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My Music Blog – How I use WordPress for my musician website

When deciding to start a music blog, I needed to decide upon a blogging platform. WordPress is free, popular, well-supported, and also simple enough for virtually any layperson to use. WP is also fairly easy to customize which means I can avoid spending hundreds of dollars on website development fees. I can do all the layout myself and choose the theme I want to use in order to blog about my favorite musicians and music. If I plan what I want beforehand and take advantage of the various plug-ins offered by WordPress, I could conceivably develop a site that is both user and site manager-friendly. I am the one who will be updating the site so I need to be able to make changes effectively and efficiently.
Soundboard - Premium Music WordPress Theme

I decided to go with the WordPress Soundboard theme, as it’s edgy and just about perfect for me to manage information about the music I’m following. Soundboard is ideal for promoting the music and ideas I want to convey, rather than just conveying a series of facts. After all, music is more than just notes.

I have found that Soundboard is user-friendly enough for me to establish various components to the website, including a blog keeping my followers up to date on new songs or bands I discover. Because of my growing comfort with the free plugins and widgets, I’ve learned a great deal about what’s going to work and what’s not. Of course, there are a variety of music themes I can try, such as Rockstar, Music or Stylico, but I like Soundboard in particular for its versatility and ease of use.

Simplicity is the key, and the WordPress Soundboard theme offers that simplicity. If I try to beef up the site and feature a lot of videos or audio, I may encounter some difficulties simply in terms of the speed with which my loads. The problem is not that big of a deal especially considering most people have really fast internet access these days. Unfortunately, I continue to struggle with the supposed WYSIWYG editor. The issue remains that every time I go to work with this editor, what I see when I look at the preview of the site is a little bit different, than how my music blog looks live. That may not be too much of an issue, but it would be very convenient to have an editor that actually gave me the “live view” of the WordPress Soundboard theme as I have customized it for my music blog.

In short, I’m finding that Soundboard is a relatively simple WordPress music theme that is easy to use and that allows me to avoid outsourcing the website development which saves me money. While there are some flaws, these are few and far between, and the benefits of the platform itself and the range of plug-ins and widgets available more than make up for them. I would certainly use the program for my next music-related website.

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