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11 Reasons Why WordPress Is the Best Platform for SEO

11 Reasons Why WordPress Is the Best Platform for SEO

53.5% of all web traffic comes from organic search. 68% of online experiences start with a search engine. Indeed, SEO plays a significant part of your digital marketing success. 

First, creating an optimized website requires choosing the right content management system (CMS). Although you have numerous SEO-friendly CMSs to choose from, there’s this one platform that seems to outshine all: WordPress.

Ask any of the successful Florida SEO companies, and they’ll completely agree. 

In this article, we’re giving you a breakdown of the reasons explaining why WordPress is everyone’s go-to when it comes to optimizing their website in the most effective way possible.

Before we do, however, let’s talk a bit about WordPress. 

What Exactly Is WordPress?

WordPress is a powerful site builder and CMS that intends to help users create  an online presence within minutes. It’s scalable, flexible, and always free to use. 

From a rookie to a seasoned developer, WordPress works for everybody. 

For those without a design or development background, they can use the platform as a “one-click install” on a hosting program. They have the freedom to pick any of the thousands of WordPress themes at zero cost. 

As for experienced users, the CMS allows access to all parts of the software, such as its theme and plugin systems, scripts, and application framework. This makes it possible to customize any site in such ways that suit their needs. 

Whether you’re running an ecommerce store, company website, or a personal website, you’ll definitely benefit greatly from choosing WordPress as your platform for SEO. Plus, you don’t need to download any desktop software anymore – it is an online platform. 

11 Reasons WordPress Helps Your SEO 

Now that you have a better understanding of WordPress, let’s move on to its SEO-boosting capabilities. Let’s begin!

  1. Content Creation Made Simple

Building a new site using WordPress is really smooth and straightforward. Again, ANYONE can do it. 

With its easy-to-use multimedia library and drag-and-drop editor, both technical and non-technical users alike can create and publish their content with ease for the entire world to see.

As soon as your website is live, just navigate to the “posts” section of your dashboard menu and from there, you can find everything you need to write and post a new blog. Formatting tools, text editors, and ways to upload media files – you’ll find all the essential tools there. 

After publishing your content, there’s no need to stress yourself editing it as you move forward. Simply look for the post and use the visual editor to make any changes or updates. Then, click the “save” button and that new version will be live in an instant. 

  1. Automatic Metadata

Meta descriptions and SEO titles are major ranking factors, which means that they should be included on every post of your site. 

Metadata helps search engines understand what your web pages are all about. Adding relevant keywords to them can significantly improve your search position.

The process, however, can be really strenuous and time-consuming. This is where WordPress comes in and saves the day. 

The CMS lets users automate the whole process, thanks to an SEO plugin that can create the appropriate HTML tags for you. You’ll certainly be saving a lot of time and effort.

  1. SEO-Friendly Themes

If you’re not aware, themes can actually leave a positive impact on your website’s SEO. 

How so? 

For starters, an attractive theme that aligns with your offerings keeps your visitors coming back for more. These returning visitors will do wonders for your search engine optimization. 

Additionally, themes affect your site’s HTML markup. For instance, search engine spiders need H1 tags to identify the title of your content, which in turn, influences its ranking. 

Luckily for you, WordPress has designed all of its themes to attract those spiders to your website. Using any of the platform’s high-quality themes will no doubt help you win both the aesthetic and technical aspects of SEO.

  1. Optimal Site Speed

Site speed is crucial not just to SEO, but also in keeping your visitors long on your website. 

If your site has a slow loading speed, especially in mobile devices, expect your visitors to become frustrated and leave. In fact, 53% of users will abandon a page that takes too long to load. As if that’s not bad enough, you’ll find your ranking dropping on Google’s SERPs.

Fortunately, WordPress offers a fast loading speed even in its standard configuration. 

It comes with tons of plugins that can help with speed site, one of which is the ShortPixel Image Optimizer. This compresses your past images and PDF documents to speed up your site’s load time.

WPOptimize is another plugin offered by WordPress. It optimizes site speed by caching your site, compressing your images, and clearing your database.

Despite relying on these plugins, it’s still important to implement regular maintenance and use a good hosting service to get the full site speed potential and SEO out of your website. 

  1. SEO-Optimized Images

Images have an integral part to play in your website or blog posts. Using them in a timely manner breaks up your content into readable sections. Just be sure, however, that they’re of excellent quality and relevant to your posts.

Getting the maximum exposure requires optimizing your images for SEO, and WordPress can help you achieve that. Here’s how:

  • It allows you to create alt text for every image you use. You can sneak in your keywords as image description to attract search engine spiders.
  • Alternatively, you can use a plugin that automatically creates your alt text.
  • You can resize your images so that they won’t slow down your page’s loading time.
  1. Mobile Optimization

More and more people are using their phones to look for information online. That’s why you should also have adapted to this trend by now. 

With WordPress, you’ll steer yourself clear of any worries about mobile optimization. You don’t have to put any extra effort to make your site accessible on mobile devices anymore.

Why’s that? Well, most of the themes offered by WordPress are already optimized for mobile users!

  1. Social Media Integration

Although social media doesn’t necessarily have a direct impact on your rankings, user engagement does. In other words, if you keep your audience engaged on social media, your rankings will improve.

Don’t worry – it’s not about how many followers you have, it’s about how often people respond to your posts. The more shares and likes you gain, the higher your website lands in search engines. 

With that in mind, WordPress makes it much more convenient for you to integrate social sharing with your site. You have the freedom to install one of their hundreds of plugins that are developed to maximize your social media reach. 

Whether it’s to add social media buttons for users to share your content, embed a social media feed on your site, or automate your campaigns, there are so many things you can do to boost your content and brand awareness across social media channels. 

  1. Plugins Specifically for SEO

Another reason to choose WordPress as your site builder is that it provides three of the best plugins for search engine optimization. These are Yoast SEO, Google Analytics, and Google XML Site Maps.

  • Yoast SEO

It’s not surprising that Yoast SEO has had millions of downloads across the globe. It has made website optimization a seamless task for even the least tech-savvy person on the planet. 

