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Cool WordPress Retina Themes for 2012

25 Stunning Retina-Ready WordPress Themes for 2012 and Beyond

Imagine an image display of incredible resolution that offers a higher density of pixels and better contrast ratio that has ever before been possible. The screen technology that makes this possible is known as retina display and is changing the way we experience the Internet. This type of display is unique in that it softens rough edges of pixels and offers a much higher resolution image than has ever been experienced. This cutting-edge technology is achieved through incorporating a higher density of overall pixels for a given screen space. The advanced retina screen technology offers a wider range of viewing angles as well as better contrast, along with more intense whites, and blacks that are far deeper than has ever been achieved. Retina displays offers designers and developers who use powerful content management systems such as WordPress the ability to create incredible lifelike images.

Wordpress Retina Themes AppleBy combining creative and attractive premium WordPress themes and the latest in screen technologies such as retina type technology, designers and developers are able to achieve stunningly realistic websites and blogs. In addition, premium WordPress products are some of the most responsive and functional themes and templates available. In this detailed review of 25 of the most retina-ready WordPress themes we explore the best of the best themes that are able to take full advantage of this new screen technology. No other open-source content management system offers what WordPress can offer designers and developers looking to create incredibly unique websites and blogs. One of the greatest benefits of incorporating WordPress premium themes into designing and developing websites is its ease of use and intuitiveness. Each of the themes we reviewed here are incredibly responsive and fully functional, offering designers and web developers a wide range of development tools and options – here are retina-ready WordPress templates for 2012 and beyond.

WP Lofty - Retina WordPress Template
1. Lofty

This cool WordPress theme known as Lofty is well-suited for retina type displays in a wide range of devices. This business-focused WordPress template is highly responsive in design and fully functional. The theme offers high-resolution retina display assistance, drag and drop homepage builder, unlimited skins, fully customizable backgrounds, sliders with touch technology, nearly a dozen custom widgets, several custom page templates, as well as being translation ready. In addition, this theme is fully SEO optimized and comes complete with full documentation.

Tiger - Mobile WordPress Template
2. Tiger

Tiger is another excellent choice in WordPress themes that is geared towards retina displays. This theme is fully customizable and includes touch swipe gesture technology for mobile devices, simple one click installation, custom administration, simple short codes, a wide range of Google fonts, and other mobile site features. Tiger is an excellent choice among the best WordPress templates that are compatible with retina type screens. In addition, the theme is fully responsive and highly functional, making designers’ and developers’ jobs easier and more convenient.

3. FrescoFresco - Responsive Portfolio Theme

Here is an inherently attractive premium WordPress theme with full retina high-resolution display functionality. The theme offers drag-and-drop homepage building capability, a wide range of skins, customizable backgrounds, drag-and-drop slider and touch support. In addition, the theme includes nearly a dozen custom widgets, several custom page templates, and is fully translation ready. This powerfully attractive theme by WordPress offers full functionality and is highly responsive. Fresco offer theme designers and developers the flexibility to create a wide range of extremely attractive and stunningly spectacular websites and blogs.

Conduit - WordPress Retina Theme
4. Conduit

Conduit is an easy to use and highly intuitive cool WordPress theme that is sure to catch the attention of designers, developers and website visitors alike. This trendy-looking theme is fully compatible with retina type displays and offers incredibly high-resolution image capability. In addition, the theme includes functionality for a large number of Google web fonts, custom reviews, tables and phone technology compatibility, several dynamic sidebars, and is translation ready. This WordPress theme delivers excellent functionality and is fully responsive. Discover Conduit today and begin developing powerful and attractive websites and blogs.

Nimble - Retina Ready WordPress Template
5. Nimble

Nimble is a fully functional and highly responsive multipurpose WordPress premium template that incorporates retina-ready technology straight out of the box. Nimble is a simple and powerful theme by WordPress that offers full retina compatibility, simple layout builder, custom design options, over a dozen skins, hundreds of fonts, several stunning slideshow features, easy to use short codes, and excellent customer support. This WordPress theme is fully optimized for mobile devices and offers attractive and clean-looking design elements throughout each segment of the template. This theme is fully capable of creating award-winning websites and blogs.

