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The birth of the audio blogging revolution: Anchor

In this age of information, almost everything exists on the internet. Several years ago, we regarded the internet as a collection of written content documents coming from different sources around the world. Today, almost everything can be found online thanks to the new generation of developers who might have been following some java logging best practices. Consequently, the internet is no longer just a filing cabinet for text content.

Nowadays, we can enjoy seamless videos, attractive slideshows, online phone and video calls, and webinars. This is why many people have shifted from television to online videos, from hard-cover books to eBooks, and from radio to possibly Podcast. Well, partly podcasting as this has become an alternative to radio.

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Is there a True Alternative to Conventional Radio?

Yes, there is, and this is through Anchor. This is a social media and a blogging platform that allows you to listen to different news stations. On top of that, you can also share some audio files to your Anchor friends and followers, or even to different social media platforms such as Facebook, Google+, or Twitter.

The good thing about this new social media platform is that there is also a new way to like audio. Instead of clicking a like button, you can applaud the audio you are listening or applaud what the broadcaster has just mentioned during the audio recording.

When you listen to a high-traffic station, you might hear some endless applause, which could get annoying. That’s not a problem as you can disable the applaud feature, so you can focus in on listening.

Who is Broadcasting on Anchor Radio?

Anyone can broadcast on Anchor radio. Although big media companies can use this platform for their own radio broadcasting, you can also create your own Anchor radio station.

All you have to do is to record an audio that runs up to 5 minutes. After recording, your audio bytes become converted as a wave that can be shared online. Your audio will be online for 24 hours, and after 24 hours, the audio won’t be available anymore, so you have to create a new one the next day.

The reason why your audio is available only for 24 hours is to ensure fresh content. This means that Anchor listeners can search for fresh news stories.

Is Anchor a New Audio Blogging Platform?

Anchor is not only a new audio blogging platform, but is also the first audio blogging platform on the internet today. It does not aim to replace the traditional text-based blogging because Anchor audios can also be transcribed instantly into text form. This means that Anchor broadcasting can be considered audio blogging and text-based blogging at the same time.

Will Anchor Start a New Revolution?

Anchor will probably start a new revolution in radio broadcasting and blogging. There are really many people who feel more relaxed listening than reading to content. Moreover, there isn’t any alternative to radio yet except Anchor. The exciting thing about Anchor is that it has begun attracting some big media and social media personalities like Gary Vaynerchuck.


Anchor is not just a radio broadcasting platform as it’s a social media and a blogging platform as well. Although it has been launched recently, it’s now fast becoming the talk of the town.

This is because Anchor is easy to use for both listeners and broadcasters. Would you be interested in checking out Anchor today?



Important Questions You Should Answer Before Choosing a WordPress Website

Are you thinking about starting a WordPress website or would you like to give your existing WordPress website a makeover? If the answer is yes to either of these questions, you need to think carefully about the WordPress theme you select. There are many excellent themes out there, but there are also themes that could cause problems later on. Below are some of the main questions you should answer before choosing a WordPress theme.

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What Do You Want Your Website to Do?

With so many themes available, it can be a difficult task trying to decide which one to use. Before you look for a theme, make sure you understand how to create a website by using a website like, so that you know how to install a theme and that you are clear about what you want your website to achieve.

Some website owners simply want a brochure style website, which means a basic theme is required, while other website owners require more advanced features such as e-commerce functionality, which means they need a much more complex theme. In other situations, you may want to start with a basic website and expand its functionality later. In this case, you need a WordPress theme that caters for these future changes.

How Is the Theme Rated?

When it comes to WordPress themes, ‘the proof of the pudding is in the eating’ so you need to find out what experiences other users of a particular theme have had. It’s relatively easy to find out this information through theme marketplaces, forums and blogs that are dedicated to web development. Once you are satisfied that a theme delivers and that it’s good value for money, you can purchase it with more confidence.

Is There Support with The Theme You Are Interested In?

Internet technologies keep changing and website owners continually face new online challenges, so it’s vital to have the proper support for the theme you purchase. In many cases, you have to pay a fee for this support, but it’s usually money well spent. The support normally offered by leading theme development companies includes regular security updates and updates to the functionality and appearance of the theme you choose.

How Does the Theme Appear in Different Situations?

Your theme has to look perfect on a wide range of devices and browsers. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, so you should test a theme before you purchase it. If possible, find out if you can view a demo of the theme or find websites that feature a theme you like and then simply view the theme on as many devices and browsers as possible. If you don’t have access to a wide range of devices, there are online emulators available that will show you what a particular website looks like on smartphones, tablet and other devices.

