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Not Getting Results? 2 Tweaks To Make Your Website Better

You’re disappointed. You had high hopes of building a flourishing site, but things didn’t pan out as expected.

It’s confusing too. After all, you followed the playbook on how to set up a successful site, content, and business model. You should have success because your research shows that your idea should do well.

You also hired an expert web designer, who created a gorgeous website. Your website has the right look-and-feel, and it’s comparable to some of the best websites in your niche.

And you created high-quality content following a well-thought-out publishing schedule. You researched the right keywords for your niche and created information-packed articles and videos. These alone should have created a tidal wave of responsive visitors.

Finally, you invested in high-quality paid traffic, following all the rules of AIDA. People did click on these ads, but didn’t stay long on your website.

Fortunately, if you’ve done the right things, then you may be only a couple of tweaks away from the success you envision.

First, learn about responsive web design requirements.

Second, learn about business intelligence requirements.

Let’s take a look at how deploying both of these powerful strategies can turn things around for you. They have more than enough firepower to get your website working the way it should.

What Is A Responsive Website?

A responsive website allows you to create a website that looks good on smartphones and tablets. As much as 30% of online shoppers use these devices to surf the Internet.


Besides attracting a bigger audience, a responsive website will improve your conversion rates and boost search engine visibility.


So how do you transition your current website into a responsive one?

Ask your web designer to choose a responsive framework, convert the code, and then review your website on multiple devices. Using CSS3 and HTML5 markup languages, he or she will be able to do this for you. Besides making your text more responsive, be sure to make your images responsive, too.

Although this may seem like a daunting renovation, the increased audience you’ll acquire will make it worth the time and effort.

But before you launch a project to improve responsiveness, get insights about your business using business intelligence.

What is Business Intelligence?

Business intelligence (BI) is an umbrella word. It’s like a universal set that contains sets. All other sets are subsets of it. In this case, the sets are apps, tools, best practices, and infrastructure. These components work in harmony with each other to access the information you need to improve your business. Once you analyze the information, you can make sound decisions on how to improve performance. A database will gather and sort through the facts and figures you need to know, presenting them in a form of reports and charts you can understand.

Essentially, you’ll get insights on what’s working and what’s not working in your business. You can then decide what to enhance, tweak, or abandon.


You will be able to look at all sorts of things.

For instance:

  • ·  How your marketing and sales strategy is working.
  • ·  How efficiently you’re running business operations.
  • ·  How each member of your staff is performing.



The primary benefit is that you’ll make informed decisions based on real information, not speculation.

Other benefits include:

  • ·  An increase in your business revenues.
  • ·  A decrease in your cost of doing business.
  • ·  A higher level of efficiency in all your operations.
  • ·  A competitive advantage over others in your industry who are just guessing about market supply and demand.
  • ·  A reputation for providing outstanding customer service.


While it’s possible to set up a business intelligence system on your own, it’s advisable to work with a consultant to help you set up everything you need in the right way.

Once you do implement business intelligence, what can you expect?

Here are three possibilities:

1.  An increase in sales because you better understand your customers’ needs, wants, and desires and can align your business to provide customer satisfaction. By analyzing customer data, you can take steps to get actionable results. For instance, you might be able to introduce new merchandise categories that are in high demand that you had not considered before. When you give customers exactly what they want, optimizing conversion rates happens effortlessly.

2. A decrease in shrinkage because you have better control of inventory. Shrinkage due to theft or poor warehouse practices leading to misplaced practices will be identified. As a result, you’ll improve cash flow as you’ll plug money leaks like buying excess inventory, losing track of merchandise, or buy slow-moving products.

3. An understanding of Web traffic. The use of analytical tools to see where your traffic is coming from will help you sort out where to spend your advertising dollars.

Snag That Winning Feeling

What’s the difference that makes a difference in a business? It‘s momentum.


You can get momentum by adopting responsive web design. You won’t have a static website that 30% of potential browsers never see because they are using a device.

You can get momentum by using business intelligence. You’ll be able to gather the information you need to know, and you’ll be able to make sense of it because you’ll have the tools to analyze your experiences in the marketplace.

Once you have momentum and things start to move in the right direction, you’ll snag that winning feeling.