Stacker - Responsive Retina WP Template
6. Stacker

Stacker is a highly responsive and fully functional WordPress premium theme that offers stunningly attractive and highly creative development features and options. Get ready for an amazing WordPress theme that is fully equipped with several different post formats, working AJAX contact form compatibility, several simple short codes, as well as a fully functional portfolio section. In addition, this theme features customizable mobile navigation features, optional plug-ins, CSS3 compatibility, as well as a host of other powerful features. Stacker is the ideal retina-ready premium WordPress theme for creating beautiful site designs.

Fashionic - Magazine Retina WordPress Template
7. Fashionic

Fashionic is an amazingly attractive portfolio and magazine style WordPress theme that is fully retina-ready and capable. This great-looking theme by WordPress is perfectly suited for everything from portfolios to online magazines and blogs. Fashionic is designed with retina technology enabled screens across a wide range of devices. This popular WordPress theme is search engine optimization friendly and offers unlimited colors as well as a variety of style options. The theme is fully responsive and highly functional and has the added feature of unique smooth animation technology. Try Fashionic today and discover the beauty of retina compatible themes.

Powerful - Responsive Retina Ready Template
8. Powerful

Here is a fully responsive and highly functional premium WordPress theme that is retina-ready and capable. This attractive-looking WP retina template offers a variety of colors, several templates, custom options panel, retina support, as well as a variety of other useful and functional features. Powerful offers a clean and sleek design with uncluttered code and highly intuitive design tools. Discover what Powerful can do for your website or blog today. Incorporating retina-ready compatibility into the design and development of websites and blogs allows designers and developers to take their creations to the next level.

Lattice - WP Responsive Portfolio Template
9. Lattice

Lattice is a high resolution retina technology display type premium WordPress theme that is catching the attention of designers and developers throughout the industry. The theme offers AJAX infinite post loading, a variety of skins, customizable backgrounds, drag-and-drop sliders, custom widgets, several custom page templates, as well as being fully translation ready. This premium portfolio WordPress theme enables designers and developers to create highly responsive and fully functioning websites and blogs. In addition, this powerful template offers HTML5 and CSS3 compatibility and functionality, Google fonts compatibility, search engine optimization features, built-in breadcrumbs, as well as video capability. For an amazing retina-ready WordPress template, creative individuals should consider Lattice.

Entity - Retina Display Responsive WordPress Theme
10. Entity

For a fully responsive and highly functional retina compatible premium WordPress theme, designers and developers should explore the options available with the theme known as Entity. This clean and uncluttered WordPress premium theme features full retina support, touch swipe sliders, post and page backgrounds, hundreds of Google fonts, as well as an extensive list of other options. In addition, this theme offers retina images that give designers and developers the ability to create incredibly attractive websites and blogs. Other features include responsive sliders, short code generators, a variety of color options, and fully self hosted video and audio. Individuals who enjoy creative functionality will like this powerful WordPress theme known as Entity.

Organic Web - WordPress Environmental Template
11. Organic Web

Organic Web is a nicely optimized theme that features retina graphics and logos. This great-looking premium WordPress theme with retina-ready functionality features several general styles, dozens of fonts, custom widgets, seven page types, automatic slideshow, social media integration, a wide range of theme options, as well as a host of other powerful features. In addition, this fully responsive and highly functional theme by WordPress comes with full and detailed documentation. This eco-friendly or environmentally focused WordPress premium template with full retina display functionality also includes the ability to upload a retina compatible logo.

Side Mobile Retina - WordPress Template
12. Side Mobile

This cool WordPress theme that is intended for mobile devices is both functional and responsive. In addition, Side Mobile offers a full list of features including HTML5 and CSS3 mobile for WordPress themes. This powerful mobile WordPress theme is especially impressive when viewed on the iPhone and other fully capable mobile devices. Features include customizable panel, support for a wide range of screen resolutions, jQuery functionality, as well as a host of other mobile-centric features. Mobile functionality combined with retina-ready capability is impressive with Side Mobile.

Storefront Pro - Responsive Business Template
13. Storefront Pro

Storefront Pro is a perfectly created premium WordPress theme targeted towards e-commerce. This highly versatile theme features WordPress e-commerce and gold cart compatibility, high-resolution retina image mode, a wide range of theme options, social media integration with drop-down menus, layered PSD sources, as well as a host of other incredibly functional features. Designers and developers looking to combine the best of WordPress, e-commerce, and retina technology should look no further than Storefront Pro.