It’s important to think carefully before choosing a WordPress theme for your website. Make sure you know exactly what you want the theme to do and find out as much as possible about the options available. Once you do this, you will be much more likely to have fewer problems and will be able to concentrate on more important aspects of your online work.


Common Influencer Marketing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Influencer marketing may not be as old as SEO or SEM, but it is still a very effective internet marketing instrument to use. Whether you’re trying to promote your social media pages or you want to reach the right target market and increase sales, influencer marketing is a good way to do it.

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Being relatively new, it is not surprising to see a lot of mistakes happening when brands and businesses start integrating influencer marketing into their existing campaigns. In this part, we’re going to take a look at some of those mistakes and discuss how you can avoid them easily. Let’s get started, shall we?

Focus Too Much on Exposure

Exposure is a good key performance indicator to use when doing an influencer marketing campaign. It is a relatively easy KPI to measure, especially on social media. There are plenty of analytics tools to support this key measurement as well.

Unfortunately, focusing too much on exposure and reach is not the way to do influencer marketing. In fact, exposure should only be a portion of your influencer marketing goals. There are several reasons why focusing on exposure is a mistake:

  • It is easy to cheat the numbers. Just because an influencer has 1 million followers, doesn’t mean all 1 million of them read the posts about your brand.
  • Exposure doesn’t indicate anything more than the amount of people who read your messages.

What’s more important than exposure is engagement. Measure the number of people that react to your messages and you’ll have a much better view of your influencer marketing impacts this way.

One Message for All Channels

This is another wrong approach to take when starting an influencer marketing campaign. Unfortunately, it is also one of the most common mistakes today. You can’t expect people on Twitter to react the same way as those on Facebook. For your campaign to be effective, each platform needs to be approached differently.

The same goes for blogs and YouTube. These channels are unique and must be treated as such. YouTube, for instance, is more than just about good visuals. It is about telling stories and keeping viewers engaged.

Doing Everything In-House

Just like SEO and content marketing, influencer marketing requires you to invest a lot of time and energy for it to be successful. Fortunately, you don’t have to make the mistake of doing everything yourself.

There are marketing agencies that can help you with connecting with – and managing – influencers, formulating a suitable campaign for your brand, producing great content that viewers actually love and measuring the impact of the campaign down to the very last detail. Working with the best digital marketing agency may be exactly what you need to be successful.

There is no doubt that influencer marketing is a very good marketing instrument to use. People listen to the influencers they follow and adore, which is why sending brand-related messages through influencers is often more effective than placing ads on top sites. You too can benefit from influencer marketing by starting a campaign today.

Choosing the Right SEO Objectives for Your Business

SEO is an internet marketing instrument that can be used to achieve many things. You can use it to promote a site or a blog, attract potential customers and even manage your (or your brand’s) reputation online. For businesses, SEO is an invaluable tool that allows them to attract a lot of leads at a relatively low cost. Before you can start with your own SEO campaign, however, it is important to determine the right SEO objectives for your business.

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Royalty free photo

What does your business need the most right now?

One of the first questions to ask yourself when determining the right objectives for an SEO campaign is the kind of exposure your business needs the most at the moment. Remember that SEO is an ongoing thing, so your objectives may change in the future. That said, it is important to focus on the best objectives to pursue at the moment when formulating an SEO campaign.

As mentioned earlier, there are a lot of things that can be achieved through SEO, including:

  • Exposure
  • Branding
  • Traffic

Your SEO objectives can also be a combination of these elements. When the brand is relatively new and you want more people to know about it, for instance, exposure and branding are the objectives you should be focusing on.

Who are the other players in the industry?

When determining the goals to achieve and formulating an SEO campaign, it is also important to see other businesses and influencers in the industry. You start by doing a thorough competitor research. Find out about the keywords they are targeting, the kind of results they get from their campaigns and discover ways to cut through the market and beat the competition.

On the other hand, knowing about the top influencers in the industry can greatly help your SEO efforts. If you find connecting with influencers difficult to do, you can also choose to work with an SEO agency. This SEO consultant can easily connect you with the right influencers, write guest posts for you and exchange links, all while getting the most impact in the end.

Knowing the other players in the industry will also help you understand who to beat. This is an essential part of setting your own SEO objectives.

What are you selling?

