Photorific - Photography WordPress Template

Top 25 WordPress Themes for Photographers and Photojournalists

PicTree - Clean Photographer WordPress theme
25. PicTree

PicTree is a simplistic WP photography blog template that focuses only on your work. By using clean lines and monochrome colors, this template is perfect for photographers who want their website to be all about their photography, and nothing else. Even the html coding for this theme is simple. If you aren’t very computer savvy, then don’t worry, because this is the theme for you. You can set your default color as either white or black and easily import all of your photos with a few simple codes. This theme also incorporates a unique scroll bar on its front page. This allows the people who visit your website to be greeted with a slideshow of your best photos.

WordPress responsive fullscreen studio photography theme
24. Responsive Fullscreen Studio

This unique and high quality photography blog template allows its users to customize every feature to fit their own photography style. It’s a powerful theme that is easy to customize and even includes access to Google’s 400+ fonts in their options. This theme is also perfect for videographers. It supports video, audio and photo capabilities. You also have the ability to include custom widgets from the extensive WordPress library. Add a slideshow of your Flickr to direct traffic there from your blog, or add a column that has all of your recent tweets in order to keep your fans in the know. Visitors who view your website will be able to view high resolution photos in full screen with only a toggle of a button. This theme can be customized with hundreds of different colors, fonts and other options, so that you can easily take this template and create your own unique website.

PhotoPurePress - WP for Photographers
23. Photo PurePress

This theme is another simple yet professional theme that puts the spotlight onto your work. It features a unique horizontal gallery view and a slide show that plays on its front page. This theme is great for portrait and wedding photographers because it gives you the ability to password protect your galleries. You can then give out the passwords to your clients so that they can view their photos whenever they like. This theme is also very customizable, and comes with easy directions to follow, so even the most technologically illiterate people can figure this theme out. Choose between a light or dark default color scheme, and then work your way through hundreds of fonts and various options to make this theme work for you.

Hand Crafted - Professional WP Template
22. Hand Crafted

Hand Crafted lives up to its name by being an elegant and beautiful theme. This theme has multiple layouts, so you can choose one that fits your photographic style the best. One of their more popular layouts is the single column portfolio layout. This one allows you to create lengthy slideshows from all of your images in your galleries and any videos that you have uploaded. All of their layouts however are very user-friendly and come with very flexible options. By tweaking their shortcodes a tiny bit, you can master the art of html and construct unique and classy gallery layouts. Hand Crafted can also be translated into any language.

Photoshot - WP Photo Blog Portfolio
21. Photoshot

This theme offers many unique features that allow its users to truly customize and create their very own photography websites. Some of the cooler features include a favorite box, right click disabling and homepage variations. The favorite box allows visitors to view your website and add photos to the favorite box so that they can come back and view them again later. Right click disabling is a wonderful feature for photographers, because it discourages visitors from saving your images and stealing your photos. The three homepage variations that this theme offers include slideshow, photo blog and a static page. When coding this theme, simply choose the homepage that you want your visitors to see first. This theme also comes with an extensive options page that allows you to click through different options, preview them and then decide which options work best for your blog.

Rhea for Photography Creative Portfolios
20. Rhea for Photography Creative Portfolio

This template can either be used for a photography blog or a personal one. If you are using it for your photography blog, then you’ll appreciate the many exclusive features of this template. The four different homepage styles are a big hit with photographers, because it gives them the ability to choose from four customizable designs for their homepages. This template also gives its users seven different gallery styles to choose from, and ten other page templates for contact pages, biography pages, etc. You can also customize this template by adding in your own html coding.

Adventure - Unique Photography WP Template
19. Adventure

Adventure hails itself as being a minimalistic photography blog template. By allowing your work to be displayed and put in focus, this template uses neutral colors and simple designs. You can choose from either a light or dark color palette and add your images to customizable galleries. Each gallery can hold up to four columns of images. You can change the number of columns in each gallery to fit your needs. You can also include videos in your galleries and on your front page. This theme also comes with the support of its author. Any questions that you might have can be directed to the author, and you will receive a prompt answer.

Right Now WP Full Video Theme and Audio Image
18. Right Now WP Full Video, Image with Audio

Right Now WP is becoming one of the most popular WordPress themes for photographers. Premium features are scattered through this template and allow its users to take their websites to the next level. Some of the more popular features include advanced playlist options, portfolio filters and enhanced HTML5 coding. This template can really make your website pop. Upload your favorite songs, and they will play for your viewers while they browse through your dynamic galleries. All of your galleries can be filtered by a variety of filter options that you create. This theme is perfect for people who understand shortcodes and html.

Brick+Mason - Premium WordPress Photography Blog Theme
17. Brick + Mason

Brick + Mason is a perfect template for photographers and designers. The main feature of this template that makes it stand out from the rest is its infinite scrolling. This theme also utilizes the plugin jQuery masonry so all of your website content will fit in any browser size, including on cell phones. It is a simple template that includes easy logo customization and a sidebar that slides in and out of the page when not in use. This theme also includes a free upgrade once you purchase the theme.

