Social Media Marketing Tips for Food Companies

Just about every business today can benefit from having a strong presence on the Internet, and on social media, in particular. But food companies should follow specific tips and tactics to achieve the best results. If you run a food startup, check out the social media marketing tips below so that you can make the most of every post on every social networking platform.

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Royalty free photo

Use Instagram to Post Mouth-Watering Photos and Videos

One of the best ways to market your food company is by promoting your food products on Instagram. Take photos of your food in action. Whether you sell delicious dairy-free products like those offered by HamptonCreek, or you are a catering company that serves fully prepared meals, taking and posting photos of your food is a fantastic way to get people’s mouths to start watering. Get followers by using the appropriate hashtags, and take short videos too, in addition to posting high quality images.

Post Recipe Ideas on Facebook

Communicating with your current and potential customers is an important component to any successful social media campaign. If you are a food company, you can have a lot of fun by posting delicious recipes that feature your product. This is a sure-fire way to get people interested in trying out your food in a new way that they may not have thought of before. You can post recipes with photos or with short videos in order to grab people’s attention as they are scrolling through their newsfeed on Facebook, and you can encourage people to give the recipes a try and then post their comments to let you know if they liked them.

Post Your Photos on Pinterest, Too

Another social media platform that is visual and a great outlet for food companies is Pinterest. Post your high quality photos on Pinterest, where customers can gather ideas, including recipes, that they can pin to their boards for later use. You can also use Pinterest to link back to your website or to your other social media pages to attract even more followers. For example, if you are a vegan food company, your goal would be to post recipes that use your product as an ingredient so that people searching for those types of recipes will learn about your brand.

Use Twitter to Promote Your Blog and Website

Because Twitter has such a short limit on the number of characters that you can use in each post, it is best to use this platform to link back to your website and/or to your blog. This will serve to increase traffic to your blog, as well as to your site or your e-commerce shop where people can learn more about your products and make purchases.

Using the tips above will help you attract more attention to your food brand on social media, and that will help your company grow. The key is to be consistent, have open discussions with your customers and followers, and post content that is engaging and relevant to your target audience.