The products and services you sell influence what your SEO objectives should be. Is your site an information site or resource centre? Are you selling tangible products that customers can buy? Is sales your primary objective?

Answering these questions will help you get a clearer picture of how to approach SEO altogether. For news sites and blogs, exposure is usually the focus. For online stores and ecommerce sites, sales are the key performance indicator to monitor.

Now that you have a set of objectives to meet, setting an effective SEO campaign in motion should be much easier to do. You know exactly what to achieve and the time you have to achieve these goals. Formulate a suitable plan based on those objectives and start your SEO campaign right away.

SEO Tips for Single Page Websites

One-page websites are not well thought of in the world of SEO, but there is a place for them. Done well, a one-page website works as an online brochure. Instead of handing out business cards, you can simply point your customers in the direction of your business’s website and let them check out the essential facts, including how to contact you. As one Adelaide SEO Company explains, search engine optimisation performs a similar role to what directories such as the yellow pages played in the early 2000s. Google, Bing, and other search engines provide results based on the user query – it’s up to businesses to provide the right information for SEO.

Royalty free photo

Royalty free photo

All you need is a domain name and Siteground hosting. The rest is easy, as setting a single page website takes less time than building a website with hundreds of pages. Once you have your site set up, your next problem is how to rank it.

It is easy to assume that ranking a one-page website is simple. After all, there is only one page, so how hard can it be? The reality is rather different. Ranking a single page website is actually rather tricky and you will need to approach the task from a different direction. So if you have a single page website here are some tips to get you started.

Link Building

Larger websites rely primarily on content to attract site visitors. You can’t take this tack with a small one-page website. Instead, you will need to work extra hard to forge solid backlinks. The good news is that you will have more time to devote to link building, as you won’t need to mess around writing blogs.

Link building takes time to have an effect and a good array of backlinks rarely happens overnight. There are many ways to build links back to your site, including adding social share buttons and guest posting on relevant websites. Mix it up and try to build a diverse cross-section of links organically.

Fantastic Content

Links are extremely important when you have a single page website, but this does not mean you can get away with posting inferior content. On the contrary, what you need to do is abide by the rule ‘less is more’. Since you won’t have room for lots of content, what you do post needs to be excellent. Try to be as unique as possible. The better it is the more likely people are to share your content, which in turn will help you enjoy an increase in web traffic. You also need to include keywords, but be selective, as you won’t have room for multiple variations of different key phrases.

Divide Content into Coherent Sections

Since you don’t have multiple pages to work with, be sure to separate different sections of content using clear navigation and anchor links. Graphics will help you do this. The easier it is for readers to find what they are looking for, the less likely they are to bounce away in super quick fashion.

Monitor Analytics

The beauty of a large website with multiple pages is that if one page of the site bombs, there are still other pages to attract readers. A one-page website doesn’t have the same advantage, so make good use of website analytics and use the data to make changes when necessary.

You need to be fully focused if you want to make your single page website a success, but it can be done if you put the effort in.

Things Successful Ecommerce Sites Need


E-Commerce is a multi-billion dollar industry with no signs of slowing down. We see companies like JC Penny’s that has revived itself from near despair, as they were most certainly knocking at the door to bankruptcy at one point. Now they are seeing their stock price soar, at least in comparison to its all time low over the past several years. In order to achieve their turnaround they needed to ditch the stodgy and old store stigma they had been carrying for years. They included ramping up their e-commerce efforts. Those efforts allowed a massive increase to sales. Consider all of the people, millennials especially, that prefer shopping from the comfort of their own homes rather than fighting traffic and crowds to shop at brick and mortar stores. Another benefit that is often not touted enough is inventory management. Holding large amount of inventory is costly to any company. Their goal is produce and hold only enough of what is needed on an on-going basis. While this can be very hard to predict, utilizing an e-commerce site can help you turn inventory quicker. Let’s consider some of the ways ecommerce helps make our business successful, and some of the things we need to understand in order to be successful with an e-commerce business model.

Having a quick checkout process is important as it allows people to purchase things as fast as possible. A lengthy checkout process can lead a person to second guess their purchase and click out of the store. Offering many forms of payment is also important as some people will be purchasing items internationally. PayPal is a great form of payment to take as this can be used around the world and it has buyer as well as seller protection. This allows an ecommerce store to ship things immediately without being worried about a credit card dispute. That isn’t to say that you should avoid credit card payments. While we certainly have seen the advent of PayPal and Square taking off with the younger generation, there is still many baby boomers that prefer the safety and security of purchasing with a credit card. Let’s not forget that they are the largest and most affluent generation as well, so it’s best to cater to their needs as well. Also, many people like the use of credit cards because of their point and reward system. Even if certain forms of payments come with higher costs and inconveniences, consider the opportunity cost of lost sales.