Atlas - Fullscreen WordPress Photography Portfolio Theme
16. Atlas

Atlas is a WP photography theme that features four different homepage styles and up to six different portfolio styles. This theme is simple to customize, but doesn’t offer its users many options in terms of colors and column widths. One cool feature that many wedding photographers could take advantage of is its password protected galleries. Use these for your clients, so that they can come to your website and browse through their own gallery whenever they please.

ANAN - Photography Full Screen WordPress Theme
15. ANAN

ANAN is an easy theme to grab if you are first starting your photography website. This theme has fewer options than most, but it is sleek and has a very simple look. Some of its features include full screen slideshows in each gallery, eight custom widgets and video capabilities. In order to customize this theme, you can choose from thirty different fonts and column shortcodes. Some of the widgets included in this template are YouTube video, Vimeo video and a Flickr photostream widget. There are also four different portfolio styles to choose from for your galleries. One really cool feature of this theme is the unlimited sidebar. This feature allows you to create a different sidebar for each page of your website.

Photorific - Photography WordPress Template
14. Photorific

Creating a photography website should be all about your photos. When you go about choosing the perfect template, you should find one that puts your photos in a spotlight, and showcases them properly. Photorific does just that with features such as full screen image slideshows and unlimited slidebars. With Photorific, you can choose as many background photos as you like for every single page of your website. The images you choose will be stretched to fit inside any browser, and even will look great on small cell phone screens. You can also embellish your photos with different slideshow options including slide transition times and various other effects.

PictureThis - Fullscreen Portfolio WordPress Theme
13. PictureThis

PictureThis is a beautiful template that packs a punch. This template is ideal for a photography blog, but can also be used for personal reasons. It features a full screen image slideshow to really spotlight your photos, and has a wonderful full screen background image slideshow that plays on each page of your website. The slideshow included in this template has many options of its own, so that you can customize it on each page. Other features of the template that make it perfect for photographers include completely customizable color palettes and Lightbox photo gallery options in each of your galleries.

Slash - WordPress Photography Template
12. Slash WP

Anybody can create a photography website, so to stand out you have to have a website that pops. If you use the Slash WP template, then your photoblog will definitely stand out from the rest. This template was made with photographers in mind, and has so far proved to be a popular template in the photography world. Its modern design allows you to organize and present your photos in a sleek and simple fashion. This template features a full screen slideshow of all of your uploaded photos and videos. It also gives you three different post formats and eight customizable widgets. You also can get peace of mind when you buy this template because it comes with round-the-clock professional support.

Black Label - WordPress Fullscreen Video and Image Background
11. Black Label

Getting your name out there in the photography world can be a hassle, but with a website like this, it should be no problem. People can view your website while listening to an audio playlist that you customize yourself. As they listen to your playlist, they can view your photos in high resolution in a full screen slide show. The slide show can feature any of your photos on your website, or all of them if you choose. Another great feature of this template is the sidebar generator. You can choose however many categories that you would like for your sidebar, and have a different sidebar on each page.

Chocolate WordPress Masonry Photography Theme
10. Chocolate WP

Powerful images should be coupled with an even more powerful WordPress photography theme, and Chocolate WP is an intense template. As your visitors flock to your website, they will first notice its elegant design. Then, they’ll be hit with a beautiful slideshow of your most popular images. All of your photos will be in high resolution, and are formatted to fit onto any size computer screen. This theme is anything but minimalistic, and as your viewers continue to browse through your gorgeous website, they will marvel in the complexity of your website. This template offers you a very unique two-level gallery and a very fluid layout throughout. The creators of this template pulled out all of the stops, and truly designed a beautiful template. By choosing a neutral gradient color palette, they have ensured that your photos will be the main focus. This template also has a blogging element, which allows you to blog about your favorite photography-related items.

Photolux - WordPress Photography Portfolio Theme
9. Photolux

If you are simply looking for a WordPress template to showcase your portfolio, then the Photolux template is for you. It is both powerful and elegant, and is an easy beginner’s website. Even if you have no coding experience, you can still master this template and create a beautiful portfolio website. Some of the features of this theme include three base skin choices, image resizing and unlimited gallery pages. You can create as many galleries as you would like, and change the size of each photo in your galleries. By using this template, you can easily customize each of your galleries to appear certain ways to your viewers, and to have different styles. The Photolux template is a simple yet beautiful template that is perfect to showcase your photography portfolio.

KIN - Minimalist Photography WP Theme
8. KIN – Minimalist Photography WordPress Template

KIN is a template that prides itself in being for the minimalist photographer, but in reality, this theme is very extravagant and gorgeous. When you first open the webpage, you are greeted with a slideshow of your favorite, high resolution images and can stop the slideshow in order to view and study each image. The next component of the webpage is the sidebar that can be customized to fit your needs. Once you enter the galleries, you can view each photo as it were a part of a magazine. The magazine style galleries allow viewers to browse through galleries efficiently, and take in the entire photo. Finally, this minimalistic theme wraps itself up with a built-in image zoom. Viewers can zoom in on any image to study the true details of the photos. Now, even though it calls itself minimalistic, do you see why this theme is truly extravagant?

