SEO Tips: Time vs. Money

For many business and website owners, SEO is still seen as something that is too expensive to get into. This is both correct and incorrect; yes, SEO can be very expensive, but you don’t have to have a big budget in order to optimize your site and get your SEO performance up. SEO is always about time and money, and in this article we are going to discuss how you can balance these two aspects accordingly.


Big-Budget SEO

The simplest way to do SEO is by having a team of experts helping you every step of the way. If you have a big budget for SEO or internet marketing in general, then this is definitely the route you should take. Over 60% of today’s internet traffic still come from search engines, which is why having your site at the top of search results is a huge plus.

The guys at Blue Hat Marketing shared their secrets for maximizing your SEO budget. According to them, there are three main things to focus on:

1. Superb articles and other site content that will attract and engage visitors. Content is still the heart of every SEO campaign. Luckily, you can now hire the best content writers and creators from all around the world to help you produce high quality articles, podcasts and videos for your visitors.

2. On-site SEO optimizations that will help your site blooms. The best content needs to be presented correctly not only to users but also to search engine crawlers. Having a team of SEO, web design and programming experts optimizing your site will indeed be a huge plus.

3. Off-site SEO done right. In order to truly have a successful SEO campaign, you also need to build relationships with other sites and site owners.

What about doing SEO with low budget?

The secrets to a successful SEO campaign remain the same: the three points we discussed earlier. To have a truly successful campaign, you need to do those three steps correctly and effectively. The good news is: you can do most of them yourself.

seo secrets

When you have low or limited budget for SEO, all you have to do is invest more time to the campaign. For example, you can produce your own articles and keep your site updated. You may make mistakes at the beginning, but article writing is a craft that is easy to learn.

The same goes for optimizing your site. You may still have to hire a web designer to do the programming for you, but figuring out the elements that need to be improved is something you can do yourself. Of course, you can also spend some time connecting with other influential websites and writing guest posts to improve your site’s exposure.

Time vs. Money

At the end of the day, SEO is about time vs. money. Whenever you can’t afford to spend on your SEO campaign, you can always invest your time into it. it is just a matter of choosing the right balance to have a truly successful SEO campaign without breaking your bank.