20 wedding website templates

Weddings are ones of the most pleasant events in our lives and everything must look perfect. A new trend raised since some years ago and it seems that people won’t abandon it. It’s about weddings’ websites. This kind of website has multiple meanings- from letting people know the story of the bride and groom to inform them about the location of the happy event.
Obviously, the designers are happy with this idea and as a result, we have tons of amazing wedding related websites. Taking into account their huge number, it might be considered that creating such a website is piece of cake, but in fact, it’s extremely difficult. There are a couple of reasons to sustain this idea. Firstly, a wedding website must be perfect. The bride and groom need a wonderful website to impress people and convince them to celebrate together their marriage. Secondly, it’s the feelings transmitted by the lovers; no doubt, any designer will try all his best to make them happy. Consequently, the efforts to create a better website are doubled.
Thirdly, a wedding website is a sentimental investment and the clients are special. In this context, the style of the bride and groom must be reflected and usually, it’s not too simple. In spite of these, satisfying a ready to be family is a great feeling and any endeavors are quickly forgotten when both partners are happy with the final outcome.
We collected for you 20 amazing weeding website templates. Enjoy them and please let us know which one your favorite is!


Lantern is a great template that comes in two version: a bright and a dark one. Both of them are visually appealing and creates a very intimate atmosphere. It’s a one page type of website and it contains all the necessary webpages for such a project. A huge plus is the background where are showcased images of the bride and groom and the counter that informs the viewers about how much time remained until the great event.


I guess that the name of this template, Amor, is very inspired. It’s destined for wedding projects and surely it will convince people to affirmatively respond to the RVSP section. The template is responsive, so no matter the device used, the visitors will benefit by the same great user experience.


The particularity of this template is that it’s not focused only on the story of the lovers. Florence is way more pragmatic and it has webpages as Restaurant or Accommodation. In conclusion, the participants have all the information they needed, the organizers though in advance any potential issue for them so it’s impossible not to have a great party.


Flat design is a good solution no matter the type of the project. Boshonto is a great example of a flat template for weddings. It looks great and the animation of the webpages makes it a great solution for any to be couple.


Luv is a standard template for weddings…it has everything a bride and groom need. It’s nice because the template is designed to contain more image galleries and in this case, an image really does more than a hundred words.


This template convinced me to add into this list due to the large area of customization options and due to its beautiful simplicity. Also, it’s not single page format, which is very rare for a wedding website.

Perfect Couple

Perfect Couple is a responsive website template that comes in two versions: full or fixed width. Both of them are beautifully designed and the template is a “classical” one destined for wedding projects: one-single page, RVSP section and image gallery.

Ever After

I guess that there are couples that love simplicity and surely they would like to have a minimalistic website presenting their wedding. Ever After is the perfect solution in this case – this template will impress any viewer with the simple design, the large white spaces and cleanliness of the layout. Another plus is the icon for menu- instead of hamburger one, it has a small heart.


Eternity is a responsive retina ready template that is also very simple. The design let the users to fully focus on the lovers’ story and images, but at the same time, it assures a good user experience.


R+R is a great solution for a wedding website because it may be easily customized and it has all the necessary webpages for such a project. It impresses with the nice vertical timeline and Gama gallery- a nice possibility of showcasing images.


Lavender is specially created for wedding projects, but with some customization work, it may be used for a large variety of projects. There are nine color schemes and two layout options (wide and boxed). The page transitions are another plus of this template.


Sweetly is a very elegant template that is suitable for pompous weddings. The creators smartly used white- to express purity but also richness. Purity is related to the bride while the white space and the images of expensive jewelry express richness and glitter.


I consider that a wedding website must represent the style of the couple and we must accept that some of us are always on hurry or simply prefer only the minimalist things. This website template is specially created for them- it’s minimal, nice and extremely efficient. It didn’t lack any kind of webpages specific to wedding projects, therefore it deserves its place in this list.


Wedding Slide is made for less decided ones because it has tons of customization options. I must warn you that it might became an addictive activity…practically each item may be tailored to the bride and groom preferences.


Marriage is an older website destined for weddings, but its beauty manages to pass the test of time. I like very much the RVSP page that is well designed and very complex…I guess that the guests will appreciate it.