Coupons are an important part of ecommerce as getting people to a site can lead them to purchase more than they originally had planned on. Stores of all sizes have coupons like Select Blinds which has its coupons on Groupon’s site. The sending of coupons to those who have left something in their cart is a common tactic used by many ecommerce sites. This is used as a form of bait to get the person to pull the trigger on a purchase. This is a way people save money but it is also a way that they sell people who are on the fence about a purchase. Retailers often make the mistake of thinking that people who shop online are less concerned with coupons than those at brick and mortar stores. This actually couldn’t be further from the truth. Sites like Groupon have been so successful because they realize that even online shoppers love the thrill of finding a good deal online. Making coupons and discounts available on common purchases can help retailers increase their top line sales, which in turn increases their bottom line profits.

Having a secure site is extremely important in order to have repeat business. A secure site will put customers at ease as they will not have to worry about their information being stolen. One leak of this information can have a site blacklisted by customers as well as legally liable. Having a contractor handle online security can help defer some of this blame as well.

Running a successful ecommerce business can be extremely profitable but making sure to cover these bases is important. One slip up at the beginning of an ecommerce business can cause the business to fail as a whole. What are things you think ecommerce sites should need?


20 wonderful WordPress themes for photographers’ portfolios

An image makes more than 1000 words. This statement proved itself to be true for many times. No matter how precise spoken or written words can be, an image “speaks” directly to the viewer.
There are areas which are even more challenging when is about creating images.
Photography is one of the examples. The art of painting delighted people from the oldest ages across entire history. Even nowadays the painters are highly appreciated. But there came a moment in history when capturing an image wasn’t a subjective issue anymore.
Later on the new art of photography evolved becoming more and more complex. We have nowadays art galleries for painting, for photography or better than we could have been imagined years ago galleries for painting and photography combined.
But today came earlier than expected. The speed of evolution caught everything in its whirlpool and changed the world. Nowadays, no matter the area of interest you are in you need to have at least a decent online presence. The requirements are set even higher for those who need by nature of their work to expose themselves and their creation.
Creating portfolios was necessary from the first freelancer. The need to present work in order to get appreciation and later a new job became mandatory in online environment.
When creating this particular type of theme, designers are easily conquered. The task of creating portfolios for photographers is both challenging and satisfying. The design must rise to the artwork’s level presented but still must emphasize it.
An image makes more than 1000 words was the statement I started with. That’s why I invite you to watch, admire and analyze a few WordPress themes for photographers’ portfolios.


SQA is the type of portfolio that everyone should start with. The many choices for presenting the photos make this theme very suitable for any designer that needs to create a portfolio or even for a photographer. Very important to mention… it gathers the technical requirements that any theme should have; it’s retina ready and fully responsive.


Bleecker theme is perfect for those photographers who want to present a classy look. Mobile touch optimized, retina ready and fully responsive it connects classy with modern for an amazing portfolio theme.


Santino is the complete choice for any photographer. It contains many features that will delight the viewers but most of all the galleries and the effects are stunning. It certainly adds value to any portfolio.


Minimal, responsive, with fullscreen slideshows, videos and woocommerce ready, Darkroom suites perfectly for the common saying “less is more”. According to many customization options provided, Darkroom is literary more.


Phototastic is another theme suitable for a photography portfolio. Any option you’ll have for the homepage you will be delight the viewers form the very beginning. You will delight them even further with many gallery choices you’ll have.


Leepho is all about the photos. With only a few options for gallery display it still emphasizes what is really important – the photography.


Oyster comes with unlimited capabilities being yet easy editable. It comes with so many customization options that you can say it is itself a portfolio. Creating a portfolio will be an easy task with this theme and satisfying as well. Any photographer willing to use it will be amazed by many choices will have to present his/her work.


FullScreen is a beautifully responsive photography / creative portfolio theme. With rather a minimal design it is built around the idea of simply presenting photos as they are, with not many other features included – a brave idea that surely pays off.


Azura is built on the same idea as FullScreen but to another level. It offers so many customization options for galleries that can’t be missed by any photographer.


Blend is a fullscreen photography theme which is designed to focus on displaying photos. The fullscreen slider can be nothing but success when is about photos.


