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20 WordPress themes suitable for blogs or news magazines

A significant part of the web design & development community have criticized WordPress that it’s unable to provide a good environment for e-commerce activities. Another part isn’t satisfied because WordPress isn’t the best solution for corporate projects. No matter how far WordPress will evolve, there will always be people that won’t be satisfied with it. In spite of this context, WordPress has its major importance in the Internet evolution that can’t be denied.
People often forget that WordPress was built for sharing ideas and thoughts. The blogs were the main target of WordPress, which is why bloggers want this content management system to remain fully focused only on this aspect. I doubt very much that this thing will be possible, but the WordPress plugins and themes for blogs and news websites must remain a predilection for developers.
Anyway, the ones interested in wonderful WordPress themes for blogs have a large pool of good solutions. If you don’t have enough time or enough patience, we are glad to help you by presenting you a collection of 20 beautiful WordPress themes for blogs and news magazines.


I purposely started with a classic WordPress theme for blogs: Anatomia is a simple theme that will allow the reader to fully focus on the written content. The design is discrete, but at the same time extremely helpful for the reader. For example I was impressed with the filtering options from the main navigational menu (filter by tag, date or category).


Semantic is a very modern theme, based on Bootstrap 3 that may be perfectly enjoyed no matter the devices used. It has three wonderful homepages and many customization options, including five different font pairs.


Spraymag is a very complex theme that integrates into a blog/magazine news a forum and a shop, so practically it may be used for multiple purposes. It’s WordPress 4.0 ready, it has 12 inbuilt styles, 12 custom widgets, 4 page templates, 3 featured content design and many other features that will convince you to give heed to it, in the eventuality that you want to achieve a WordPress theme.


Harmony is a wisely selected name for this theme. The white space and the cleanliness inspire harmony and quietism and I believe that this format is perfect for reading. Still this theme is very modern and it may be used for almost any blogging field.


The previous theme was a very clean one, but it can’t be named minimalist. Well, iBloggo is the perfect theme for those who appreciate the minimalistic style.


Playmag is a theme that fully deserves its place into this honoring list. It has 7 versions of homepage, it is SEO optimized and the blogger may add any types of blog posts. Another plus is the slider from the header; its effects are really eye-catching.


The blogosphere and social media are deeply connected, therefore any blogger should take into consideration adding social media buttons into the layout of his/her blog. This theme is an example of strong social media integration; obviously, it’s an example of good design, too.


If you are in need of a simple WordPress theme for a personal blog, then Bloom seems to be the right option. It may be considered as a classic theme for a blog format.


I believe that this theme is better used for news magazines because in a very small area there are displayed many posts titles without annoying the potential reader. It’s based on the new Google design approach, Material, so it may be a winning theme on the medium term perspective.


Paradeigm is a masonry inspired WordPress theme for blogs and it will impress the viewers with its modern design and the lack of adornments. I think that it’s suitable for urban or lifestyle blog topics.


If you believe that the colors may negatively affect the focus of the readers, then Readolog is another solution for you. It’s simple, but extremely appealing and the blogger has tons of features and tools to create the most engaging posts.


Bettermag is a blog theme that could offer its users a wide range of options. It has unlimited colors, sidebars and fonts and in this context it is impossible for a blogger not to be able to create the desired design of the blog. The developers created 11 different versions of this theme and I think that this says a lot about the complexity of this theme.


Gauge is a theme that is very suitable for gaming reviews. The color scheme and the entire design are created having the preferences of the avid gamers in mind. The review system and the video headers are two options almost indispensable for this kind of projects.


Medium was created as a viable alternative for WordPress and no doubt, it has some features that considerable improve the readability. Vienna is a theme suited for any kind of blog and it is a nice mixture of WordPress and Medium. In conclusion, Vienna is a theme that shouldn’t be neglected if you want to improve your blog.


Blogbox isn’t suitable for news magazine, but it’s the perfect choice for a personal blog. It’s very personal and it gives the impression of warmness, which clearly shows that the lecture would be a pleasure. The centered design and the lack of sidebars give me the impression that it was influenced by the Medium, too.


