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Top 20 best Drupal themes in 2012

best drupal themes of 2012Drupal is one of the more popular free open source content management systems on the market today. Simple and flexible by design, Drupal is a versatile, scalable, and well-documented tool that can power any website of any size. If you are seeking the best Drupal themes for you own website, you are in good company. More than two percent of the world’s websites currently use Drupal from small personal blogs to large corporate websites. Even some government websites such as use Drupal.

More of a framework instead of an content management system, Drupal is a robust and extensible CMS solution that can run on nearly any computing environment without requiring programming skills to setup or operate. The entire system is designed specifically for webmasters and developers of any skill level and it shows. Drupal offers a rather large array of features such as built-in SEO and social media tools, lots of pre-built plugins and modules, and friendly clean URLs.

The list of features alone would make Drupal a worthy option for any website, but the CMS also comes with an extensive and active community of users and developers. This close knit family of Drupal users is the key to the system’s power. Almost all the functionality comes from user-made add-ons.

However, no system is perfect, and Drupal is not for everyone.

A lot of functionality was removed to make the Drupal core files simple and flexible. Because of this, most websites will need about twenty plugins to become functional. The administrative interface can be confusing and intimidating to new users and difficult to master. Since it is a jack of all trades, Drupal suffers from poor performance compared to other more-focused CMS solutions. It is also not backward compatible which means that themes and plugins designed for one version will not work with future releases.

Thanks to the Drupal community, most of these issues were fixed through themes. These themes modify or replace the core Drupal functions taking the guesswork out of picking the right plugins and modules. This does not mean that the default theme, known as the Drupal core, is useless, but it is not recommended for active productive websites. Therefore, you owe yourself to check out the best Drupal themes availabe in 2012 for your website.

Interior Designs - Drupal 6 Gallery Theme
#20 Interior Designs

Our first theme is designed for furniture makers and other interior design companies. Coming in at number twenty, the Interior Designs Drupal theme comes with a built-in image gallery that displays images automatically. It is well documented, but you have to put both your image files and their thumbnails into special folders. The theme will not auto-generate the thumbnails for you. Also, the theme is designed for Drupal 6, and the developers have no plans to update it for Drupal 7.

– Designed for Drupal 6

– Designed for furniture and interior design companies

– Built-in image gallery

– Well documented help files.

Smart Software Solutions - Drupal 6 Theme
#19 Smart Software Solutions

The Smart Software Solutions Drupal 6 theme is designed to work for general business and company websites. The theme’s main feature is a built-in, simple to use, and customizable slider that you can place anywhere. You can also place as many sliders as you want or need. You just have to select the position and the information to display for each slider, and you are set. If you need help setting up your website, the theme comes with a well-documented PDF help file, and all the theme’s graphic files come with an editable Photoshop file.

– Built-in, simple to use, and customizable slider

– Well documented PDF file included

– Theme designed for general business and company sites

– Layered Photoshop file of theme graphics included

– Designed for Drupal 6

Panekah - Responsive Drupal 7 Theme
#18 Panekah

Panekah is a fully responsive Drupal theme. That means that it automatically optimizes itself to match your browser’s display properties including mobile devices. Designed for Drupal 7, the theme comes in ten different elegant colored versions with easy theme options. It also comes with a pair of sliders, drop down menus, integrated fonts, a sortable portfolio, and a Photoshop file of its graphics. The theme provides all the functionality you need to run your business or photography website.

– Ten different available colors

– Designed for Drupal 7

– 100% responsive and mobile-ready

– Easy theme options

– Customizable layered Photoshop files

– Drop-down menus

– Sortable portfolio

– Integrated font face

– A pair of product sliders

Software CO - Drupal Template
#17 Software Co

Software.Co is a simple Drupal theme designed for general corporate website. The only real difference between Software.Co and the default theme is a single slider positioned on the homepage. Everything else is just the plain vanilla features that come with the CMS itself. It uses a two-column fixed-layout display with limited documentation. There is no Photoshop file either. If you need to modify the images, you have to contact the developer directly.

The theme was designed for Drupal 6, but some users report that the theme will work with Drupal 7 as well.