Yoast SEO helps you optimize the content you write using your target keyword. It also guides you in creating content that can be read by both humans and search engines.  And, it provides metadata and SEO title templates.

What more could you ask for?

  • Google Analytics

WordPress‘s Google Analytics plugin stands out for three reasons. 

First, it lets you see how many clicks your affiliate links, outbound links, and banner ads get. Next, you don’t have to leave your WordPress dashboard to look at your Google Analytics reports. Lastly, you can identify which pages are more popular from detailed stats.

  • Google XML Site Maps

As the name implies, this plugin makes creating complex XML site maps a simpler task. The role of these maps is to make your website’s structure easier for search engine spiders to understand. Also, whenever you publish a post, it notifies search engines of your new content.

  1. Attractive Permalinks

Editing your site’s permalink is super simple with WordPress. 

Permalinks can affect your ranking in two ways: Clean permalinks can increase the click-through rate (CTR) of your posts on the search engines; and keywords in the link are a significant ranking factor. 

Using WordPress, you can customize the format of your URLs without going through a lot of trouble. For example, you can set your blog posts to be generated in this form: site/blog/title. Permalinks in formats like this will make it faster for search engines to discover your content. 

  1. Security

You may not know this yet, but your site’s security is an underlying factor that can impact your SEO. 

If Google is unable to identify your website as secure, it might label your site as spam or harmful. This means that crawlers may not be indexing your content at all. 

For this reason, WordPress makes a consistent effort to stay secure. Security vulnerabilities are often detected immediately, thanks to the security team and community doing their job. Nevertheless, you should remember to keep up with all those security updates. 

WordPress also offers a range of security plugins to add an extra layer of protection for your site, and an extra peace of mind for you and your visitors.

  1. Source Code for Search Engines

Last but not the least, WordPress lays a strong foundation for SEO from the back-end.

Even if the platform is predominantly written with PHP, it still includes the proper HTML markup, which means that search engines can easily crawl through your content. 

Over the past few years, WordPress has released themes that focus on HTML5. What makes HTML5 really great is that it has cleaner and more cross-platform-friendly code. Any site built with clean code and functions well in mobile is a top player in the world of SEO. 

Final Thoughts

From providing you with thousands of SEO-friendly themes and optimizing your images, to speeding up your website and simplifying content creation, WordPress can equip you with all the right tools to rank high on search engines. 

If you need help getting started, you can always partner with a team of experts from Florida SEO companies. It will be worth it. 

How to Set up a Free Website in 5 Steps

Most of us already have some sort of space on the web that we call our own, whether that be a social media profile or a personal blog. But what if you want to make the leap into running your own website without having to make any investments upfront. Well, you’ll be relieved to find out that it’s perfectly possible to have a site of your own without paying a penny for hosting or web design. However, you might have to make the sacrifice of opting for a less ideal domain extension (you probably won’t be getting a .com for free). With that said, here are five simple steps that will help you set up a free website right now:

Royalty free photo

1. Choose a Blogging Platform

First, you’ll need to compare different blogging sites to decide which platform would best suit your needs and preferences. is a popular choice, as are Blogger and Tumblr (see the link above for a detailed comparison of the top 6 blogging platforms). Keep in mind that each platform has its strengths and weaknesses, so be sure to thoroughly consider each to select a development environment that will be optimal for the type of site you’re trying to create – there are hundreds of templates to choose from, so it doesn’t necessarily have to look like a “blog”).

2. Choose a Domain/Blog Name

Once you’ve decided on a platform, choosing a name for your blog or site is the next essential step, if you haven’t already done that. It should be noted that the blogging site you choose will determine the domain extension (i.e. – a free site from would end in the .wordpress extension). So if having the most professional domain name matters to you, it might be wiser to spend a few dollars on a discounted .com from a domain registrar.

3. Select a Template

Now that you’re operating inside the blogging platform of your choice, it’s time to start looking for templates. This is strictly a matter of preference, but using some of the top theme libraries and forums to find the latest templates is a great way to broaden your horizons and expand the collection of themes you’re choosing from.

4. Examine Customization Options

After choosing a template and logging into your dashboard, you’re going to notice plenty of options and settings that go far beyond the scope of this guide. Each platform will have a different administrative interface, so it’s advisable to create a demo site on each if you’re trying to determine which one has the best backend functionality.

5. Devise a Content Strategy

Now that your site is setup and ready to go, all that’s left to do is populate it with the right content in the form of quality imagery, articles, and navigational features. Spend some time browsing other sites and taking note of their menus, sidebars, widgets, content formatting, and other aesthetic features related to the content layout and structure.

Launch and Experiment

Finally, with everything in place and your content ready for uploading, spend at least a day putting the finishing aesthetic touches on. Oftentimes, you’ll find that changing the template after the content has been uploaded will help you find a design that is closer to the look you were going for.

Best WordPress Themes for Fundraising

The vast majority of charity and not-for-profit organizations rely on fundraising to achieve organizational goals: whether for individual events, to help fund programmes, or to help make individual impacts. But thanks to the popularization of venues like GoFundMe or Kickstarter, many individuals might find good cause to build a small website for fundraising. Schools with limited budgets can help raise funds for major projects, community groups can raise money for events or improvements, entrepreneurs can fundraise rather than hunt for business loans: the options are endless!

But don’t head out to check the best free website builders for fundraising just yet! WordPress can be the best framework for hosting a fundraising site because it’s free to set up and easy to use. Once fundraising goals are complete, the framework and theme can be adjusted to change to site to a business or event site instead, making seamless transitions when needed. And fortunately, WordPress has several excellent themes designed with fundraising in mind. Most of the themes listed below are premium, meaning they request a small fee; but it can be possible to find free WordPress themes for fundraising.

Charitas WordPress Theme


A polished, streamlined, and relatively simple theme, Charitas is a WordPress theme designed for use by charities, NGOs, and other organizations or individuals which require a theme with built-in widgets which handle aspects of fundraising. Among its top fundraising features is a progress bar which shows the progress of specific campaigns. It also has social share plugged in, and an easy options page to customize its look and feel. Like most WordPress themes these days, it’s fully responsive and compatible with any browser, and integrates easily with PayPal to accept donations for a specific cause.