Minimosity - Magazine news retina theme
14. Minimosity

Minimosity is an incredibly attractive premium WordPress theme tailored perfectly for magazine, reviews and news styled websites and blogs. Minimosity offers clean, rich and responsive functionality intended to make designers’ and developers’ work easier and more intuitive. This popular theme offers retina-ready functionality and support, as well as a WordPress line options panel, a wide range of skins, various sidebars, and other customizable features along with Mailchimp newsletter compatibility. In addition, this versatile theme includes double resolution retina image support. Other benefits of this theme include full browser compatibility, and a fully integrated and powerful options panel. Discover Minimosity with retina-ready capabilities today.

CeeVee - Mobile Retina WordPress
15. CeeVee Mobile

CeeVee Mobile with retina functionality for WordPress allows designers and developers to create incredibly attractive websites and blogs that are fully functional and highly responsive across a wide stream of devices. This best Word Press theme offers a host of options including full HTML5 and CSS3 mobile WordPress theme functionality. Other features include a wide range of screen support for various screen resolutions, iPhone interface support, several custom panel options, contact form validation, jQuery animated toggles, as well as a host of other highly useful designer features. CeeVee Mobile with retina functionality for WordPress is a theme that should not be missed.

Kingdom - Retina Responsive WP Template
16. Kingdom

Here is an excellent retina-ready and fully retina-responsive WordPress premium theme that is targeted for portfolio style websites and blogs. Kingdom offers a responsive and extremely functional template format that includes a clean layout, Ajax portfolio features, search engine optimization compatibility, hundreds of Google fonts, as well as a wide range of theme options. Unlimited colors and translation-ready features round out the benefits of incorporating Kingdom into your next website or blog project. With retina image functionality and a powerful framework, Kingdom allows creative designers to bring to life websites and blogs with stunning clarity and color that has never been possible before.

Mojitos - Creative WordPress Theme
17. Mojitos

Here is a highly creative portfolio style WordPress premium theme with retina-ready capabilities that offers full responsiveness and excellent functionality. In addition, this sleek WordPress theme design offers HTML5 markup, several custom widgets, a host of colors, full translation-ready capabilities, several theme options as well as font face icon sets. Mojitos is a beautifully inspired premium WordPress theme with retina display capabilities that offers unique grid layout functionality. This theme is ideally suited for artists, designers, photo professionals, and experienced illustrators who wish to showcase their works through a portfolio style website or blog.

Foodlovers - Elite WP Restaurant Theme
18. Foodlovers

Foodlovers is a restaurant elite WordPress theme that incorporates retina functionality across a host of screen resolutions and devices. This stunningly attractive food-centric WordPress theme offers responsive layout and excellent functionality with options such as custom post, custom menus, a variety of widgets, as well as food custom posting. In addition, this great-looking theme offers short codes and a variety of color variations. Foodlovers is ideal for developing concepts in restaurants, food stores and cafes. Designers and developers looking to create a cross-platform food specific website or template should consider the stylish and attractive-looking WordPress premium template known as Foodlovers.

Camp - Responsive eCommerce Theme
19. Camp

Designers and developers looking for a highly responsive and fully functional e-commerce premium WordPress theme with full retina-ready functionality should look no further than Camp. This great-looking theme is compatible with WooCommerce and offers a wide range of color schemes. In addition, Camp offers a full selection of demo content, video documentation, custom homepage, full retina support, translation-ready files, social media integration, a wide selection of portfolios, as well as rich and robust e-commerce features. The combination of powerful e-commerce features, retina display capabilities, and outstanding-looking themes are destined to create beautiful-looking websites and blogs.

Procyon - Corporate Business WordPress Theme
20. Procyon

Procyon is a powerful and intense corporate-styled business WordPress template that offers full retina display compatibility across a wide stream of devices. In addition, this great-looking premium WordPress theme offers full browser compatibility, various slider integration, dozens of skins, several color schemes, as well as a host of other powerful and enriching features and tools. The Procyon theme is designed to be extremely modern-looking and features a fully functional contact form, PSD files, as well as full and detailed documentation. Other powerful features include built-in AJAX contact form with validation, dozens of simple short codes, gravatar compatibility, and threaded comment support. Discover Procyon today.

