Muzak Premium Music Site Template

The Newest Entertainment Site Templates of 2012

Entertainment comes in many forms including music and movies to weddings and other special events. When you have to promote an event or a location, you want to have a website that is clean, clear, and that sparkles with originality and ease of use. Here we are going to discuss various entertainment site templates that you can use for these various purposes.

You will see that some of them are specific to weddings or band websites. Others are specific to restaurants or magazine reviews. However, some are suitable for more than one purpose. With each entertainment site template, we will discuss who it is best for and which other types of situations would work with it as well. You will get an idea for how many aspects of the theme are customizable, as well as what the theme will look like to your viewers. We will discuss various features and enhancements that are offered as well.
Blocknote Responsive Website For Bands and Musicians

Blocknote is ideal for musician and band sites that want a responsive site that fans can access from their mobile phones. This is very handy when they are exploring a city and are figuring out which live entertainment to indulge in. It also allows for many pages as you can see above where fans can access discography, tour dates, a blog, a gallery, the “about us” page, and more.

Blocknote has many features, including:
– Cross browser tested
– jQuery powered scripts
– Built upon Twitter’s Bootstrap Framework
– HTML5 Ready
– Google Web font ready

Night Life Bootstrap Responsive Dark Template

Web designers have used the latest HTML5 and CSS3 techniques to create this vivid and responsive site template for night clubs. If you want to attract new visitors, it helps to have your choice of 5 color schemes and responsive screens with creative gallery montage options and a custom styled FancyBox. You want to show them that they are going to have fun once they get there! Even though it is ideal for those who are running nightclubs, it can be used for many types of creative websites that are looking for a similar feel with creative image montage options and a cross browser mp3 player.

Some of the other features include:
– Twitter Bootstrap Framework
– Icomoon Integration
– 3 Homepage Layouts
– 2 Layouts for Gallery Page
– 3 Background animations options
– High quality and commented semantic HTML5 Code

Muzak Premium Music Site Template

Muzak is great for people who want to share their music with the world in a versatile way. Unlike some site templates that are best for only acoustic musicians or bands, Muzak provides the right tools for everyone from electronic DJ’s to jazz bands and singer-songwriters. No matter how the music needs to be shared, it can be done with this template. Muzak offers opportunity for conversations with fans through threaded comments and customer support, and the slider is touch swipe compatible. It is not only SEO Optimized, but it also offers SoundCloud and JWPLayer Support. It has many features, some of them include:

– Responsive layout based on Skeleton Grid
– 3 / 4 Columns layouts
– Three level drop down menus

Clean Sport Sport Html Template
Clean Sport

Clean Sport is a template that is great for sports blogs. It offers 18 entire pages which can be used for League News and blog posts, as well as a detailed “About” section. There is a gallery for columns, and plenty of areas to keep track of the league statistics, league tables, and the top scorers. Information about the team can easily be included, and the template is customizable. This template is deal for football teams, or any sports teams, and those who want to have a sports blog with plenty of pictures.

– Ajax contact form
– JQuery powered pages
– Filterable gallery images
– Animated filter effect
– Twitter widget
– Google Maps for sports games
– Two gallery layouts
– Form Validation
– 18 PSD files

Eprom Responsive Music Theme

Eprom is a responsive music theme for musicians that want to share their art with the world. It also meets the needs of people who only want a classy place to store their creative portfolio or press release package. Instead of being a place for fans, it can be a place for producers of events or music to share their work or build their portfolio. Eprom has 21 HTML pages, along with layered and sliced PSD files included, as well as smooth CSS3 transitions. It is highly customizable and has both a light and dark design.

– Nivo Slider and Slider Revolution.
– Full working AJAX contact form (without page refreshing).
– Well commented code.
– HTML5 and CSS3 .
– Layered and sliced PSD Files Included.

6 Just Married Wedding Event Html Theme
Just Married Wedding Event HTML Theme

When you are getting married, the last thing you want to do is to try and figure out a complicated website theme. This is why Just Married is easy to use and allows all the lovely new couples of the world to put together their wedding online with ease and clarity. It allows for an RSVP form, an online registry, details about the accommodations and the location, as well as all of the other things that you would need for a wedding. Furthermore, your guests can access the site from their smartphones and tablets!

– Four different color options
– Various patterned backgrounds.
– Cross browser optimization (IE7, IE8 , IE9, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome)
– Google Web Fonts custom fonts
– Blog, Gallery, RSVP form, Contact form, and Registry Linking page.

7 Tux Responsive Html5 Theme
Tux Responsive HTML 5 Theme

Tux is one of the responsive themes that is ideal for people who want to use their site on iPhones, iPads, and other mobile devices. It is very sensitive to the size of screen it is being viewed on, which makes it ideal for those who do art and other types of mixed media where presentation and proportion are critical.

