New HTML5 Plugins 2013

Towards the Web HTML5 Video Player

1. Towards The Web HTML5 Video Player

Towards The Web HTML5 Video Player gives you the opportunity to add videos to your webpage. These videos can also be displayed on mobile devices. Built with HTML5, this plugin offers a multitude of excellent features, including the ability to save volume level for future visits, a dynamic full-screen mode with support for resizing and support for an unlimited video playlist. CSS functionality ensures that this video player is highly customizable to suit just about any need. This HTML5 Video Player is compatible with all major browsers, with Flash fallback support for older browsers that don’t support HTML5.

Sliding Puzzle

2. Sliding Puzzle

HTML5 is well known for being a medium for simple homebrew games. This extraordinarily simple, yet addictive sliding puzzle game gives your visitors an opportunity to kill a little time in a fun way. Players have access to three puzzle modes: Classic Mode (featuring a five-move penalty for hints), Challenge Mode (where you play against the clock) and Fun Mode (where you simply play for fun with no penalties). Every puzzle is generated at random and you have the freedom to customize both design and settings.

HTML5 Gallery - Banner With Buttons

3. HTML5 Gallery / Banner with Buttons

Here is an extraordinarily flexible HTML5 gallery that can also serve double duty as a banner rotator. Built for PC applications, it is also compatible with iOS and Android mobile devices. But the best thing about this gallery is a multitude of options that are available. These options include over 16 transitions (six feature the “Ken Burns” camera effect), animated description windows, and easily modifiable color theme and skin, custom buttons and the ability to have multiple instances of this gallery on the same page. Completely driven by XML, this HTML5 gallery is exceptionally easy to install and even easier to maintain.

Circular Canvas Countdown

4. Circular Canvas Countdown

Having a countdown clock is very helpful when you want to countdown to a grand opening or special event. Circular Canvas Countdown is unlike any ordinary countdown clock, thanks largely to its unique design created entirely in HTML5. This plugin is especially easy to integrate into your existing webpage and it is also easy to customize. Circular Canvas Countdown features cross browser support and it also works on both iPhone and iPad. There is plenty of documentation to look over for the spectacular plugin and there is even a small example included for further reference.

HTML5 Gallery - Banner with Thumbs

5. HTML5 Gallery / Banner with Thumbs

Very much like the aforementioned HTML5 gallery with buttons, this thumbs-based gallery offers a wide range of features that makes using this gallery so efficient and easy. There are over 16 transitions available, with six of those being the famous “Ken Burns” camera effect. You can also modify the color scheme and skin appearance. It also features support for multiple instances on one page and it is completely driven by XML. Installing and operating this HTML5 gallery is exceptionally easy and there’s plenty of documentation on hand.

Neon Text Effects jQuery Plugin

6. Neon Text Effects jQuery Plugin

Take advantage of the fantastic, eye-catching visual effects available thanks to the Neon Text Effects plugin. Thanks to this plugin, you have the ability to utilize a wide variety of glowing text effects without having to resort to Photoshop, Flash or image files. You won’t have to mess with any CSS files, either – all of these wonderful effects are possible thanks to HTML5 and jQuery. Not only do you have 20 preconfigured effects to choose from, you can also create your own neon text effects. Thanks to the powerful JavaScript API, coding and modifying these effects is surprisingly easy.

Canvas Puzzle

7. Canvas Puzzle

Canvas Puzzle is a clean and straightforward jigsaw puzzle game that demonstrates the advanced features of HTML5. Features include full compatibility with all major browsers and the ability to choose the default number of pieces. Another amazing feature of this HTML5 game is the ability to use any image as a puzzle – all you have to do is drag and drop an image onto the screen and it automatically becomes a new puzzle. Canvas Puzzle offers support for an infinite number of puzzle pieces as well as page redirects upon solving the puzzle.

Earth Viewer

8. Earth Viewer

The world is a pretty big place, but this plugin lets you see the entire world in the form of an interactive 3D globe with spin and zoom capability. Users can spin, rotate and even zoom in to any region and location on the globe using a powerful HTML5 and JavaScript functions. You can also define specific points of interest and include a light box that features more information about these locations. Earth Viewer features over 30 configurable options and it’s also compatible with today’s popular browsers. All it takes is one line of code to integrate this useful plugin into your existing website.

jQuery Canvas Effects Plugin

9. jQuery Canvas Effects Plugin

Add special effects to your images with the power of HTML5. The jQuery Canvas Effects Plugin gives you the ability to add over 25 effects to any image of your choice. These effects include black and white, vignetting, lomo, vintage and much more. You can even blend several special effects together to further enhance your images. These image modifications take effect immediately. This plugin is exceptionally easy to use and it only takes a single line of JavaScript and a few lines of CSS to make it all work.

QR Encoder JS Library

10. QR Encoder JS Library

This JavaScript library gives you the ability to generate your own QR codes for just about any use. Editing is done completely in the client, so you won’t have to rely on server side libraries or have Internet access just to modify and customize QR codes to your liking. Upon creating your QR codes, you can have them exported via PNG image or by SVG. QR Encoder JS Library includes exceptionally detailed documentation along with several usecase examples.

HTML5 Canvas Cover Flow

11. HTML5 Canvas Cover Flow

HTML5 Canvas Cover Flow offers a unique way for you to showcase images on your website. This photo gallery offers a 3D presentation that not only looks professional, but it also runs smoothly as well. HTML5 Canvas Cover Flow is optimized for all of the major mobile devices, plus it allows you to operate it just like you would a native app. Hardware acceleration allows this photo gallery to run at lightning speed. There are plenty of customization options that can be easily modified in the included XML file.


12. Edge HTML5 Audio jQuery Plugin

Edge HTML5 Audio jQuery Plugin is a simple and lightweight audio player that allows your visitors to listen to music hosted on your website. This plugin features an animated playing indicator along with support for MP3, OGG and WAV audio formats. All you need to do is include an tag in your source code and call on the script to get it up and running. It also includes two additional themes as well as the tools necessary to create your own. In all, this is a very simple yet versatile audio player that should be in any developer’s toolbox.

jQuery Gradient Creator

13. jQuery Gradient Creator

If you’ve ever wanted to create your own gradients in a simple, but powerful way, this jQuery plugin gives you the opportunity to do just that and much more. jQuery Gradient Creator allows you to create your own gradients quickly and effectively using smart parameters and methods. This plugin features unlimited gradient points for an amazing array of possibilities. It loads up fast and features exceptionally fluid usage with no server files to worry about. jQuery Gradient Creator also includes the colorpicker plugin and jQuery-ui libraries for extended functionality. This plugin also allows you to customize as well as generate and export in CSS.

HTML5 Canvas Carousel

14. HTML5 Canvas Carousel

Optimized for mobile devices including the iPad and iPhone, HTML5 Canvas XML Carousel delivers a stunning way to display all of your favorite images. This plugin provides a stunning 3D presentation that looks absolutely dynamic and professional. Since this plugin is optimized for mobile devices, it also features native touch, drag and rotate features, making this plugin feel exactly like a native app. Thanks to hardware acceleration, HTML5 Canvas XML Carousel also features the amazing performance you’d expect from a high-quality HTML5 plugin