We often associate blogs with written content which isn’t totally true. Nowadays, there are many blogs that contain video posts and Snaptube is a great theme for such projects. The design is very elegant and the white background is wisely selected because in this way, the eyes of the viewers are better focused on the videos.


Unlike the previous one, this theme perfectly matches a news magazine or a professional blog. The layout allows the viewer to see many blog posts and check out his / her favorite ones. Of course, it’s responsive, retina ready and SEO optimized- these features having a capital importance for a magazine news.


Typist is a theme for bloggers that focuses 100% of their endeavors only on writing, the design being neglected. It doesn’t mean that the theme is poor designed; on the contrary, it’s beautiful, but extremely discrete and lacking unnecessary elements.


Margot is a theme that is suitable for news magazine; it impresses with the nice design and extensive use of images. I guess that the potential readers would be satisfied to read the latest news from a Margot based website.


I purposely added this theme the last, since it represents the inner essence of WordPress: a good user experience, no distraction and typography perfection. Do you agree with me?
Do you have a favorite theme that hasn’t been added here that you like more? In this case, please add it in the comment form, in order for us to be able to insert it in a future collection.

Best WordPress Magazine Themes of 2012

Deadline - Best WordPress Magazine Theme of 2012
1. Deadline – Responsive Premium WordPress News / Magazine Theme

Deadline is a clean, simple and no-nonsense WordPress magazine theme that lends itself well to use as a professional platform for images, video and editorial content. Its simplicity means that just about anyone can set up, control and modify this theme, from experienced developers to occasional bloggers. Deadline features a fully responsive design that allows it to automatically adjust to any device and screen resolution. It also features a fully widget ready homepage, full multilingual support and a control panel that offers easy customization with just a few clicks. Deadline is compatible with all versions of WordPress and most current major browsers.

London Live - 3 in 1 News and Magazine Blog Template for WP
2. London Live 3 In 1 – News, Magazine And Blog

London Live is yet another WordPress theme that is specially designed to work as a professional platform for news, magazine and blog sites. London Live features bright and dark navigation styles, along with feature videos, a content slider, and a choice between blog style and traditional new style. It also features a built-in contact form with validation, and auto image resizer, five custom widgets and drop-down menus powered by jQuery. The included PSD file provides an amazing level of customization for designers and it also comes with plenty of detailed documentation for developers. London Live uses the Sky Panel control panel, giving developers plenty of control over how this WordPress theme looks and feels for users.

Goodnews - Premium WP News Theme
3. Goodnews – Premium WordPress News/Magazine

Who says no news is good news? With the Goodnews WordPress theme, your visitors will be glad to receive all of the latest video, image and text content in a clean and professional manner. This particular theme features a drag-and-drop page builder, making it extraordinarily easy for you to quickly change your theme’s layout. In fact, Goodnews gives you seven ways to display your posts: 2 one columns styles for newsbox, two column newsbox, blog post style, tabs, pictures and a scrolling box. Other features include unlimited color choices, unlimited sidebars, 20 custom widgets, complete support for RTL and support for all Google fonts. You also get a fully customizable marquee news ticker, full localization support and plenty of documentation.

Periodic - WP Premium Magazine Theme
4. Periodic – A Premium WordPress Magazine Theme

Periodic is yet another WordPress magazine theme that offers a professional, premium look that can be easily customized to suit all of your needs. It features 11 custom widgets, six widget areas and built-in breadcrumbs that provide you with plenty of customization options for displaying all of your content. If your website relies heavily on video content, Periodic provides an easy way to post YouTube and Vimeo videos while providing support for FLV and MP4 video. It even features built-in Fancybox support. Periodic is compatible with WordPress 3.0+ and is also compatible with most current browsers.

