Three Important On-Page SEO Factors You Can’t Ignore

Many website owners think of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as something that’s done behind the scenes; building links and driving traffic to your website in order to gain favor and credibility with Google. However, although what you do off your page is extremely important and definitely shouldn’t be ignored, one of the biggest mistakes that new – and even some experienced – website owners make is to forget about on-page SEO. With Google giving customer satisfaction a higher ranking than ever before when it comes to the factors that’ll get your site onto that coveted number one spot, on-page SEO has never been more important.


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Page Loading Time

Any good search engine optimization agency will tell you that the amount of time that your page takes to load can have a hugely significant effect on how well your pages and your overall website do in the Google search engine results. Although loading time can be a result of a whole range of different factors, it’s important to bear in mind that a slow-loading page can often be a direct result of what’s on it.  This could include large image files, videos, and even sounds that take longer to load up than the rest of the page. It could even be a result of your site’s theme or design. For this reason, sticking to a minimal yet interesting design is key.


Content is king – and that’s not only referring to the content you use to gain backlinks to your site, for example guest posts on popular blogs or news articles on local news sites. This also refers to the content which you display on your actual website. When coming up with content, many website owners make the mistake of keeping it to a minimum and rarely updating it – something that has the complete opposite effect of what you want when it comes to SEO. Instead, the content on your site should be informational, interesting, and answer the questions that your customers are asking the most. It’s also a good idea to integrate keywords into the content on your site, and update it regularly to make sure that it’s always fresh and current.

Images and Videos

When it comes to optimizing your website in order to be in with the best possible chance of appearing on the top spot of the Google search results for certain keywords, it’s not only important to think about your content and keywords. Optimizing your images is also important, and this can be done by using keywords and phrases as file names in order to ensure that they are more likely to appear in any relevant Google Image Search results. If you have uploaded any videos onto your site, you should also ensure that the video description is not only interesting and informative, but also optimized for Google Search. This way, your site will have the best chance of being discovered in not just Web search, but Image and Video searches too.

Good SEO should always start directly from your website!