We showcased many simple but wonderful templates, now it’s time for a more complex one. Enlace is a pretty standard template for weddings: tons of images, lots of white spaces, many hearts and a pink and white color combination. What really matter is that the outcome is beautiful!


Gittys is another wedding website that extensively use images to transmit the bride and groom emotions. It’s very complex and it’s impossible not to satisfy even the requirements of the most demanding viewers. It’s responsive and the social media buttons are well integrated into the design of the website.


Kalyan is another standard wedding website that is designed by a team of experts. They claimed that would offer lifetime support, so it should be taken into account if you are interested in buying such a template.

Our Wedding

We tried to offer a large pool of solutions for wedding websites. Preponderant, we presented templates that emphasizes the visual aspect and put into the shadow the written content. This template is different and here may be added way more texts to better describe the event and the two lovers.


Hitched is another template that give to the user the possibility of adding more text, but at the same time, an image gallery may be created and customized according to the needs.
I am sure that the above websites will inspire you to create better ones, no matter their destination. At the end, it will be great to know your opinion about wedding websites, are these more difficult to build or are the same as other projects?

How to impress your clients with a grunge design

If you think of creating a grunge design, then it means that you are a fan of those elements that really impress and wow the audience. In fact, grunge designs are quite popular these days, precisely because of these elements which not only amaze people but also manage to bring a sense of reality to the entire project. In what is to come, designers will get to know more about this trend, in order to succeed in coming up with an impressive piece of work.

The elements of a great grunge design

Before enumerating the things you require in order to create a wonderful grunge design, let’s talk a little bit about the “dirty look”. One should understand that a grunge design does not need to look dirty, in order to “do its job”. To be more precise it is not mandatory for this layout to be full of grunge features and as a matter of fact it would have an equally impressive touch if it would be cleaner and more realistic. Now that this matter is clear, let’s talk about the grunge features. As far as this matter is concerned, everything is really simple. One could include broken icons, dirty images, hand drawn images or whatever the designer pleases, as long as his or her creation will look unique and it will reveal its personality. Anyway, you should know that dirty textures (which usually represent objects from our lives) are used as background images devoid of any unnecessary glossy and shiny touch.

Things one should know when creating such a design

The first thing you need to take in consideration is that you should be careful not to create a crowded design. In other words, although you may love the grunge elements, you should not fill your creation with them otherwise you will come up with something dirty that will bother your audience. As far as the typography is concerned you should make use of a handwritten style. However, you should know that this particular typography would work better on your headings and not on your body text. The reason why you should take care of these things is due to the fact that if you will use something like this for the entire text, the readability will have a lot to suffer. Therefore, make sure that your customers actually understand your texts, but still impress them with a big handwritten heading. Your clients will love this impressive style and will certainly continue enjoying your content.
As it was mentioned in one of the previous paragraphs, the secret behind a wonderful grunge design lies in the simplicity of elements that you add. These being said, you should know that sometimes it is enough to just add a few hand drawn doddles or a dirty background, in order to get a more realistic touch.

The colors used in a grunge design

It goes without saying that you need to learn one thing or two about the colors of this design style in order to do your job right. Well, as far as this matter goes, you should know that the color palette of a grunge design contains dirty and dull colors. The most important colors are brown beige, grey and black, while the vivid shades sometimes disappear, being replaced with something more natural and subtle. However, one should know that although the choice of colors may seem a bit dull, actually the web page does not appear boring at all. On the contrary, if the designer will pick interesting and impressive elements, such as handwritten items, then the design will attract the visitors. But, there are situations in grunge design, when the creator uses vivid colors, such as dark green, blue and red, which are devoid of their power, so that they will seem more realistic.

Learn more about the messy edges

I bet you all have seen those websites with those messy edges. The truth is that these attract the audience, but at the same time, the designer should not use this style excessively. In other words, messy, jagged, ripped or rough edges are great, but only if they are mixed with some clean ones. The result of this mixture will give you a simple and beautiful design that you will surely be proud of.

