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12 Best WordPress Blog Themes 2013

Who doesn’t love WordPress? It is one of the most customization-friendly content management systems online. One of the main attractions of it is the many themes that you can opt for to create your own online presence. Here we showcase 12 Best WordPress Blog Themes for 2013 – perhaps you’ll find just the right one for your blogging adventures this year!
Simply Colorful Themes

1 – Simply Colorful Theme

The Simply Colorful Theme fits all things that a perfect blog theme should. First, the customization options are endless – you can change colors to your heart’s content. It’s simple yet very clean and professional. One huge plus to this theme is in its coding – it is made to be very fast and responsive, which means it is great for the search engines; which we all know the faster your site loads – the better! This equates to a proverbial feather in your hat when it come to rankings; if all other things in between your site and a competitor’s is equal but yours is faster, you will be on top. Who doesn’t love that?


2 – FlipBlog

FlipBlog is touted as having it all. We’re not going to argue! This brilliant blog theme is not only WordPress 3 compliant, it is BUILT for WP3, and will transission flawlessly when WP 3.5 comes out of beta. The blog features full user control via the dashboard, allowing you to customize everything that you have always wanted to but couldn’t in lesser blog themes. Of course with all of this customization being possible, you may get a little overwhelmed. Never fear – there are plenty of training videos to help you through!

Varnish - Highly Customizable WordPress Theme

3 – Varnish Highly Customizable WordPress Theme

Speaking of customizable, Varnish brings it! You get 23 built in color schemes to play with to begin with, and if you want to dig deep and really show your true colors, you can customize your own designs in admin. The theme is perfect for those wanting to tell the world about themselves, with its unique three column layout that focuses on you; your life, your online exploits, just generally showing yourself off to the world from one convenient home page. Out of the box you have Twitter, Flickr, Subscribe to Comments, and much more.


4 – Hustle by Woo Themes

The WooFramework is well known in the WordPress as being stable, functional, and of course the rock solid base for many people’s favorite themes of all – WooThemes. The Hustle theme is one workhorse of a great theme that is straight business; straight out of the box. You want to blog? Done. You want to showcase products for sale? Done. Want a full-fledged eCommerce web design that will rock your world? Got that too! There’s even a promotional module and a place to tell your visitors anything you want to welcome them. Coolness.

Simplic Blog and Portfolio

5 – Simplic Blog & Portfolio

Simplic is for those who love their online social lives and love to give their readers a way to connect in the easiest way possible. You get Twitter, Digg, and of course Facebook share and like built in with shortcodes to simplify your life. There’s also slideshows, tabs, FAQ, and more. The documentation is well documented for this theme so you don’t have to worry about getting stuck – you won’t have to search far to get answers! Oh and did I mention it comes in light and dark versions? Yup – sure does…

Fast Blog

6 – Fast Blog

One thing about blogging is that sometimes you really stuck with the same boring post types…over and over and over. Not so with Fast Blog. There are 6 post types here to choose from: articles, images, links, audios, videos, and quotes; & of course you can still do the regular posts and pages if you want to. The theme WooTumBlog ready (it comes with it) – so you have that as well, although it is up to you whether you want to use it or not – the theme works perfectly fine without it. You also can enjoy adding Twitter and Flickr as much as you want without fear or repercussions, as the theme also has the all-important buffering to avoid request limit issues. Blog on!

The Blog

7 – The Blog

The Blog. As this is a list of the best blog themes around, how could we leave this one off? Seriously though this is one heavy contender. This theme packs two great features summed up in five words – feature rich but user-friendly. It doesn’t get much better than that, as this makes it fitting for everyone from the blogging novice to the experienced and self proclaimed geek. You get categorized styles that are easily customizable, custom fonts, widgets, and headers, full translation support, SEO built in, and much, much more. If you do happen to get lost, this blog theme is fully supported by the authors as well.

Quattro Theme - Genesis Framework

8 – Quattro Theme – Genesis Framework

Sometimes you don’t need all of the bells and whistles. Sometimes, in today’s fast paced and hectic world, it’s nice to slow down and not be bombarded with crazy fonts and garrish color arrangements. Sometimes, simpler is better and all that is needed. The Quattro Theme, which runs on the Genesis Framework, is just that. But don’t mistake simple with anything less than perfection. It is still a whopper of a theme with all of the current functionality you crave, like social media integration. And being built on Genesis, you know the ability to customize, SEO, help, and anything else you need is there for you – right out of the box.

Black Aperture

9 – Black Aperture

Technically this theme is hailed as a video review theme, but it has some really cool features that we couldn’t help but to include. For instance, out of the box there is dynamic image re-sizing. Upload your image once, and see it in the size you want, where you want. You’ve got a built in slider for features posts, as well as a unique featured posts area, so you can choose which fits your style the best. And of course if you do video reviews… well, that’s easy too!

Kernel Premium WordPress Blog

10 – Kernel Premium WordPress Theme

This theme has everything you want in a blog theme. It is great for those who want a news, magazine, or professional site. It features three news blocks on the home page and a gallery page with two layout options; default and Fancybox. You can create unlimited sidebars for each post or page with the sidebar generator, and the theme even has its own banner system. There are a lot of options for this theme, so get it and dig in!