– Designed for Drupal 6 but some report Drupal 7 success

– Two-column fixed-layout display

– Product slider on homepage

Solaris - Drupal 6 Theme
#16 Solaris

The Solaris Drupal theme is another photography and related business theme. It is a mobile-ready responsive theme with an easy to understand option menu. Solaris comes with drop-down menus, integrated fonts, and a scalable portfolio preinstalled. It is a well-documented minimalistic professional theme for any product portfolio website you may have.

– Responsive and mobile ready

– Easy theme options

– Layered PSDs for customization

– Drop-down menus

– Sortable portfolio

– Integrated fonts

– Designed for Drupal 7

Vivid - Drupal Template
#15 Vivid

Vivid is a multilingual, search engine optimized responsive general business theme for Drupal 7 that comes with twenty-five different ready-to-use skins. It is a feature-rich theme with many customizable options. Perfect for any business or personal blog, it has more than fifty pre-installed shortcuts, twelve different pages (or views), and twenty-eight customizable regions on every page. The theme has three color schemes in one, two, or three column layouts.

The very intuitive visual interface makes designing your website a snap. It has an integrated WYSIWYG and HTML editors, an automated thumbnail generator, breadcrumb navigation, and integrated fonts, and threaded comments complete with avatars. It also comes with free public-domain stock photos and icons that you can use without a license.

Vivid is an excellent choice for any business website.

– Responsive multilingual design with twenty-five ready to use skins with more than fifty shortcuts

– Free royalty-free stock photos and icons

– Three color schemes with one, two, or three column layouts

– Integrated WYSIWYG and HTML editors

– Automatic thumbnail generator

– More than twelve pages with twenty-eight customizable regions each

– News subscription, social media and bookmarking integration

Smart Business Company - Drupal 6 Theme
#14 Smart Business Company

The Smart Business Company is a simple minimalistic Drupal 6 theme for corporate websites. Like Software.Co, Smart Business does not really modify the core theme features adding only a coin slider, drop down menus, and a separate home page. It only has a single-column fixed-width layout with very few support and help files. At least, it comes with Photoshop files that you can modify. If you need a simple website for your company, give the Smart Business Company are try. Everyone else should check out the other themes.

– Designed for Drupal 6

– Coin slider and drop down menus provided

– Photoshop files included

– Single-column fixed-width layout

– Limited help and support

Corporate Business - Drupal Theme
#13 Corporate Business

The Corporate Business theme is well-documented, simple and corporate theme for everyday business, personal portfolios and blogs. Designed for Drupal 6, this theme has 9 module position and atop menu for primary links. It has a table-free CSS layout with fluid content boxes, and an improved backend interface.

– Designed for Drupal 6

– Table-free layout

– Fluid content boxes

– Improved Drupal backend interface

– Well-documented support files

Cenus - Modern Minimalist Drupal Theme
#12 Cenus

Cenus is another modern minimalistic theme. Designed for Drupal 7, Cenus is a fast-loading general business theme powered by JQuery. It has a WYSIWIG editor and three skins with a simple two-column fixed-width layout. Installation is a snap, and content is a breeze to create and manage. The theme also integrates well with Google Maps, and it comes with a PrettyPhoto portfolio display.

– WYSIWYG editor built-in

– Designed for Drupal 7

– PrettyPhoto photo galley included

– Two-column fixed width layout with three different skins

Smart SEO - Drupal 6 Corporate Template
# 11 Smart Seo Corporate

Smart Seo Corporate is a general business and corporate Drupal 6 theme. It is ready to use out of the box without much setup. You just have to upload the theme to your server, and you are ready to go. The main banner is manageable from the administrative interface which also has options for creating anything and everything on your website. You can create and edit everything from storied and blogs and then select which ones you want featured on the main homepage. Smart Seo Corporate is a great well-documented theme for any corporate website that does not need the features offered by the other themes.

– Designed for Drupal 6

– Ready to use out of the box

– Extensive administrative tools

– Configurable login area

– Well documented code and PDF support and help files

Corporate X - Versatile Drupal 7 Theme
#10 Corporate X

Corporate X is an award-winning four-level fully responsive multipurpose theme for Drupal 7 optimized for most computer desktops and mobile devices. Extremely easy to install, Corporate X is highly search engine optimized using SEO best practices that uses valid HTML and CSS on every view and content page.