Don’t forget about the contrast

Every designer desires to offer his or her visitors a great user experience. However, dark and moody colors might not have this purpose, precisely because people would have to read a light text against a dark background, which may cause them eye strain. As a result, you will have to think about the contrast, too. So, if you are determined to use a dark background, then you will have to emphasize your texts and to make them easy to read. You could do this by using a lighter background for your blocks of texts or by shedding some light over the entire design. Anyway, no matter the colors you will use, you will have to make sure that your texts are easy to read and that there is enough contrast between them and your background.

Grunge trends you should know about

Because you desire to create something fashionable you should know more about the trends of this designing style. To begin with, it is important for you to use a dirty texture or a dirty background image, so that you will expose the nature of the grunge style. Also, irregular line frames or yellowed scotch tape might bring that rough style to your page. Web designers will definitely manage to create something impressive if they will use paper and photo clips, needles, pins, coffee rings, spilled out liquids and dirty stains. Not to mention that if you will attach some dog-ears, hand written elements or torn paper to your design, you will totally grasp your visitors’ attention.

These being said, you can go ahead and start creating a grunge design that will impress all your clients, customers and visitors. You will see that you will manage to come up with something really amazing that people will definitely appreciate.

How to use the black color in your projects

Black is something that definitely creates controversies, and as a result some find it hard even to give a definition to it. However, the general opinion is that black represents the absence of color, which actually means that it is not a shade. Well, when something makes a wave, then you should totally consider inserting it in your website, because it will contribute a lot at the popularity of your webpage. In the following lines, the web designers will find out more about this topic and will learn why and how should use black, so that they will have only benefits.
In order to be more efficient and to help you, I have thought about some questions that surely interest you and about some examples of situations when black is not used properly. I have answered to these questions, hoping that this will make it easier for you to understand how black works on a website. This is what I managed to came up with:

What is black?

Like I’ve just said, many find it hard to call black a color, since they consider this the lack of it. However, this is definitely something important, that will give personality to your website. But, before I start enumerating the steps one should take when using black in his or her webpage, I would like to offer you some information about the significance of this color (or non-color as some prefer). Black has different notions and significances depending on various cultures and countries. Some believe it stands for rebirth, others associate it with evil, while in some countries black is synonymous with mourning. Anyway, regardless of its definition and meaning, black is a solution for your website.

Why should I use black?

The reason why one should use black is due to the concepts it is associated with: elegance, class, quality, and so on. These are important and great characteristics that everyone would wish his or her website would be described with. Besides that, people feel safer when accessing a webpage that displays such features, this being the main reason why black should be present on your project.
However, apart from this, it is advisable to use black, in case you want your website seem either like a conventional, enigmatic, ingenious or alluring page. In other words, black has the power to transform an ordinary webpage into something completely appealing and clever.

When should I use it?

Black could be used on any website, but the truth is that it conveys a special effect when attached to a website selling cars, music, lingerie, in short, expensive items. As you can see, it is important for the web designer to know really well the project he or she is dealing with. A motive why one should pick black for websites that provide such extravagant objects is because it shows that the seller has a powerful personality, a strong confidence and he or she wants to look serious and trustful. This image is only natural, since expensive products are concerned. At the same time, black will make the buyers trust the great quality of the objects that the webpage sells, which is definitely a great thing. What I am trying to say is that you should get interested and you should find out more about each project you are involved in, so that you will know what colors you should use, what fonts will be more suited, or which illustrations will match your clients’ preferences.

How should I use black on my website?

Too much black could bring a depressive, melancholic or sad note to your work. Therefore, this is something that needs to be avoided. It is important to learn how to deal with this, in order to use it effectively and not to make it harm your design. Everybody knows that black could be matched with any color. Anyway, for a more special and unique display, try to bring black together with green, silver or gold. The contrast between these shades will make the important points (the colored ones) stand out. However, do not mix black with other dark shades, or people will be disappointed, since the visibility will be damaged.
Also, when dealing with the visual weight of your webpage, black will help you a lot, because an item displaying this shade will look heavier than others represented by lighter colors. Everyone knows how important the visual weight is and therefore, it is necessary to take in consideration the power of black in this matter.