Maverick Premium Blog WordPress Theme

11 – Maverick Premium Blog Theme

Maverick Premium Blog Theme is great for pretty much any type of blog you would like to create, be it a review site, portfolio, media portal, or even business. It is a fixed layout theme that is easy to set up and easy to run. Some of the theme options include unlimited color schemes, the ability to show off your best posts through the featured post option, shortcodes to help save you time, and custom heading fonts. You also get 12 custom widgets and an awesome admin panel. Want a rocking site? Go Maverick!


12 – Pinboard

Unless you have been living under a rock, you have heard of Pinterest. It has taken the online world by storm and some say it’s the best thing since Facebook. It’s rapid rise is based largely on its super-unique design, which is billboard-like in essence and infinitely scrolls. Of course, everyone wants a theme like it now to ride on thier heels to internet stardom. That’s where Pinboard comes in. This theme not only looks like Pinterest, but responds just as it does. It is fluid, ever-changing, features infinite scrolling, sharing options, and more. And anyone who has ever used Pinterest will instantly recognize its user-friendly system, which is great for retention!

Best WordPress Blog Themes for 2013

Fixed - WordPress Blog Theme
1. Fixed – WordPress Blog Theme

One the best WordPress blog themes of 2013 comes in the form of a simple and elegant photo blog, one that is ideal for sharing images and videos as well as articles, quotes and notes. Fixed is a responsive theme that works well on all mobile devices, including the iPad and iPhone – the experience seen on a desktop/laptop browser is the same you’ll get on a mobile device, an advantage for those who want a unified look between both types of devices. This theme is ideal for use as a personal blog or a minimal portfolio. Features include compatibility with the WordPress Theme Customizer, valid HTML 5 code, fully scalable images, galleries and embedded video, custom archives and infinite scroll.

Explosion - Responsive WordPress Blog Template
2. Explosion – Responsive WordPress Blog / Personal

This responsive WordPress theme is geared toward use for magazines and blogs. The best feature of this theme is how it works well with both ordinary web browsers and mobile devices like the iPad and iPhone. It also contains a powerful page builder, along with 13 widgets, 10 post formats, 3 comments types and 3 different theme layouts. Built with Bootstrap, it’s the ideal choice for anyone in search of a fresh, dynamic and responsive theme.

Moustachey - Blog Theme with extra gusto
3. Moustachey: A Blog theme with extra gusto

Moustachey is a quick and simple, yet elegant WordPress blog theme that offers a wealth of advanced features and options. Many of these include an easy to use options panel, where you can select unlimited colors for all aspects of your new theme and the ability to take advantage of Typekit, Google and Adobe Edge fonts. Moustachey offers plenty of other features that make using this theme an absolute joy, from its intense customization to its solid support and extensive documentation. It is also fully responsive and optimize for use with iPhone, iPad and other mobile devices.

Tree - Minimal Blog WordPress Theme
4. Tree – Minimal Blog WordPress Theme

Another best WordPress blog theme that adds a green spin on things. Tree is a minimalist WordPress blog theme that’s geared towards simplicity and ease of use. Tree features a clean and simple interface that lends itself well to text and image blog posts. It is also loaded with plenty of useful features that further enhance this WordPress theme, including a full Mingle forum theme that installs in just seconds, featured posts, sleek animations, shortcode capability and much more. It’s even widget ready, SEO optimized and compatible with all major browsers.

Memior - Tumblog WordPress Theme
5. Memoir – Tumblog Style WordPress Theme

Anyone looking for a Tumblog-style WordPress theme should look no further than Memoir. Available in both dark and light color scheme, it offers a stylish and warm way to display your blog content. Memoir delivers a variety of useful features, including automatically created slider galleries, auto-sizing footer widgets and a variety of post formats that work well with just about any type of content. Memoir is also localized, allowing you to translate your blog in any language, making it a boon for international visitors. This theme is easy to setup and easy to customize as well.

Brief - Responsive Tumblr WordPress Theme
6. Brief – Responsive Tumblr Style WordPress Theme

Brief is yet another best WordPress template that offers a simple yet vivid browsing experience for tablet and mobile devices, as well as desktop and laptop users. Optimized for iPhone and iPad, Brief is designed from the ground as an easily accessible and browseable blog. Brief also comes with a variety of custom features, including custom Twitter widgets, post-format support and much more. It even comes with layered PSDs for expanded customization. This new WordPress theme features a wealth of documentation and support, which means you don’t have to be a wizard at HTML and CSS just to tweak a few things here and there.

Structure - WordPress Blog Theme
7. Structure – Responsive WordPress Blog Theme

Structure is a smartly constructed WordPress blog theme that offers excellent typography as well as a responsive design for mobile device users. In fact, the typography is so good that there aren’t any images used within the theme. Optimized for iPad and iPhone, Structure offers a variety of excellent benefits for both users and administrators, including short page load times, exceptional ease of use and a variety of post formats to choose from. This theme offers full localization support along with compatibility for several plugins and widgets. If you’ve been looking for a clean yet responsive WordPress theme, Structure is one you should definitely consider.