Some of the features include:
– Google web fonts.
– Audio Html5
– Contact Php JS
– Video Html5

8 Soundrock Music Band Club Template

Soundrock is great for bands and musicians who don’t want to spend too much time making their own code or customizing things too much. It has a responsive design and is ready to use right when you get it. The PSD files that are included are already customized to allow for the fast skinning that matters to so many musicians. You can get it in one of the following colors: yellow, gray, green, orange, red, or blue, but then you can create the color schemes that you want to use.

Some of the advantages of this theme include:
– Easy to modify
– Easy to change the color skins and add custom graphics
– Compatible with all browsers
– Documentation is included, as well as a PSD files

9 - Club Night - Entertainment Template
Night Club

Night Club is great for people who want to advertise their entertainment venue, as well as others who just want to make a fun site. There are eight pages in the template including pages for a blog and an online store, but more can be added. It is very easy to add content. There is one main default photo which is customizable. Every page has a distinct layout, keeping it interesting for the average viewer. Furthermore, there are a lot of ways to edit the pages to make the entire template quite unique and suited for any purpose, especially since PhotoGallery is included.

Some of the features include:
– Pure CSS (table-less) and layouts
– HTML & Photoshop (PSD) file(s) included.
– Fully editable, multi-image JavaScript homepage slideshow
– Easily editable Main logo graphic PSD file.

10 - Made Responsive Review Magazine Site Template
Magazine Made

Magazine Made is a great responsive template for review sites that want to have more user interaction. This theme is attractive and has several skin choices, making it possible to customize the appearance and make it feel luxurious for the average viewer. It is designed mainly to create customized review mini-sites that have four ways to rate the product; whether you want stars, letters, percentages, or numbers.

People use Magazine Made for all types of review sites, from the ones that review smartphones, tablets, and other technical products to those that review beers and wines. Restaurants can be reviewed as well as fashion trends, clothing, car, comics and vacation choices. The options are truly endless. Furthermore, the site template can actually be used for non-review blogs that just want to have an interactive theme that allows for such versatile rating choices.

Some of the features include:
– Responsive design scales that look fabulous on any device
– PHP and HTML commented code
– Optimized code that is minified, compressed, validated, spaced/indented/commented.

11 - Rockit Now Music Band Template
Rock It Now

Rock It Now is a theme for bands and other music-oriented websites. It is quite easy to modify and ready right when you get it, rather than demanding lots of customized attention. The home page is already customized so that it has fast skinning abilities. This site theme also allows for a lot of customized graphics and color skins so that when you choose, you can make it look the way that you want it to look.

Some of the other features include:
– 2 Level dropdown Menu , improved with JQuery
– Home page PSD file included
– Template that is easy to edit with quality source code.
– Compatible with all of the new browsers.

12 Stereo Squared Responsive Html Template
Stereo Squared

Stereo Squared is great for people who are interested in music. It is a fabulous site template based on a 3-column grid for people who are DJ’s, or those who want to create a buzz around their musical favorites. It can be used for bands that are starting out, or singer-songwriters that want to make a name for themselves. Current users like the typography and the responsive homepage slider, which is Flexslider. There are six color variations and a Google Maps integration option.

Other features include:
– Responsive Layout.
– Twitter feed styles.
– Flickr integration.
– SoundCloud integration.
– PSDs included.
– Various layout options.

13 - Next Magazine Responsive Magazine Template
Next Magazine

Unlike some templates, Next Magazine is not restricted to one niche. Instead, it is suitable for most of them as a great feature-rich and fully responsive HTML template for magazines and news. It has a featured slider, as well as an “Under Construction” page. Furthermore, it offers validated XHTML and a Fancybox. Instead of being restricted to only a few colors, it has 10 to choose from as well as 4 different skins that are ready for variations.

For media queries, there is an easy to use section. There are also ways to organize the CSS files, offer 5th level threaded comments, and change the sidebar position.

Other features include:
– Social buttons for sharing, liking, and spreading the message.
– Featured Box in Category page
– Perfect navigation for other devices without a dropdown.
– Various choices for placements of advertisements.
– Fully Layered PSD Files
– Google Map capabilities.
– The option for slideshows on various pages.

14 - Happy Ending
Happy Ending Wedding Theme

This theme is great for wedding websites as well as other types of personal websites or party planning sites. The theme is not ideal for cell phones access, but there are others that are. Depending on the event, guests may not be using their smart phones to RSVP. The Happy Ending Wedding Theme offers many things that can reduce confusion and stress while planning, including:

– Contact section
– RSVP section
– It is HTML/CSS optimized and responsive.

