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20 fresh wonderful Tumblr themes

Tumblr is a fascinating microblogging platform and the huge number of users is the most convincing evidence to make everyone take it into consideration. Despite of Tumblr popularity, the name and the story of its creators are less or more famous.David Karp is Tumblr founder and CEO; he is only 28 years old and he didn’t graduate the high school! Yeah, Karp dropped out the high school at the age of 15 years old. It’s unbelievable how he and his parents give up to everything in order to construct and market a microblogging platform. Fortunately, Tumblr is a huge success and he is one of the youngest famous entrepreneurs.
The web designers couldn’t stay farther from this network and created themes to enhance the Tumblr accounts. Of course, it was a good idea because lot of people wanted to customize their accounts. In present, more and more designers create impressive Tumblr themes and people buy these almost instantly.
We previously showcased impressive Tumblr themes, but now it’s time for a fresh set of 20 wonderful ones. The collection is made up from fresh themes, so you may purchase one to enhance your Tumblr account!


Many designers are against hamburger menu, but still none come with a better solution. Flud is a great responsive theme but it has a defect. I think that the hamburger menu from the right part of the header is too small when it’s rendered on desktop format. It’s a personal opinion and I am really curious to know your opinion about. Except this fact, the theme is well-designed and get the greatest mark at the cleanliness aspect.


Tumblr main aim is the wide spreading of information using a concise, simple and intuitive platform. It’s said that an image is worth 100 words, so a Tumblr page sharing impressive images is the climax of this idea. Eris is a practical good looking example of this idea. Obviously, it’s suitable for photographers’ portfolio.


Creeps is a responsive and retina ready Tumblr theme. It supports all type of Tumblr posts and it has widgets that show the latest activities on social networks as Instagram and Flickr, Disqus comments, and the documentation is well written. At that, the theme is suitable for any kind of project so it deserves its place in this collection!


Admiral is a complex masonry layout based theme. It supports all types of Tumblr posts, but also the users are able to submit posts or ideas, the search form is awesome, off-canvas content and free future updates are just a part of the Admiral features and these must convince you to pay attention to it.


Politicize is another complex Tumblr theme that is looking almost similar to a WordPress one. It’s designed for politic parties or public personas and its structure is complex due to the fact that it must cover all the aspects specific to these projects. As example, this theme includes a donate button, a RSS feed, “team” and “About us” sections that are uncommon elements for Tumblr pages.


Prospekt is built using a unique Masonry layout. The innovative idea is the fact that the user may double the width of some posts in order to highlight the importance of these. The theme is very customizable, but I like very much the current dark style that pleasantly emphasizes the content.


Low poly backgrounds are very used this year and if you want a trendy theme, then Inferno may be a solution. Infinite scrolling, the full tailoring of the header, sidebar portrait and background, the multiple typography options are some interesting features of this quality theme.


It was impossible not to add in this collection a minimalistic theme. Quila is a black and white minimalistic theme that is very suitable for blogs because the design is specially created for the perfect reading experience.


“Simplicity is the essence of happiness” is the slogan of the header and I really appreciate this idea. Visto is a theme suitable for blogging as the previous one, too. Altogether, the style of Visto is way more warm and happy. I think that this theme is a source of making everyone feel better and in addition to proper content the success is guaranteed.


Mars is a Tumblr theme that is destined for portfolio projects. The style is very joyful and the colors are playing a big role in making this theme visually appealing. It’s responsive and retina ready, so the users will have the same enjoyable experience regardless the device used.


Vesper is the standard Tumblr theme for photographers. It is dedicated to exhibiting photos…nothing more or less. The theme is simple, but it doesn’t mean that it’s incomplete, it just let the photos specking for themselves.


Agency is built using Bootstrap which isn’t something common, but the final result is really cool. Another unusual feature is the video background, but it looks cool, too. It’s a complex theme and it is aimed for business purposes.


Colorfulness and cleanliness are somehow two opposite concepts and I thought until I saw this theme that their combination isn’t a good idea. Gradiente is a theme that made me to reconsider this idea. It’s fabulously how a theme may be full of colors, but in the same time very clean. It will be much better to check yourself to see this theme!


Oblivion is the perfect choice for journalists. The posts may be featured and added into categories, the infinite carousel is main piece of the theme and the tag cloud is assumed from WordPress. It’s a very original theme and it will work as a magnet for users.

Dining Around

Warning: this theme isn’t suitable for blogs and it’s not recommended to check it if you are hungry. Just kidding…yeah, the theme isn’t suitable for any type of blogs because it supports only text posts; even the developers mentioned this fact but it’s the best theme for a food blog. It’s impossible not to remark the wonderful design and the care for details, i.e., the users have the possibility of printing the recipes.


