Four Ways To Use Stunning Visuals For Your Blog

If you are a blogger, you are likely already aware of the fact that using visuals is crucial for your business. Individuals are attracted by images, causing them to take a second look at something they might not previously have been interested in. Having a blog means you need to research new and inventive ways to capture attention, while keeping the content fresh and relevant to what you offer your viewers. Rather than just search for an image off Google, here are four inventive ways that you can keep folks in awe of what you have to offer.

Consider Infographics When Trying to Make a Point

If you are trying to write a blog post that is persuasive, consider the benefits of using an infographic to help you illustrate that point. If you find creating these is too difficult, you can always enlist the help of a talented graphic artist. Infographics are common among people who want to list a variety of reasons why something should be done a certain way. Think of it as a mini essay with a bunch of pictures and facts thrown together, while illustrating a valid point. Infographics offer several functions as pictures in a blog. They can increase SEO, making it easier for folks to discover a blog just by searching online.

Use a Video Blog To Save Your Hands

Video blogs, sometimes called Vlogs, are becoming more popular, thanks to YouTube. Folks create videos that sometimes show demonstrations or other interesting things. Sometimes it is easier to do something than to explain it, so these people will create a Vlog that shows what they are trying to convey. It could be footage of someone mountain climbing, to the best practices when it comes to cake baking. If you don’t enjoy taking pictures of something several times to create visual content for your blog, this is an effective way of creating a visual. Best of all, folks will come back and watch the video again and again, allowing you to create more interaction, better brand recognition, and the chance to do follow ups for those who are interested in your content. Learn more about how to incorporate video into your blog.

Take Pictures From Someone Else’s Perspective

If you feel stuck an as though your visual content is not interesting, consider having someone else help you. This could be a professional or a friend. The important thing is, you want to capture it from their perspective. Consider how they will use the camera to help tell a story. You might find mountain climbing fun, but have a friend who frightened to try. You can have them take pictures that focus on how although mountain climbing is beautiful and awe-inspiring, it is also scary. Talk with them and see how they want to use camera angles and their perceptive to help you tell the story in a different way that can help you and your readers understand things from the perceptive of someone else. It is sure to stick in the minds of your readers, especially if they are used to seeing things your way. If you plan on having a blog that is heavy on the images, consider if you want shared web hosting, or something that is more private, and allows you to have more options when it comes to using your images.

Engage Your Viewers With a Contest

If you want to build further engagement with your viewers, think about having a contest. Challenge viewers to come up with different ways to portray something. This could be in the form of a drawing, a cartoon, or a picture that they take. Give them a topic and details of what you are looking for. You can choose to use the work of just one person, or cover a couple images that you really enjoyed. This not only gets readers excited about reaching out and showing off their skills to you, but you can also build relationships that go beyond blogger and reader. You may find someone who is a professional in the field of photography, and make a contact that way. Don’t discount the benefits of working with others and getting to know your readers.

No matter how you want to use images, these are a few of the different ways that you can bring attention to your blog. You will involve others, and bring new viewers in, as they become interested in what you have to offer.