Charity Life WordPress Theme


The Charity Life theme is another premium theme which is meant to provide many fundraising functions. Unlike several other great themes, Charity Life comes with dedicated updates and support, and its developers have an additional tier of purchase which includes theme installation by its builders. On top of many other perks, the Charity Life theme is optimized for speed, plugged into PayPal for easy donations, and is multilanguage ready. It has an automatic progress bar for fundraising campaigns which is updated after each donation or payment, and has an impressive roster of shortcodes to help add unique functions to create a dynamic look for your fundraising website.

Heal WordPress Theme


The Heal theme, though specifically build with non-profit organizations in mind, can be a great theme to use for fundraising. Built with bootstrap and HTML5, it’s a top-tier theme that offers the latest and greatest in terms of web-design trends, including parallax functions, different layout options, and more. Heal is a one-page theme, meaning clicks on the menu direct visitors to different portions of the home page, which allow swift loading and reduced dropoffs. Fundraising campaigns can be designated by amazing parallax sliders, options on the owl carousel, or by other means. It’s also got several premium options wrapped in the theme, including the Isotope Gallery, specialized Paypal options, and intuitive calendars. Heal has a very easy-to-use administrator dashboard, a pricing table shortcode for organizations which either sell items or provide different levels of fundraising donations, and even comes optimized for great SEO right out of the box.

Other Considerations

A great theme can help promote a fundraising project beautifully and efficiently, but anyone intending to launch a website for fundraising should consider other issues as well before launching. For example, how to expose more people to your fundraiser? What copywriting might yield higher donations? Website marketing, SEO, or PPC should always be budgeted into opening a fundraising website to ensure it nets the most funds possible, and split-testing colors, fonts, copywriting, and other details can net dramatically higher donations.

20 video background WordPress themes and website templates

A year and a half ago a new technique was embraced by more and more web designers. It’s about using video backgrounds and nowadays this has become something common. The clients and Internet users were impressed by them, which is why today we have a constant rise of this kind of websites.
Using videos seems simple and effective, but the reality is a little bit different. There are some factors that must be taken into account. Firstly, one has to deal with the file size because if this is too large, it may take ages to load and as you all know the Internet users are the most impatient beings. Secondly, the video may distract people from the content. Consequently, choosing the video isn’t a simple task, it must match both the content and the website style. Thirdly, a video background may negatively affect the user experience; for example, it’s difficult to place the navigational menu in order not to hurt the video.
In spite of these major issues, video background websites are appreciated and surely the designers will find even better solutions. If you aren’t convinced about the mighty power of video background, we have collected 20 awesome WordPress themes and website templates based on this kind of background.


Many developers claim that their themes are multipurpose, but in fact just a slight part of them really are. Elano is a great example that will prove what a multipurpose theme is; anyone who uses this theme has in fact eight different layouts. It may be used for portfolios, creative agencies or shops, but also for other kind of projects. It contains a drag and drop page builder, therefore the user has all it takes to create a wonderful website.


We live and work in urban communities and from time to time a small break from this environment is pure gold. Equally is designed for creative agencies or for business purposes and the video background is exhibiting a natural landscape that has the purpose to relax the viewers. It is definitely, a smart idea, but if you do not agree with it, you may replace the video.


The ideas of adding videos depicting images from nature is common because in this way the users are better connected with the website. Folix is another theme that uses a video background that exhibits some great landscapes. However, it has other features that should make you interested in it, such as custom header, footer and sidebar, shortcode generator, filterable portfolio or pie chart skills. It is pretty interesting, isn’t it?


Oswald is a very good looking WordPress theme that is suitable for portfolios. Besides the nice video background, the users will be satisfied with the very readable and pleasant fonts, the smart use of negative space and with the creative vertical timeline.


Oxygen is a Bootstrap based theme that is created to express good taste, modernism and luxury. This being said, its video background emphasizes exactly these features.


Swagger is a theme for e-commerce activities and its video background is the most interesting one from this list. I thought it would be a good idea to use a video to present the products, but instead this video it’s full of attitude and good taste. I guess that it’s better to check it yourself and use the comment form to let us know your impression.


Full-screen background videos are cool and the items that were listed above are only just a few examples. Still, as everything in life, it can’t be 100% positive. One of the most important downside is the UX- we, the designers instantly understand how to get to the next page or to achieve what we want, but I very much doubt it that all the average users will know how to navigate to the desired webpage. Anyway, the theme is wonderful and it deserves your attention.


Modernism and dynamism are two must-have features of a creative agency portfolio. Crystal is a theme built having these features in mind and the background video emphasizes this fact by presenting a group of people walking in a big city.


North is a complex theme that comes in no more than 14 versions, including a video background one. The user has the possibility to adjust the pages using a powerful page builder; therefore it’s impossible not to be satisfied with this theme.


A creative agency must be as original as possible in order to attract people. Reflex is a theme that offers an original and eye-catching solution: an abstract video background and some very motivating slogans. If you aren’t content with this solution, you have other seven different versions of this theme!


T.Joy is a theme dedicated to astronomy projects, but it can be customized for a large variety of programs. I like the background video very much (it presents three videos from space) and I also believe that the sliders and the animation effects are extremely cool. So if you are interested in it, please check the preview. It will surely captivate you.


I have no doubt that Thrill is the perfect page for those who love white space. The entire website is based only on white background, except the homepage where a video showcasing hibernal landscapes works as a background. The excessive use of white gives this theme a special elegancy and you should definitely take advantage of it!


Eight is a very complex website template: it has 8 beautiful homepages for two demo modes: for photographers and for creative agencies. Of course, there is also a homepage having a video background. It’s responsive and simple and it allows the viewer to focus on the items mentioned in the portfolio. So, this way you have a bigger chance of getting contacted.


The video background of Defrag is black and white, but in spite of the lack of colors, it gives a very dynamic aspect to the website. The video is only a teaser, because the entire template is really nice and it’s very suitable for any kind of modern online presence.


