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How to impress your clients with a grunge design

If you think of creating a grunge design, then it means that you are a fan of those elements that really impress and wow the audience. In fact, grunge designs are quite popular these days, precisely because of these elements which not only amaze people but also manage to bring a sense of reality to the entire project. In what is to come, designers will get to know more about this trend, in order to succeed in coming up with an impressive piece of work.

The elements of a great grunge design

Before enumerating the things you require in order to create a wonderful grunge design, let’s talk a little bit about the “dirty look”. One should understand that a grunge design does not need to look dirty, in order to “do its job”. To be more precise it is not mandatory for this layout to be full of grunge features and as a matter of fact it would have an equally impressive touch if it would be cleaner and more realistic. Now that this matter is clear, let’s talk about the grunge features. As far as this matter is concerned, everything is really simple. One could include broken icons, dirty images, hand drawn images or whatever the designer pleases, as long as his or her creation will look unique and it will reveal its personality. Anyway, you should know that dirty textures (which usually represent objects from our lives) are used as background images devoid of any unnecessary glossy and shiny touch.

Things one should know when creating such a design

The first thing you need to take in consideration is that you should be careful not to create a crowded design. In other words, although you may love the grunge elements, you should not fill your creation with them otherwise you will come up with something dirty that will bother your audience. As far as the typography is concerned you should make use of a handwritten style. However, you should know that this particular typography would work better on your headings and not on your body text. The reason why you should take care of these things is due to the fact that if you will use something like this for the entire text, the readability will have a lot to suffer. Therefore, make sure that your customers actually understand your texts, but still impress them with a big handwritten heading. Your clients will love this impressive style and will certainly continue enjoying your content.
As it was mentioned in one of the previous paragraphs, the secret behind a wonderful grunge design lies in the simplicity of elements that you add. These being said, you should know that sometimes it is enough to just add a few hand drawn doddles or a dirty background, in order to get a more realistic touch.

The colors used in a grunge design

It goes without saying that you need to learn one thing or two about the colors of this design style in order to do your job right. Well, as far as this matter goes, you should know that the color palette of a grunge design contains dirty and dull colors. The most important colors are brown beige, grey and black, while the vivid shades sometimes disappear, being replaced with something more natural and subtle. However, one should know that although the choice of colors may seem a bit dull, actually the web page does not appear boring at all. On the contrary, if the designer will pick interesting and impressive elements, such as handwritten items, then the design will attract the visitors. But, there are situations in grunge design, when the creator uses vivid colors, such as dark green, blue and red, which are devoid of their power, so that they will seem more realistic.

Learn more about the messy edges

I bet you all have seen those websites with those messy edges. The truth is that these attract the audience, but at the same time, the designer should not use this style excessively. In other words, messy, jagged, ripped or rough edges are great, but only if they are mixed with some clean ones. The result of this mixture will give you a simple and beautiful design that you will surely be proud of.

Don’t forget about the contrast

Every designer desires to offer his or her visitors a great user experience. However, dark and moody colors might not have this purpose, precisely because people would have to read a light text against a dark background, which may cause them eye strain. As a result, you will have to think about the contrast, too. So, if you are determined to use a dark background, then you will have to emphasize your texts and to make them easy to read. You could do this by using a lighter background for your blocks of texts or by shedding some light over the entire design. Anyway, no matter the colors you will use, you will have to make sure that your texts are easy to read and that there is enough contrast between them and your background.

Grunge trends you should know about

Because you desire to create something fashionable you should know more about the trends of this designing style. To begin with, it is important for you to use a dirty texture or a dirty background image, so that you will expose the nature of the grunge style. Also, irregular line frames or yellowed scotch tape might bring that rough style to your page. Web designers will definitely manage to create something impressive if they will use paper and photo clips, needles, pins, coffee rings, spilled out liquids and dirty stains. Not to mention that if you will attach some dog-ears, hand written elements or torn paper to your design, you will totally grasp your visitors’ attention.

These being said, you can go ahead and start creating a grunge design that will impress all your clients, customers and visitors. You will see that you will manage to come up with something really amazing that people will definitely appreciate.