Things I should avoid when dealing with black

Because black is such a powerful tool it is easy for people to misuse it. As a result it is important to read the following info, in order to know what is to be avoided. People are aware of the importance of white space in web design and therefore they tend to forget that the black space matters, too. This mistake should be avoided and a black and white contrast should exist on any website, in order to maintain the balance of your work.
Also, using many color schemes will confuse and exhaust your users. It is highly recommended to combine black with no more than two shades, in order to get a clean, airy and fresh aspect. Thus, avoid creating designs in which several colors are crowded, or you will not succeed in achieving your goal of developing something appealing with the use of black.
And last but not least, one should make sure that black will suit the theme and topic of the webpage. To be more precise, if you are in the process of creating a website for children (which everybody knows requires lots of vivid colors) and you introduce too much black, then of course that this is another misuse of this shade. In other words, people should never use black, if the nature of the website contradicts with the symbolism of the color.

In the end, one should understand that black could really improve the aspect of a webpage if it is applied in an intelligent manner. Also, it is associated with so many great things, that it would be a shame not to insert it in the design of your website.

20 new, beautiful and creative landing pages

The Internet is populated with tons of new websites daily, while the number of users is growing, but surely with a lower ratio. Taking into account that this situation has been valid for years, it becomes obvious that having and maintaining a website that is heavy visited isn’t an easy task. The harsh competition is advantageous for the user, but not for the entrepreneurs. Fortunately or not, this context can’t be changed!
Being entrepreneur requires a high level of pragmatism and they adapted the first ones to this general situation. Quite probable, due to this fact, nowadays we have amazing websites and impressive visual identities. It’s not an exaggeration to state that a web designer has the potential to bring more clients- a good website will attract more potential customers, it’s crystal clear!
Each page of a website is very important and it’s a big mistake to neglect even the smallest details. Still, some webpages seem to have a bigger influence than others. A landing page is the term that designates that webpage where the owner of a website wants to “land” the visitors. It is the first impression and in online environment, the second change is not invented! A good landing page is an important factor in the profit equation and everyone wants the most appealing landing pages for their online presences.
We collected here 20 fresh and creative landing pages for your inspiration, but also these are available for sale. Enjoy these and don’t forget to share the post with your friends!


This landing page will convince the viewers that you and your services are “galactic”. In fact, even its name is self-describing- “Galaxy”. The most appealing aspects of this landing page are the wise color scheme and the images used; these really give the feeling of an extra-terrestrial atmosphere. Beside these, Galaxy is responsive and retina ready display!


The designers couldn’t neglect the web design trends and they created awesome flat landing pages. Ezyland is a flat landing page that will captivate the viewers. It doesn’t contain impressive elements or standing apart UI items, but overall it’s looking extremely well. It’s impossible not to notice the talent of the designer- he created a discrete but efficient webpage.


The Internet users are “bombarded” with countless banners and promotional newsletters and they became bored with everything that is shiny and glossy. Mist is a solution both for entrepreneurs and Internet users: it’s a minimalist landing page. It’s almost a black and white construction; therefore there is no entity to distract the user! Pretty interesting concept, isn’t it?


Simplicity is not appreciated by everyone…if the previous item was minimalist, then this landing page is almost opposite. Proof is a great landing page that offers six color versions, it’s easy to customise and most important, the design is beautiful and original. The oblique lines and the nice animation transitions are the strong points of the page, isn’t it?


Soony is a very interesting solution for a landing page. It has five different versions and it’s impossible not to satisfy your requirements. The versions are slider background, full landing page, Google maps, video page and iPhone page and it’s obvious that Soony is a universal solution. Of course, the page may be customised according to the needs.


Venus is another cool landing page that comes in three versions (Red, Blue, and Green). The design of the page is good, but the hexagonal navigational menu is awesome. Much more, the font used for logo perfectly suits to the menu shape- a very smart matching idea!


No matter how beautiful a landing page looks, without being well targeted is very probable to be categorised as a “fiasco”. Bekkoq is an unforgettable landing page that contains four versions- each one depending on the type of business and the public target. Definitely, Bekkoq is a complex project, because the versions are different but all of them are simply stunning!

Light landin

Light landin is another “wow” landing page that will catch the eyes of the viewers. It is suitable for many purposes and the modern layout will guarantee that practically is impossible not to help your affair growing. Personally, I like very much the typography- very modern and readable fonts!