Bangkok Press - Responsive Editorial Theme
5. Bangkok Press – Responsive, News & Editorial Theme

Highly optimized for SEO, Bangkok Press offers a responsive WordPress theme that is ideal for posting news and editorial content. Customization features include unlimited colors, six footer layouts, over 10 block styles and 15 predefined background patterns. You can also choose between four types of custom posts and have plenty of support for social media. The included font uploader allows you to host your own fonts, but you also have the option of choosing from over 450 fonts. Bangkok Press offers a built-in translator along with built in shortcodes. Last but not least, the drag-and-drop page builder makes it incredibly easy to move and set up content as you want it to be seen by your users.

Ares - Blog Magazine Newspaper Theme
6. Ares Blog Magazine Newspaper Template

Like many of the WordPress magazine themes offered here, Ares features a clean, professional design that makes it very easy for users to browse through magazine, news and blog content. Ares also features a responsive design that allows it to conform to any desktop or mobile browser, giving all users a unified browsing experience. It also features support for social media sharing, with Facebook and Twitter widgets included. Other features include a built-in “Related Posts” feature, localization support, available shortcodes, unlimited sidebars and colors, flexible pace columns and much more.

Sahifa - Responsive News Magazine WordPress Theme
7. Sahifa – Responsive WordPress News, Magazine, Blog

Sahifa offers an exceptional professional platform for delivering magazine, news and blog content. Like many other WordPress Magazine themes, Sahifa features a responsive design that automatically adjust to any type of browser on any device, eliminating the need for multiple instances just to cover desktop, tablet and smartphone browsers. Sahifa is powered by Tie Panel, with support for logo and favicon uploads, drag-and-drop homepage customization with several available styles, support for up to 500 Google web fonts, unlimited sidebars and over 70 shortcodes. This WordPress theme even comes with a review system, enabling your users to leave their feedback on content, products or just about anything else you can think of.

Volt - Magazine and Editorial WP Theme
8. Volt – Magazine / Editorial WordPress Theme

The Volt WordPress magazine theme gives your content a jolt thanks to its exciting yet professional design. Optimized for SEO, this theme features support for multi-column layouts, exclusive widget areas and much more. With its layout swapping system, you can move your content in any desirable location you choose to better benefit your users. Visual shortcodes, custom widgets and the availability of over 15 custom templates gives you unparalleled latitude when it comes to customization. Volt even features RTL and smart phone CSS support.

Repro - Premium WordPress News and Magazine Theme
9. Repro – Premium WordPress News / Magazine Theme

Repro is a high quality WordPress theme that lends itself well to magazine, news and blog content. Its clean, simple, yet professional design allows users to locate and enjoy their favorite content with excellent ease. Repro features plenty of support for advertisements, unlimited color schemes, custom and plain text logos and much more. This theme also comes with full localization support for multiple languages as well as support for FeedBurner RSS and Google Analytics tracking. Repro is WordPress 3.0+ ready, with two custom menus locations that also feature pre-3.0 fallback support.

LeetPress - WordPress Gaming Theme
10. LeetPress – A Gaming WordPress Theme

WordPress themes for gaming websites don’t have to look boring to be professional. LeetPress offers an excellent way for gaming websites to deliver their news, videos and images in a clean yet visually appealing way. You get four choices of skin colors (blue, red, orange and green) along with a full width slider and a rating system with plenty of slick effects. Other features include short codes for YouTube and Vimeo videos, five custom widgets, rating background color changes based on current score, plenty of custom pages and a easy to use theme options panel. LeetPress offers support for WordPress 3.1 and above and it also works with most major browsers.

Gadgetine - Premium WordPress Magazine Theme
11. Gadgetine WordPress Theme for Premium Magazine

Here is a premium WordPress magazine theme that offers plenty of features developers and designers will love. Gadgetine makes it spectacularly easy to monetize content thanks to support for Adsense and affiliate banner-ready publishing. It also helps that it is optimized for SEO, ensuring that your content receives the best possible rankings for search engine results. It also features a built-in thumbnail generator that makes it easy to post content. Other features include localization support, FeedBurner compatibility and plenty of customization options through the included Orange Themes control panel.

