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20 stunning fresh retina ready WordPress themes

Retina display was a term used by Apple to describe the screens that have a specific pixel density that does not allow pixilation at a standard viewing distance. Leaving aside the mathematical details, for the average user, retina display is synonymous with the highest display quality. The latest versions of Apple devices are retina display, which means that the web designers must take this aspect into account, when designing. As it was expected, the users didn’t have to wait for a long time because the designers have already created some stunning websites, optimised for retina display. It’s still a great challenge for the designers to assure the perfect resolutions in the various situations and for the various devices available. Currently, designing for retina display isn’t a finished project. Periodically, the designers bring new contributions in order to optimize the websites for mobile devices and for retina display.
Apple market share is impossible to neglect, but is it necessary to design any new website for retina display? A responsive website is viewable from any device, so any online presence which is not optimised for retina display is still usable when accessing from the newest version of iPad.
Having a clear and well documented answer for this question is impossible without having access to traffic data. The idea is simple: having many visitors that use mobile devices should be a strong reason to design websites optimised for retina display.
While this is still a disputed dilemma, we want to provide you some impressive retina ready WordPress themes. Besides that, these are all extremely fresh and well designed so you should check them yourself and why not, buy the ones that you like the most!


Oriolus is a great responsive and retina ready WordPress theme. The creators propose two versions of this theme: one containing a video as background and one using an image. No matter which one you select, both of them look very good.


It is no wonder that flat design is the trend of the year. Surely, combining flat design with retina display assures the perfect mix in order to stay competitive. This theme is based on flatness and of course, it is retina ready display. Moreover, it’s extremely well designed and I bet that it will be a real success.


Ortax is a very sophisticated WordPress theme that it is suitable for multiple purposes, such as: personal or design agency portfolio, official website of a company etc. I really like this theme! Every item is carefully designed and the layout expresses trust, reliability, high standards and elegancy.

Wedding slide

As we have previously mentioned, wedding websites seem to gain more and more sympathy amongst the Internet users. This retina ready WordPress theme is impressing due to its simplicity- it lets the viewers admire the future family. In the same time, it’s impossible not to fall in love with the colours and the fonts that are used!

WP collection

Collection is a theme that nobody should miss; there are tons of advantages if you buy it. Firstly, it’s fully responsive, flat and retina ready. Secondly, the layout is extremely well designed. Thirdly, it is multipurpose- you may use it as ecommerce platform or for blogging. And last, but not least, it may be customised for your needs.


Nerva is a beautiful one single page WordPress theme that may be used for portfolios or corporate websites. I was impressed by the discrete navigational menu panel from the header- it works efficiently regardless of the device accessing the website. Another cool feature of this theme is the smart use of flatness- if you are curious you could check out the “about us” page. I fell in love with it!


Steve Jobs once said that he wants to design buttons or UI elements so nicely done so that the users would want to lick them. Well, the huge header works for me as a very appealing appetizer. It’s a nice theme that will impress your potential clients with a simple, beautiful and usable layout.


Bucket is the perfect theme for online magazine news, but it may be also used for blogging. The theme looks good and the special features will convince everyone to buy it. Beside drop down mega menu, social and SEO friendly, this theme contains an integrated review system and translation ready options- therefore it’s a good idea to buy this theme for your magazine news.


Recital is a nice responsive, flat and retina ready WordPress theme that has two different versions: the Light and the Dark one, but both of them look awesome. The colour scheme seems to be the most important “plus” of the theme. The colours are specific to flat solutions and there, these are combined wisely and the result is impressive.


If you want your website to stay apart, then Samurai is a theme especially designed for you. The very artistic images used will captivate the attention of the viewers, but it may be used for a photography portfolio, too.

Moving forward

Very few designers have the courage to create a theme having such a powerful contrast. The theme is based on black and yellow- colours that form the most powerful contrast together. The awesome flat shapes and the extreme readable fonts make this theme one of the best solutions for an original portfolio.


Theseus is a wonderful theme that won’t stay unremarked for much time. The great advantage of it is its universality: it’s responsive- it may be enjoyed from any handheld device. It is retina ready- the theme may be admired from various devices, including Apple iPhone and iPad latest versions. And Theseus may be efficiently used as blog, portfolio or even shop. Pretty interesting, isn’t it?


Any premium WordPress theme that is sold multiple times must be customisable. Zen it’s an example of what customisable really means – the theme is almost rebuilt according to the user’s needs. The customisation includes tons of features; you should really spend some minutes to enjoy a fully customisable theme.


If you are a freelancer, then you must admire this theme and I am pretty sure that you will love it. It looks like an interesting vCard, but it may be used for portfolios, as well. It’s simple and to the point, exactly how a vCard should be!


Having so many WordPress themes available for sale, it makes the average buyer believe that a theme may be conceived in few hours. But, the truth is completely different; a quality theme requires a huge volume of work. For example, the creators of Stylish mentioned that they worked more than 550 hours for this superb theme. What do you think, did they waste their time?


Written is one of my favourite themes from this list. The reason why I appreciate it the most is pretty simple. Everyone agrees that content is extremely important, which is true. Altogether, content is reduced only to its written component, which is wrong. The Internet is the realm of multimedia; therefore images together with audio and video files are also content. The author of this theme seems to agree with me- he created a cool mix of text, colours, images and multimedia items. In these circumstances, the user is helped to enjoy the written information and not distracted!


River is another cool multipurpose WordPress theme that is highly customisable and designed respecting the highest standards. Every user will appreciate the nice illustrations which are used- there is no doubt that these act as a magnet for the users view!


If you want a creative and original theme, then Flamingo is a working solution for you. This theme includes three different types of layouts – angled, straight and minimal and all of them are looking well. It’s clear that you can’t remain unsatisfied with so many possibilities and by sure, this theme can’t remain unremarked.


Particle is suitable for magazine news projects and blogging. There are tons of options, very readable fonts and a good design – the ingredients of an enjoyable online presence. Besides that, the images and the colors used create a relaxing environment that will transform reading into a very pleasant activity.

Flatty 7

Flatty 7 is the last theme from this collection, but it doesn’t mean that is the last one in our preferences. It’s a discrete theme that may be used for photo studios or creative agencies because all the attention may be drawn to the items exposed.

As you noticed, the WordPress developers are treating seriously the latest innovations in the field of handheld devices and design according to these. The revolutionary display of iPhones and iPads are delectation for users but sometimes make the living a hell for developers and designers. In spite of that, the themes optimised for retina display are looking good and people are demanding more and more retina ready themes for their websites. Do you have a favourite theme presented in our list? Or did you see a retina ready theme that fully deserves to be added in this list? Please let us know via comment form!

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