If you need a modern website template, but you don’t like the previous one, then Standalone is another solution. It’s a single page template that matches agency or business projects, whose core values are the high quality, modernism and dynamism.


Flipping is a website that may be characterized by having a strong and interesting contrast. I like very much the idea of combining webpages based on dark colors with those focused on white shades. Also, the white-black and yellow combination assures the most powerful contrast. Flipping is responsive and by taking into account the strong contrast it’s pretty clear that mobile users won’t encounter problems when visiting the website.


This website template perfectly matches a creative agency or a freelancer that loves the minimalistic approach. Even though the template is minimalistic, the customization options are almost endless and every user may fully express his/her style and ideas.


Elegance will captivate all the users with the unique slide of the navigational menu. Of course, there are many other features that are interesting, such as its 10 home variants. At the same time, this is responsive and retina ready, it has unlimited colors, free support and 35+ PDF pages of manual support.


Phoenix is a very complex website template that offers two variants of website: one single page or a multipage one. It’s build on Bootstrap 3, so it’s responsive and retina ready. The creators of the templates really paid attention to all the details, from animated counters and progress bars to 404 webpage and portfolio filtering.



Traveler isn’t suitable for a large area of projects like the themes and website templates mentioned above, but it’s perfect for travelling schemes. It has everything a website needs, in order to be appreciated by travelers. The video background exhibits various places, the whether widget will let you know whether you should wear warm clothes or not, the testimonials are written by other travelers, while the top destinations may give you a precious hint about what’s worth visiting. So, it’s a pretty interesting template, isn’t it?
I hope that these themes and templates convinced you that a background video may work as a magnet for some Internet users. Therefore, it’s a pity not to benefit from this situation. Do you like video backgrounds? Please let us know your opinion by using the comment form and get in touch with us via Facebook and Twitter.

20 WordPress themes suitable for blogs or news magazines

A significant part of the web design & development community have criticized WordPress that it’s unable to provide a good environment for e-commerce activities. Another part isn’t satisfied because WordPress isn’t the best solution for corporate projects. No matter how far WordPress will evolve, there will always be people that won’t be satisfied with it. In spite of this context, WordPress has its major importance in the Internet evolution that can’t be denied.
People often forget that WordPress was built for sharing ideas and thoughts. The blogs were the main target of WordPress, which is why bloggers want this content management system to remain fully focused only on this aspect. I doubt very much that this thing will be possible, but the WordPress plugins and themes for blogs and news websites must remain a predilection for developers.
Anyway, the ones interested in wonderful WordPress themes for blogs have a large pool of good solutions. If you don’t have enough time or enough patience, we are glad to help you by presenting you a collection of 20 beautiful WordPress themes for blogs and news magazines.


I purposely started with a classic WordPress theme for blogs: Anatomia is a simple theme that will allow the reader to fully focus on the written content. The design is discrete, but at the same time extremely helpful for the reader. For example I was impressed with the filtering options from the main navigational menu (filter by tag, date or category).


Semantic is a very modern theme, based on Bootstrap 3 that may be perfectly enjoyed no matter the devices used. It has three wonderful homepages and many customization options, including five different font pairs.


Spraymag is a very complex theme that integrates into a blog/magazine news a forum and a shop, so practically it may be used for multiple purposes. It’s WordPress 4.0 ready, it has 12 inbuilt styles, 12 custom widgets, 4 page templates, 3 featured content design and many other features that will convince you to give heed to it, in the eventuality that you want to achieve a WordPress theme.


Harmony is a wisely selected name for this theme. The white space and the cleanliness inspire harmony and quietism and I believe that this format is perfect for reading. Still this theme is very modern and it may be used for almost any blogging field.


The previous theme was a very clean one, but it can’t be named minimalist. Well, iBloggo is the perfect theme for those who appreciate the minimalistic style.


Playmag is a theme that fully deserves its place into this honoring list. It has 7 versions of homepage, it is SEO optimized and the blogger may add any types of blog posts. Another plus is the slider from the header; its effects are really eye-catching.


The blogosphere and social media are deeply connected, therefore any blogger should take into consideration adding social media buttons into the layout of his/her blog. This theme is an example of strong social media integration; obviously, it’s an example of good design, too.


If you are in need of a simple WordPress theme for a personal blog, then Bloom seems to be the right option. It may be considered as a classic theme for a blog format.


I believe that this theme is better used for news magazines because in a very small area there are displayed many posts titles without annoying the potential reader. It’s based on the new Google design approach, Material, so it may be a winning theme on the medium term perspective.


Paradeigm is a masonry inspired WordPress theme for blogs and it will impress the viewers with its modern design and the lack of adornments. I think that it’s suitable for urban or lifestyle blog topics.


If you believe that the colors may negatively affect the focus of the readers, then Readolog is another solution for you. It’s simple, but extremely appealing and the blogger has tons of features and tools to create the most engaging posts.


Bettermag is a blog theme that could offer its users a wide range of options. It has unlimited colors, sidebars and fonts and in this context it is impossible for a blogger not to be able to create the desired design of the blog. The developers created 11 different versions of this theme and I think that this says a lot about the complexity of this theme.


Gauge is a theme that is very suitable for gaming reviews. The color scheme and the entire design are created having the preferences of the avid gamers in mind. The review system and the video headers are two options almost indispensable for this kind of projects.


Medium was created as a viable alternative for WordPress and no doubt, it has some features that considerable improve the readability. Vienna is a theme suited for any kind of blog and it is a nice mixture of WordPress and Medium. In conclusion, Vienna is a theme that shouldn’t be neglected if you want to improve your blog.


Blogbox isn’t suitable for news magazine, but it’s the perfect choice for a personal blog. It’s very personal and it gives the impression of warmness, which clearly shows that the lecture would be a pleasure. The centered design and the lack of sidebars give me the impression that it was influenced by the Medium, too.


We often associate blogs with written content which isn’t totally true. Nowadays, there are many blogs that contain video posts and Snaptube is a great theme for such projects. The design is very elegant and the white background is wisely selected because in this way, the eyes of the viewers are better focused on the videos.


