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20 New Premium WordPress Themes for Blogging

Both new and established bloggers are always on the lookout for the latest premium WordPress themes. Though the web is abundant with free WordPress themes, many of these are not secure and do not have the features needed for anyone to easily customize them. This is why, in most cases, it’s best to invest in an affordable but feature-rich premium WordPress theme. Here are among the 20 newest premium WordPress themes in the market:

TypoBlog - Blogging for Fun

#1 – TypoBlog

TypoBlog is a light, minimalist, typography-inclined WordPress theme by Silviu Andrei. Because of the emphasis on clear, readable text, this theme is ideal for blogs with long written posts. There is also clear hierarchy among the headings, page and post titles, and body text. The theme header allows for a small logo and, in keeping with the typography theme, the header also contains a few lines of customizable introductory text. Other features include a full-width template, customizable colors and background, and you can move the sidebar from left to right. While you can also change the existing fonts, this probably isn’t necessary given that the existing font settings are already ideal for online reading. Given these features, TypoBlog is most useful for professional writers, online prose magazines, or for personal bloggers who prefer written posts.

– Customizable colors and background

– Includes a full-width template

– 2-column, with the option to have the sidebar on the left or right
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