15 - Wedding Premium Html5 Css3 Website Template
Wedding Premium HTML5 Theme

The Wedding Premium HTML5 theme is fabulous for personal wedding websites or even for agencies that want to offer their wedding services. The design is elegant, making it appropriate for any party that is to be organized with such class. The template is made on a 960 Grid System with two choices of colors, navy/pink and purple/white, which are the most popular choices for wedding colors. This theme offers access to Google Maps and about 20 HTML files. It has a working PHP contact form, as well as HTML5 valid code. There are 53 PSD files that have all the necessary PhotoShop graphics

Some of the jQuery options include:
– jQuery prettyPhoto
– jQuery drop-down menu
– Big and Small jQuery slider
– jQuery hover effects
– Two color styles and homepage styles
– Two separate blog pages templates
– Three photo template options
– Wedding-specific page templates
– Contact page

Fusion Responsive Premium Site Template
Fusion Responsive Premium Site Template

Fusion v1.0 is one of the responsive premium HTML/CSS Site Templates. The design of Fusion is quite modern, which makes it look clean and sleek for lots of new businesses and established entrepreneurs. It is built on Skeleton’s base grid system and offers a lot of things that make it ideal for many businesses. It has an integrated search and maps from Google, and many variation options including 5 colors and 2 different sliders. It also allows businesses to make a portfolio that is filterable with 5 different layouts, and 20 different pattern backgrounds. There are also 17 premium backgrounds to choose from.

Some of the quality features include:
– LayerSlider – The Parallax Effect Slider v1.8
– HoverAlls v1.3
– UnoSlider – Responsive Touch Enabled Slider
– Spectacular Premium Web Backgrounds
– Php Contact Forms
– 23 Unique Page Templates

17 - Gamestheme Premium Html5 Css3 Template
Games Theme

Games theme offers clean edges and modern design without being too minimalist in nature. There is a high level of contrast between light and dark, making it easy to read and offering a very crisp web experience for the viewer. Elegant typography also adds to this feeling. Game Theme Premium HTML5/CSS3 Template uses these features to offer a unique experience for people. On the homepage, there is a small amount of information rather than an informational overload. There are tabs that reveal desired details once clicked on, which gives you flexibility in terms of what you end up showing people. It has crossbrowser capabilities and a working Ajax contact form, along with video support for the Lightbox (.swf, YouTube, and Vimeo). It is extremely adaptable and able to be used for nearly any purpose.

Some of the features of Games Theme include:
– 15 Background Variations
– 21 W3C Valid HTML5 pages.
– Google Fonts API.
– Lots of CSS3 Effects.
– Multilevel Drop-down menus improved with JavaScript.
– Rating Script.
= Two Layered PSDs are included for easy modification and customization.

18 - Marriage Responsive Wedding Template
Marriage Responsive Wedding Template

Marriage is great for people who want a wedding page that looks fabulous on mobile phones and other devices as well as computers. The event appears very cohesive with this theme because of the intentional font and color choices. You will see that it can be very nice to have simple options that keep it clean and clear for your guests.

Features include:
– Site will look fabulous on mobile devices
– Minimalist style
– Detailed “help” section
– Simple colors and fonts

MJ - Personal Business Wedding
MJ: Personal/Business/Wedding

This theme is HTML and CSS optimized and is great for wedding invitations, but also for other business websites. It is one of the few themes that actually works well for both weddings and other businesses, making it quite versatile and useful for many people. It can be purchased for one purpose and used for another, even!

The features include:
– Works as a responsive theme and with IE7/IE8/IE9.
– Comes with RSVP section & other wedding essentials.
– HTML & CSS optimized.

20 - Rockstar Html Template For Music Bands
RockStar Theme

RockStar is great for bands that want to make a bigger impression on the world. It works as a music portfolio when you are trying to get gigs or as a music blog page as you try to build your fan base. This theme helps you make your music available to people though mp3’s and also visually through pictures and photo galleries.

You can choose various music instruments as the background to greet your viewers including a microphone, drums, guitars, keyboards, a turntable, or random. You can include captioned images and a gallery preview box. No matter what aspect of your music you want to focus on, this can be a great thematic choice.

The features include:
– Two gallery styles (Fancybox and Default)
– Mp3 player included.
– Twitter news block included.
– Vivid photo gallery.

Swagmag Magazine Review Theme
Swagger Magazine

The Swagger Magazine theme is the HTML version of a very popular theme on WordPress called SwagMag. You can put lots of content on your site while presenting it in an organized fashion, which is rare to find! Instead of overloading them with visual stimulation, you can choose between many of the templates and layouts to find one that works to simply your content. The front page has a very detailed design, and it tends to increase the number of pages that people choose to view as well as the amount of time they spend on your site.

Swagger Magazine is great because it allows you to write about any topic, from electronics to restaurants and cars. Anything is fair game as long as you organize it. Furthermore, you can create extra mini-sites for reviews which will keep your customers coming back for more. It also will come in both PHP and HTML versions when you download it, including all of the latest jQuery enhancements and upgrades. The user experience is guaranteed to be rich when you use Swagger Magazine, and you can watch your traffic increase accordingly.

Some of the things that you will find in this template include:
– 14 page templates
– 5 posting layouts
– 2 single post layouts
– 4 rating box designs that are unique
– 2 front page layouts

As you can see, there are many entertainment site templates and themes that you can choose from to make your site stand out from the rest. Each one brings something unique to the table, whether it lets you stand out with vivid colors and photo displays or helps you to offer a crisp clean experience to your rushed viewers. You want people to come back to your site regardless of why they found it to begin with. For this reason, it is wise to find the best HMTL site template for your business by exploring the live previews and seeing which one works best for you!