Diploma is a great landing page specially designated for educative projects. By sure, creating a webpage appreciated by both children and adults isn’t an easy job, but the designer managed to create a really cool webpage.


Buzzlandi is a well-designed landing page that is mostly created for software sellers, but it may be customised for many other kind of projects. What really matters is the cool design of the page!

Color cloud

Cloud hosting is a hot trend and the developers didn’t neglect this aspect. As a result, we have nowadays many landing pages created for selling cloud hosting solutions. One of the most appealing examples is Color cloud, a superb flat based landing page, isn’t it?


Another trendy business opportunity is selling e-books and we couldn’t miss in our list a landing page created for such a project. Sellbook is a wonderful and simple landing page that lets the viewers focus on the book and not on the design. In spite of its simplicity, Sellbook is a complete solution for selling e-books; therefore you should bookmark it in the eventuality that you are interested in writing.


Selling mobile apps is a very profitable affair and many developers are investing all their resources to create and sell various mobile apps. Obviously, this fact determined the designers to create many landing pages for these situations. Personally, I think that there are way too much pages for mobile apps and other businesses are ignored. The creators of Pronto offer three different lading pages that are created for different purposes. It’s not a new idea, but the realisation is impressive.


I am always trying to be very objective when I write round-up articles, but it’s impossible not to have a favourite one. Well, Plaza is my favourite! I was impressed by the fact that by achieving it, the client doesn’t buy only a single page; he “wins” three different ones. Much more, these are “really different”- one is suitable for dating websites, one for hotels and one for educational projects. I think that it is a landing page that fully deserves your attention.

Atlas cloud

Atlas cloud is a simple, efficient and attractive landing page. Many landing pages are created with the primary purpose to impress the viewers and the second one is to inform them. I don’t think that it’s a good idea and the creator of this page quite probable agrees with me. Atlas cloud is to the point, the prices of the services being bolded in the middle of the fold!


It’s pretty unusual for a landing page to have a blurred background and such a simple design, but Pablo is the work of a talented and original web designer and by sure, it will enchant the viewers. Maybe the handwritten font isn’t a good solution because the readability is pretty low, but it may be customised according to the buyer requirements.


Sport landing page is an original creation for an original business- selling online tickets for sport events. Unfortunately for me, I am not a big fan of practicing or watching sports but seeing this landing page, it convinced me to give a second chance to sport. In conclusion, it’s a well done landing page that has big chances to bring profit to the owner!


Flatmade is another flat based landing page that looks beautiful. The design doesn’t impress with amazing UI items, but overall the layout is giving the feeling of professionalism, high quality and trust which are key features for a good landing page.


Usually, the designers aren’t too keen to politics, but it doesn’t mean that making websites for statesmen shouldn’t interest them. Political is a landing page suitable for these kind of projects and undoubtedly, it has the power to attract people. The page is extremely carefully designed, it’s impossible not to satisfy even the most demanding voters.

Apartment Istria

Apartment Istria is a stunning piece of design- it’s a landing page that is suitable for renting/hotel industry. The image used will convince the viewers to pay a visit/ rent such a marvellous destination.

I think that all the above landing pages impressed you and refuelled your inspirational level. Did you create a cool landing page that isn’t showcased here? Please let us know and we will gladly make another post that will contain your work. Enjoy the post and share it with your friends!

Six Great Mistakes to Avoid when Managing a WordPress Website

WordPress was created with the purpose of making very facile the launch and the maintenance of a website for everyone, even for people that don’t have web design or coding skills. Fortunately, this desire was transformed into reality and nowadays everyone is able to create a website. This content management system (CMS) is “guilty” for the explosion of the websites number and it continues to represent a viable solution for everyone needing a website. Some of the key features of WordPress are: simplicity, intuitiveness and efficiency, which the users are extremely happy with, since they give them the possibility of maintaining and enhancing a website.
Nothing man-made is perfect and it’s crystal clear that the WordPress based website owners make mistakes, too. But, not even great geniuses of our world couldn’t stay away from making mistakes, however in their cases it was something good, because as you well know some scientists made fundamental discoveries by mistake. Anyway, don’t get me wrong I am not saying that this should be a reason for people to do things in a wrong way, but what I am actually trying to say is that mistakes are normal and inevitable. Altogether, some mistakes may have disastrous effects and it’s highly recommended to avoid making them. When managing a WordPress website it’s impossible not to make errors, what really matters is to correct them – if the effects are less important, the faults don’t matter that much either. Here we have collected the most dangerous mistakes and we definitely suggest you to carefully read this article. It will be great to know if this article was helpful for you, so please share your thoughts with us.

