How To Compose SSL With Merchant Account?

It can be said that a merchant account is not a typical account like saving or any other account. It is however like a contract between you and your bank. Now people prefer to use credit or debit card payments instead of using hard cash. So if you also want to have the facility in your online or retail store then you can go for opening a merchant account. While generating the bank statement the name of your business along with a specified charge will appear on your customer’s credit card statement. Here the processing dimensions passes through every 7-14 days.


It is not that you will have to work with one account as a business owner you are allowed to have more than one active of merchant accounts at the same time. Generally people go for over-the-counter (OTC) merchant account which is most useful for retail stores. The second types of merchant accounts are termed as Internet Merchant Accounts used by for eCommerce merchants for online webshops, it is though a very high risk Merchant Account associated with a few specific categories like gambling and adult, pharmacy, where there is a more chance of fraud. The next most common kind of merchant account is for the E-mail and telephone made orders account, which provides you services related to the regular Internet Merchant Account as well.

It is true that the common people think it is however difficult to go for a merchant account especially for new businesses as they have experienced that the customers turn away rate regarding payment processors is not up to as high as 98% for all merchants.

Apart from that the most important aspect for small business owners is the cost effectiveness. Though it is associated with many advantages for a business to run but the cost of accepting credit or debit cards for an online business is too high to afford for a small or new business. They can go with 3rd party merchant accounts like PayPal and 2CO as the processing fees here is less as compared to others. Moreover it is suitable for the business of any sizes or all types.


Now it is the era of online business where everybody wants the ability to operate with credit or debit card payments, whether in a retail store or an eCommerce store on the internet. The user will feel comfortable using their cards and if you will be unable in providing them with this facility then you will most likely lose the customers.

SSL means Secure Socket Layer. It is a developing standard discovered by Netscape Communications to transfer important data and information across the Internet. It is however a reliable and secured way of data transfers. Through SSL your customer’s browser will be connected to your web site and can avail a transparent communication channel. After implementation of the connection you can securely exchange the credit card numbers over the web.

For this process you definitely need a verified “Merchant Account” from an accredited financial institution as all the actual processing of the credit card will be done through this. SSL does not use any software to process the credit card transactions, it also based on the Merchant Account for their transaction processing.

If you are making a web-based form of business where you are required to attract the traffic towards your website and need the visitor to enter data and submit the form online, then you can take the help of an SSL encryption service. This is especially helpful and secured way of exchanging sensitive information like entering credit card numbers.

The SSL service thus uses an encrypted form of information transfer technique. Once after receiving from the web server it is automatically decrypted which enable you to read, store and process the information as usual on the web server.

If you are having an SSL certificate previously then you don’t need to go for the whole process again. You can just send a backup file to renew the certificate that has been generated on the previous web server, along with the password associated with the certificate file. By this you can be able to use the facility over the web with a small setup fee.

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