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20 fresh WordPress themes suitable for e-commerce projects

As wrong it may sound, the purpose of any website design is, in the end, the same – to sell. I don’t think that anybody in design community works just for pleasure. Of course, the pleasure of work is important in web design, but the clients are the ones that pay the bills of the designers.
Any website, no matter the area of its content, must have the “marketable” effect. This effect shows even more pronounced when it is about websites specially designed for e-commerce activity.
Nowadays creating an e-commerce website is a task at hand as the number of software solutions is increasing, but there comes the major problem – the competition. The countless websites that are selling online must gather some similar elements as description of the products, a cart and many other specific items, but also they must be unique.
Due to the increasing of online commerce in addition to more software solutions dedicated to this purpose, the result can’t be other than better websites.
In previous posts we highlighted the mighty power of WordPress. I am sure that our readers are aware of how important became WordPress in web design and how evolved from a blogging tool to a complex content management system. Many of you might have been used it in your work or are still using it. Being so reliable, there is no wonder that is so used (successfully I may say) in creating e-commerce websites.
In order to better highlight the meaning of this, we will walk together through a few themes, 20 to be more specific, to delight you with some beautiful creations or to inspire you in your future work.


Tyrion is the best introduction I could make in order to sustain my ideas. Very dynamic thanks to the parallax effect, it offers many solutions for customization and what is more important, on my opinion, it is SEO optimized.


Fully responsive design and unlimited colors are only two of the reasons that make Maxshop theme suitable for an online business. I always thought that a theme must come in many shapes and colors, to be as customizable as possible in order to be more interesting and Maxshop offers that.


AgriTourismo will impress due to the color scheme used- green and brown that has a calming effect and it’s the perfect choice for agricultural, rural tourism or wineries. Another plus is the cool slider that delights the viewer with appealing images.

Lotus Flower

As I previously mentioned, any theme that comes in many versions has my entire attention. Lotus Flower actually comes in three versions (corporate, e-commerce and agency). It’s like you pay the same amount of money but instead you get three themes. And I must confess: drag&drop builder always gets me.


TechGoStore is another great theme suitable for commercial purposes. 7 homepages included, fully customizable homepage, many features that go with an e-commerce website like reviews & ratings for products, Cloud Zoom plugin perfectly for zooming and seeing the fine details.

Retail Therapy

What makes this theme great is the variety of choices. Choices are mandatory for any theme, but Retail Therapy makes it more customizable than you’ll ever think. Multiple layouts, a great visual customizer, a cool (also customizable) slider and not to forget, fully responsive design are making this theme my favorite so far.


I rarely use big words in describing a website but when it comes to Barberry it must be said – perfect. It’s Twitter Bootstrap influenced, but this theme is very original. The layout is very clean and the shopping will be a pleasant activity. No doubt, such a theme is the fundament of a profitable online store.


I chose to showcase Simplepxcreate because it brings to the table another view on e-commerce websites – simpler is better. It successfully combines many customization options in what seems to be at first look a very simple website.


This WordPress theme for e-commerce activities called Essential is like the previously mentioned themes a sum of features necessary for an e-commerce website. The beautiful design is what makes it special. It successfully combines modern and classic UI items making it an “essential” example for e-commerce websites.


Buler is a theme that is perfectly matching to a mature and serious brand. It doesn’t mean that the layout is boring and outdated…no way. The design is simple, there is a lot of white space and the overall feeling is that the products sold are the best quality on the market.


Shoppest made me feel like I was walking through a shop. It might be a good solution for any online shopping website but also looks very appropriate for a shop that needs to present its business online.


With Cosmetico there is only one word that crosses my mind – classy. Regardless many customization options, which are also to be considered, I think its main feature is the classy look which makes it perfect for this area of selling.


There are many websites (and we showed you a few right here) that are offering many customization options, are well designed or they are eye catching. Bistro gathers all these and it also provides 24/7 support.
Beside these, Bistro is fully responsive and retina ready display and these features are enough to assure the best user experience for everyone, no matter the device used.

Book Store

Book Store is a WooCommerce powered website that is very suitable for selling books or digital products. Even if this theme is suitable for selling “classic ” format books, it doesn’t mean that the design is classic. Nope, the layout is very modern and pleasant and it will be better to visit yourself to make an idea about.


Supply is another e-commerce theme that is destined for a mature public target. It’s minimal, but responsive and retina ready and most important, the user may fully focus on the product exhibited. Anyway, it’s a great theme!


“Where good things happen” says the tagline of this theme and it is entirely true. Many options for color choice, unlimited sidebars are making amongst other features from this simple theme a very complex one.


Circolare gets the highest ranks at the elegance and customization options. The layout is very elegant, a little bit classy even, and the theme comes in three different versions.


Outlet is another favorite of mine. It is very complex, including a coming soon page and a 404 one, four custom headers and four sliders. It’s suitable for complex online stores and any potential client will be satisfied by such a theme.

Shop Simple

ShopSimple is a theme that let the visitor to focus on the product for sale. The design is very discrete, but at the same time, pleasant and the navigation is a real pleasure.


Organic shop is not a very spectacular theme by its functions but by its design. Simple but dynamic, it uses a very appropriate combination of colors that makes it so suitable for any organic related business.

These 20 themes are only a small part of the world built on WordPress in order to create competitive e-commerce projects. I hope you enjoyed watching all the themes presented here, but also feel free to submit your works or anyone’s work you think would fit in this post.