Case study: free vs. premium themes for a WordPress based website

Handling a WordPress based website is no longer a secret for an average Internet user. The easiness of maintaining these websites determined many people to adopt this CMS (content management system) as a solution for their online presence. Nowadays, we have tons of WordPress websites and the specialists’ predictions convinced us that people will use this CMS in the near future.
Under these circumstances, it’s extremely logical to ask yourself: “won’t all these WordPress websites look the same?” Paradoxically, the more websites are created, the more different these are! WordPress is famous for its powerful customization possibilities and one of the most used items to personalize a website is the theme- in fact the layout. The fantastic growth of websites number determined the designers to create new WordPress themes. Of course, in order to be sold to as many clients as possible, the themes are beautiful, well coded and original! To conclude, the great offer of available themes has as result the possibility of staying apart from every WordPress based website.
WordPress themes may be found on their official website, but many wonderful ones are available for download from various other sources. As far as money is concerned, some are free while others require a payment. The language of bloggers consecrated the expression- “free themes” for those which are gratuitous (great discovery, indeed!) and “premium themes” for those which need a payment, in order to be downloaded. Which kind of theme is the best solution? Well, this is an interesting dilemma! Are the standards of free themes the same as the premium ones? The debate is hot and it seems that a satisfactory answer is yet to be found.
The purpose of this article isn’t to convince people that premium or free is better- each one knows best what he/she needs. In spite of that, here are objectively (as much as possible) presented the advantages and disadvantages of each possibility.

The advantages of free themes

No money invested

An average premium theme doesn’t cost too much, but spending a couple of bucks for one may be prohibitive for some budgets. Some people are just passionate to entertain from time to time a blog, so in this case there is nothing special, which means that buying a premium theme isn’t necessary. Altogether, a fresh look is always appreciated and a free theme is a suitable solution for these kinds of limited projects.

Many opportunities

The Internet is full of free themes and some of them present a really high quality. On the other hand, we should accept that a “full free” theme doesn’t exist. Each free theme hides a special purpose, in the majority of cases, a promotional one. The idea is simple and efficient: i.e., a web design agency wants to create some buzz about their services and offers a wonderful theme to let people know about their great benefits. Also, a webmaster willing to promote his/her new blog would offer a free theme to attract more visitors. Anyway, everyone has at hand tons of wonderful free WordPress themes!

The disadvantages of free themes:

Modest design and poor coding

A good web designer doesn’t allow himself to offer something without asking for money! Everyone has bills to pay, including the web designers! In this context it’s normal to have some reservations when it comes to free themes. It’s extremely improbable that the creator has sacrificed a lot of his / her time in the designing of this theme. As a result, on should keep in mind that the free themes are, in the great majority of cases, less appealing and poorer coded than the premium ones.

The advantages of premium themes

High quality themes

Making a theme for a WordPress based website may be considered a profitable business. The investor or the theme creator, designs a product that should be sold, while the money made from this business should cover up the invested budget. In this equation is obvious that a null price means bankruptcy. Regardless of the fact that the theme is for a single client or for multiple sales, the profit is the single thing that matters. Following this logical enhancement, it’s quite clear that a good theme has better chances of getting sold which could be translated as a bigger profit. This situation describes perfectly the reality! Undoubtedly, a good theme is the endeavor of a designer/team that expects a financial reward.

The price is low compared to the quality of these

Selling a WordPress theme multiple times is a very profitable business. The profitability is strictly dependent on the purchase number and it goes without saying that a theme bought by 1000 clients is a good deal. The possibility of selling multiple times determined the theme creators to lower the price which made almost every theme to be purchased for an affordable sum of money. I don’t want to be considered the advocate of premium themes, but the report quality/price is reasonable for every WordPress based website owner. Moreover, there are many occasions when the theme creator offers free support for the buyers, which is quite a precious help for some.

The disadvantages of premium themes

The money invested

The premium WordPress themes are created by the best designers, but it’s not a guaranty that any of these are wonderful and well coded. Usually, the theme markets offer the possibility of seeing the design of the products, but the code is hidden. Nowadays, in the era of responsive design the code became very important and every buyer is very interested in it. More or less, the buyer purchases a theme without having a clue about the quality of the coding. The conclusion is simple: people interested in premium themes may end up with good looking products filled with lots of bugs. Well, this could only mean one thing: that the investment is lost!
Buying a WordPress theme is a challenging task- a good theme attracts people while a poor one may chase them away. A good theme is good even if it is free or premium, so anyone looking for something like this should pay attention to every detail in order to make a good decision. We have previously showcased amazing sets of themes which you could have a look at. They are all wonderful and surely even the most demanding ones will be satisfied with our proposals.