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WordPress Themes for Photography and Photographers, we will also cover WP templates, customizing themes for photographic usage from professional wedding photography, hobbyist, to landscape photographer.

25 wonderful WordPress themes designed for photographers’ portfolios

A portfolio is as important for an artist as a driving license is for a driver; more exactly, unless you have a portfolio, you don’t exist. However, having a portfolio isn’t equivalent to receiving the consideration of others and to being assaulted by clients. Nowadays, the Internet is full of amazing portfolios and people have practically unlimited solutions. Under these circumstances, only a wonderful portfolio exhibiting amazing items has a better chance of getting noticed.

Photographers’ portfolios are special projects- the main dilemma is how to create a design that lets the viewer focus fully on the uploaded works, but in the same time to be eye-catching, otherwise what better way to attract Internet users? There are many other aspects that are extremely difficult to solve, such as the size of the uploaded images or the manner in which one could create a “more responsive” website. It’s simple- a better resolution means a bigger file size, but this isn’t recommended. Also, the multitude of gadgets puts the designers in trouble: how to better scale the images for every type of operating system or screen size?

Anyway, the web design community seems to have solutions for this special kind of portfolios. The next themes are suitable for photographers’ portfolios, but of course these may be customized for various purposes. Everyone will notice by studying these that such portfolios have many similar features: huge images, impressive page transitions, bold typography and a modern look. Enjoy the themes and it will be great to share the post with your friends!



















Smart screen


Studio Zen






Fiat Lux








Self titled
















25 cool WordPress photography themes for photographers in 2012

WordPress Photography Themes for 2012In this highly informative review we discuss 25 of the newest and most elegant WordPress photography themes for 2012. The incredible utility of these powerful and attractive themes are perfect for templates related to photography portfolios and also make an ideal photojournalist publishing theme. These WordPress themes are generally easy to set up and equally easy to maintain. As the premier free open source website and blogging platform, WordPress is without a doubt the most useful and most popular content management system available today. Continue reading 25 cool WordPress photography themes for photographers in 2012

Top 25 WordPress Themes for Photographers and Photojournalists

PicTree - Clean Photographer WordPress theme
25. PicTree

PicTree is a simplistic WP photography blog template that focuses only on your work. By using clean lines and monochrome colors, this template is perfect for photographers who want their website to be all about their photography, and nothing else. Even the html coding for this theme is simple. If you aren’t very computer savvy, then don’t worry, because this is the theme for you. You can set your default color as either white or black and easily import all of your photos with a few simple codes. This theme also incorporates a unique scroll bar on its front page. This allows the people who visit your website to be greeted with a slideshow of your best photos.
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Cool WordPress Themes for Photography and Photographers

Snapcase - Responsive WordPress Photoblog Theme

1 – Snapcase

Ever wish you could keep your online portfolio neat and orderly and still have a winning edge over your competitors? Snapcase is the perfect theme to get you that picture-perfect look you want. The default appearance features a dignified light-grey background with the title of your website displayed prominently on top. The photos are aligned vertically with the ability to place captions effortlessly integrated. There is ample space provided for each photograph, and the entire website looks as clean and free as it possibly can. Below each photo, you can set the appropriate date, tags, category, and name of the photographer as well as view visitor comments. Snapcase comes with a standard navigation bar as well as a unique “drawer” widget which contains links to pages and posts and can collapse and expand with a simple click. The theme is also responsive and retina display ready. What more could you want?
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10 Best WordPress Themes for Photographers

WordPress is now considered the most popular blogging platform and so it is no wonder web developers have been quick to create accompanying WordPress Photography themes, widgets and plug-ins in ever greater variety. The themes are developed to reflect the feel of different industries including e-commerce, news presentation, and hobbyists, but WordPress templates are not just about content presentation but also about visual appearance. In the last few years, there has been a huge improvement in the visual appearance of WP themes and you now see templates used throughout the photography industry which is obviously heavily focused on image presentation. Below is a list of top 10 WordPress themes for photographers with their own set of merits and demerits compiled from a variety of sources. Please remember “most popular” lists change all the time, so we welcome your feedback on which photography themes you use and love with WordPress.

*Themes are ranked from least to most popular*

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