Objective is a one-page portfolio and photography theme with fullscreen slider. It’s such a beautiful constructed theme that you won’t even notice the minimalist design. It sure looks very complex when you take advantage of many customization options.


Jkreativ is not especially designed for photographers’ portfolios but it is a more than complete theme. Ultra multipurpose is the description of the creators and it sure acts according its description. A theme that gathers more themes couldn’t miss our list.

Pure Photo

Pure Photo was created as a multipurpose theme but it suites especially for professional photographers, designers, video designers and studios. It has everything a photographer might need for a professional presentation of his/her work.


Kubb is a flat and responsive theme with a clean design which will be a great solution for any portfolio. The many choices for portfolios will surely attract the photographers.


BRMSL shows from the very beginning that was especially designed for presenting photos. With this idea in mind, designers’ work couldn’t be above perfection so it stays simply perfect.


Photogenic is another theme created for showcasing photos. As it was especially designed for such a purpose, the result couldn’t be other than amazing. The social plugin for Instagram helps also amateur photographers to showcase their photos.


Devendo is another flat portfolio theme that will delight by itself the viewer and then by the multiple ways of emphasizing the art showcased. Any theme that offers more for the price of a single theme surely deserves any customer attention. The photographers will certainly have an eye for this.


A portfolio, even a good one, needs a good presentation. An expert in visual arts, as a photographer is, will sure appreciate the Photex theme. Built for one purpose only, seems a very good option for any portfolio.

The Gentleman

The Gentleman theme comes like many other multipurpose themes with the great advantage of having other features included. If beyond photos showcased, the owner needs other features to complete his/her portfolio, The Gentleman theme is a perfect option.



You might have noticed that fullscreen themes are my weakness. Grafika is not an exception. It keeps the standards to a high level for showcasing photos, which make it another theme that couldn’t be missed form our collection.

An image makes more than 1000 words but still feel free to express your opinions on this post. If you have other themes suited for photographers’ portfolios that you want to bring to everybody’s attention, let us know. Also feel free to share this post with your friends.

20 fresh and wonderful Adobe Muse themes

Since the very beginning of the design a question appeared and that question turned into a debate later. Is a designer a scientist, a programmer, an expert in coding or an artist? I asked myself the same question many times and the only conclusion I could get to is that, as in many other aspects of life, the answer is somewhere in the middle. There is no good designer without any knowledge of coding, without any knowledge of how a computer or a handheld device works. On the other hand, no programmer will release a functional creation (no matter if it’s about a website, a graphic or even an application) without any artistic skills, or without a basic understanding of user’s psychology.
Although the answer is obvious, most of the designers prefer to work harder on the artistic part of their creations neglecting (that could be “fatal” in many occasions) the coding part.
What happens though when coding is not necessary? What happens when all the work of a designer refers to his or her artistic side? The answer will please all those who benefit from this, and by that I mean the users.
The result is art, a river of imagination turned into an online presence. A designer who is not conditioned of the coding side of his work puts all his artistic skills, all his imagination in service of the work is about to make. Websites created by use of Adobe Muse have this particularity. They highlight the creativity of the designer without involving him in what is supposed to be drudgery. The result, as I already said, is a delight for the eyes of the users and can’t remain unnoticed.
For supporting this statement we chose 20 fresh and wonderful Adobe Muse templates that will state the case in for supporting the „designing without coding” idea. By sure these works are amazing and will delight you.























Signal Flow




Personal Resume




Flat clean




Think BIG


Soul City


The superlative


20 fresh, simple and good looking Ghost themes

Simplicity seems to be appreciated worldwide. Everything that is simple, but functional and efficient is brilliant. Even flat design, the current most used design approach emphasizes the beauty of simplicity.
Ghost is a new blogging platform that is created to make writing and reading simple and enjoyable. The truth is that WordPress may be the base of a simple layout, too, but the simplicity and the cleanliness of Ghost can hardly be achieved.
This new WordPress “competitor” is special because it’s not created with the purpose of being minimalist or simple. It’s created just to assure the perfect environment for reading- neither more nor less. This interesting idea attracted tons of new users and it seems that Ghost is a platform that will be extensively used in the next years.
Building a layout for a Ghost theme looks like a simple task, but in fact it’s extremely difficult. Yeah, the design is so simple that the creator doesn’t have too many UI items to add, but the real matter is what should be left, to make the reading a pleasure. The real essence is to insert into the layout just the vital elements to efficiently navigate, anything else being removed. Creating/selling Ghost themes is a very recent design activity and it seems that it may be a profitable one because the need for these themes is in perpetual growing.
The next themes are for your inspiration, but you may buy them. All the themes are fresh and looking great and they will surely enhance your blog. It will be great to know which one is your favourite, so use the comment form to let us know! Also, please share the post with your friends!































