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20 wedding website templates

Weddings are ones of the most pleasant events in our lives and everything must look perfect. A new trend raised since some years ago and it seems that people won’t abandon it. It’s about weddings’ websites. This kind of website has multiple meanings- from letting people know the story of the bride and groom to inform them about the location of the happy event.
Obviously, the designers are happy with this idea and as a result, we have tons of amazing wedding related websites. Taking into account their huge number, it might be considered that creating such a website is piece of cake, but in fact, it’s extremely difficult. There are a couple of reasons to sustain this idea. Firstly, a wedding website must be perfect. The bride and groom need a wonderful website to impress people and convince them to celebrate together their marriage. Secondly, it’s the feelings transmitted by the lovers; no doubt, any designer will try all his best to make them happy. Consequently, the efforts to create a better website are doubled.
Thirdly, a wedding website is a sentimental investment and the clients are special. In this context, the style of the bride and groom must be reflected and usually, it’s not too simple. In spite of these, satisfying a ready to be family is a great feeling and any endeavors are quickly forgotten when both partners are happy with the final outcome.
We collected for you 20 amazing weeding website templates. Enjoy them and please let us know which one your favorite is!


Lantern is a great template that comes in two version: a bright and a dark one. Both of them are visually appealing and creates a very intimate atmosphere. It’s a one page type of website and it contains all the necessary webpages for such a project. A huge plus is the background where are showcased images of the bride and groom and the counter that informs the viewers about how much time remained until the great event.


I guess that the name of this template, Amor, is very inspired. It’s destined for wedding projects and surely it will convince people to affirmatively respond to the RVSP section. The template is responsive, so no matter the device used, the visitors will benefit by the same great user experience.


The particularity of this template is that it’s not focused only on the story of the lovers. Florence is way more pragmatic and it has webpages as Restaurant or Accommodation. In conclusion, the participants have all the information they needed, the organizers though in advance any potential issue for them so it’s impossible not to have a great party.


Flat design is a good solution no matter the type of the project. Boshonto is a great example of a flat template for weddings. It looks great and the animation of the webpages makes it a great solution for any to be couple.


Luv is a standard template for weddings…it has everything a bride and groom need. It’s nice because the template is designed to contain more image galleries and in this case, an image really does more than a hundred words.


This template convinced me to add into this list due to the large area of customization options and due to its beautiful simplicity. Also, it’s not single page format, which is very rare for a wedding website.

Perfect Couple

Perfect Couple is a responsive website template that comes in two versions: full or fixed width. Both of them are beautifully designed and the template is a “classical” one destined for wedding projects: one-single page, RVSP section and image gallery.

Ever After

I guess that there are couples that love simplicity and surely they would like to have a minimalistic website presenting their wedding. Ever After is the perfect solution in this case – this template will impress any viewer with the simple design, the large white spaces and cleanliness of the layout. Another plus is the icon for menu- instead of hamburger one, it has a small heart.


Eternity is a responsive retina ready template that is also very simple. The design let the users to fully focus on the lovers’ story and images, but at the same time, it assures a good user experience.


R+R is a great solution for a wedding website because it may be easily customized and it has all the necessary webpages for such a project. It impresses with the nice vertical timeline and Gama gallery- a nice possibility of showcasing images.


Lavender is specially created for wedding projects, but with some customization work, it may be used for a large variety of projects. There are nine color schemes and two layout options (wide and boxed). The page transitions are another plus of this template.


Sweetly is a very elegant template that is suitable for pompous weddings. The creators smartly used white- to express purity but also richness. Purity is related to the bride while the white space and the images of expensive jewelry express richness and glitter.


I consider that a wedding website must represent the style of the couple and we must accept that some of us are always on hurry or simply prefer only the minimalist things. This website template is specially created for them- it’s minimal, nice and extremely efficient. It didn’t lack any kind of webpages specific to wedding projects, therefore it deserves its place in this list.


Wedding Slide is made for less decided ones because it has tons of customization options. I must warn you that it might became an addictive activity…practically each item may be tailored to the bride and groom preferences.


Marriage is an older website destined for weddings, but its beauty manages to pass the test of time. I like very much the RVSP page that is well designed and very complex…I guess that the guests will appreciate it.


We showcased many simple but wonderful templates, now it’s time for a more complex one. Enlace is a pretty standard template for weddings: tons of images, lots of white spaces, many hearts and a pink and white color combination. What really matter is that the outcome is beautiful!


Gittys is another wedding website that extensively use images to transmit the bride and groom emotions. It’s very complex and it’s impossible not to satisfy even the requirements of the most demanding viewers. It’s responsive and the social media buttons are well integrated into the design of the website.


Kalyan is another standard wedding website that is designed by a team of experts. They claimed that would offer lifetime support, so it should be taken into account if you are interested in buying such a template.

Our Wedding

We tried to offer a large pool of solutions for wedding websites. Preponderant, we presented templates that emphasizes the visual aspect and put into the shadow the written content. This template is different and here may be added way more texts to better describe the event and the two lovers.


Hitched is another template that give to the user the possibility of adding more text, but at the same time, an image gallery may be created and customized according to the needs.
I am sure that the above websites will inspire you to create better ones, no matter their destination. At the end, it will be great to know your opinion about wedding websites, are these more difficult to build or are the same as other projects?