The theme uses a contextual content editor extensively. This amazing editor pops up where you needed it the most: on your content pages next to anything that you can edit. This is no blank template either. The theme comes with sample content pre-installed. With Corporate X, you will never have to search a stale admin panel to edit your content, and a complete installation will take only five minutes to complete!

The amazing editor is just the beginning. Corporate X comes equipped with a twenty-seven slider options and a sixteen-color palette with six base color schemes and a color picker. It also has an automatic thumbnail generator, eight image styles, two portfolio designs, and a fixed one, two, three or six column overall design.

Corporate X is a fantastic website solution for any business.

– Designed for Drupal 7

– Four-level fully responsive design

– Sixteen-color palette picker with six base color schemes

– Content sharing with social media integration

– In-line WYSIWIG contextual content editor with sample content

– Twenty-seven slider options

– Five-minute easy installation and setup

– Search engine optimization

– Fixed one, two, three, and six column layouts

– Eight additional image styles and two portfolio layouts

– Automatic thumbnail generation

Community - Drupal Community Theme
#9 Community

Community is one powerful Drupal theme. Designed especially for high traffic, community websites, Community is packed full with highly customizable features. This fully responsive SEO friendly theme has a “one click” installation that will get your website up and running in under a minute.

Community is extremely flexible with a twelve color palette and twelve different backgrounds. It has a built-in search engine, automatic thumbnail generators, integrated HTML and WYSIWYG editors, and animated menus, and that is just the start. Community is a developer’s paradise with twenty-eight editable regions, twelve views, and integrated fonts with twenty different skins and font styles, and over fifty shortcuts.

If you have a community to manage, Community will be the Drupal theme for you.

– SEO friendly responsive mobile-ready design

– 12 color palette and background patterns with 50 shortcuts

– Super easy “one click” installation

– Integrated HTML and WYSIWYG contextual content editors

– Automatic thumbnail generator and image resizing

– Social media and bookmarking integration

– Threaded comments with avatars

– Banner advertisement system included

– 28 editable regions on more than 12 views and content pages

– Integrated fonts with 20 skins and font styles

– Built-in search engine

Smooth - Premium Drupal 6 Theme
# 8 Smooth

The Smooth Drupal theme lives up to its name. The theme uses a fluid grid design for its pages. While all Drupal themes use a grid or two for specific content, the Smooth theme uses the layout everywhere. You can have a sixteen column page if you so choose.

Designed for Drupal 6, the theme comes with eight color schemes, custom sidebars, integrated fonts, and fifteen editable regions. It has a fully customizable built-in search engine that lets your customers find what they are looking for, and an inline login system for easy administration. It also comes with a collection on royalty-free stock photos that you can use as you see fit. If you are looking for something smooth, there is nothing smoother than this theme.

– Designed for Drupal 6

– Eight different theme color schemes

– Fixed or fluid twelve or sixteen column grid layout with six styles

– Fifteen editable regions s

– Integrated font families and sizes

– Built-in search engine and inline login forms

– Free royalty images included

Wellfolio - Minimalist Portfolio Template
#7 Wellfolio

Wellfolio is another business or photography portfolio theme. This is the theme you choose when you want to showcase your projects elegantly with minimal distractions. It is also a minimalistic theme. So, you should not expect much from this theme past the included portfolio plugin. However, unlike other minimalistic themes on the market, Wellfolio maximizes what it does bring to the table. It has three changeable skins. It comes with the PrettyPhoto photo gallery plugin built-in. It supports videos and flash files natively, and it integrates well with Google Maps. If your website is going to be multimedia heavy, you should give Wellfolio a try.

– Three pre-made skins

– PrettyPhoto gallery included

– Supports video and flash content

– Highly customizable minimalistic design

Converge - Premium Drupal Theme
#6 Converge

Converge is yet another portfolio theme. Designed for Drupal 6, Converge comes with all of its modules pre-configured and installed. You just need to install the theme, and you are on your way to success.

You don’t have to worry about customization either. The theme is comes with twelve pre-set color schemes with an unlimited color palette. It also has three custom sliders, sixteen editable regions, and animated menus.

Whether you are a Drupal professional or just a beginner, this theme has you covered. With advanced theme and block settings, Converge gives you complete control over the look and style of your entire website and user experience.