Blue bird










How to use the black color in your projects

Black is something that definitely creates controversies, and as a result some find it hard even to give a definition to it. However, the general opinion is that black represents the absence of color, which actually means that it is not a shade. Well, when something makes a wave, then you should totally consider inserting it in your website, because it will contribute a lot at the popularity of your webpage. In the following lines, the web designers will find out more about this topic and will learn why and how should use black, so that they will have only benefits.
In order to be more efficient and to help you, I have thought about some questions that surely interest you and about some examples of situations when black is not used properly. I have answered to these questions, hoping that this will make it easier for you to understand how black works on a website. This is what I managed to came up with:

What is black?

Like I’ve just said, many find it hard to call black a color, since they consider this the lack of it. However, this is definitely something important, that will give personality to your website. But, before I start enumerating the steps one should take when using black in his or her webpage, I would like to offer you some information about the significance of this color (or non-color as some prefer). Black has different notions and significances depending on various cultures and countries. Some believe it stands for rebirth, others associate it with evil, while in some countries black is synonymous with mourning. Anyway, regardless of its definition and meaning, black is a solution for your website.

Why should I use black?

The reason why one should use black is due to the concepts it is associated with: elegance, class, quality, and so on. These are important and great characteristics that everyone would wish his or her website would be described with. Besides that, people feel safer when accessing a webpage that displays such features, this being the main reason why black should be present on your project.
However, apart from this, it is advisable to use black, in case you want your website seem either like a conventional, enigmatic, ingenious or alluring page. In other words, black has the power to transform an ordinary webpage into something completely appealing and clever.

When should I use it?

Black could be used on any website, but the truth is that it conveys a special effect when attached to a website selling cars, music, lingerie, in short, expensive items. As you can see, it is important for the web designer to know really well the project he or she is dealing with. A motive why one should pick black for websites that provide such extravagant objects is because it shows that the seller has a powerful personality, a strong confidence and he or she wants to look serious and trustful. This image is only natural, since expensive products are concerned. At the same time, black will make the buyers trust the great quality of the objects that the webpage sells, which is definitely a great thing. What I am trying to say is that you should get interested and you should find out more about each project you are involved in, so that you will know what colors you should use, what fonts will be more suited, or which illustrations will match your clients’ preferences.

How should I use black on my website?

Too much black could bring a depressive, melancholic or sad note to your work. Therefore, this is something that needs to be avoided. It is important to learn how to deal with this, in order to use it effectively and not to make it harm your design. Everybody knows that black could be matched with any color. Anyway, for a more special and unique display, try to bring black together with green, silver or gold. The contrast between these shades will make the important points (the colored ones) stand out. However, do not mix black with other dark shades, or people will be disappointed, since the visibility will be damaged.
Also, when dealing with the visual weight of your webpage, black will help you a lot, because an item displaying this shade will look heavier than others represented by lighter colors. Everyone knows how important the visual weight is and therefore, it is necessary to take in consideration the power of black in this matter.

Things I should avoid when dealing with black

Because black is such a powerful tool it is easy for people to misuse it. As a result it is important to read the following info, in order to know what is to be avoided. People are aware of the importance of white space in web design and therefore they tend to forget that the black space matters, too. This mistake should be avoided and a black and white contrast should exist on any website, in order to maintain the balance of your work.
Also, using many color schemes will confuse and exhaust your users. It is highly recommended to combine black with no more than two shades, in order to get a clean, airy and fresh aspect. Thus, avoid creating designs in which several colors are crowded, or you will not succeed in achieving your goal of developing something appealing with the use of black.
And last but not least, one should make sure that black will suit the theme and topic of the webpage. To be more precise, if you are in the process of creating a website for children (which everybody knows requires lots of vivid colors) and you introduce too much black, then of course that this is another misuse of this shade. In other words, people should never use black, if the nature of the website contradicts with the symbolism of the color.

In the end, one should understand that black could really improve the aspect of a webpage if it is applied in an intelligent manner. Also, it is associated with so many great things, that it would be a shame not to insert it in the design of your website.