Local News - WP News Mobile Theme
21. Local News

Local News is an extremely flexible premium WordPress news theme with a mobile version that offers compatibility across a wide range of devices and browsers. This attractive-looking theme is perfectly suited for news type websites and blogs, as well as other similar online news pages. The theme is fully retina-ready and capable and offers an advanced options panel. Through the advanced options panel designers are able to custom tailor styles, sizes and colors of virtually every element of a website or blog. This theme is simple, intuitive and easy to use, making it ideal for a variety of applications. Try Local News today to see how amazingly attractive a news-themed website or blog can be with the right type of retina-ready WordPress premium theme.

Outreach - Charity WordPress Template
22. Outreach

Here is an inspiring and extremely well-intended premium WordPress theme with full functionality and high responsiveness. Outreach is a WordPress premium template that is perfectly suited for charities and other similar type programs. With outstanding retina functionality and excellent responsiveness this charity theme allows designers and developers to create an exceptional WordPress style website or blog. The theme features several accent colors, functionality for events and e-mail collection, auto sizing widget areas, jQuery slider, hover effects, YouTube integration, as well as translation-ready functionality. Charity organizations seeking a strong web presence will find that Outreach will suit their needs perfectly.

Ravage - Bold WordPress Theme
23. Ravage

Ravage is a clean and highly responsive WordPress template that is intended for creative individuals and writers seeking a strong online presence. This highly responsive premium WordPress theme is ideal for sharing photographs, articles, videos and a host of other content. This wonderful WordPress theme features post formats, attractive topography, simple design, full documentation, as well as a host of other excellent designer-focused tools and features. The theme is retina-ready and offers custom widgets, social media integration, and a host of powerful design capabilities. Try Ravage and experience a top quality WordPress theme with retina functionality.

Snapcase - Responsive WordPress Photoblog Theme
24. Snapcase

Snapcase is a premium WordPress theme with retina display capabilities that is ideally suited for photoblogs. This premium theme includes a number of key options including JQuery slab text, JQuery drawer on top, photo blog features, dark and light versions, as well as a host of other highly creative features. In addition, this powerful theme offers compatibility across a wide range of browsers and devices. This great-looking photo-centric theme looks equally attractive on a desktop computer as it does on an iPad. Designers and developers alike agree that Snapcase is easy to work with and highly intuitive. The theme also features incredible topography and photo captioning. Discover Snapcase and create amazingly beautiful photoblogs each and every time.

Tabloid - Responsive Retina News Theme
25. Tabloid

This trendy-looking and beautifully cool WordPress theme for news and magazine style websites, and blogs is highly responsive and fully functional. The theme features a variety of skins, custom backgrounds, a wide range of simple short codes, several custom widgets, custom page templates, a versatile themes option panel, as well as a host of other features. In addition, this beautiful theme features a wide selection of Google fonts, built-in review system, advanced framework, as well as many other tools intended for designers and developers. Creative minded individuals looking to develop an outstanding looking news or magazine themed website or blog will find Tabloid to be the perfect choice.

Conclusion regarding WordPress Retina Themes

Premium WordPress themes are one of the most powerful open-source platforms available today to designers and developers looking to create stunning and memorable websites and blogs. With the addition of retina functionality that is suitable for a wide range of devices and browsers, WordPress premium templates have been transported to the next level of creativity. By incorporating beautiful WordPress themes and high-tech functionality such as retina displays designers and developers will now be able to create websites and blogs that offer visitors an experience far beyond compare.

Retina Display Ready Premium WordPress Templates:

People from all over the world accessing the Internet via mobile devices, iPads, laptops and desktop computers can experience retina style imagery in a WordPress theme format. Retina display ready premium WordPress themes that are highly responsive and fully functional give designers the flexibility they need to create websites and blogs that will leave a lasting impression on visitors. With screen technology advancing at such a fast pace, it is not surprising that features such as retina technology are quickly making their way into the mainstream. As more and more people have access to connectivity through a full range of devices, cutting-edge technology such as retina displays will only prove to further increase everyone’s online experience. Premium WordPress themes married with beautiful retina display technology offer incredible viewing experiences.