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New WordPress Themes for Weddings, Restaurants, or Bands

Elegant Wedding WordPress Theme

The Elegant Wedding WordPress Theme

The Elegant Wedding WordPress theme that can serve as a hub for your guests and planners alike, and using WordPress makes it easy to set one up. Much like your invitations WordPress should be styled to your liking, and the Elegant Wedding WordPress Theme allows you to do this. The theme can be styled with a number of color options and can be made to suit the color scheme you have planned for your wedding. The default color is brown, but a switch to light blue, green or even pink is simple to implement. Note that this is not just a pretty theme, as it comes with specific features designed to help make publicizing and managing your wedding easier. For example, it provides your guests with the ability to RSVP via post. It also allows you to keep a list of all the different events that make up your wedding so that all those involved can keep track. There is a countdown timer that shows the time left till the big day among the other options.

Eventor - Event Management WordPress Theme


Setting up a WordPress blog can be useful for all types of events, not just weddings. Planning events like seminars or other gatherings can often be complex depending on the number of people slated to participate. Details of a venue such as parking and seating will have to be managed. If there is to be entertainment or food involved then it becomes even more difficult to coordinate. Eventor is the theme for event planners looking for a way to effectively handle their clients’ needs and expectations. It is important to remember that time is of the essence when planning large events and by using the Eventor WordPress theme to help with event management, the planner will be one step ahead of the game. An event manager can inform the website’s visitors of such details as the lineup of speakers and presenters, and they can also include their pictures and a countdown clock to the day of the event.

Marriage - Responsive Wedding WordPress Theme


The name of the theme is direct and to the point, indicating how it is meant to be used. Like The Elegant Weddings Theme, Marriage is a WordPress theme that is all about weddings. At the very top of the page there is a navigation bar that allows visitors to the wedding site to view pages about the wedding itself and to RSVP. One benefit of Marriage is the fact that it is a responsive theme and therefore may be viewed on a variety of device types without any alteration in the layout. If you are planning a wedding website, you may also want some kind of social media feature to display content from your social media feeds on your website. Marriage has that too.

Eventalist - Events WordPress Theme


This theme uses a clean, professional-looking layout to display information about events in a straightforward and businesslike manner. Planning future events with the Eventalist WordPress theme can be done right from the WordPress dashboard, and the theme provides a calendar so that visitors can see the date of the event displayed. The theme is designed to be customized easily and without a lot of technical knowledge. There is also a slideshow on the theme’s homepage that can display images and information about the upcoming event. This can be another great option for event management.

Stomaci - Restaurant - Cafe WordPress Theme


Now you can impress potential customers with the style and ambiance of your restaurant before they even set foot in the building. The Stomaci theme makes setting up a website for cafes or family-style restaurants as simple as pie. Show off pictures of your food, menus and specials on the website for your regulars and for those who are considering giving your eatery a try. The layout aims to be rustic without looking unprofessional and clumsy, and the color may be changed with ease using the built-in color changer. The front page has a custom slider that can be modified to display dishes from the menu right up front without the visitor having to navigate to another page to find out what kind of food you serve. Using the Stomaci WordPress theme, visitors to your website may even make reservations. The ability to list events at your restaurant is another useful feature of the theme. As with any business website, the ability to rank highly on search engine results pages is key and Stomaci is ready to go, just fill in the titles and keywords on your pages.

Linguini - Restaurant Responsive WordPress Theme


People often choose a restaurant while on the go, therefore they may not be browsing your website from a desktop or laptop computer, but rather a mobile device like an iPhone. It is important that your layout be responsive to the browsing device. A website that is responsive provides visitors with the same experience regardless of what device they are using to surf. With the Linguini WordPress theme for restaurants, your website will look the same to all your visitors whether they see it on an Android tablet or an iPhone. Another factor that is important to consider when building a restaurant website is the importance of SEO. There may be several restaurant websites in your neighborhood vying for the same traffic. Linguini takes this into account as well. You can easily add keywords and titles to each page so as to aid in building search engine rank. You can add multiple food pictures and menus, and your guests can make reservations via the AJAX reservation form. Linguini comes with a color picker so the options for changing color schemes are almost unlimited.

Rockstar - WordPress Themes for Musician and Bands


Have a band? Well, these days the Internet is the best arena available for music promotion. You will need a website and the Rockstar WordPress theme is the perfect tool for musicians to build their band’s following. You can upload MP3 files of your music and visitors can play it on Rockstar’s own music player; this means no more dependence on a media host to get your work heard. It also means you get to set yourself apart from all the band websites that all tend to look more or less the same. As for customization, Rockstar allows you to set the musical instrument used in the background image and to control how the theme looks via the Orange Themes control panel that comes built-in. Upload your own images and modify the look of the website to your taste. Want to write about music? Then Rockstar is also for you, as you can use all of its features to enhance your music blog.

MagTruetitude Restaurant and WP Food Magazine


Many WordPress themes are built with just one purpose in mind. However, in MagTruetitude you get three separate purposes that are not altogether unrelated. For the photographer there is a nice platform for showing their work since the theme is designed to be a portfolio. The restaurateur gets a means of showing off pictures of their food since the MagTruetitude WordPress theme does an excellent job of showing off eateries. The theme also comes with options for displaying menus and posting restaurant locations and times. The theme comes with multiple sliders and slider options, as well as a color picker to provide limitless color schemes. The theme is slick enough to be used for a larger high-profile business, and the layout makes the site feel professional and well thought out. The limitless layout options allow you to find the best package for what you have to sell.

Music - Musician WordPress Theme and Facbook App

Musicians Theme and Facebook App

While this WordPress music theme will not safeguard your sounds from being pirated, but it still serves as a excellent tool to get it out to your fans. Not only does it provide a simple, stylish interface, it has its own music file player so that you can upload your songs for your visitors to hear. Have concert pics that you want to display? The slider on the homepage provides that functionality as well. Social media has been one of the most important tools for musicians hoping to create a following, and this theme empowers you to use Facebook to build interest in your work. Using this Musicians theme and Facebook app, you can add a timer that counts down to the release of your album or you can add a playlist with your songs to a Facebook page.

Eventure - Responsive Events WordPress Theme


New WordPress Themes for event management have come a long way. This theme has a bold, striking look and a novel approach to events calendars: only the dates when an event is occurring are shown. As a result, wasted space on the page is eliminated as only the important days are visible. The Eventure WordPress theme is great for event management, and is also has a slider that you can use to display your images and the layout is responsive so that your visitors can view it on whatever device they want. It also features drop down menus and highlighted links that can be changed to whatever color you want.

Victoria - Premium Restaurant WP Theme


This elegant and simple theme was created specifically for use on restaurant websites. Users can change any of the main elements of the website’s appearance easily and without having any programming knowledge. The Victoria WordPress theme is designed to allow the main content to be crawled first by search engines. This means that the most important content of the page is what gets seen first. There is a teaser text widget and front page column widgets that can be used to draw visitors to other pages on the blog, at the top there is a slider that can display whatever images you want. There is also a video slider with a text field into which you can enter an embedded code from your favorite video site.

Stylico - WordPress DJ and Music Management Theme


Are you a DJ or music producer? Stylico is just what you are seeking in a WordPress theme for you music business or band management. The theme includes two specialized WordPress plug-ins: Fancy Gallery allows you to upload band images, videos, or basically any type of media you want to promote, and Ultimate DJ Manager is a music manager and flash player that with HTML5 degradation with a custom SoundCloud player and Gigs Manager. Great image management and presentation is handled with the Orbit Slider with a custom skin and thumbnail navigation. Discography is handled through custom post type and management that allows you to upload a song or release and set your price in the buy and download area, with a pre-view function to allow your fans to listen before purchasing your songs.

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