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Wireframing – definitely something you should learn about

If you want your creation to be successful and everlasting then you will have to construct it on a great foundation. One must make sure that his or her business is based on something real and concrete, so that it won’t be blown away by a small gust of wind. Believe it or not this “success recipe” works in web design, too. To be more precise, what I am trying to say is that a web designer should wireframe or prototype the web page first in order to do his or her job right.

1.What does it mean?

When a web designer is wireframing it means that this person is creating the sketch of the future website. In other words, he or she is taking the first steps that will lead to a well-constructed web page. It is true that many designers prefer to keep this sketch in their minds and to go directly to work on the actual page. Anyway, although this process may take some of your time you should not skip it because as you are about to see, you may use it in your advantage. So, now that you know what wireframing is all about, you should read the following lines, in order to find out why you should use this technique.

2. Why should I use it?

The reasons why one should prototype the website first are pretty obvious from the definition stated above. Anyway, one should start by saying that this process will help the web designer be more organized. Organization is everything in a business. Therefore, if you want to create something clean, helpful and easy to use, you will have to structure your ideas, to visualize and to analyze them. But, this wouldn’t be possible, unless you had created a great sketch containing all your ideas and goals.
Further on, it is important for the people working on creating the webpage become aware of the fact that this process will help them create a connection with the clients. When designing a page for somebody else, you will have to give them a sketch illustrating the future project. As a result, when you will wireframe you will have to put your mind into it and to come up with something beautiful, so that your clients will agree with your ideas. In other words, it seems that in these particular situations wireframing is more a necessity rather than something that will facilitate your job, since it represents the connection between you and your customers.
One should acknowledge the fact that research is an important stage in creating something and as a result one should take this step seriously. As a matter of fact wireframe and research are connected, because when creating the prototype one needs to look for information and to use accurate data, in order to end up with something really good. In conclusion, another reason why you should wireframe is due to the fact that you need to do some research; and if you are not motivated to start this work, the wireframe technique will certainly help you in this sense.

3.What should this include?

These being said, we can move on to the next idea which deals with the things that you will have to focus on when wireframing.

To begin with, you could explain the use of certain elements or widgets. Although most of the web designers deal with this process during the development phase, you could take advantage of the wireframe and start explaining the functionality of your contents. It is needless to say that this will save your time and will also help you be more organized. At the same time, if you must present the prototype to your clients, your explanations will definitely make them understand your ideas better. Therefore, add some drawings or explanation paragraphs in your sketch, and you will see that your job will instantly become easier to do.

Again, another thing that you could do to make your job less difficult would be writing down the rules that your work will submit to. It goes without saying that if you have these rules in front of your eyes when designing and developing the webpage, you will definitely manage to include all the things you desire, without getting distracted.

Another thing that you should know is the fact that the wireframe will help you deal with the call to action buttons and the placement of various other elements on your page. Even if this point does not need a lot of details, it does not mean that you should not plan this efficiently. Therefore, take every aspect of your website seriously and construct a great wireframe in order to have a successful website.

4.What should I know about the wireframing phase?

The customer and the designer should work together in this particular moment of the website creation. Clients don’t know much about the technical stuff of creating a webpage, so this is basically the right time for them to speak and to present their ideas. The job of the designer is to take them into consideration and to make use of them while working. At the same time, the clients will have to understand that this is not the time to worry about the right colors, since they are presented with a mere sketch of what is to come. Also, he or she will have to accept the fact that his or her ideas will mix with those of the designer in order to construct something beautiful and long lasting.
As you can see, wirefreming is an essential step in creating a website. As a result, taking into consideration the fact that you have all the information you need, you should definitely create the prototype first and then proceed to constructing the page. You will finish your tasks faster and your customers will be pleased.