Use a random theme

The layout of a website is determined by the used theme. Many webmasters prefer not to invest money into a good theme and download free ones. We have previously debated the “conflict” between premium vs. free themes and the conclusion was that a theme is good/bad no matter if it is free or premium. In spite of that, the huge majority of the free ones may contain viruses or dangerous sequences of code that sooner or later will affect the website. The conclusion: if your website is important or it contains sensible data, then a reliable theme is a must, no matter how much money it costs.
Another frequent bad practice of WordPress users is to use themes that they appreciate. It’s not bad to use a theme that you like for your website, but it is way more important for a theme to be appreciated by users. Hence, when selecting the theme for the website, put yourself in the posture of a visitor! If you have the possibility of testing it, then it is way better!

Ignoring the strength of the passwords

If you consider that this advice is something stupid, you may be right. But, I have inserted it here, even on the second place, because of its importance. We all know that a good password is very useful and it has saved us from being hacked, on various occasions. Well, many people still use very simple passwords and the hackers take advantage of it. Long story short, changing your password for a more secure one, isn’t rocket science, but many WordPress users don’t do it. Why? I don’t have any explanation…could it be the excessive commodity?

Neglecting SEO measures

WordPress is a very friendly-engine platform, but it doesn’t mean that their users shouldn’t care about SEO. It’s needless to mention that if a website does not appear in the search engine in fact it doesn’t exist! Google is constantly updating the algorithm of indexing websites and it is applicable for WordPress based websites also. The developers already took into consideration this fact and released very efficient plugins to help improve the “relationship” with the search engines.

Neglecting WordPress updates

WordPress is a very reliable platform and it is an extremely good product, but it doesn’t mean that it’s perfect. This shouldn’t be considered an insult, but there are many aspects of WordPress that must be improved. It’s an open source entity and many developers brought their contribution, so periodically new versions are released. Of course, each new release has annoying bugs, but overall each new edition is a solid improvement! Security is one of the most important aspects to cover and undoubtedly, the situation improved considerably across time. Under these circumstances it’s quite logical to update your WordPress version to the latest one. Many WordPress website owners don’t update their versions, which obviously it’s not a smart idea. Especially when the update is very simple to realize…

The lack of a backup

One of the deadliest mistakes of a WordPress website owner is to neglect the storage of a backup. It may never be used, but you never know when some files may be corrupted. Imagine that you may lose some important data, wouldn’t be a wise decision to back up your website? The answer is definitely affirmative, and everyone should create something like this for unexpected and undesirable situations. The reason of cost can’t be invoked, because there are free possibilities of creating a backup, BackWPup being one of the best solutions.

An overcomplicated site structure

Anyone may customize his websites by adding new categories and tags. The easiness of adding categories shouldn’t be a reason to have tons of them as some people do. It’s more often amongst bloggers to have too many categories and overcomplicate the entire structure of a blog. In order to avoid these situations is recommended to have a long term strategy and obviously, to respect it.
Our list of deadliest “sins” is over, but you must be aware that a WordPress user may commit many other errors. Anyway, the above ones have the most negative effects! Others such as: using default favicons, using bad plugins, less readable fonts or poor designed themes are also important, but easier to resolve.
I hope that you won’t commit any of these mistakes and you won’t encounter any issue with your website, but keep in mind: only the one that doesn’t work, doesn’t make mistakes!

