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ExpressionEngine, in case you haven’t heard, has for over a decade has been the content management system (CMS) of choice for companies like Apple, Sony, Disney, WB, Ford, and Nokia that combines a commercial product with open source code. This creates a “perfect” model in their eyes because the commercial aspect of the system provides dedicated development and support, while the Open Source is open, public, and extensible. ExpressionEngine (EE) has become one the most popular CMS used by developers. Ideally suited for both small and large websites, it provides effective features not found in its competition, such as WordPress, namely its vast flexibility and extensibility. More than just a managing content publishing tool, ExpressionEngine provides freedom from limited coding structures typically found in closed source codes.

Breaking the Mold

ExpressionEngine has broken the traditional CMS mold and has added freedom to the web professional’s abilities to use the web in successful, creative ways. By lifting the imposing limitations of traditional site structure, developers can now expand the design of their client’s content to meet the demands of your client’s needs.

Open Source Code

Using an Open Source code, the developers at ExpressionEngine have created their product based on an open and transparent foundation that allows for growth as the website needs evolve. Used by web professionals and independent web publishers, ExpressionEngine provides top-quality support to make sure the developer can create effective websites for their customers. EE is built upon CodeIgnitor, an open source PHP framework used by thousands globally.

Technical Support and Development

Though ExpressionEngine charges a small fee to cover ongoing development and technical support, they were always there to help guide you to create the website design you need. By installing it in your browser you can easily operate the platform using the control panel. You can customize the control panel to meet the needs of your project or client.

Modifying the Content Management System

It is easy to modify and extend the content management system (CMS) of ExpressionEngine using various modules and plug-ins. Designed with an open source code; it works perfectly in PHP/MySQL, and supports CSS, JavaScript and HTML.

Security Features

ExpressionEngine has a wide variety of features for safety and security. Using anti-spamming tools (including captcha and white lists), IP banning, e-mail banning and the necessary coding needed to control throttling, EE has all the proven effective means to control and eliminate security issues.

Some of the best ExpressionEngine premium themes include:

Coffee Break - ExpressionEngine business theme

#5 Coffee Break – EE Business Theme

Built to showcase all of your company’s products, merchandise or services, the Coffee Break theme features a large variety of options. You will have complete control in determining the perfect page to use as your “home page”. This theme will provide you with the ability to add sliders, buttons and other features to highlight and accentuate most anything you desire.

Add an image, content or other data to any number of pages you desire. It provides a blog page to promote your business and interact with your customers, clients or visitors.

Daily Edition - Magazine EE template

#4 Daily Edition – Magazine EE Premium Theme

With its clean and inviting look, this capacious Daily Edition Magazine/Newspaper theme has a large variety of page modules that can be enabled or disabled. It is crafted with its own video player and Java script based scroller that adds an air of professionalism and sophistication. As a backend theme option, you can easily edit the code, change the website’s color and style, and add Google Analytics, all from the option’s panel.

The layout is simple and is crafted in the style of a simple-to-read newspaper that provides easy access for your customers. They can easily flip through the web pages just like a traditional magazine. It uses simple to structure side boxes that provide up-to-date information along with a place for visitor’s comments and feedback.

Headlines - EE Theme Magazine Style

#3 Headlines – Stylish Magazine Theme

Offering features that include author highlighting, flexible layout, and social bookmarks this Headlines – Stylish Magazine theme is the ideal platform for your blog or magazine to display your content with the world.

With additional features not found in the Daily Edition theme, the Headlines being groups the information in an eye-popping design for easy accessibility to your readers. Its easy setup will provide maximum flexibility and allows for creative design to make it look the way you need it to for your client.

City Guide - Geolocation EE Theme

#2 City Guide – Geolocation ExpressionEngine Premium Theme

As the second most popular theme on ExpressionEngine, the City Guide – Geolocation theme caters directly to directory based websites. It operates as a fully functional guide that provides additional link-associated information to the visitor’s search results. You can easily include custom content, Geo tags, locations, step-by-step navigational directions and other valuable information sought by the visitor.

The design of the City Guide theme uses the intuitive sense of the visitor to allow them to easily move around the website to gather the information they are seeking. Offering a large variety of buttons, an internal search engine and adjustable sidebar, you can easily manipulate the format to optimize both its look and functionality.

Inspire - Dynamic Business Theme on EE

#1 Inspire – Dynamic Business ExpressionEngine Premium Theme

As the most popular theme in the ExpressionEngine selections, the Inspired – Dynamic Business theme is a highly functional, customizable website. It doubles as an effective website and a showcase for your services, products or merchandise. Easily add images to each page, use its fade transitions abilities, along with fade timeouts, adjustable transition times and auto-fade.

Your customers will appreciate it is easy navigational design and simple to use shopping basket. With its built-in blog platform, you can easily add updated information, continually show a transition of photographs and provide easy-to-access archives and links that can keep visitors informed.

Additional ExpressionEngine Features:

ExpressionEngine easily manages its content by providing definable categories and customizable fields. While it is true that WordPress allows the developer to instantly create a fresh post, it typically displays or presents its content based on user selection, which can often have disastrous results.

This basic WordPress concept is limited in structure and elementary in design. Alternatively, ExpressionEngine’s more advanced design offers unique features to allow the developer to create a richer experience for the visitor. The best premium ExpressEngine themes help push its extensible and flexibility to your clients and user-base without limiting your creativity.

EE’s open source coding provides the developer’s ability to create easy changes, manipulations and alternatives, so the website can be optimized in both performance and presentation. It is no wonder that ExpressionEngine has become such a valuable tool in creating optimal websites that function properly, look phenomenal and are designed to offer the best experience for each website visitor.