Unlike the previous one, this theme perfectly matches a news magazine or a professional blog. The layout allows the viewer to see many blog posts and check out his / her favorite ones. Of course, it’s responsive, retina ready and SEO optimized- these features having a capital importance for a magazine news.


Typist is a theme for bloggers that focuses 100% of their endeavors only on writing, the design being neglected. It doesn’t mean that the theme is poor designed; on the contrary, it’s beautiful, but extremely discrete and lacking unnecessary elements.


Margot is a theme that is suitable for news magazine; it impresses with the nice design and extensive use of images. I guess that the potential readers would be satisfied to read the latest news from a Margot based website.


I purposely added this theme the last, since it represents the inner essence of WordPress: a good user experience, no distraction and typography perfection. Do you agree with me?
Do you have a favorite theme that hasn’t been added here that you like more? In this case, please add it in the comment form, in order for us to be able to insert it in a future collection.

20 amazing WordPress themes suited for education projects

It was approximately 358 BC when Plato founded the Akademia, first institution of higher learning. It’s useless to say that at that time education wasn’t attainable for all the people.
The world evolved in the next 2300 years and education became approachable for anyone interested. Education became a universal right and society progressed along with it.
More than that, along with society development education developed many branches according to nowadays requirements. Primary education can be found almost in any human settlement, any region has a high school and some cities have even more high schools, not to mention the big cities that have at least one college.
The world evolved indeed and we are witnessing its evolution. As you sensed from our introduction, there’s no evolution without education and education evolves accordingly.
This statement is not novelty for none of those who read this. It’s a fact that couldn’t be more obvious than it already is.
Along with education development, more and more education providers appeared to satisfy the demand. It sounds like an economy class but we must face the facts. It’s all about economy. With competition growing, all educational institution felt the need to improve their appearances in order to attract more students.
Going online was a small step in this world of competition and what is more interesting is that it didn’t happen recently. It’s years since educational institution are offering a detailed description of their work, of their results, of students results in the online environment.
Why is today more special than yesterday? Maybe because of the looks. An ancient activity becomes new and more interesting with the proper presentation. To sustain this, we chose a few themes that perfectly illustrate the model of an education project.


It is not a coincidence that we start with Academy. The old ancient Greek name and the idea of online learning are best proof of education’s evolution. All in all a serious theme that offers exactly what is supposed to offer – educational plans.


Education is a classic example of how an education website should look like: simple, serious and right to the point, providing exactly the information needed for any interested student.

My College

Sometimes offering as much details as possible could be the winning card. My College is one of those websites that will not leave any question unanswered.
It sure attracts students to education.

Park College

When so customizable a theme couldn’t be anything but a success. Any client in search for a theme will appreciate the theme as if they were more for the same price. With all education features included, it comes with a plus in multitude of ways of presenting them.

Driving School

Often described as minimal, this type of theme offers more than needed for a small business. Again, although described as fitted for small businesses, its adaptive construction can fill any requirement in the education area.


As opposite to minimal websites there are multipurpose themes. The big advantage of such a theme is that it may be fully customized according to owner’s needs and users’ requirements. All in all we have a complete theme that may become the perfect theme for educational projects if needed.


Just when we were talking about multipurpose themes, it comes a theme special built for education projects. This fact is forcing us to say that when it comes to education there is a word than can describe better this theme than any other – complete.


There’s nothing more suited for online curses than a fresh, modern looking website. At this chapter we couldn’t skip WPLMS.
Since online courses are more and more used, a website like WPLMS represents the future of education. The big words used in the prior statement are well covered by this modern theme. Don’t take it for granted; check it yourself.


Statfort brings us the perfect mixture between classy and modern, between traditional and nonconformity, between old and new. All in all it brings us results. A website looking like this, with so many features and with so many customization options can be only a hit.


Universe is another example of classical adapted to modern environment. As any other theme special built for this purpose it gathers all required features combining them in a modern theme.


This is what complete really means. There is no area in education that University doesn’t cover. And if you find any, the flexibility and customization option will allow you to update it.

Grand College

Just when you say you found the theme, another one comes more powerful and more complete. Grand College has all ingredients to compete for the complete education website. It inspires education.


Another learning management system is Guru. This theme will help both students and professors. In the online courses area, it sure has its place. Take a look and let yourself taught.


Buntington is another website built for education purposes. It gives all the necessary information in a manner accessible for any user. Well structured, sober, it looks exactly as an education related project.


When it comes to online courses, Clever is definitely the clever choice to make, if you allow me the pun. Like many other competitive themes it gathers all the features an online learning management system should have. Offering a multitude of choices for courses presentation, selling or buying it is for sure one of the best themes in this category.


LMS is another mesmerizing theme created for the online learning area. While other websites are giving a modern look to the old idea of education, LMS gives a classy aspect to much newer idea of online learning.


Since University is a common name among education themes, we chose a theme with the same name as a prior one. Is there any room for comparison? Sure, but this is not our purpose. We are just glad to present you another amazing theme. With a dynamic look, University fully showcases the meaning of modern. Should we say that it comes with more variants?

Crafty Hands

A fresh perspective on a branch of education is always welcome. That is why we chose Crafty Hands for this list. It doesn’t differ much on the other themes but it has something special. A dynamic perception on learning, a new vision, these are only a few of the characteristic of this theme.


In order to cover more areas from educational field, we chose to showcase here this theme also. Kindergarten is close to any other education related theme when it comes to information provided. The major difference lays in its look. It couldn’t be other than joyful and colorful as a theme related to kids should be.

Carry Hill

Let’s remain in children’s education area with Carry Hill. As intended, it suits for elementary schools. Comparing to previous themes we observe the mixture of seriousness required for colleges or higher education institutions, but it slips a little of childish in its structure.
As stated at the beginning of this post, evolution requires education and education requires evolution. In a changing world the power to adapt is essential. The themes we showcased here are only a few examples of how education should or could appear online.
Also for evolution reasons, we will gladly wait your opinions regarding this issue. As in Plato’s Akademia, more than 2300 years ago, dialogue will guide us to progress.
And even for a more crowded and interesting dialogue, share this post with your friends on social media.

20 amazing WordPress themes for entertainment projects

“Dreams won’t work unless you do.” Though I don’t remember the author of this statement I guided myself according to this. I’m quite sure that many of you agree and act accordingly.
Work is an important part of our lives and no matter the area of activity, we follow pretty much the same patterns. The evolution changed in many ways the work we do but it didn’t change the need itself for work. Either we like it or not, we have to work.
Another undeniable fact is that we are not robots. We can’t work 24/7. We have enough energy for a daily job, for daily jobs if there are many, we have energy for any freelance activity we might have but we always need a break. I began my idea saying that we are not robots but also the robots need maintenance.
There are many ways people choose to “recharge the batteries”. Listening to music, enjoying the good food in a quiet restaurant or simply a lunch break in a café are only a few choices people make in order to come back fresh and ready for work.
While some people enjoy their leisure time, other people must work in order to make this possible. Those involved in entertainment industry know this better than anyone else. The same rule applies in the design area too. When entrepreneurs need an astonishing online presence, designers must work hard to provide quality.
Creating websites related to entertainment is a pleasant job. Designers have the chance to be as creative they can. This job still requires a lot of work since people with various tastes will be the judges for their work.
I am afraid that too many words will keep you away from the true meaning of entertainment projects as seen online. Let’s get closer to it by analyzing some WordPress themes related to this.


For those willing to design a theme for a restaurant, Berg is a fine example. No need to say that is functional on many levels (any nowadays responsiveness is a mandatory condition for any website). With many other interesting features like blogs, galleries, booking section, Berg is a really tasty theme.


If I were into music industry my website would look pretty much like Angkloon. This is a complete theme for any music project. Shop, event list, photo and video galleries and blog sections cover all areas of a music project.


What I always loved in design was originality. There is no surprise as all those who benefit from this love the same thing. Smooth is a theme that shows a lot of originality. Great ideas are simple and this theme fully emphasizes this. It covers all areas of a music project in a simpler manner by highlighting the exact information needed to be offered.


The expression culinary art used to describe the food making process finds from time to time its true meaning. Extremely talented chefs transform an ordinary habit into an art. Triven is the theme that makes the design an art in the restaurant business. Although a multipurpose theme, it is perfect for a restaurant project.


Colette is a perfect WordPress theme for any restaurant, brasserie, pub, bar or any other restaurant business. This theme is focused both on interacting with the online audience and on products provided.

Night Rock

NightRock is another theme that would delight music fans and any other visitors. This is a complete theme focused on selling (WooCommerce support) but also it keeps all the other elements required for a competitive music website.


Munch is another tasty theme. Ideal for restaurants, bars, cafes this theme will sure attract any business owner and what’s more important the clients.


Unlike other themes designed as multipurpose themes, Kataleya is special designed for restaurants, pizza and coffee shops. The best part is that it contains 3 themes, one for each particular business. A delight, isn’t it?

Vocal Music Event

Music is in many occasions more than a hobby. Vocal fully highlights this statement. This is a complete theme for any music business you might be into. All elements are combined in such harmony that will make you wonder if it looks great or it sounds better.

The flavour

In any business seriousness is mandatory in order to attract clients. Restaurants have always applied this principle. The Flavour is a fine example of how a classy theme should look alike. Seriousness and hospitality are the two words inspired by this theme.


Just from first “steps” into Glamour Nightclub theme you get into party zone. No matter you own a nightclub, you want to go to a nightclub or you want to design a theme for. You will get inspired on every level to party.


As a music fan I was always in search for websites related to music. It is a real pleasure to find a theme built with this purpose in mind. Event is ideal for an event (who would have guessed?) planning website. Future and past events are brought to life by cool animation effects.


Another complete music-bands theme is Spikes. It offers you all the elements for a band or singer willing to be known worldwide. Worldwide becomes even easier to achieve with WPML feature. Your events, album releases will be read in over 40 languages.


Smart, modern, robust and amazingly customizable, Nosh is another mouth-watering theme. Any restaurant becomes more accessible and attractive with such a theme.


When you offer more is a sure thing that you’ll be noticed. Garnish is one of those themes that cover all demands. There is no requirement in restaurant businesses area not to be answered by this theme. Book your table now!


The many options that Clubix theme offers compel us to save a place in this list. It is a perfect theme to illustrate the nightlife – crowded, busy, offering and entertaining.


Beatheaven is another music WordPress theme that will delight both your eyes and ears. Built on a classic template, it shows its originality in multitude of features included.



When competition is harsh, originality is the key. Unik is a theme that gives a lesson on how should things be done the same but completely different. You will find all the needed features for a music website and more.

Good ol Wine

Good Ol’ Wine is a theme created for wine enthusiasts and wineries. It is of course built in a classy and elegant style that will make you see the glass half full.

Sweet Life

I don’t avoid using the word “minimal” but I prefer to use “smart” instead. Sweet Life theme is a theme that focuses entirely on presenting the products. This is a good theme for restaurants and ideal for cafés. It will sure sweeten your business.

Showcasing a list in design industry is always a challenging task because of the many possible choices. Unfortunately this list is more or less subjective. If there are themes that you find suited for this list, share with us your opinion. Also don’t forget to share this post with your friends via social media.

20 stunning corporate WordPress themes

Entrepreneurship is a very trendy word and more and more people, especially the young ones are very attracted by the core values of the entrepreneurial spirit. The main idea of capitalism is to let people make profit from their business. In my humble opinion, entrepreneurship is the modern shape of the “old” capitalism. Altogether, we have passed a devastating economic crisis and people are very careful when investing money. In other words, any mistake may be deadly for the profitability of a business.
The online environment is already a business environment and the web designers doesn’t create websites just to look wonderful and be efficient. The new websites must be profitable! Of course, it’s not an easy job to do it!
For your inspiration we collected 20 stunning corporate WordPress themes. All are very carefully selected, but if we missed your favorite corporate WordPress then please let us know and it will be added into a next post.


Craft is a theme that will make you say “wow” no matter the device used. The first thing to notice at this theme is how the menu is changing depending on the display size; I like very much how the theme looks for smartphone and tablet. Secondly, the theme is multipurpose and it’s suitable for any kind of businesses. Thirdly, the design is very clean and modern, definitely must have features of a corporate WordPress theme.


The ones interested in a very modern corporate WordPress theme must check Final. It’s very recent launched, but I bet that it will be a best seller. It comes in eight versions and all of them are modern, clean and complete.


The features of this corporate WordPress theme speak for themselves: almost 1000 subpages, 7 editable headers, 11 types of post page, 5 types of blog page, WooCommerce support, Revolution Slider, full responsiveness and retina ready. Beside these, the extensive use of white creates a special relationship with the viewer and overall this theme will play a big role in attracting more clients.


Diamond is a very interesting corporate WordPress theme that is extremely customizable and it’s suitable for any kind of business, both for large enterprises to individual freelancers. The theme has a custom sidebar manager and a visual composer and practically any pixel may be tailored according to the needs of the user.


Achieving this theme is a very smart idea because it’s one of the most beautiful one. Boson is very customizable, the user may select from boxed or wide layout, there are tons of webpages to select from and most important for corporate WordPress themes, it’s SEO optimized.


Magnet is a theme that can’t be ignored. Firstly, it’s touch friendly so the smartphone or tablet users won’t have troubles accessing it. Secondly, it comes in four different versions (Creative, Business, Parallax, Catalog) that are wonderfully designed. Thirdly, the customization options are high advanced- the user see in real time how the buttons may be tailored. Obviously, there are many other cool options, but these would be discovered by you!


Flat design is maintaining its top position in the preferences of the users and many WordPress developers create awesome flat based themes. Flap is one of them and it is very suitable for any kind of business project. It’s appreciable the simplicity of the theme, but at the same time, it is very complex. The buyers have tons of pages to select from and this is a guaranty that the website made up using this theme will be a huge success.


This theme stands apart due to the beautiful color scheme used and due to the nice timeline styled blog. Another original feature of this theme is the use of sliders that give a plus to the dynamism chapter.


Initially, I thought that Gabby is just a great corporate WordPress theme that deserves to be added into this honoring collection. Likely, there is another feature aside the good design: the impressive customization settings. Try it to make a complete idea about!!!


Jomelle is a theme that is multipurpose: it may be used for corporate purposes but also as a portfolio or a blog. It’s simple, visually appealing, and it’s designed having the user in mind. The abundance of white space is another plus and it helps a lot the visitors to focus on the content.


Arkitekt is specially destined for architect businesses, but it may be easily tailored for other kind of business projects. The sliding effects are the most attractive part of this theme, while the font used in the header menu is the poorest choosing. Anyway, in just few seconds it may be modified.


Human is a very simple theme that is perfectly matching for a creative agency. Everything is reduced at the minimum, just to assure a good experience for the users. Despite of its simplicity, the creators worked a lot and paid great attention to any detail. As an example, please notice the difference of the menu in mobile display and in other formats. (If you didn’t notice, see the menu that is white for smartphone displays – to be more noticeable, and black in the rest of cases).


Troia may be used both as a one page or multi page website. The color scheme is really wise selected: the background is white and the various items are black or yellow- the most powerful contrast. Of course, this fact substantially contributes to a better experience for the users.


Adv is a multipurpose one page WordPress theme that will impress any potential customer with the nice hover effects and the dynamism of the various items. Besides that, it can’t be neglected the quality of the design- simple, but effective.


Torque is a great corporate WordPress theme that may be equally used as a portfolio, a blog or a business website. The multiple tailoring options are the ones that assure the universality of the theme. The single constant element is the beauty of the design!


Doors is a one page WordPress theme that expresses modernism, freshness and high standards and all these features are capital for a corporate theme. Another plus of the theme are the CSS animations and transitions- congratulation to the coder!


A mega menu is useful even for corporate projects, even though these are specific to online stores. A huge problem is the rendering of mega menus for smartphones. If you want to see a successful transformation then you should check Embrace, a corporate WordPress theme. Obviously, this theme has many other cool features that “forced” me to add it in this list.

Event Me

The landing page of this theme is unusual, but it might be very useful in some cases. Promoting an event- a product launch, a met-up or a new business conception is something mandatory in the corporate world and this theme is specially created for these situations. The counter is beautifully designed and surely will captivate the attention of the viewers.


The power of example is colossal and the developers of Official knew it; they created no more than 20 demos based on their theme. In other words, the users may see 20 examples of how to use this theme. Check them and let us know your favorite one!


Minimalistic approach is suitable for any kind of websites, including corporate ones. Better is a minimalist theme that is destined for business purposes; for the ones that are in love with extreme simplicity it is the best solution.
I hope that these themes impressed you and maybe you will use one of them for your corporate website. It will be great to know which one is your favorite!

20 amazing WordPress themes for travelling projects

Our presence in the online environment is mostly related to work. That is a fact no one can deny. There are aspects in this work that refer to creativity, fun and entertainment but this isn’t a rule or the main reason for us being here.
Sometimes though, being a designer, no matter if you work for a company or as a freelancer, turns to be a really entertaining job. I think many of you found at least once that working for projects that require creativity could be fun. That must have been the feeling of those who created themes for travelling projects.
Although a sensitive job, which needs an attractive seriousness, creating themes for travelling projects is always a stimulating job. The amount of information is usually huge and amazing structures are needed to make all the information at hand.
When is about travelling people need a preview of the memories they are about to share, that is why another aspect, not important but mandatory is the photo area of a theme.
Covering such a huge area, this topic is better illustrated by the creation itself. In order to support our opinion, we invite you to analyze, to admire the following WordPress themes. You will find more than information and pictures.

Trendy Travel


Paradise Cove










Welcome Inn


Love Travel


Nation Hotel


Bed Breakfast




Book Your Travel




Viva Hotel Premium


Anchor Inn Hotel


Tour Package


Grand Hotel


Royal Gold




Paradise Hotel

Most likely you were impressed by the mixture of business seriousness and creativity. We are quite sure that you were inspired either to travel, or to create a theme for travelling projects of your own.
We are also sure that by “travelling” on the Internet you found many other interesting WordPress themes for travelling projects. They can compete to these from the list or they can join to fulfill all the demands, that is why we invite you to share with us your opinions and with your friends our post.