How to Make Your Website More Accessible

People are reticent about the human race progress and many really believe that we are heading in the wrong direction. The truth is that there are still some human beings whose actions are inacceptable- we still have wars, slavery and sexual or racial discriminations. I strongly recommend you to access Facebook, visit the official page of Bill & Melissa Gates and hit the like button. This way you will have the opportunity to make a better idea about how the entire planet is evolving. Unfortunately, the rate of evolution is too low, simply because too little people are involved in the never ending fight against poverty and injustice. Definitely, the “fight” for a better world is the job of governments, but at the same time every single one of us may contribute to eradicate the poverty and make people around us happy …yeah, even the web creators have the power to make people feel better! One of the multiple fronts to combat the differences is constituted by the web accessibility.
Web accessibility refers to the methods of making a website adjusted for people encountering various problems such as deafness, blindness or other types of motor disabilities. Also, a website must be accessible for people that can’t use a mouse or for those who use a special software / hardware. Some web designers or website owners consider that these aspects don’t have a considerable influence over the received traffic and they don’t invest in web accessibility. This isn’t a wise decision because the search engines algorithm of cataloging the websites take into account the web accessibility and besides that we have the moral duty of making web creations available for everyone. We care about web accessibility and we strongly encourage the web designers to create more accessible websites. People coming from different backgrounds access Internet and therefore a web designer can’t imagine all the situations; as a consequence, there is no fully accessible website. On the other hand, it shouldn’t be an excuse for lacking accessibility. Therefore, how should one build accessible websites? The design community seems to care about this aspect and we have tons of books treating this subject, but also many blog posts are presenting various ideas regarding this matter. In order to help you win the “fight” for better websites, we will offer you a short guide of creating more accessible web pages. Definitely, it will be great to have your opinion about it, so you may use the comment form- we are waiting for your contribution!


When I first delved into the depths of the web accessibility I was wondering how was it possible for the hierarchy to influence it. Well, the truth is that it has a very big influence! A good hierarchy helps the users to make an idea about what is the most important information from a webpage. To create a working hierarchy a web designer should follow two simple steps:
– Strongly analyze the entire web content and classify the information from most to less important items and ideas.
– When coding, the structure of a webpage one must respect this pattern: the most important / relevant information (usually titles) must be used with “h1” tags, then “h2” and so on until “h6”.
It’s not very complicated to realize a good hierarchy, but many designers neglect this fact.


Any web designer knows that he / she can’t rely only on colors! It’s quite logical; some people are unable to differentiate the colors while others due to technical issues may encounter the same difficulties. Therefore, it’s highly recommended to underline the links- in this way it will become easier to identify them. Also, sometimes the contrast of the color combinations used is too powerful and visual tension fatigues the eyes. But, the other extremity is not a good solution either- the lack of contrast makes it harder to read the content. Fortunately, other web designers encountered these problems and created precious tools to help people determine if the chosen color combinations are accessible. Here are some tools that will help the designers determine if the colors used are “accessible”:
Color Contrast Checker

Luminosity Colour Contrast Ratio Analyser5-color-checker


Even if making the images more accessible doesn’t require great skills and much time, it’s quite probable that the most complains about web accessibility to be due to pictures. Everyone heard about alt text (well, some people call it alt tag which is fundamentally wrong, alt is just an attribute). This is very useful because not everyone has good Internet connection or the browser used can’t render images. Alt text should describe as concise as possible the image. A common habit of designers is to label alt text with numbers or short expressions such as “click here” which isn’t useful. In order to correctly label alt text is advisable to use a browser that doesn’t render the images and test if the description is helpful.


A part of us use assistive technology for Internet navigation and designers shouldn’t ignore this kind of users. As a result, the links should be treated apart because using assistive technology offers a different approach than the common Internet use. Of course, due to various reasons an individual may use special browsers and in some cases the links are kept on a separate page from the content. Now imagine that after reading some lines you need more information. Obviously, you are immediately heading to links section, but there are only “click here” texts. Can you identify which link is the one you search for? This is quite enough frustrating, isn’t it?
Avoiding these situations is very simple, all you have to do is to name the links accordingly- it’s just a matter of few minutes for a complex website. Another great accessibility practice is to use underlined texts only for links. Mixing underlined texts both for important messages and links will put the users in big trouble, so definitely avoid making this mistake.
Another tip to keep in mind when dealing with links is to allow navigation via keyboard. Some people may not have a mouse for the moment; as a result it would be a great idea to stay away from click event handlers!
I hope that all these ideas will be applied into your layouts and let’s hope that with every new website Internet will become more accessible. It supposes a huge volume of work but any endeavour should be considered a step further for a better world!