single color: pick for yourself. Abrax is flexible and professional enough to make a “fun” color pick work well, with office-suite chic that works like a charm for any and all corporate needs.

EOS - Joomla Theme

A glassy, translucent take on the Joomla standard, EOS brings cyberpunk accents home to the mainstream. Great for art, design and development studios and publicity agencies, EOS represents the dawn of a new Web 2.0, one that combines fancy skyscraper aesthetics with the readability and consistency you need. With twelve different sliders and dozens of module options, EOS contains a huge number of extra pages and features, including holiday banners, matching 404 and offline pages, a newsletter and site map. EOS is lean, clean and attractive as it provides a platform for a vast amount of company information. Whether you’re in the arts or on technology’s cutting edge, EOS is a great pick for a memorable company website that still puts content first.

JF Chrome - Professional Joomla Busines Template
JF Chrome

Basic and retro, but endowed with a number of cool tweaks, JF Chrome is built for function and integrates well with others, simplifying simultaneous release of editorials or press releases on multiple pages and letting customers track a brand throughout the web. With a youth-oriented feel above and beyond this integrability, JF Chrome is great for anyone in tech development or gaming. With limited color customization, its real strength lies in its widgets and modules, which provide the basics of content propagation with a focus on member discussion that would serve just as well for a news or humor site as for a company page.

Bloora - Joomla Template

Bloora brings Joomla’s inherent gallery flashiness to the fore with a cool parallax slider with a light-drenched photographic feel, giving the whole page, including the header, a brightness and depth of field that takes the best from recent cinematography without getting in the way. The white body is sleek and readable, with thin, silvery-blue font that impeccably matches the header’s studio feel without blur or focus issues. Fully integrated with news, gallery, Google and Twitter, Bloora’s glowing modernity is appropriate for a wide range of online needs, from a platform for agencies and dealers to city guides and more. Bloora will take your site to the future in a few easy clicks.

RT-Theme 15 - Joomla Theme
RT-Theme 15

Slick, but not lacking in retro whimsy, RT-Theme 15 is an exercise in compact chic. With an arching homepage reminiscent of silent matinees gone by, the layout reveals fast-acting, multi-layered menus with almost surprising efficiency. Main subpages are immediately available under a modest photo header, arranged with news and testimonials as needed, while vital stats are available in the complementary left-hand sidebar no matter the page. A photo background – best subdued – sets the stage for the website as a whole, while a product showcase can easily form the crown jewel in your RT-Theme 15 page within a few easy clicks. A portfolio is just as easy to add. RT-Theme 15 is compact, attractive and fast, a retro-future dream that will appeal to any customer base.

Serpentis - Premium Joomla 2.5 Template

Cautiously desaturated and transparency-free, Serpentis is textile without being textured. Providing the basics of company web design with limited, worry-free customizability, Serpentis’s refined, faded-glory elegance will appeal subconsciously to any viewer demographic. Great for small businesses, Serpentis is professional enough to streamline users’ clicking process, but neutral enough to work well for studios and other creatives. Those who wish to provide a graceful introduction to their services without content-stuffing or repeating information will love Serpentis, which pushes vital information to the forefront with navigation basics that will never confuse. Serpentis is a lovely, classic approach to the small business website, easy to maintain and a pleasure to use.

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