DK for Photography Portfolios
7. DK for Photography Creative Portfolio

As a photographer, people might expect your website to be impressive. They think that since you are so good behind a lens, that you should also be able to create a visually beautiful website to showcase all of your photos. However, what people don’t know, is that not all photographers know how to code websites. Fortunately though, templates like the DK for Photography creative portfolio template can come to your rescue. This template comes in a variety of neutral base palettes and features a breathtaking slideshow of only your most powerful images. As your fans watch your slideshow they can also listen to some of your favorite music with the built-in audio capabilities. Once your slideshow has finished, they can browse your website through an easy to navigate side bar. Searching through your galleries, they might want to share a few of your beautiful photos on Facebook to alert their friends of your work, and they can easily do so by using the built-in Facebook widget. This template is truly a gem for photographers and creative souls alike.

Sideways - Photography Portfolio Website
6. Sideways Portfolio Website

Sideways Portfolio website is a simplistic design that offers its users both horizontal and grid-like galleries. People will love the simple and easy to navigate design of your website and will keep coming back to see more of your work. With this template you can easily customize the colors, your full screen background images and even some of the html codes. Visitors will be greeted by full screen, high resolution images as the background of your website. As they continue to browse through your website, they will love the grid galleries that allow them to see all of the photos in your gallery on one page. This is an awesome template that will be a hit with all of your fans and your photography friends.

Invictus - Premium Photographer Portfolio Theme
5. Invictus

Photography is all about creating a visual representation of a variety of emotions. Many of your images probably took hours to create, and some even days, so why showcase them on anything less than perfect? The Invictus photography template is a beautiful black and white template that offers its users many premium features. Some of these include full screen background image slideshow, full screen Flickr slideshow and even translation capabilities. This theme is truly for the professionals. You can easily customize this theme to become an original design of your own, and showcase your photos in a phenomenal way. Your viewers will be greeted with full screen slideshows of both your Flickr streams and of every image that is uploaded into your galleries on your website. Plus, this template can be formatted for use in any language and in any country.

Village - Fullscreen WP Photography Theme
4. Village

If your computer is full of hundreds of your photos and you are looking for an easy place to upload all of them for viewing, then the Village template is the template for you. This theme can turn your website from blah to fantastic with one simple download. After downloading the template, you can begin customizing the many features of this template. First though, you can easily upload hundreds of photos in just four simple clicks. They can continue to upload as you work on the coding for your new website. Some of the features that you can customize include the sizes and orientations of your galleries, all of your sidebars and your full screen photo backgrounds. If you have any videos of your work that you would like to showcase, then you can upload those as well. The background slideshow has both video and image capabilities, so you could upload your videos there, or you could simply upload your videos into a separate gallery.

Photo Nexus - WordPress Gallery Theme
3. Photo Nexus WordPress Gallery 2 in 1

The Photo Nexus theme comes highly recommended from its users, and is very easy to download and install. This theme is not for the faint-hearted because it does have a large feature list, but it also comes with easy instructions and is backed by a very helpful seller. Some of the features include different skin colors, photo gallery slideshows, a photo menu and even dynamic thumbnails in each gallery. This theme is a beautiful template that truly will set your website above the rest. Once properly installed, it is a professional and elegant website that will be sure to draw clients into your work.

Core - Minimalist WP Photography Portfolio Template
2. Core Minimalist Photography Portfolio

All of your fans can unite on this beautiful photography template. With Twitter, Facebook and Flickr widgets, this minimalist template is a wonderful option to portray your portfolio. You can choose from three different homepage styles and four different portfolio styles to showcase your photos. When people visit your website, they will love the full screen slideshow of your galleries and how they can comment on your photos. This template also includes a blog, so you can keep in contact with all of your fans by writing daily blog posts about your photography and your daily life.

King Size - Fullscreen Background WP Photography Theme
1. King Size

KingSize is an all-purpose WordPress template that works surprisingly well for photographers. Its sellers focused on the best ways to showcase a photography portfolio when they wrote the code for this template, and they have done a phenomenal job. With hundreds of different options to choose from, this template is easily customizable and very easy to navigate. The galleries are easy to create as well. All you have to do is upload your photos via the media gallery, and your photos will be automatically organized into your gallery and look great. The galleries can also be customized to fit your needs. You can change their background colors, the column widths and choose from many other gallery options to truly create original pages. Plus, this template comes with eight video tutorials to walk you through the coding and to make sure that you will be able to truly get the website that you have dreamed about out of this template. King Size is the top-selling WordPress photography theme – check it out and see why.

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