Ravage - Blod WordPress Theme
8. Ravage – Big & Bold WordPress Theme

Its name may suggest a messy and ragged WordPress blog template, but Ravage is as clean, sleek and sophisticated as they come. It’s a minimalist theme that offers plenty of bold and brash cues for writers and creative to cut their teeth on. Ravage offers one of the best ways to share your articles, photographs and videos. Features include a responsive design that works well on all mobile devices, the ability to select from numerous poll formats and a wide selection of widgets and plugins. Ravage is also lightning fast paced, minimalist in its design and is easy to use.

Pocket WordPress Template
9. Pocket WordPress Theme

One of the best WordPress blog themes that achieves with the general theme of simplicity is Pocket. This minimalist theme offers a lot more than it lets on, especially with its ability to scale down gracefully to mobile devices including the iPad and iPhone. That means that this theme looks just as good on small screens as it does on larger ones. This theme is also compatible with the new Theme Customizer, giving you the opportunity to customize your new theme in a variety of ways like never before. Other features include fully scalable featured images and embedded video, Twitter widgets and support for localized translations.

Prime - WordPress vCard Template
10. Prime – Responsive WordPress vCard

Prime is a responsive vCard-inspired WordPress theme that goes all out in sophisticated design. Completely compatible with mobile devices, this feature-filled theme offers businesses, professionals and creative the opportunity to display their most valued content in a dynamic way. The full background slider offers a variety of dynamic images to display, while users enjoy a variety of excellent jQuery effects. This theme comes with layered PSD files for further customization capabilities.

Remal - Responsive WordPress Blog Theme
11. Remal – Responsive WordPress Blog Theme

Anyone looking for a genuinely flexible WordPress blog theme should take a look at Remal. The best thing about this particular theme is the four different homepage styles that are available, allowing you to transform a simple blog theme into an Pinterest-type gallery with small, medium and large boxes. Remal is powered by TiePanel, a powerful control panel that offers unparalleled flexibility. TiePanel allows you to upload logos, favicons and gravatars, along with Google fonts, shortcodes and much more.

Sann - Facebook Timeline WP Blog Theme
12. Sann – Timeline Oriented Personal Blog WP Theme

Sann is a timeline oriented and grid-based WordPress blogging theme that offers plenty of customization options. For instance, you can easily style your posts thanks to the styles drop-down menu. This feature allows you to customize your content and publishing to your heart’s content. It also means you won’t have to mess around with shortcodes just to make your blog the way you want it. You can also select between several different polls formats and take advantage of the responsive design on your mobile device. Last but not least, this WordPress theme offers plenty of documentation as well as layered PSD files for more customization options.

Accord - WordPress Blog Template
13. Accord – Responsive WordPress Blog Theme

Accord is one of a new breed of responsive WordPress blog themes that maintains minimalist sensibilities while adding subtle hints of flair. An ideal theme for magazines and personal blogs, this Accord features nine excellent widgets and plenty of theme options to choose from. Other features include an Ajax contact form, post badges and rating system, two distinct menu styles and microdata. Accord is highly customizable and translation ready, making this theme perfect for international users. Accord looks just as good on mobile browsers as it does on both the desktop and laptop browsers.

Hoarder - Responsive WordPress Blog Template
14. Hoarder – Responsive WordPress Blog Theme

Here is a simple grid-based theme that is perfect for showing off images, video, quotes and basically any other type of content. Hoarder features three different homepage templates, giving you all the flexibility you need when it comes to customizing your new blog. It also comes with four custom widgets, accent color control, complete localization support and layered PSD files for further customization. Built on the ZillaFramework, it offers compatibility with a variety of Zilla plugins. Hoarder is also compatible with WordPress versions 3.1 and above.

Doppio - WordPress Magazine Theme
15. Doppio – Magazine Theme

Last but not least is Doppio, a WordPress blog template that lends itself well to news and magazine-type blogs. It also comes standard with five different pages, four distinct styles and the latest version of Orange Themes control panel as well as a variety of other exciting features. These include a banner system, a separate jquery gallery system, shortcodes and much more. The included sidebar generator allows you to create unlimited sidebars throughout your blog and add a new sidebar for each post or page. It also features POT language files for better ease of localization for international visitors. Doppio works well with all major desktop and mobile browsers, including Internet Explorer and Opera.

20 new cool WordPress blogging themes for 2012

One should take the time to research the newest and most popular themes available in order to find one that suits their needs. No matter what the intent of a theme, it should be easy to customize by any level blogger. Some themes are ideal for bloggers who plan to upload many photography, others themes work better for those who love to write. There are also WordPress blogging themes available to those who want to showcase their talents and promote their career. When choosing the correct theme, one needs to keep their end goal in mind. This will make choosing a theme easier because some are more conducive to writing while others work better with photography. However, thanks to the easily customized platforms of WordPress, one can create a blog however they desire. The following list represents the newest coolest themes available for WordPress that will help any blogger make their perfect website.

Hoarder - Responsive WordPress Blog Theme Continue reading 20 new cool WordPress blogging themes for 2012