How to install WordPress and blog in less than 5 minutes

Click below if you don’t need to learn how to install WordPress and want to get blogging in under 5 minutes.

Take me straight to Bluehost, recommended host by since 2005.

In case the video went too fast, or you like reading better than video here is a transcript:

How to install WordPress in under 5 minutes:

1) Navigate to Bluehost, by clicking here: Bluehost.

2) Click on the friendly orange button that says “Sign Up Now”

3) Check and see if your domain name is available. Your domain name will be the URL (what people will type into their website browser to vist your site) of your blog, for instance: – if you already have a domain enter that domain in the “I have a domain” box and follow those instructions.

4) Next fill out all the necessary account information on the WordPress domain hosting account information page.

5) Pick out the length of time you want your website hosted – the longer you pick, the cheaper WordPress hosting. Only you can decide if you want some of the other options Bluehost offers. You can always add them later if desired.

6) Next enter your payment information, and click “Next” and the button of the page.

7) You will be presented with more upgrades – pick some or skip them for now.

8) Next create a password – best to make a combination of letters, numbers, and/or symbols. It will be emailed to you.

9) On the next screen Bluehost wants you to log into your account – enter the password you just selected.

10) Next, go ahead and name your blog – it can be changed later.

11) Enter some tags – these are usually related words to the idea behind your blog. For instance, ThemeSquirrel would have tags like: WordPress, Joomla, Themes, Templates, Plug-ins, etc – they aren’t necessary, and can be added later.

12) Now you will be taken to the Bluehost control panel for you account. Watch the intro videos, or just keep reading.

13) Scroll down the screen for the “Site Builders” section, and click on the WordPress icon.

14) Next, click on the big green “Install” button.

15) Pick whatever options you like on the next screen, and click continue.

16) Now WordPress will be installed on your hosting account with Bluehost.

17) Once the installation is complete you can click on the link on the next screen to view your new blog – congratulations.

18) Now you can log into what is now as the “back-end” or “administration panel” or “admin panel” for short, which is where you can make all the adjustments to the appearance of your website (blog), add pages of content, posts, etc.

19) Use the username and password that Bluehost emailed to you – it will come to whatever email address you gave them while creating your account.

20) As the professor states, the best and cool themes and templates are found on ThemeSquirrel.

21) The video shows you how to create your first blog post, but for all the training you will ever need search the web, check out the blog here, or check out – the WordPress experts, by clicking the link below:

Why install WordPress

1) Perhaps you want to blog about your hobby?

2) Maybe you would like to learn how to make money online?

3) Many people make money online from blogging about their hobbies.

4) Yes, you can utilize to install WordPress for free, but you are not able to monetize the traffic that might start coming to your blog. There are many reliable WordPress hosting companies, but I prefer Bluehost, or if you want premium WordPress hosting go with WP Engine.

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