Shoutbox - WP Magazine Theme
12. Shoutbox Magazine

In a marked contrast to the other WordPress magazine themes offered here, Shoutbox offers a minimal visual experience that places content front and center. Thanks to its dynamic Template Builder, Shoutbox gives you the ability to create some of the most stunning page layouts available without having to have an extensive knowledge of website code. Developers can also benefit from this amazing ease of customization – Shoutbox allows them to create their own PHP files to create a wide array of customized content. Other features include a built-in slideshow manager, support for self-hosted video content, a visual shortcode editor and plenty of color scheme options.

Black Aperture - WordPress News Theme
13. Black Aperture

Black Aperture is another the best WordPress magazine themes of 2012 that is geared towards video gaming content, although it can also be used for magazine and editorial content, as well. Its super-lean HTML markup and CSS makes it fast and lightweight, while the included Nivo Slider provides excellent dynamic content display. Other features include dynamic image resizing, widgetized sidebars, available layered PSD files, support for all modern browsers and custom widgets for advertisements. A custom-built Theme Options panel within WP-Admin gives you the ability to customize Black Aperture without editing any templates.

Duplex - Community Blog Theme
14. Duplex – Magazine / Community / Blog Theme

Here is another clean simple and professional WordPress magazine template that works well for a wide range of content. Personal bloggers and online magazines will find this theme to be suitable for their needs. Some of the available options include support for plain text logos, custom logo and favicon uploads, support for AdSense and much more. It also features plenty of jQuery support for dropdown menus, featured post carousel and sliders.

15. Magazine WordPress Theme

Magazine WordPress Theme by CyberChimps is an AdSense optimized WordPress template.
It is appropriate for news and magazine blog websites. There are various options to showcase ads on the sidebar and other optimal locations on the website.The high quality WordPress template permits you to customize your site without any problem. CyberChimps offer free bug fixes over just a few clicks. Responsive is one the trusted WordPress themes available in the market. You can put standard blog articles and promotion contents into pre-characterized advertisement spaces on your website with this theme. Additionally, you get pre-designed pages where you simply need to add your content and publish them for the users. This theme is fast loading and SEO friendly. Try this brilliant AdSense optimized website today.

MaxMag - Responsive WordPress Magazine Theme
16. Max Mag – Responsive WordPress Magazine Theme

Last but not least is Max Mag, a fashionable WordPress magazine theme that offers a feature-rich experience that caters to professional media and magazine websites. Its responsive design allows it to be seen on a variety of browsers and mobile devices without the need for separate versions. It also features a drag-and-drop homepage, unlimited color themes, post and page slideshows and a menu bar that remains at the top of the page as you scroll through content. It also features 14 custom widgets, five different advertisement units and SEO optimization.

Cool WordPress Magazine and News Themes for 2012

Urban News - WordPress Magazine Theme
1. UrbanNews – WP Magazine Theme

As one of the latest WordPress magazine themes for 2012, UrbanNews offers a clean, yet vibrant design that works well for a variety of magazine blogs. Built on a responsive modern grid layout, its many features include unlimited galleries, unlimited color schemes and full customization. It also features the ability to activate and deactivate responsive layouts as well as SEO optimization and shortcodes. Other options include two premium widgets, 11 page templates and 125 fully customizable icons. All of these options can be modified to your heart’s content within the comprehensive and powerful control panel. It makes a great WordPress news theme to layout information in a magazine style.

Coloris - Responsive WordPress News Theme
2. Coloris – Responsive News and Magazine Theme

Anyone looking for a clean yet colorful WordPress news theme should take the opportunity to look at Coloris. This theme offers a responsive design that looks great on Apple products with Retina Display. Colorful post blocks help define each single post block and portfolio block, giving all of your content a unique and cheerful look. Coloris also features a wide variety of custom shortcodes for effortless customization. You also get unlimited sidebars, a banner system, built-in portfolio and a wide variety of widgets. Coloris uses the Orange Themes Control Panel, adding a new level of control and flexibility to your new WordPress theme.

