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20 fresh and good looking Adobe Muse themes

The dream of any “pure” designer is to create complex and stunning websites without having to code…just design and nothing more. Many software solutions promise to fully resolve this aspect, but until now the reality proved that no cool website can be realized without working at least on a single line of code.
Moreover, in order to stay competitive designers are required more and more to be able to design, but also to have at least a superficial idea about coding. In addition to this, websites are getting extremely complex and nowadays, a good website can no longer be the work of a single person. Under these circumstances, the concept of “pure design” is almost a chimera. Fortunately, the web development community is very helpful and the Internet is full of useful resources that will help you code better.
Relatively recently, Adobe released a new software called Muse that is trying to create the perfect (or at least a very good) tool that will allow designers to create websites without coding. The opinions are divided: some consider that Adobe Muse is the same as the other tools and it can’t create good websites without coding, while others consider it a very useful piece of software. Personally, I think that it is way too early to establish a final conclusion. Anyway, the main idea is that Muse is a step further…How far? It’s still not determined.
I guess you are curious to know what does a website build using Adobe Muse look like. Which is why, I have showcased here 20 good looking themes for your delight. I hope that I made you curious about it and maybe you will give it a try!


Movement is a one page theme that is impossible not to impress with its colour combinations. The creators had a lot of courage to create such powerful contrast and overall the design is very appealing. Also, another interesting aspect is related to the huge size of the UI items used- only XXL buttons and icons.


Trend shop is a theme adapted for e-commerce solutions. I highly appreciate this theme because it lets the users focus on the exposed products. The design is very discrete, but in the same time very helpful.


We have previously mentioned a few details about flat creations, such as: landing pages, WordPress themes and site templates. It’s clearly that we should delight our readers with some flat Adobe Muse themes. Focus is a cool flat Muse theme that is designed to impress. Do you agree with me? I believe that it is better to visit it yourself and share your opinions with us.


If you need a layout that will help you express strength, power and boldness, then Boxed is the perfect Muse theme for you. It may be used for portfolios and surely, any viewer will be extremely satisfied with it, since the creator really planed everything having the user in mind. I consider that in this case the perfect balance between content and white space is achieved.


Paralax scrolling is very appreciated by users and this Muse theme has, in addition, many other features to make people become interested in. It’s very customisable, attractive and modern.


Clerck is a Muse theme created for photographers’ portfolios. It’s a black and white theme that lets the uploaded items be enjoyed by the viewers. In these conditions, everyone will fall in love with this simple and discrete theme.


Good works is a very interesting Muse theme. Its initial purpose was for charity projects, but it may be used for blogs, too. No matter the purpose, the theme is eye-catching and it manages to transmit feelings, which is a capital feature for any type of website.


Bench is a multipurpose Muse theme that has very interesting features to take into account if you want to buy one. The creator used very appealing modern images, but at the “What we do” section, the background is white. This way, the viewer may better admire the portfolio. It’s a detail that reveals the special attention of the designer.

Think BIG

Think big is a wonderful theme that may be used for a creative agency website. It’s flat based, the fonts selected are very readable and the icons are bold and well designed. Overall, this combination has as a result a cool and modern website.


Maximuse is a stunning original Muse theme. The huge majority of themes use warm colour combinations, but this theme is based on a dark solution. Another nice feature of the theme is the sliding effects when scrolling. Go ahead, give it a try and you will surely enjoy yourselves!


If you are still in doubt about the power of Adobe Muse, then you should check this theme. It is beautifully designed and it looks like a WordPress one. Besides that, the theme is flat and very modern; therefore it will be a good idea to eventually buy it!


Flat design consecrated the use of pure colours and the gradients were quickly forgotten. Still, totally ignoring the gradient effects isn’t a solution, because it is not uncommon for a good gradient to add the “wow” effect to impress the viewers. The creator of this theme smartly added some gradients to a flat structure and the result is very cool. Do you agree with me or do you have another opinion?

Fight injustice

Fight injustice is the name of the Muse theme that is created for non-profit organisations and surely, it is designed following the heart and not the mind. It’s a very sensitive theme, the images used being very emotional.


Base is the perfect concept of a joyful and attractive one single page portfolio. The strong points of this theme are the simplicity of it and the nice colours that are being used.

Big smile

Big smile is another cool one single page portfolio. Even if it has the same destination as the previous theme, the realisation is different. So you have multiple solutions to choose from. Which one do you prefer the most?


Conrad originality consists in the cool background that will instantly be remarked by everyone. Fortunately, this theme has many other advantages to take into account such as: standing apart “About us” and “What we do” pages, appealing typography and an interesting combination of warm and cold colours.


Flicon is a multipurpose Muse theme that may be used for portfolios, both for freelancers or studios. It’s another theme that doesn’t have something extremely special, but overall the layout is elegant, discrete and modern…as a portfolio must be!