20 themes, templates and plugins for a creative agency website

Internet is no longer a place for information exchange, even though this was the initial purpose of the Internet creators. Nowadays, the online environment is turning, more and more, into a realm of entrepreneurs. Altogether, the Internet is an unlimited informational resource and all of us are free to use it. The huge Internet growing positively affects our daily life and we should be thankful to the ones that realized this fact: the web designers.
The websites wouldn’t look so beautiful unless the web designers worked hard to satisfy the client’s requirements. People constantly need more and better websites, which means that the designers work under huge pressure, almost on a daily basis. The competition amongst web designers is pretty harsh and it determines that only the best to survive in this field.
A capital reference for any designer or creative agency is the portfolio. It’s a website or a social media account where only the best works created are showcased. In fact, a portfolio is the identity card of the designer/creative agency. No doubt, a single modest item added into the portfolio has the potential to “convince” people to search for other solutions.
If you want to create a portfolio or the actual one doesn’t look good then we have good news for you. We created a list of 20 themes, templates and plugins that may be used for a portfolio. Each item from this list was carefully analyzed; therefore here is the crème de la crème!


One single page websites are very appreciated by the average Internet users, so having a portfolio based on this idea sounds as a good solution. Vesa is a great WordPress theme, Bootstrap based, retina ready that is very customizable. It’s suitable for modern creative agencies and personally, I think that is one of the most attractive theme released this year. What do you think? Am I right?


Strap is a WordPress theme designed for creative agencies, too. This theme is very nice and funny, therefore it’s recommended using it only if the core values of the agencies don’t require a more formal approach. Even though the theme is funny, it doesn’t mean that the team that developed it isn’t serious. They fully deserve our prides because the theme is very complex and good looking.


Lion is a WordPress theme that comes in seven different skins and I’m sure that its features will convince anyone that it is a very reliable solution for a good portfolio: drag & drop builder, normal or one page format, vertical or horizontal header, full width or boxed design, many cool sliders etc.


A good portfolio should let the user focus on the items showcased rather than impress with its various effects and animations. The ones that embrace these ideas must look closer to Brackets – a WordPress theme that is discrete and simple.


Studio9 is the prototype of a good looking complete portfolio. The cool flat design reveals the modern approach of the team while the “About us” page creates a more personal relationship with the potential customers.


Metroid is a very simple Metro style based WordPress theme. It’s more suitable for freelance web designers because it’s extremely simple and it looks very similar to a v-card. In spite of its simplicity, any potential customer may have a clear idea about the skills of the designers in just few seconds.


One is a very modern and elegant website template. In addition to a good looking layout, there are other features as HTML5 video sliders and full screen players, Google Maps API support, Font-awesome icons that made it stand apart from other templates.


Xstream is another modern website template. Its customization options are endless, the creators presenting five different versions of this template. The landing page is Metro inspired and it definitely gets a good mark at the originality chapter.


Superme is a website template created for the ones that don’t have web design skills or/and don’t have too much time to create and maintain their portfolio. The landing page is a huge grid of images featuring the previous works. Simple, but effective, isn’t it?

Jolly Folio

This website template impressed me due to the smart use of negative space and the big, bold and readable typography. The template may be used for multiple purposes, but it’s the most suitable for creative agencies.


Jana is an example of good design. This template is made of the “classic” components of a portfolio, so you may think that it has nothing special. Altogether, if you choose to see the life preview, you will be amazed by the design aesthetics. In conclusion, I added it here!


Eshra is an Adobe Muse template that is more suitable for freelancers that are passionate about photography. The black and white color combination creates a special atmosphere that will impress the customers. It comes in three versions: Static, Fullscreen Video and Fullscreen Slider Background and all of them look pretty good.

Portfolio Muse

Portfolio Muse is a very standard, but pleasant portfolio that seems more suitable for individual freelancers. The flat design and the parallax effect create a modern and dynamic approach while the simplicity of the template will create the idea of a pragmatic and efficient freelancer. Under these circumstances, it’s almost sure that the clients will contact the respective freelancer.


A good modality of impressing the potential customers is the use of an attractive slider. CCSlider is a really stunning plugin that provides the user with a huge array of sliding options. You may check the demo to see the effects and I am sure that you will be fascinated by it!

Cube Slider

Cube Slider is a plugin that creates a 3D sliding effect. By installing this plugin you will add a plus of dynamism and originality to the website. Let’s hope that the customers will resist to the sliding temptations and will focus on the items exposed.

Contact Form

Let’s suppose that the works showcased in the portfolio convinced the potential customers to ask for your services. Don’t you think it would be a pity if they changed their mind due to a poor contact form? It won’t ever happen if you install this plugin; it creates a beautiful contact form that is connected with Google Maps.

Premium SEO Pack

No matter how visually appealing a portfolio is or how well done are the projects exhibited, without being on the first positions in the search of the clients everything is in vain. SEO Pack is a complete plugin that will help in making your portfolio way “friendlier” with the spiders of the search engines.

SEO Studio

SEO Study is another plugin that helps the users to obtain a better search engine positioning. It contains 32 tools for better optimization as Estimate PageRank, Analyze Links, Website Speed Test, and Check Headers so it’s obvious that it’s a powerful plugin that shouldn’t be missed.


In order to let people know the latest offers & news, it’s a good idea, from time to time, to send them an email. A newsletter plugin may resolve this fact and MyMail is one of the best solutions. It has tons of options, including a complete analyze of the newsletters sent.

Social Media Tabs

Finally, the last item from this list is a plugin that will help the portfolio owners to have a solid social media presence. It’s one of the most complete plugins that is very customizable and no doubt, it manages to satisfy everyone’s tastes.
If you want to create a stunning portfolio, I hope that these themes, templates and plugins will be useful for you. It will be great to know if any of the above items helped you in creating a new one or if they have improved your existing portfolio.