All News - Responsive WordPress News Template
3. All News – Responsive WordPress News

All News is a colorful yet no-nonsense WordPress magazine theme with a responsive design for mobile devices. You get over 90 shortcodes, 80 theme options and 8 custom widgets, from banners to contact forms and video widgets. You can also add a Twitter and Flickr stream for additional content. Not only do you have an unlimited array of theme colors to choose from, you can also create unlimited categories on the home page. All News is great news for anyone in search of a flexible magazine theme for WordPress 3.4 and beyond.

ExtraGrid - Creative WordPress Website Template
4. ExtraGrid – Creative, Blog & Multimedia theme

Can’t get enough of grids? Then you’ll love this fluid and responsive WordPress news theme. ExtraGrid is an excellent SEO optimized magazine theme that offers a variety of features and options, including several powerful controls for SEO. By effortlessly fine tuning your SEO meta descriptions, keywords and page titles within the ExtraGrid Backend area, you can improve your site’s search engine rankings with remarkable ease. Other key features include an extraordinary mega menu featuring unlimited height and up to four columns, unlimited colors and optimization for foreign languages. It also features valid HTML5 and cross browser compatibility.

Newsroom - Responsive News and Magazine WordPress Theme
5. Newsroom – Responsive News & Magazine Theme

Here is another clean and sharp WordPress magazine theme that provides all of the excellent features administrators crave when it comes to managing their WordPress blogs. Effective for use with news sites, blogs and magazines, Newsroom features an ultra-responsive layout that works wonderfully with mobile devices. It also features excellent choices in typography as well as unlimited color and widget sidebar options. Over 10 blog post formats are available, along with six page layouts and three single post layouts. This latest version also features 1120px width styles that look great on high-definition screens as well as a handy related polls module. Newsroom is available for WordPress 3.4 and above.

MagazinePress - WordPress Theme with Review System
6. MagazinePress – WordPress Theme With Review System

MagazinePress differs from other WordPress magazine themes by offering a built-in review system that allows you to create and design rating criteria for each post. That allows your readers to give their feedback on the quality of your blog posts. MagazinePress also features 13 custom widgets that allow you to do more with your new theme in less time. For instance, you can arrange content on your homepage simply by dragging and dropping it into place. Other features include a light and dark color style for your new theme, social sharing buttons, localized translations and advanced SEO options. MagazinePress runs on the WarriorPanel framework, with one-click updates courtesy of your WordPress dashboard.

HotNews - Newspaper WordPress theme
7. HotNews – Newspaper WordPress Theme

Get your news straight off the presses with this dynamic, yet clean and simple WordPress news theme. HotNews offers a responsive layout that can be easily customized according to your needs. For instance, you can switch between a boxed and a stretched layout, plus you can add unlimited sidebars for posts and pages. Built with HTML5 and CSS3, HotNews offers a variety of excellent features, including a built-in review system, four types of content ratings and plenty of powerful theme options to transform this theme into whatever you want.

Unicorn - Clean Magazine WordPress Theme
8. Unicorn – Clean and Responsive Magazine Theme

Just as the description implies, Unicorn is one WordPress magazine theme that manages to look fresh and clean while maintaining a sort of technical vibe that works well with technology blogs and magazines. Make no mistake – it can also be used for a variety of other niches. Its main features include four post formats, a built-in review system with up to five rating criteria, a responsive design that works flawlessly with mobile devices and custom sidebars for categories. It even features unlimited skins, background images and Google fonts. Unicorn also features over 16 custom widgets and a variety of shortcodes that deliver a veritable wealth of flexibility and customization. Plenty of support is included, as is a layered PSD file and compatibility for WordPress 3.4 and up.