Retro style, as the name itself says it, is a retro inspired theme. Still, the theme isn’t 100% retro. It interestingly combines retro with modern elements, such as the sliding effects of the icons. This theme is one of my favourite, congratulations to the creators.


llumia is a very complex Muse theme and personally I think it is the best from this collection. It comes in two versions- one having side navigation while the second one having top navigation. It may be used for wedding projects and surely the new family will be very satisfied with such a design masterpiece. The team that designed this theme promised to offer premium support; therefore these are all the arguments for this theme!


By visiting this theme, I am pretty sure that you will pay closer attention to the future of Adobe Muse. It’s a flat design based on dark colours and bold icons, the creators must be proud by such a project.
I hope that these themes convinced you not to ignore the potential of Adobe Muse. The truth is that the Adobe has much to improve if they want to transform Muse into a big success like Photoshop, but the beginning seems pretty cool. Would you use Adobe Muse in your next projects?

25 creative Adobe Muse templates

Adobe Muse is a very young Adobe product which very few people have heard about. The first beta version was released on August 15, 2011 while the actual product was officially launched on May 7, 2012. The purpose of this software is to replace the work of a coder. This way, the designer has no limitation which makes the websites look more interesting and accessible. Building websites with no coding experience is a dream that people have dreamt of, way before Adobe Muse was released and it resonates in the hearts of the pure designers who resent the idea of coding. Designers expect that Adobe Muse or any other software out there will successfully replace the work of coders, as soon as possible, while the latter consider this idea to be a chimera. But, is it possible to create a website without paying attention to coding issues? Well, personally I think that it will never be feasible! You may accuse me that I am a hard coder but actually I am just a mediocre designer.

I base my statement on the fact that coders must resolve many aspects of a website and a software product can’t offer good solutions in a very dynamic context. The responsive design complicated a lot the life of programmers and they still haven’t fully resolved the issues regarding the cross-browser compatibility. The positive side is that Adobe Muse and similar software products simplify the coding- the coders have to focus only on more challenging parts of a website. At the moment, Adobe Muse is a good tool but undoubtedly it has to be seriously improved.
The next templates will convince everyone that Adobe Muse may be a precious tool for a designer. So, enjoy them and let us know which one do you like best!







Agency Visual










Flat view


Rock band






Church works


Day star


Sound of nature




The new office


3ball Studios


Shoes shop


The playBook


Ad muse


Shoot pro








4 Reasons Why Long Shadow Design is Trending

Long shadow is throwing shade at other design styles. The hype is real. This simple, flat design with a blocky, diagonal shadow extending from its main focal points is making rounds in multiple design genres. But, what makes long shadow design so trendy?

Perhaps it’s just easy to replicate or maybe it’ll come and go like the afternoon sun. Whatever it is, long shadow is casting its umbra all over the Internet. Here’s a look at four reasons why long shadow design is trending.

1. Social Design Communities

my dribbble tee

Image via Flickr by erenemre

Design communities such as Dribbble are a virtual drawing board for the latest in design trends. Social media sites are commonly associated with what’s current or “trending,” so it makes sense that design communities set the standard for long shadow designs. These types of social design trends both spread and become contained like digital wildfires, and what’s hot today may change tomorrow, but for now web and graphic designers agree, long shadow design is what’s on the mind of almost every designer.

2. Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe's Wheel-o'-Icons

Image via Flickr by Charles Williams

According to Digital Trends, “Creative Cloud will make Adobe’s applications available in a way they never were before.” That’s because users no longer need to shell out hundreds of dollars upfront to gain access to the now subscription-based software. The more designers with access to Adobe, the more accessible the long shadow design trend. Are you sensing a theme here?

Longtime Photoshop educators, such as Howard Pinsky, can reach even more students with easy long shadow tutorials for users of all levels.

3. Mobile Technology

Guidelines for Building Cross Platform Games

Image via Flickr by Official GDC

Mobile technology is an excellent platform for long shadow design. New design trends consistently flood the ever-changing smartphone and tablet landscapes. Consequently, long shadow is especially popular with app design. Long shadow design is an extension of the flat design trend. Apple, a leader in mobile technology, set the precedent for flat design with their upcoming release of iOS 7 – the entire Apple icon set plays off flat design.

Reasonably priced cell phone plans keep users connected with long shadow design trend.

4.  CSS3 and HTML 5

CSS3 iPhone

Image via Flickr by aaronparecki

Trends in design are only emphasized by the tools available. Much like Adobe Creative Cloud, CSS3 and HTML 5 only enhance a designer’s ability to easily replicate the trend throughout the Internet. CSS3 and HTML5 allow for open source designing. Techniques that were once possible only with pricey design software are now open to the masses.

The truth is, these reasons apply to almost any current design trend. Without the Internet and easy access to it via mobile technology, trends like long shadow wouldn’t be as evocative.

What do you think of the long shadow design trend? Is it just a product of the current times? Would you love for it to end or hate to see it go? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.