Most Popular Bootstrap Skins for 2013

Bootstrap skins are popular for their ability to make websites highly customizable and therefore very appealing to the end user. They also play extremely well with iOs gadgets – which makes them even more in demand. In this post we bring you the most popular Bootstrap Skins for 2013.
Blue Sky - Bootstrap Responsive Skin

1. Blue Sky – Bootstrap Responsive Skin

Blue Sky is just one of several popular Bootstrap themes that offer a clean and attractive style. It only takes a few minutes to install this skin and it is equally as easy to use. Standout features include CSS3 effects and transitions, along with a “back to top” scroller for easier navigation. Blue Sky includes standard Bootstrap documentation and three Google Fonts to use. There’s also cross browser support, ensuring that this theme works on almost any web browser. This colorful yet clean Bootstrap is among the most popular skins currently available.

Sleeky - Bootstrap Skin

2. Sleeky – Bootstrap Skin

Are you ready for a sleek and sophisticated Bootstrap skin? Then look no further to Sleeky, an extraordinarily neat and clean Twitter Bootstrap skin that offers an exceptional amount of versatility and choice. With Sleeky, you can improve the look of your current framework with just a few simple additions. This skin is based on a modified version of the Cloudy UI Kit created by Sebastien Gabriel. Anyone in search of a professional skin will definitely enjoy this one.

Metrostrap - Bootstrap Skin

3. Metrostrap – Bootstrap Skin

Microsoft’s original Metro theme for Windows 8 has undoubtedly made an impression with plenty of designers, resulting in a number of skins and themes that either imitate or build upon Metro’s overall design cues. With Metrostrap, users can enjoy a minimalist take on the Metro interface in an easy-to-use Bootstrap skin. Metrostrap features accurately designed elements, plus it offers an exquisite Metro font face that completes the entire look. Customization is possible thanks to the included CSS files. There’s even a minimized version of this skin available. Metrostrap also comes with plenty of documentation and regular updates.

Morning - Bootstrap Skin

4. Morning – Bootstrap Skin

Morning is yet another clean Bootstrap skin that offers plenty of visually-enhancing features. For instance, Morning works with CSS3 Sass extensions and the Compass CSS framework. It also features the Font Awesome icon font set. But best of all, this Bootstrap skin offers an animated navigation bar that drops down upon hover. It also comes with a variety of other JavaScript plug-ins, including Google Maps, FlexSlider and Portfolio filter, just to name a few. Morning offers a complete package for even the most demanding of Bootstrap users.

Fancystrap - Bootstrap Skin

5. Fancystrap – Bootstrap Skin

As its name suggests, Fancystrap manages to be a fancy Bootstrap interface that also manages to keep it simple and clean. This particular Bootstrap skin comes with over 25 additional functionalities, allowing you to expand the way your users interact with Bootstrap. There are also CSS files included, making it possible to create a minimized version of this skin. Picture perfect elements make this skin stand out from the rest and detailed documentation provides all the information you need to make Fancystrap work for your Bootstrap implementation.

Extrap - Bootstrap Skin

6. Extrap – Bootstrap Skin

If you’re looking for a Bootstrap skin that offers a little something out of the ordinary, you might want to try Extrap. This skin comes in a sleek and unique gray color with plenty of colorful accents. Extrap’s many wonderful features include an extensive foreground color palette, rounded corners created with LESS and a special animated progress bar. This Bootstrap skin also features a variety of components that are ready to use straight out of the box including popover and slider. Extrap is an excellent choice for gaming and software websites that can do with a dark Bootstrap skin for their websites.

Royal Bootstrap Skin

7. Royal Bootstrap Skin

The Royal Bootstrap Skin is a bit different from all other Bootstrap skins, thanks in large part to its bold red color that helps it stand out from other plug-ins of its caliber. Keyframed CSS3 animations and HTML5 coding gives Royal the dynamic look and feel that so many users and developers appreciate. It also features completely defined hover states, as well as an assortment of JavaScript plug-ins that are ready to use immediately. Royal also features a JavaScript fallback for HTML5 and CSS3 content on certain older Internet Explorer versions as well as versions of other operating systems that don’t support the two standards.

Blue Jay - Twitter Bootstrap Skin

8. Blue Jay – Twitter Bootstrap Skin

Blue Jay is a simple yet whimsical Twitter Bootstrap that works with just about any type of website. Not only do you get Blue Jay’s namesake blue template, you also have a choice of three other different skins. Each skin features LESS CSS3 files for an amazing amount of customization. You also get compressed and minified CSS when you obtain this Bootstrap skin. There’s also a demo template available for anyone who wants to try out Blue Jay before they settle on it as their next skin.

Sexy Bootstrap Skin

9. Sexy Bootstrap Skin

Don’t hesitate to take a good look at this amazing Twitter Bootstrap skin. It’s based on the original, but it offers a genuinely attractive dark and reddish color theme that adds a new spin on the original Bootstrap Framework skin. This Sexy Bootstrap Skin provides a responsive layout that is exceptionally clean and easy to use. It is also well documented and features plenty of compatibility with most major browsers. Best of all, it offers complete compatibility with present versions of Bootstrap and it promises to be compatible with future releases.

Green Bootstrap Skin

10. Green Bootstrap Skin

Going “Green” only takes a few mouse clicks when it comes to Bootstrap skins. This new green Twitter Bootstrap skin features everything you’d want in a user interface. Special features include a responsive layout that offers additional jQuery animations and full documentation. The green Bootstrap skin is remarkably easy to implement and it is compatible to the point where you can continue using the original Bootstrap for your projects and cover it with the green skin with remarkable ease.

iOS Bootstrap

11. iOS Bootstrap

If you ever wondered if there was a Bootstrap skin that worked guaranteed on mobile and tablet devices, you won’t have to worry anymore. This particular Bootstrap offers unparalleled functionality on iOS-enabled mobile devices, allowing visitors to see your website from their iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. There’s also a minimized version available along with plenty of details documentation.

Sherbert - Bootstrap Skin

12. Sherbet – Bootstrap Skin

Sherbet is yet another Twitter Bootstrap skin that gives a soft professional look to your webpages. Like many other Bootstrap skins of its type, it also features a minified version, along with remarkably simple installation and an abundance of documentation. There are no images to worry about when installing Sherbet, giving you a lightweight platform upon which you can build and expand your website however you wish