– Unlimited color palette with 12 pre-set color schemes

– Sortable portfolio with three custom sliders

– Sixteen editable regions and animated menus

– Extensive and flexible theme and block settings

– “One click” start, all modules are preconfigured and installed

– Designed for Drupal 6

Creative - Premium Portfolio Theme
#5 Creative

It is time to get creative. The Creative Drupal theme is by far the most advanced portfolio theme on the market, and as a result it can be very expensive compared to other similar themes. If your budget is tight, you should probably stay away from this theme. However, if your funds can cover the cost, Creative may be the theme for you. In spite the cost, the Creative theme is more or less an expanded variation of the Converge them. The two themes have the same exact features. The only difference is a few extra layout options and a performance boost. Otherwise these two themes would be the same.

– Unlimited color palette with twelve pre-set color schemes

– Sixteen editable regions

– Design for Drupal 6

– Sortable portfolio page with three custom sliders

– Extensive and flexible theme and block settings

City Magazine - Advanced Drupal Theme
#4 City Magazine

City Magazine is a great theme for non-profits and other organizations that need a urban-style theme for their websites. This Drupal 6 theme comes equipped with everything you need to get your website started. It has an eleven color palette with eleven backgrounds for you to choose with multiple layout options. It also has animated menus and quick tab bar.

City Magazine has a “one click” installation as well with all of its modules pre-configured and pre-installed right out of the box. Its customizations include seventeen editable page sections and ten slider effects.

If you need an urban feel to your website, you should give City Magazine a try.The theme already has a ton of rave reviews. One more will not hurt anyone.

– Eleven color palette and backgrounds with multiple layout options

– Animated menus and quick tab bar

– Extensible theme and block settings

– Designed for Drupal 6

– Seventeen editable regions and ten different slider effects

– One click start theme with all included modules pre-configured and installed

Glossy - Moden Drupal Theme
#3 Glossy

Glossy is a Drupal theme designed with Drupal’s flexibility and WordPress’ simplicity in mind. All the modules in the theme come pre-configured and pre-installed for a one-minute setup and installation.

Glossy is also fully responsive and SEO-friendly with an extensive list of theme customization options. It has twenty skins, five sliders, and twelve different content pages set within multiple layout options and formats. The integrated social media options are not bad either.

Glossy is a general business theme for Drupal 7, but that should not prevent you from trying this fantastic theme.

– Fully responsive SEO friendly design

– Designed for Drupal 7

– Twenty skins, five sliders, and twelve content pages with multiple layout options

– Integrated HTML and WYSIWYG editors

– Automatic thumbnail generators and image resizing

– Threaded comments with avatars

Simple - Premium Drupal theme
#2 Simple

The Simple Drupal theme is a very simple and clean modern design with enough option to make this the second most popular Drupal theme in the world. In spite its name, the Simple theme’s simplicity is only skin deep. Under the hood, this theme rocks twenty-three different backgrounds and twelve color scheme with multiple layout options. The extremely customizable theme comes with animated menus, a slider, and sixteen editable page regions for you to play with.

– Twenty-three backgrounds and twelve color schemes with multiple layout options

– Extensive theme customizable options including sixteen editable content regions

– Designed especially for Drupal 6

– One click set up with all modules pre-installed out of the box

Clean Design - Elegant Drupal Theme
#1 Clean Design

The only thing missing from Clean Design is support for Drupal 7, the current version of the Drupal CMS. Other than that, Clean Design is bar far the best general business theme on the market today. The array of available customizations is breathtaking. This monster truck of Drupal themes comes equipped with seventeen accents, six backgrounds, and eleven color options for your links. You can customize just about every piece of the theme including up to fifteen different areas on your content pages. This is a sleek, clean, and clutter-free theme that just works out of the box as is without modification. You simply cannot go wrong with this theme. You should definitely consider using Clear Design as your Drupal theme of choice. It can be a bit expensive, but it is well worth the price.

– Seventeen accent, six background, and eleven link color options.

– Multiple layout options

– Designed for Drupal 6

Drupal is an amazing and powerful content management system that lacks many of the features that make websites great. Fortunately, there are a number of excellent themes available that will bring every website to its potential. The twenty best Drupal themes for 2012 listed here are only the tip of the iceberg. The amount of available themes grows daily with the Drupal community itself. You have an excellent chance of finding the right solution to your needs.

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