Harry Potter relatives create Squirrel obstacle course

Now who thought this was a good idea?

What sick b*st*rd dreams this stuff up?

I mean if you have the time to create something like this, it is certainly a testament to the decay of today’s society.

Perhaps even worse, I have to wonder what all these crazy Harry Potter people must have done to my poor squirrel relatives over there to get them involved in this crap. I mean they don’t look drunk, drugged, or infected by the Zombie Apocalypse so what is going on? No way in hell you’d get me climbing, swinging, and running around this stuff… not to say I haven’t done most of this stuff under certain influences, but not to the step and fetch of some human. I mean… I love you guys and all, and I’m happy to provide this site for you guys, and really thankful when you click on a link and maybe help out the kid’s nut funds, but come on……

Making the net better – one nut at a time.