JPhotolio - Responsive WordPress Wedding Photography Theme

First time theme author Agung Iswara talks with ThemeSquirrel

Today we talk with Agung, a first time theme developer for WordPress, but with over 500 sales in just a couple months, he obviously created a pretty good first theme, in Agung’s own words:

Bali is BeautifulHi my Real name is Agung Bayu Iswara, and I live on the beautiful island of Bali. I go to beach every week with my dog, but we are talking about WordPress themes and not how I enjoy my weekends 🙂 Several month ago, my friend told me that he needed to create website for his photography business. He only had low budget for creating his photography website. Instead of creating from scratch, I begin to look at WordPress photography themes and I found many of them at Themeforest themes. I also noticed there were many buyers of themes, so I thought I should give it a try.

I had no prior theme development experience – I was a Java Programmer, and was working for some big company on my country. I never learn about designing website. I graduateed from computer science university and learned programming from my collage.

JPhotolio - Responsive WordPress Wedding Photography Theme

JPhotolio is my first theme which I created about 4-5 month ago. Actually I never create themes before – I never even used WordPress before creating this theme. However, WordPress is fairly easy to learn. The code is quite clean, easy to understand and for people who understand basic PHP code, jump into WordPress code is not really hard. Normally we ask theme developers what is there favorite them, for which Agung could only say:

JPhotolio, because its my first theme and the only theme i have right now. HAHA.

I mainly most make money online from theme sales (now), but i have another business like Barbershop and Balinese makeup.

Balinese Style Make-up

I would think that designing themes for everyone is quite complicated versus design or creating website for personal use, kind of like what I did for my friend. I need time to do research what is photographer need & like when he build a website. One feature missing will affect with the whole number of sale. Free themes are great to learn from, but I don’t think they are intended for serious business and website.

My biggest surprise when developing is that I was able to build something that people like. I never thought that this theme will sell well. I always think about which niche to sell the themes than themes design & feature will follow what I build. I not go to general category like photography themes, but I go to more specific like wedding photography themes. I think it have a low number of buyers, but more sustain market.

When developing a theme – I just go right into the code. I even don’t use Photoshop or some wireframe to build the themes. I really love HTML 5 API like history and media. I currently working on my new backend framework. I want to build a powerful backend framework with extendable ability and use many hook so easier for buyers to build child themes. Notable features for backend is Page Builder, Downloadable Style, and those style will be able to implemented on other installed themes. For inspiration I just go browsing like most people and I love doing that with ThemeSquirrel – easy way to to see lots of themes.

If I could be a superheo, I would want to be Bhima because he is the symbol of strength: