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20 extremely useful .psd resources to learn creating stunning websites

Learning web design isn’t simple at all. Studying web design in high school is very expensive and to amortize the student loan is required a long period of time. Altogether, the web evolves very rapidly and it’s no surprise that what you learn in the first year to be totally outdated immediately after graduation.
Learning by yourself is a way cheaper solution, but there is no diploma to guarantee the skills of the individual. Unfortunately, some design agencies consider primordial the existence of a diploma in order to hire a new member. It’s not so simple to be a designer, as so many people wrongly judged.
Crying and being pessimistic aren’t beneficial- the same circumstances are for everyone. The positive aspect is that many designers have managed to resist into this climate and some of them created amazing works. Therefore, why not keep working and try to become the best?
The matter of success is a very delicate subject and the overall conclusion is that the resolving equation of it is formed from way too many “x”s in order to have a clear answer. Still, passion and hard work seem to have a more serious contribution than other items. Passion is fully depending on each one mental, but working hard and wise is a matter that can be improved across time.
We know that the time of the web designers is very limited and we prepared for them a surprise. Into this post we will present 20 wonderful .psd resources created by very talented designers. There is no better way to learn than practicing, so you may replicate the files (of course, just for sharpening the skills and not for commercial purposes!!!). Enjoy these and don’t forget to let us know which your favourite was!

One Genius

This resource consists in 3 .psd files that are the backbone of a great website. The ones that buy it may use OneGenius to create a stunning website or for studying how a creative team imagined a wonderful portfolio. The design is very modern, flat based, so there are enough reasons to profit from this opportunity!


These .psd files are looking similar to the previous ones, but there are still major differences. It has a special color combination and definitely it has the power to attract the viewers. Still, both of them may be considered a living example of good aesthetics!


If you need a modern website template or to study how to create one, then Sweep is a good solution for you. It contains some amazing .psd resources- in fact the files of a modern flat website. Another strong point of this website template is the color scheme- the template is a joy of color!


I think that these .psd resources are very useful. The pack contains ten files, enough to build various types of websites. Probably, Secundo is the best for amateur web designers because the combinations of fonts, colors and shapes reveal the great experience and the talent of the team.

Flat pixel

It’s impossible as a designer not to be interested in the nice illustrations added into this .psd template. All of them are looking very cool and surely the template fully deserves the money invested.


If you need a 100% flat inspired website template, then Flatible is for you. Everything is created to respect the core values of flatness, but of course, these are integrated into a good looking format. No doubt, this .psd resource is a must have for anyone interested in flat design.


These .psd resources impress everyone due to elegance and the smart use of typography. I felt in love with the pricing tables and the buttons inserted. It’s a very good template that may be used to create a stunning website.


Translucent is an old item for sale, but the quality is timeless. The design isn’t flat based; it’s about how to creatively use the transparency of images to create stunning effects. Overall is a nice design and it’s a great opportunity to remember how the design was before flat has come into scene.


Yuri consists of two files that are the support of a good looking website. The files obtain a great mark at the originality chapter, the sci-fi font being probably the most original idea. No doubt, any designer may learn tons of tricks and best practices from these files.


Don’t consider me as an enemy of flat design, but a good designer should know to create layouts based on different design styles. Atlantica is a great collection of .psd resources revealing that the beauty of good design is timeless.


Of course, we are aware that clients need fresh and modern websites. This template is in opposition with the previous two items, but they have in common the high quality of the .psd files. Cobalt is an example of pure flat, it’s almost a must have resource for a designer.


I am in doubt about, but maybe some people don’t like the previous template. Well, if you need a great flat website template, then Miinus is another wonderful solution. It contains 14 files, only top quality design.


Gaming industry is perpetually growing and there is a constant need of websites for game lovers. These projects are extremely difficult to create because the designer must recreate the dynamism of a game. This template is the work of a great team because it looks very well and any game lovers will be captivated by it.


Angelicas is a black and white creation that compensates the lack of colors with a good looking layout. This is suitable for original creative agencies or for portfolios. By sure, it will stay apart from the competitors.


If you want an original template but at the same time, you love the colors, then Spaceman is the best choice. The website is built in origami style, the shapes are really impressive. I believe that you will learn a lot if you buy this template.


Mozart is a template that is based on flat design and the overall impression is that the designer took care for any pixel of it. Everything is well designed respecting the laws of beautiful design. Congratulations to the creator!

T Joy

T Joy is my favourite from this list; this template consists in tons of wonderfully created items and analysing each of them is a must if you bought it. It’s a very complex .psd file, but it’s well structured so studying the layers is very comfortable.

R Gen

The entrepreneurs are investing serious amounts of money in launching new online stores and as a consequence, the designers should create very attractive e-commerce layouts. This template will help very much because it has the psd. files of a well-crafted e-commerce presence.


Another kind of business that is very common on Internet is car renting. Of course, the designers are demanded to create websites to stay in front of the competitors and this template is undoubtedly, one the most good looking one.
I hope that these files will be useful to you. I tried to assure a variety of design approaches, but it was impossible not to give a special attention to flat design. If you create a stunning psd file, please submit it to us and we will gladly add here to delight our readers.

Six efficient tips to combine work, school and family

They say that Napoleon was the only person who was able to do more things at once, but taking into consideration the development of the society we live in these days, it seems that we all had to acquire a multi-tasking nature. The chaos that we all have to deal with, on a daily basis could be quite overwhelming, however, if you will decide to take into consideration the following pieces of advice, you will succeed on living a balanced and harmonious life. So, direct your attention towards the lines that are to come, because these will show you how to combine work, school and family.

Organize your schedule

When I started working as a freelance web designer I noticed that my schedule allowed me to go to college, too. I realized that I had to make several compromises in order to have a happy family life, to be successful at work and also to be a responsible student. Maybe at first it was harder because everything started to pile up before I had the chance to organize my schedule. But once I understood that my agenda is going to be full of inflexible parts, such as class time and work days, I managed to organize everything in a suitable manner. I built a routine that I knew I was able to comply with, but at the same time I made sure that this is adjustable, in case family matters would come up. I made sure that I would manage to go to almost all my classes and I also respected all the deadlines of my projects, since my reputation was at stake. Besides I included lots of hours of study in my agenda, in case some family crises would occur I would still have time to take care of my student duties.

Inform the others about your schedule

When you have a relaxed living style, others rely on you to help them with some of their chores. Well, when I started school this changed and I immediately communicated my new program to those that depended on me, in order not to mess their plans. I talked to my clients and I sent them my new working hours, so that they would know when to contact me. At the same time, I asked the members of my family to help me and to take some of my responsibilities off my shoulders, so that I would manage to conform to my new life style. Also, I asked some friends from college to try to understand me and to help me keep up with school, those times that it was practically impossible for me to make it to classes.

Organize your materials

Your life will start to complicate once you will begin to squeeze all these in your time, but if you won’t organize your materials well, then your difficulties will double. As a result, make sure that everything from school is placed accordingly in neat and clear folders. Also, your work stuff must be taken care of, so that you won’t mess things up. However, the most important thing of all is not to mix these two up. Not that these are archenemies or anything, but if you can’t find the limit between work and school, you won’t manage to combine them. As far as I am concerned, whenever I had upcoming deadlines I marked these in the calendar; as for the school projects I started them early enough, in order to have sufficient time for them, too.

Deal with stress

I must be honest and I must confess that stress will make room in your life, too. You will feel that you don’t have enough time for your family, that school is too complicated, and that you can’t concentrate on your work, as much as you would like to. However, you shouldn’t give up, but you should learn how to deal with it. Take a break when you feel that you have had enough and go out with your kids and partner and take a fresh breath of air. Find an activity that would relax you because sports play an important role in living a healthy life. Take long walks, run, swim, or play tennis, in order to chase the stress away. At the same time, watching movies or reading a book will be extremely helpful.

Stay away from unrealistic tasks

When you had fewer responsibilities maybe it was easier for you to take on more projects and to be more involved in your family life. Don’t get me wrong; one should never neglect his or her family for work or school. However, since you have embarked in this journey you must be okay with the thought that you are no longer able to solve all the issues at home. As far as work is concerned, one must stay away from those projects that would imply a lot of work in a relatively short time. Now, you are no longer in the position to accept such projects. And if you are a person who likes to lead then you would certainly like to be the first at school and to be in charge of certain activities and groups. Once again, your schedule is pretty full for you to start doing something like this. Thus, set your priorities straight, stay positive and acknowledge the fact that you are no longer able to accomplish everything you have set out to do due to your busy agenda.

Don’t forget why you are doing this

I must admit that there were times when it all seemed too hard for me to keep doing it. I was on the verge of quitting school, so that I could take better care of my family and job. But, fortunately I had a great team around me who advised me well. They reminded me that I was doing this, so that I could have a better life and therefore I continued doing them all. So, you should all keep in mind that work, family and school may seem like a full plate, but since you have accepted this challenge you must complete it. Therefore, keep your goals in mind and never think of quitting.
So, maybe at first it may seem that you are trying to do too much, but remember others have done it before you, so you can do it to. If you will take these suggestions into consideration you will surely manage to do a great job.

20 fresh and retina ready display website templates

Responsive design is no longer something extraordinary and daily tons of websites are converted for a better experience when browsing from handheld devices. It’s true that some aspects are not fully resolved, but the future seems bright as long as the entire design and development world is focused on resolving these.
One of the most important aspects to resolve is the implementation of retina ready display. We previously presented what a retina display supposes and how it influenced the designers and the modality of making websites. Anyway, a website that is adapted for retina display is a beautiful experience and I think that no user should be deprived of enjoying it.
I guess that in the current year more and more designers will create websites by taking into account the retina display and it will be a real delight for the users. If you need more inspiration or you need a retina ready display website template, then this post is for you. Here are collected 20 fresh and good looking templates that are optimised for retina display. It was a very difficult, but at the same time pleasant activity to select only 20 templates, because the Internet is full of wonderful creations. In the eventuality that I missed your favourite one, please add it in the comment form and I will gladly add it into a next post.


Szia is a wonderful retina ready website that is suitable for portfolios or creative agencies. It’s a single page website, using HD images and it’s flat based – all the attributes of a modern online presence. The user has three different homepage versions, some predefined colors and the code is based on HTML5 and CSS3. I guess that this template has all the “ingredients” to be considered an interesting item, isn’t it?


Ichi is a good looking and complete website template. It has three versions (parallax, video, slider) and ten color schemes. Much more, Ichi is based on two styles, Dark and Light. Taking into account these options it’s crystal clear that in fact here is more than a template. Adding that it’s responsive and build with Bootstrap 3 you have a complete idea about this template.


The template creators mentioned that it’s well coded and any advanced sequence is well explained using the comments; also, they claim to provide very detailed support. By judging after the design of the layout, it’s impossible not to observe the special care for details, it’s obvious their professionalism. A very good template, isn’t it?


No doubt, Blume is created to impress – everything was well-designed and all the small details were carefully analysed. It may be used for fashion projects, but also for creative agency. The jQuery effects are really cool and these are amplified by the cool images used. What do you think, it’s the most good looking template from here?


Slope is another must see retina ready website template. It’s impossible not to fall in love with the modern and bold style of the template. The strong points of it are the jQuery effects, the big and bold typography, the unusual format of the webpages and the possibility of the color customisation.


Basix may be defined as the prototype of the 2013 website. It’s ultra-responsive, both tablet and smartphone versions assure a great user experience and it’s flat design inspired. Also, it’s a retina ready construction and it’s eliminated any unnecessary clutter. Overall, the template is superb and it might be a solution for your future projects.


Newgate comes with tons of options, therefore there is a slight chance not to be satisfied with: the template may be full width or boxed, the portfolio may be displayed in three different layouts and the user has the possibility of selecting any color he wants.


For the ones that need an original and wonderful retina ready website, 3Angle is the perfect solution. The angular shapes are original and give a special look to the webpages. The design is very clean and modern, very suitable for creative agencies or portfolios. Definitely, it has five stars rating at the originality chapter!


Light is a clean lovely retina ready website template. It’s clean and simple and no matter which color skin you select, it looks awesome. If you love simplicity, then this template is for you!

Save the World

Charity websites must have two features: the homepage must be extremely appealing, it must convince the users to pay attention and the images used must create tension. This template successfully incorporates these two traits and the result is great.


Float isn’t a fully website template, it’s a great under construction template. It looks so cool, that simply forced me to add into this list. The template has three different versions and all of them are stunning. Maybe these are not very suitable for more serious projects, but undoubtedly, these will make curious any visitor!


Unlikely as the previous example, this one is very complex and suitable for multiple kinds of projects. The strong point of this one is constituted by the huge pallet of options to customise: 3 homepage variations (slider, video and parallax), multi or one page versions, five color skins, page transitions 3D effects (check the preview to make an idea, I fell in love with these) and many other useful features.


Corporative is a great template, it has six versions and all of them are very different. It is suitable for any kind of project, from corporate and creative agency to various shops. Corporative is a retina ready website template that shouldn’t be missed by anyone interested in promoting on Internet his/her affairs.

Power Energy

By far, the jQuery sliding effect from the homepage is the most interesting aspect of this retina ready template. Of course, the cool design is another feature that made me to add it here.


Bouquets is a lovely template designed for online shops. It’s impossible not to be impressed by the simplicity of the flatness and the color combination used. Another big plus of this retina ready template is the boldness of the buttons that work fine for any type of device used.


This retina ready template has incorporated big and impressive images that will catch the attention of the viewers. It’s specially created for beauty projects and I think that is perfectly matching for exclusivist services and locations. Definitely, it wonderfully combines the beauty, discretion and refinement.


Smarty is a retina ready template based on latest HTML and CSS versions. It’s a joy of colors and in addition to a wonderful design, these assure the perfect mixture for a great website. It contains 11 webpages; therefore you have all the necessary “ingredients” of a huge success.


Spark is a great solution for a modern portfolio. The colors and the typography are well-chosen, the designers were really inspired. The standing apart item of this retina ready template is the navigational menu- it’s discrete and at the same time, complete and visually appealing!

Bearing 404

Anteriorly, it was showcased a coming soon template. It was unfair not to have here a 404 page; therefore we were forced to add into this list such a project. Bearing is a very creative and interesting 404 page that comes into 5 color versions.


Dignity is a retina ready template that is constituted from 12 different versions. All of these are built to satisfy the highest standards. The modernist approach is sustained by the flat design and the images used. It’s crystal clear that is way better to visit yourself this template to convince yourself about the quality of it!

I hope that these retina ready templates inspired you to create better projects. Congratulations to the creators because all look extremely well and such good masterworks required a colossal volume of work. Did you enjoyed the templates; do you have a favourite one? Please share your thoughts with us; the comment form is waiting for you!

20 most popular and efficient WordPress plugins

A WordPress plugin is the perfect solution to extent the powers of this impressive content management system. If a theme is usually “responsible” for the design of the website, then a plugin is “responsible” for making it more suitable for various purposes or to cover some in the red aspects. By using various plugins, a WordPress powered website may be used for blogging (as it was the initial purpose of it) but also for ecommerce or business solutions. Practically, a WordPress based website may be used for any type of project by using the proper plugins and themes.
The developers created tons of plugins; some of them top quality while others mediocre. We, the incumbents, should be grateful to them and respect their work. Altogether, the best plugins creators deserve to be praised and their works showcased to the users. As a result, we present here 20 very popular WordPress plugins. All of them are very useful and efficient; therefore use them to enhance your website!


Ubermenu is the perfect solution for complex websites. It’s recommended to use it when the navigational menu contains many options. By using it, the many sections of the menu are beautifully displayed and the overall navigation is much improved. In addition, the plugin is light weight, extremely customisable and fully responsive- pretty convincing, isn’t it?

Royal Slider

Nowadays is mandatory to prepare the websites for mobile users and a good method of making the navigation a real pleasure is the use of a good image slider. Royal Slider is a very good solution for sliding images because it’s created for swipe navigation – an “exclusive” possibility of the handheld devices’ users. Also, this plugin is SEO optimised, may work with videos and the user has four different skins to select from.

Slider Pro

Unless you aren’t content with the previous plugin, then this one surely will captivate your attention. Slider Pro is very customisable- more than 150 customisation options and 15 slide skins, fully responsive and the slides may be shuffled. I think that it’s a must have plugin, isn’t it?

Responsive web pricing tables

By using this plugin, the user has the possibility of adding into his website some amazing pricing tables. The features of this plugin are really impressive: unlimited rows and columns, responsive design, two styles and the creators offer a very good and detailed support.

Media Grid

No matter the high quality of the items exposed into a portfolio, unless it’s well-rendered for any type of visitor, it won’t bring many advantages to the owner. Media grid is a cool plugin: it helps the user to tailor the layout of a website according to his needs. Practically, it’s a responsive grid builder. If you have a portfolio, then this plugin is a must have one!

Facebook Likebox Slider

It’s crystal clear for any website owner that neglecting the social media presence, it’s wasted a great source of traffic. This plugin is very fast and easy configurable and it allows adding social media buttons into a website. Much more, the type and the number of social networks included are customisable; the same, the position and the size of the buttons may be tailored to the user needs.


It is another very powerful plugin; Foobar is a WordPress plugin that gives special powers to the user that is enabled to add stunning notifications bars. The latest tweets, RSS feeds or social media may be added into the notification bar, therefore it’s attractive for every blogger.


uSquare is a great plugin that will transform any website into a very original and modern one. This plugin is very useful for blog posts,staff or products presentations. It’s very intuitive, the effects are very interesting (I strongly recommend enjoying the preview) and of course, it’s responsive and customisable.


If you need to provide clear temporal checkpoints (events, meetings, festivities) then Eventon is the best solution for it. A common calendar is boring while this plugin is making the calendar of events extremely attractive. The default design of the plugin is very nice. Anyway, the user may have different tastes, but there is no problem because everything is very customisable.

Hide My WP

We all know that the Internet is full of hackers, but very few people have taken any actions against them. The common mentality that it can’t happen to me is wrong! This plugin is very cheap, but its effects are very important. The most important is that hacking your website is almost impossible!

Booking System Pro

This WordPress plugin is one of the most complex ones. By installing this, you have a wonderfully booking system. It comes into four versions (default, with hours intervals enabled, with morning checkout and with hours enabled). The documentation of this plugin is very detailed, so you have all the reasons to take into consideration this plugin.

Sidebar and Widget Manager

As the name itself is self-describing, Sidebar and Widget Manager helps the user to customize the sidebar and the widget area more efficiently. In fact, this WordPress plugin gives to the user the unlimited power to modify the widget area and the sidebar according to the needs. Besides that, it’s responsive and no coding is required.

Live Chat Plugin

Nowadays, the customer support is very important and it may make the difference between a good online store and a highly profitable one. Still, getting in touch with the clients shouldn’t be obtrusive. This WordPress plugin is the ideal approach: it’s visible no matter the webpages accessed, but at the same time is very discreet. I consider it a common, but efficient plugin that should be installed on the majority of the WordPress powered websites.

Security Ninja

Nowadays, the customer support is very important and it may make the difference between a good online store and a highly profitable one. Still, getting in touch with the clients shouldn’t be obtrusive. This WordPress plugin is the ideal approach: it’s visible no matter the webpages accessed, but at the same time is very discreet. I consider it a common, but efficient plugin that should be installed on the majority of the WordPress websites.

Flip Book

Many Internet users are still madly in love with the format of a book. They shouldn’t be neglected and this plugin is a great tool to help them. By using this amazing WordPress plugin you may add a “digital book” into the website. The design is impressive and of course, it’s responsive!

Ubermenu Flat Skin Pack

Ubermenu is another plugin that will impress the users. In fact, once installed, the user has the possibility of customizing the menu as he/she wish, especially from the chromatic view point.


I think that Vision is a dangerous plugin: it may create addictiveness. The purpose of it is to give the user a large pallet of shortcodes to add into the website. Well, there are so many shortcodes and options that a talented user may radically change a website. If you want to merely adjust your website layout, then Vision should be on your acquisition list.

Hotspot Map

Hotspot is a plugin that makes the difference between good and awesome. This WordPress plugin lets the user to add hotspots to various images and the effects are very cool. I consider that is way better to test yourself by using the simulator. It’s simple and effective, therefore is recommended to pay closer attention to it.

Modern Admin

I guess that I am not the only one that must admin a website and sometimes (I am not in the mood for/. This WordPress plugin won’t do the job for you, but at least it will stimulate you to handle the website. It turns the dashboard into a nicer one and maybe in this way, you will spend more by improving the website.

Uber Audio

Everyone is listening to music and of course, there are design projects that need a good audio player. If you are working for such a website, or you want to modernize your „old audio player”, then Uber Audio is for you. The design is very modern, there can be played an unlimited number of melodies, the playlists may be easily customised and it is cross-browser compatible. It sounds pretty interesting, isn’t it?
I hope that from these wonderful and useful WordPress plugins you will find one that may enhance your website. Also, it will be great to share with us your favourite plugin, we will post sooner another post showcasing the preferences of the readers regarding the plugins.

20 impressive responsive Magento themes

We are at the end of the year and usually in this period people are making plans for future and are setting new targets and deadlines. Of course, this approach is valid for everything human crafted. Personally, I think that every designer should make an own analyse about his evolution and what should be done in the year to come. I think that this moment makes the difference between a good designer and an expert. While the good designer studies the trends and tries learning new techniques in this respect, the expert searches for the essence. It will be amazing for the design community to share these personal analyses with other fellows because in this way more designers may focus on the “right things”.
According to my humble analyse, the future of web design is related to the degree of Internet integration into the economy. More pragmatically, the more entrepreneurs invest money into online, the better for web designers.
Nowadays, the online stores are something common and the designers should focus on providing a better environment for the entrepreneurs. Magento is a great solution for maintaining an e-commerce entity and the designers should pay closer attention to it. The truth is that Magento is dedicated to large businesses, but by taking into account its impressive features, it seems an interesting focal point for any designer.
If you are not sure about the potential of Magento, we created a cool round-up article to showcase 20 impressive Magento themes. Enjoy the post and please let us know your opinion about Magento and your plans for the next year!

Big shop




Mt brave


Metro store












Candy box






Sm Bakery















20 impressive flat Ghost themes

WordPress is great, worldwide famous, efficient, easily customisable and multipurpose. Even under these circumstances some people are still not fully satisfied with it and ask for more. Right now, the forums dedicated to this CMS are full of harsh debates about what features should contain the next version, WordPress 3.8. Asking for more is written in the human DNA and somehow, it’s the base of our evolution as human race. I have no doubts that WordPress will be here for years and any new critics will motivate more the designers and developers to improve it.
Altogether, another part of the web design community seems to become irremediably bored with WordPress and searched for new solutions. One of the most recent WordPress competitors is Ghost that impresses everyone with its simplicity. Many people consider WordPress a dead cause because of its complexity hidden behind the concept of simplicity. They state that this platform has so many features and plugins that transformed it into an “elephant with feet of clay”.
Nowadays, WordPress is no more a blogging support, it’s a platform for every type of websites! We have online stores, portfolios, official websites of companies and so on, all WordPress based! The initial purpose of it was to allow blogging and definitely, it deviated way too much! Ghost is a platform that wants to resolve a single task: make blogging easier!
Ghost is a Kickstarter project that promises to make blogging simple and really let the content speaks for itself. To paraphrase the Microsoft motto- “content before chrome”, in the case of Ghost it’s “content and just content”. Definitely, there is still much work to do in order to make Ghost a reliable and efficient blogging support, but its start is pretty interesting. I bet that in the next year, Ghost will be a very trendy term and lots of designers will pay closer attention to it. Some of them already created appealing themes that will delight the future users.
If you don’t know too many things about Ghost, I strongly recommend checking their website and stay in touch with us. I guess that you are curious to see how the designers imagined the Ghost themes and as a result, here are 20 impressive flat themes. Enjoy them and don’t forget to share with us which is your favourite!


Ghost themes are much simpler that WordPress ones due to the idea that nothing should distract the reader. Still, just a pale white background isn’t the best solution, but a good design may be simple. Phantom is a wonderful Ghost theme that will impress any viewer with its color combination. The huge header is red, the footer blue while the content is white- definitely not an original concept, but one that works extremely well in this case.


Spacex is looking similar to the previous theme, but there are still some major differences. The most important fact regarding this theme is that the idea of simplicity and focus on content is fully respected- this theme contains only necessary items for reading- nothing more, nothing less! Definitely, another plus is the high readability of the fonts used.


Ghost is created for the modern user, the one that is always having a smartphone or a handheld device at hand. It means that a good theme is responsive and designed taking into account the new devices. Toffee is a responsive flat theme that has a Pinterest inspired layout, therefore the navigation is a real pleasure.


No matter how interesting the articles from a blog are, unless it contains some delimitations to make reading easier, then it’s extremely probable that the potential readers will run away! The same as in WordPress, a good image will catch the attention of the visitors. This theme combines the already famous simplicity of Ghost themes with the boldness of some very good looking images and the result is awesome.


Banquo is impressive! It’s a theme that must be seen, everything is at the superlative level and surely, it will represent a huge success for the creators. It’s a flat theme that is focused on creating a better environment for the reader, but apart from other solutions, it isn’t minimalist. The design is bold, but it doesn’t annoy the readers.


This is another memorable Ghost theme. The originality of this theme is represented by the huge background- you should scroll to see the content and it’s extremely rare amongst other Ghost themes. Anyway, it is a smart idea!


Comparing this Ghost theme with the previous ones, you may say that is has nothing special. Thinking more deeply, you will conclude that it is a high quality theme that will let the readers enjoy the content. Taking into account that Google strongly emphasized in the last years the importance of content, it may represent a good idea for a very discrete theme.


The slogan of this theme is “simple and sexy” and I think that the layout is really respecting this idea. It’s specially created for mobile devices including the ones using retina display screens.


I believe that Ghost will expand its services not only for blogging but also for news magazine…It’s true, Ghost is a platform for blogging, but I think that the pure idea behind this support is the rediscovery of the written content. Ghostwall is an impressive theme that sustains my idea; obviously, it may be used for blogging.


Kuntilanak is probably the most exotic Ghost theme from this collection. The posts are rendered into a rectangular shape- it’s a flat representation of a book! Definitely, a creative idea and surely it will attract the paper books lovers!


It’s another very elegant Ghost theme. The colors of the huge header match with the color of the paragraphs, the same greenish approach. Other two advantages of this theme is the extreme readability of the fonts and the system of displaying the date of publishing.



Bluebird is another theme that follows the already “traditional” pattern: simple items, extreme readability of the fonts used, and focus on content. The theme combines all of these aspects and voila, here is another superb layout.


Fairy is a beautiful clean theme that is looking very similar to a WordPress one. It has a sidebar while the huge majority of the Ghost themes lack it. In spite of that, it will be appreciated by readers because of its simplicity and good readability.


One of the most stringent issues for Ghost team is how to add more content in less space. A solution is the use of a special sidebar, as this theme or other Ghost themes have included into the layouts. In this way, the user has better conditions to “scan” some previous articles. It’s a good idea to keep the user on the webpage for more time, isn’t it?


Recently, web designers fundamentally changed an old mentality. They considered that the users don’t like scrolling, but slowly this idea was removed. Writr is a theme that sustains my point of view, to access the content you should scroll. The idea is that a wonderful background will captivate the reader and he will be tempted to have a longer visit.


Eidolon is a theme that is really created having the user in mind. The width of a post is larger than we used to have in WordPress themes and the effect is really cool. I have no doubts that the reading will be a real pleasure for everyone, so take this theme into account when you will buy one eventually.


The huge majority of the Ghost themes from this list, and also generally speaking, use white backgrounds. Inky is an original solution. It has a black background and also the website chromatic is dark. Anyway, the theme is extremely interesting!


Journalist is a beautiful theme that inspires intimacy and discretion. The theme is based on a relaxing grey and white combination in addition to same shades of green. This approach is the base of a wonderful environment for reading and you should take this into consideration.


Curri is a very nice theme that comes in five versions of layouts and it’s fully responsive also for retina display. Another interesting feature is the discrete mini drop down menu from the header- negligible when using a desktop, but extremely important for handheld devices.


Helios is the theme having the most powerful contrast from this list and by sure, it represents an important factor for users. Usually, a low contrast doesn’t let the viewers see which message is the most important, while a too powerful one fatigues the eyes. Fortunately, the theme creator achieved the perfect dosage and the reading would be a real pleasure.

I hope that we satisfied your curiosity regarding the Ghost themes and it will be very nice to have a feedback from you. What do you think? Will we see people massively moving from WordPress to Ghost? Or is Ghost just a simple idea that will die in few months?

Top 5 WordPress Plugins for Improving SEO

Whether it’s for simple blogging or building a business brand, WordPress is arguably the best platform when it comes to integrating search engine optimization. There a number of good reasons why it’s the number one choice for those in this industry.

One of the biggest reasons why SEO experts choose WordPress is because it is open source.  SEO Newcastle experts state the being open source allows for limitless customization, and WordPress’ community of innovators has created so many great themes and plugins that improve user experience and, of course, SEO.

For those looking to enhance their capabilities, here’s a list of five of the most useful all-around WordPress plugins for SEO.

WordPress SEO by Yoast


Although the SEO functionalities that come with WordPress by default are good, this plugin provides more in-depth resources to maximize the potential of a website. It’s made by one of WordPress’ developers and their very own SEO consultant Joost de Valk. Some of its key features are as follows:

Its Linkdex Page Analysis feature scans just about everything on a page to give the user a comprehensive analysis of the page’s elements and how they contribute to its optimization.

The snippet preview functionality shows how the page will look like in a search results page, so users can easily edit their titles and meta descriptions.

Users can have an XML sitemap created and submitted to Google and Bing automatically whenever they update their website. They can also choose which pages search engines will display in the results page.

Latest changelog:

  • Properly fix security bug that should’ve been fixed in 1.4.5.
  • Move from using several $options arrays in the frontend to 1 class wide option.
  • Instead of firing all plugin options as function within head function, attach them towpseo_head action, allowing easier filtering and changing.
  • Where possible, use larger images for Facebook Opengraph.
  • Add several filters and actions around social settings.

All-in-One SEO Pack


This is another plugin that provides a wider range of SEO capabilities. It automatically optimizes titles and creates meta tags, and it also allows users to override titles and set their own meta descriptions and keywords. It supports Google Analytics, custom post types, CMS-style WordPress installations, and backwards compatibility with other SEO plugins.

What it does have over Yoast’s SEO plugin is its simpler usability that can be helpful for beginners.

Latest changelog:

  • Bug fixes for category and tag meta descriptions issue
  • Added All in One SEO fields to Edit Image in Media Library for setting meta on image attachment pages
  • Performance module is only visible to Super Admins when running Multisite
  • Canonical URLs for paginated content extended to all archives
  • Added an option to disable Google+ profile fields in Users profile
  • Added an option to remove meta descriptions from paginated content
  • Renamed the Admin Bar menu item from AIOSEOP to SEO



Scribe was developed by the people from Copyblogger Media, a marketing company that focuses on creating quality content. As such, the plugin was made with the idea that the content in the website should be in step with the owner’s marketing goals.

It does this by analyzing the existing content, and then points out ways on how they can be improved and/or utilized for both search engine and social media traffic and lead generation. It also has a Site Connector tool that bridges the user to people who would be interested in the content on the site, whether they’re on other blogs or on social media.

SEO Smart Links


Smart linking, both internal and external, is vital to any website’s SEO effort, but it can be quite the hassle having to add them manually especially when going over old posts that don’t have them. Thankfully, this plugin gets that job done automatically.

Users can set it up with custom keyword lists and matching URLs, and it will put links for keywords not just in the articles themselves but also in the comments directed to the set URLs. It also lets users set links to nofollow to control the flow of link juice and to open links in new windows for specific navigation purposes.

Push Button SEO


Affiliate marketing company Affilorama has come up with its own SEO plugin, and it offers an even simpler approach to optimizing pages that anybody can use. It organizes its features into three tabs: Optimizer, Links, and Content.

  • Optimizer provides a straightforward analysis of a page in regards to how optimized it is for a specific keyword. It gives easy-to-read ratings for factors such as the URL and internal links, as well as suggestions on how to improve the ratings.
  • Links gives users the option to assign specific pages as SEO Targets or Authority pages. Doing so will allow them to insert links on new posts to the assigned pages.
  • Content makes adding content from other websites, such as videos and news links to the user’s own site much easier. The content can be edited on the interface or through modifying the shortcode that is added on the text window.

For those running websites on WordPress that want to take their online presence to the next level, whether it’s for an all-encompassing SEO strategy, a tighter focus on better linking, or a better understanding of existing content and how it lines up with marketing, these five plugins can be of great help.

Vincent Sevilla is a professional graphic designer and marketing consultant for, an affiliate marketing portal which offers affiliate marketing tools and free affiliate marketing lessons.

Top 10 Apps for Responsive Web Designing

Have you ever thought of designing a single web page that fits with all sizes of web browsers found on the market? Don’t you just get annoyed that the web page you so wonderfully made did not yield the expected results just because a different hardware was used to view it? Well, not to worry, with the rise of Responsive Web Design, various applications can now help you in designing and creating your size sensitive web pages. Here enlists the top 10 applications you can use to create the perfect website:

1. Responsive Design Testing

responsive design testing

Being a developer, it would be a total waste of money to buy every kind of mobile device or web-capable devices in the market for the sole reason of testing whether your website is actually what it’s made to be. Fortunately, a wise fellow by the name of Matt Kersley developed this testing tool to check accurately whether your programming was correct.


2. Gridset


Creating a webpage using boxes is not new to the internet. Grids enable the designer for an efficient layout for the webpage, separating one part of the web page from the other. Now, imagine if you can make these grids mobile and responsive to the device being used, without too much effort on your side. That’s exactly what Gridset provides you, a fast and accurate way to build your website.


3. Bootstrap


Similar to Gridset, Bootstrap is also a grid design application that offers immediate design solutions for the designer. The only difference between Bootstrap and Gridset is that Gridset is more dynamic and offers more personalization as compared to Bootstrap that maximizes more on the template.


4. Adaptive Images

adaptive images

One of the hardest components to apply principles of responsive design are images, yet it is one of the most important components to make responsive. Basic dogma regarding images tells us that “big screens need bigger images, small screens need smaller ones” (Video). Classic HTML has no way to adapt for efficient design whilst other design languages use tedious coding to fix images. Adaptive Images gives you a way around this problem by allowing you to set breakpoints, quality, and others.


5. Responsive Slides


One of the most powerful image tool used for responsive web design is the Responsive Slides. Using this tool, developers are able to create websites with powerful images that could fade automatically, or through user input and programmed responses.


6. Wirefy


Wirefy helps the developer create highly responsive web pages using functional wireframes. Though it does contain user interface elements common to other web design tools, Wirefy focuses more on the content of the page rather than the design.


7. FlexNav


FlexNav offers you your sensible drop-down menus for all forms of devices, from huge computer screens of mobile devices that would fit in your pocket. It is specifically made for mobile devices, but could easily adapt to the bigger laptops and computer monitors.


8. FitText


Due to the advent of Text Wrap, as the text container resizes based on the screen being used, so does the text adjust based on the new dimensions. The problem with this reveals itself on headlines. Text wrap of headlines could have the disastrous effect of altering the layout of the page itself. In response to this, FitText was developed in order to amend this problem. FitText allows your website to automatically adapt to the width of the device.


9. Responsive Tables

responsive table

The problem with tables is that it was meant to be displayed on a big screen. It displays multiple data so that those interested could look at one glance to the table and can generate the information they need immediately. Place that table on a tiny screen and you end up either destroying the layout or totally disarranging the rows and columns. Responsive Tables provides a viable solution to this problem. It uses CSS and JS to automatically deliver your table for devices with small screens.


10. Response.js


Response.js allows developers to develop websites using Media Queries that would run on older web browsers (lower than IE 9). The most powerful tool you could use on Response.js is to set breakpoint, which lets the user choose between default break-points or custom breakpoints, depending upon the needs of the developer.


About The Author

Mark Wilston is a Content Writer and marketing professional working with PixelCrayons (a reputed Web & Mobile Application development company). He loves to read and write different blogs related to web design and technologies. Contributing in a blog post aids him spreading the words online with a new set of people.

Photoshop on Your Tablet: How does it Measure Up?

With Photoshop, Adobe’s image editing behemoth, having so firmly embedded itself into the cultural consciousness that it has even earned its own entry in the dictionary, progression onto other platforms was inevitable. Tablets, like the Lenovo Ideapad, iPad, or Samsung Galaxy Note, always seemed the most likely place for Photoshop to find its new home, as these tablets boast high quality cameras, clear displays, and impressive power. After a couple of minimal efforts to test the water, Adobe Photoshop Touch arrived, promising to deliver most of the features of its big brother to your Android tablet or iPad.


Now that it’s here, does it really mean that your tablet is ready to replace your PC or laptop for image editing? Well, in short, no – but a quick look at the app reveals that this was never Adobe’s intention; the proliferation of tutorials, low price tag and intuitive controls all reveal that Touch was always intended as a complement to fully-fledged Photoshop, rather than as another step on tablets’ journey to replace laptops and PCs entirely. Apart from anything else, this strategy makes perfect financial sense for Adobe, as it clearly wants the majority of its customer base to invest in Touch alongside Photoshop on their PC or Mac. If the app did completely replicate Photoshop on your tablet, you can be pretty sure that it would cost more than £6.99!

Given this focus and arguable emphasis on beginners, the level of functionality offered is impressive, with support for 10 layers on a 2,048 by 2,048 pixel photo, and 16 on a 1,600 by 1,600 one. The features list is also robust, with Touch able to handle everything from adjusting brightness, saturation and contrast to conducting colour correction, adding effects and adding text. The fact that, across 15 tutorials, you are introduced to the vast majority of the apps features is – coupled with the low price – a big point in Touch’s favour. Touch offers an easy way into Photoshop for those who may have been daunted its big brother’s fearsome reputation.


Of course, there are a couple of limitations on Touch that have nothing to do with the software but are instead intrinsic to the very concept of tablets. Firstly, to conduct any serious image editing on your tablet, you’ll need to invest in a stylus, something Adobe is clearly cognizant of, adding pressure-sensitive stylus support in its last update for Photoshop Touch in November 2012. Nevertheless, the reduced form factor and differing input method of a tablet means that the level of control is never going to match that which you get from Photoshop on your computer. Also, there can be an issue with finding your image files on a tablet, with tablets’ invisible organization one of their key strong points for many users. All this throws into question the idea of tablets ever replacing computers for image editing, no matter how their technological capabilities increase.

Photoshop Touch is, however, undoubtedly a worthy addition to the Photoshop canon, offering an admirable level of functionality and acting as the perfect complement to Photoshop on your computer. It is also a great starting point for those new to Photoshop and looking for some simple image editing software, with its low price and multitude of easy-to-follow tutorials.

Three Benefits to Using a Co-working Space

As our devices get smaller, more mobile, and more powerful, the notion of clocking in to a physical space from 9 am to 5 pm every day to get work done is beginning to seem a little bit antiquated. After all, with your tablets, laptops, smartphones and iPads, and the advent of super-fast 4G and LTE networks, why shouldn’t some other modes of working be considered? That’s where co-working – or the practice of working alone, together, usually in a members-only space – might provide some benefits. Here are three advantages to using a co-working space:LUK144_1

Networking and collaboration

One of the chief benefits of setting up shop in a co-working space is the opportunity to network with your fellow members and to potentially collaborate with them on projects, naturally. Since co-working is a highly mobility-focused mode of working, all you really need is to bring along your laptops, iPads or Android tablets and you’re good to go.
As Fast Company notes in a feature on co-working, both startups and established corporations can benefit from this mode of collaborative working. One startup founder, for example, has based his company in a “curated co-working space” filled with other companies from related industries. The founder gets the benefit of the “culture of a medium-size business” without the bureaucracy and other costs that come with it. You can imagine a space filled with the latest Android tablets, i-devices and ultrabooks just buzzing with collaborative potential.
More direct collaboration can also be achieved at the right co-working space. As Fast Company notes of a space in the hip neighbourhood of Williamsburg in New York City, media and technology startups flocked there in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, which left swathes of the city without electricity. The writers, developers and editors could just look up from their tablets or notebooks and get a new opinion on a problem they were facing.



New studies suggest that separating fixed times and spaces for employees to work out of could actually boost productivity. As Deskmag, a publication dedicated to co-working around the world, found in its second annual survey, nearly half of all co-workers access their space at all hours of the day, but only a third liked to do so during regular office hours. After all, when working is as simple as toting Android tablets or feather-light Macbook Airs around, why would you restrict yourself to office hours?
Fast Company found that the serviced office provider, Regus, has done research to show that between 30 percent and 50 percent of all workers today are “flexible and mobile”. This means that they prefer to get work done in co-working and other non-permanent spaces. The modern corporate road warrior, armed with BlackBerries, Android tablets or iPads, basically wants to get work done anywhere, at any time.


Cost is an important factor in deciding a workspace, and choosing to co-work is no exception. After all, isn’t it cheaper to work out of a fixed office space, or out of a spare room at home, or even from a coffee shop with WiFi if you need a change of scenery?
According to Deskmag, the co-working magazine, in many cases, becoming a member of a co-working space is more economical than many of the other options. As Deskmag notes, working from home or out of a coffee shop may appear to be cheaper at first, but hidden costs like extra utility bills at home, or the cost of marked-up coffee and sandwiches at a cafe, can add up quickly. Deskmag calculated the cost of a regular stream of cafe tidbits and found that it’s more expensive to work out of a cafe regularly than to become a co-working space member. So grab your computer or tablet and start looking for a space to join!