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20 stunning sliders to impress your visitors

The huge endeavors of the web design community sometimes act as a boomerang for its members. The websites are looking good and are satisfying the highest demands, therefore any new website should be crafted, at least, at the same standards. Under these circumstances the role of a web designer is pretty ingrate, he must always work better and better. Taking into account that the competition is really fierce, I guess that no one should envy a designer.
Altogether, maintaining the high standards might not be enough! It sounds crazy, but it’s true! The Internet is full of quality websites and people consider these being the norm and not the exception! As a result, a website must be original. The next logical question is to ask yourself how to create an original website.
Unfortunately, no designer or blogger may provide a solution to create an original website; there are only generalities and nothing more. The single resource of originality is the mind of the designer. In conclusion, only you are responsible for the originality of the website freshly launched.
Because I believe I might have disappointed you, I have created something that will make you a little happier. I made a list of 20 stunning sliders that aren’t totally unseen, but yet these are rarely used in spite of their top quality. It’s enough to install these and the chances of having a more standing apart website are considerable higher!

Gold Slider

Gold Slider is a responsive slider that is suitable for blogs. It handles four articles in a sliding area but it might be customized to slide more posts. Personally, I think that the variant with four post is the best solution. It adds a high level of dynamism and I think that the viewers will be impressed by the dynamic effects of the slider.

Layer Slider

It was aforementioned that the sliders from this list aren’t very popular, but Layer Slider is really famous. Still I added it here because it has so many impressive sliding effects, that are hardly used. Practically, this slider offers hundreds of impressive effects to a website owner. I tried various solutions for some minutes and I didn’t finish all the possibilities. (Warning, it’s addictive!)


Seria is a jQuery vertical slideshow plugin that is very discrete, simple and pleasant. It may be used for displaying products, photos, news or blog posts. It’s responsive and retina ready, therefore your mobile visitors won’t encounter any issue.

Background Pro

Making frequent design changes isn’t a very good idea, but from time to time is better to bring something fresh. This plugin is the perfect solution: it creates a slideshow of images that may work as a background. Once these images are wisely chosen, the activation of this plugin will really enhance a website.

Skew Slider

Skewslider is a plugin that will surely make your website stand apart. The images showcased are skewed and it also adds a plus of dynamism. The plugin may be easily customized according to the website owner’s needs; so you have all the reasons to try it.

Infinity Slider

A part of the sliders aren’t fully responsive and this fact affects negatively the mobile users. Infinity Slider is specially created for the mobile users and in addition to that it works perfectly for desktop users, too. Besides that, it has tons of effects to select from and the custom possibilities are endless.

Fullscreen Background Slider

Fullscreen Background Slider is a very powerful plugin that helps the webmasters to make the websites backgrounds more attractive. There are some solid reasons to add it in this list: 36 animation effects, 20 build-in patterns, customizable animation time, responsive and mobile friendly…Pretty convincing, isn’t it?

Storyline 3D

Storyline 3D Slider is relatively new to the market, but I am sure that it will be a big hit. It’s one of the best plugins that create 3D effects and beside that, the customization options are endless. 19 color schemes, 8 scroll and 6 slide effects are enough to offer tons of standing apart sliding effects.

Mighty slider

Mighty Slider is very complex, before finding out about it I was not aware of the fact that there are so many sliding possibilities. It works even with videos, YouTube and Vimeo, it is device friendly & cross browser and it’s fully responsive. Check all its sliding options and surely it will be your next acquisition.

Banner Rotator

This plugin is perfect for the situations when the webmaster wants to display quotes or testimonials, at the same time it’s also suitable for images. It’s simple, discrete, responsive, and it has the potential to enhance a website.

jQuerry Banner Rotator

jQuerry Banner Rotator is a plugin that impresses due to the nice transitional effects and due to the powerful customization system. The user has the possibility of setting a timer, a different transition per slide and many other features that will make the website stand apart.

Filter Slider

This plugin was added into this list because of the cool effects – it displays when hovering the image. The idea is simple and pleasant: when the user hover an image, it’s rendered a sepia, grayscale, light saturate etc. version of it.


Rollbar is a very discrete but effective plugin. Once installed, it replaces the standard browser scrollbar. It sounds strange, but it’s very efficient. Instead of scrolling an entire webpage, the user just scrolls a couple of images or slides. The plugin is responsive and for small displays it may represent a very efficient solution.


The plugin is very suitable for modern and tech inspired websites. iCarousel is a lightweight jQuery plugin that creates wonderful carousel showcasing images. It has touch, mouse and keyboard support, it’s responsive, it works perfectly both on iOS and Android and it’s extremely easy to customize. I think that by checking the live preview you will be captivated by the effects.

Melon HTML5

This plugin works as an emulator; if you need to display images as an iMac, Mac Cinema, iPad or iPhone then it’s the best tool. It may be tailored to the user’s needs, including the effects of the images displayed.

3D slider

The entire web design community considers that the dynamism is a feature that will be dramatically improved in the next years. An important role in making more dynamic websites is reserved for sliders. Featured 3D Slider is a slider that will surely improve the dynamism of the website…please check it yourself!

Feature Slider Plugin

Feature Slider Plugin is another slider that obtains a good mark at the originality and dynamism chapter. I think that is suitable for tech related websites or for the situations when the main public target is constituted from young people.

Blades 3D

Blades 3D is another very original plugin. The images are flipped using 3D effects, but it may be available in the “classic format”, too. The flipping effects are very attractive and surely the viewers will be captivated by these.

Super 7

I purposely let at the end of the post the most impressive slider. Super 7 is a much appreciated plugin and it has the “power” to considerably improve the layout of a website. The huge advantage of this plugin is that the customization options are unlimited.

I hope that those needing a sliding plugin will find this post very useful. The sliders may significantly improve a website and it’s a big mistake to neglect them.