MaxMag - Responsive WordPress Magazine Theme
9. Max Mag – Responsive WordPress Magazine Theme

Here is yet another professional WordPress theme that is designed to stand out from the rest. Designed for WordPress 3.2 and up, Max Mag takes its design cues from a variety of in-house online magazine efforts, culminating in a professional design that impresses and amazes visitors. Max Mag offers a variety of features, including unlimited color schemes, sliders for each category page, a variety of advertising spaces, drag-and-drop homepage and secondary feature headlines. It’s also SEO friendly, making it easier to propel your content to the top of search engine results. You also get plenty of excellent support as well as in-depth documentation.

Hades - Bold Magazine Newspaper WP Template
10. Hades – Bold Magazine Newspaper Template

Those in search of a clean yet bold WordPress magazine theme will definitely be impressed by this particular theme. Built with responsive design in mind, Hades provides a unified browsing experience for both mobile and desktop users. This theme features a two-slider style, nine custom widgets, styled typography, unlimited sidebars and over 100 shortcodes. Other features include social media profile support, a contact page with validation, a breaking news module and much more. This theme is compatible with WordPress 3.2 and above.

Videozoom - WordPress Video Theme
11. Videozoom – WordPress Video Theme

Videozoom is geared towards hosting video content, but it can also be used to display a variety of other, equally interesting content. Which you get from this particular WordPress theme is a responsive design that works flawlessly with mobile devices, the ability to play videos from any video hosting site and the ability to self-host videos thanks to JW Player integration. It also features a wide variety of custom widgets that offer greater flexibility and functionality. Thanks to Videozoom’s multiple layouts, your readers can modify their viewing experience with the simple click of a button. All of your options are controlled from the Zoom Framework control panel, giving you an intuitive and easy-to-use way to manage your new theme in a variety of ways.

MagMan - Responsive News Blog WordPress Theme
12. MagMan – Responsive News/Blog WP theme

MagMan offers a very clean and simple solution for displaying magazine and news editorial content. Its responsive design means it conforms perfectly to any size screen on any device, mobile or otherwise. You can make your own changes to the collecting thanks to the available live color changer. Other features include SEO optimization, unlimited scans, a widgetized homepage with six custom widgets, WordPress multisite support and breadcrumbs navigation. It also features a powerful drag-and-drop menu, along with automatic thumbnail creation and plenty of extensive documentation. MagMan is designed to work on WordPress 3.4 and above.

Local News - Mobile WP News Theme
13. Local News – WP News Theme with Mobile Version

Give your faithful readers the latest updates on local happenings around your area with this fantastic WordPress magazine theme. Powered by WPtouch Pro, Local News offers a responsive design that is specially created to work with a variety of mobile devices, including the latest Retina Displays from Apple. The most impressive aspect of this WordPress theme is its unparalleled flexibility. Using a variety of powerful tools at your disposal, you can create an unlimited number of layouts in just a matter of minutes. Local News also makes your content easy to publish thanks to its simple and easy-to-follow instructions.

Sahifa - Responsive News Magainze WordPress Theme
14. Sahifa – Responsive WordPress News, Magazine, Blog

Sahifa offers a slick and sleek take on the average WordPress magazine theme. Not only does it offer a fully responsive design for all displays, it also features a drag-and-drop homepage builder that makes customization extraordinarily effortless. Its many features are provided courtesy of the powerful TiePanel control panel, including up to 70 shortcodes, 28 custom widgets and 23 predefined patterns. You also have the benefit of over 500 Google web fonts, unlimited sidebars and the ability to upload logos, login logos and favicons. You also get a nifty review system that lets you know how your visitors feel about your content.

Invisi - WordPress News Magazine Theme
15. Invisi – Responsive News WordPress Theme

This particular WordPress magazine theme is designed to present your content in a way that allows it to shine with minimal intrusion from the theme itself. Consider this a design that allows your text, videos and images to take center stage. Features include a fully responsive design that is compatible with all mobile devices, powerful custom theme administration, integration with Google maps and a variety of page templates and Photoshop files to play with. Invisi also offers translation options via.PO files, making this theme a good choice for international bloggers.