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20 stunning corporate WordPress themes

Entrepreneurship is a very trendy word and more and more people, especially the young ones are very attracted by the core values of the entrepreneurial spirit. The main idea of capitalism is to let people make profit from their business. In my humble opinion, entrepreneurship is the modern shape of the “old” capitalism. Altogether, we have passed a devastating economic crisis and people are very careful when investing money. In other words, any mistake may be deadly for the profitability of a business.
The online environment is already a business environment and the web designers doesn’t create websites just to look wonderful and be efficient. The new websites must be profitable! Of course, it’s not an easy job to do it!
For your inspiration we collected 20 stunning corporate WordPress themes. All are very carefully selected, but if we missed your favorite corporate WordPress then please let us know and it will be added into a next post.


Craft is a theme that will make you say “wow” no matter the device used. The first thing to notice at this theme is how the menu is changing depending on the display size; I like very much how the theme looks for smartphone and tablet. Secondly, the theme is multipurpose and it’s suitable for any kind of businesses. Thirdly, the design is very clean and modern, definitely must have features of a corporate WordPress theme.


The ones interested in a very modern corporate WordPress theme must check Final. It’s very recent launched, but I bet that it will be a best seller. It comes in eight versions and all of them are modern, clean and complete.


The features of this corporate WordPress theme speak for themselves: almost 1000 subpages, 7 editable headers, 11 types of post page, 5 types of blog page, WooCommerce support, Revolution Slider, full responsiveness and retina ready. Beside these, the extensive use of white creates a special relationship with the viewer and overall this theme will play a big role in attracting more clients.


Diamond is a very interesting corporate WordPress theme that is extremely customizable and it’s suitable for any kind of business, both for large enterprises to individual freelancers. The theme has a custom sidebar manager and a visual composer and practically any pixel may be tailored according to the needs of the user.


Achieving this theme is a very smart idea because it’s one of the most beautiful one. Boson is very customizable, the user may select from boxed or wide layout, there are tons of webpages to select from and most important for corporate WordPress themes, it’s SEO optimized.


Magnet is a theme that can’t be ignored. Firstly, it’s touch friendly so the smartphone or tablet users won’t have troubles accessing it. Secondly, it comes in four different versions (Creative, Business, Parallax, Catalog) that are wonderfully designed. Thirdly, the customization options are high advanced- the user see in real time how the buttons may be tailored. Obviously, there are many other cool options, but these would be discovered by you!


Flat design is maintaining its top position in the preferences of the users and many WordPress developers create awesome flat based themes. Flap is one of them and it is very suitable for any kind of business project. It’s appreciable the simplicity of the theme, but at the same time, it is very complex. The buyers have tons of pages to select from and this is a guaranty that the website made up using this theme will be a huge success.


This theme stands apart due to the beautiful color scheme used and due to the nice timeline styled blog. Another original feature of this theme is the use of sliders that give a plus to the dynamism chapter.


Initially, I thought that Gabby is just a great corporate WordPress theme that deserves to be added into this honoring collection. Likely, there is another feature aside the good design: the impressive customization settings. Try it to make a complete idea about!!!


Jomelle is a theme that is multipurpose: it may be used for corporate purposes but also as a portfolio or a blog. It’s simple, visually appealing, and it’s designed having the user in mind. The abundance of white space is another plus and it helps a lot the visitors to focus on the content.


Arkitekt is specially destined for architect businesses, but it may be easily tailored for other kind of business projects. The sliding effects are the most attractive part of this theme, while the font used in the header menu is the poorest choosing. Anyway, in just few seconds it may be modified.


Human is a very simple theme that is perfectly matching for a creative agency. Everything is reduced at the minimum, just to assure a good experience for the users. Despite of its simplicity, the creators worked a lot and paid great attention to any detail. As an example, please notice the difference of the menu in mobile display and in other formats. (If you didn’t notice, see the menu that is white for smartphone displays – to be more noticeable, and black in the rest of cases).


Troia may be used both as a one page or multi page website. The color scheme is really wise selected: the background is white and the various items are black or yellow- the most powerful contrast. Of course, this fact substantially contributes to a better experience for the users.


Adv is a multipurpose one page WordPress theme that will impress any potential customer with the nice hover effects and the dynamism of the various items. Besides that, it can’t be neglected the quality of the design- simple, but effective.


Torque is a great corporate WordPress theme that may be equally used as a portfolio, a blog or a business website. The multiple tailoring options are the ones that assure the universality of the theme. The single constant element is the beauty of the design!


Doors is a one page WordPress theme that expresses modernism, freshness and high standards and all these features are capital for a corporate theme. Another plus of the theme are the CSS animations and transitions- congratulation to the coder!


A mega menu is useful even for corporate projects, even though these are specific to online stores. A huge problem is the rendering of mega menus for smartphones. If you want to see a successful transformation then you should check Embrace, a corporate WordPress theme. Obviously, this theme has many other cool features that “forced” me to add it in this list.

Event Me

The landing page of this theme is unusual, but it might be very useful in some cases. Promoting an event- a product launch, a met-up or a new business conception is something mandatory in the corporate world and this theme is specially created for these situations. The counter is beautifully designed and surely will captivate the attention of the viewers.


The power of example is colossal and the developers of Official knew it; they created no more than 20 demos based on their theme. In other words, the users may see 20 examples of how to use this theme. Check them and let us know your favorite one!


Minimalistic approach is suitable for any kind of websites, including corporate ones. Better is a minimalist theme that is destined for business purposes; for the ones that are in love with extreme simplicity it is the best solution.
I hope that these themes impressed you and maybe you will use one of them for your corporate website. It will be great to know which one is your favorite!

25 of the newest WordPress Corporate Themes

Davrack - Multipurpose Corporate WordPress Theme
1. Davrack

The Davrack WordPress theme is versatile enough to be used for a variety of blog-publishing purposes ranging from a personal blog to a corporate WordPress blog. Furthermore, the valid HTML5 code used to create it makes it viewable on all major browsers. Want your site to be viewable to mobile audiences as well? Davrack is fully responsive and shows up perfectly on tablets and smartphones. Davrack goes the extra mile in responsiveness by creating small versions of images for mobile browsers. Smaller images equals a shorter load time for mobile users. Davrack’s ratings on both Yslow and Google Speed are very high as a result of its responsiveness. Davrack comes with its own administration panel which allows users to customize the theme in any of 150 ways. There are sliders for the homepage that will allow you to display your media with no trouble. Visitors to your site will get a professional-looking theme with an orderly and uncluttered layout that will perfectly display your content. This ultra-adaptable and feature-packed WordPress corporate theme is perfect for everything from the website of a band to that of a resort hotel.
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10 of the Best Business and Corporate WordPress Themes

WordPress has been around for just over a decade and, in that span of time, has managed to become the largest content management platform on the planet. The company’s success isn’t just in the consumer market, either, as it has become the top business communication platform currently in use around the world. More than 60 million corporate and consumer users employ WordPress to communicate with the wider public, and that has resulted in some of the richest and most robust corporate WordPress themes available anywhere. With advanced features and intricate programming, these are the ten best themes for corporate and business users who currently use WordPress to operate their web presence.
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