Edge is a very elegant and modern theme. The flat design based layout and the cool sliding effects immensely contribute to the modern look of the theme and surely attract the eyes of the readers. The theme is very customizable, so the ones that want to more powerful express their personality must be happy with this theme.


Amanra is built on Isotope grid and it looks really great. The beauty of colors and the boxed format of the posts are two big advantages of this theme. Of course, there are many other interesting features and I think that you should consider this theme as a reliable solution if you want to personalize your Tumblr presence.


The ones that have a startup and want to have a standing apart Tumblr theme should visit Moveone. The flat design, the complex structure, the multitude of widgets and the truly awesome sliders will impress the potential clients. It’s not an exaggeration to state that this theme has the potential to increase the profits.


Hyperion is a very simple theme and its design makes the reading a real pleasure. The background is white while in the header are used darker color and in this way is assured a smart color balance.


Deliberately, I let this theme at the end of this collection. The idea behind Tumblr is to build a simple, concise and interesting online presence. This theme is 100% a practical example of Tumblr mentality and I consider that it will became a hit in the Tumblr themes marketplace.
I hope that these themes would be appreciated by the readers and it will be great to have a feedback from you. Do you have a Tumblr account?

Tumblr Headers – Free ways to customize your tumblr header

Have you customized your Tumbler header today?

The microblogging site Tumblr has been growing rapidly amongst social media promoters and bloggers alike. However, to help make your blog stand out you might try customizing your Tumblr header. One of the easiest ways to customize your Tumblr site is to change the look of the banner – also known as the header. Changing Tumblr headers is pretty easy and free – read the tutorial below and give it a whirl:
Learn how to modify your Tumblr Header
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Side bar for Tumblr – How to customize the Tumblr sidebar

What is the Tumblr Sidebar?
Most Tumblr blog features a column on the right side featuring a bar that consists of customized information. The sidebar remains intact during each consecutive viewing of a blog’s page. The information does not change as viewers scroll up and down entries. The default side bar of Tumblr includes a search box, previous blog posts, blogs followed, and short bios of the blogger. However, each Tumblr side bar can be customized to fit the purpose of one’s blog. All that needs to be done is a little HTML coding to make each Tumblr sidebar unique.
Side bar of Tumblr
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Tumblr Backgrounds – How to make a custom tumblr background for free

Tumblr is a popular microblogging site with a great deal of versatility. You can customize your headers, your theme, and even your background. The beauty of Tumblr is, while you can pick a theme which will ultimately cost you some money, you don’t have to. There are free ways to modify and customize every facet of your Tumblr site, including the background. As someone viewing the site, you may consider the background as relatively unimportant; however, the background you choose and customize is reflective of you and what you post as a whole. A different background can set your Tumblog apart from all the rest, so why not take the time to customize your background carefully?

First of all, why change the background at all? Firstly, if you’re running a Tumblog for a business or other such venture, you may find that the theme selected may not offer a background that’s reflective of the business’ values or mission. If it’s a Tumblog for personal use, you may want a background which shows more of what the Tumblog itself is about, rather than the theme you’ve chosen. Just because a background has come as part of a prepacked theme doesn’t mean its the ideal theme for you to use for your Tumblog, after all. In addition, it’s fun to experiment with different backgrounds.

There are some free work-arounds to create the Tumblr background you want. Even the least technologically savvy person can efficiently change the backgrounds on their own Tumblog if he or she follows the simple steps explained here.

Options for changing your Tumblr background include:

A. Inserting a Background Image Into Your Tumblr Theme:

You don’t have to be restricted to the theme background, which, as a default, may be somewhat bland. To change your background image, follow the following process:

1. Once you’re in your Tumblr site, click on “Customize” in the upper right corner.

2. You will see “Theme” in the top navigation bar. Click on “Custom HTML” at the bottom of that menu.

3. Copy the code you see there. If need be, copy and paste it into your Notepad in order to remember it for later.

4. Now, the inline CSS needs to be altered in order to integrate the image you want as your Tumblr background. Find the following code:

5. Find the coding “body {” and inside the body tag there should be the background: line. The url of the image needs to be inserted there.

6. Replace the {image:Background} with your image url. If the image has been saved to your computer, upload it to Tumblr first.

7. Change the top left fixed repeat for top left fixed no-repeat.

8. Click on “Update Preview”. This is to help you verify the image is there as you want it to be seen.

9. Click “Save”.

B. Use Your Tumblr Appearance Panel

This is likely one of the easiest methods of changing the background of your Tumblog. It’s a fairly easy process to undertake, too.

From your Tumblr account:

1. Click “Customize”.

2. Click “Appearance” at the top of the page.

3. When that panel opens, click “Upload” and select the pattern you want.

4. If you have the option for repeating your image, choose “repeat-y” if your image needs to repeat from top to bottom, “repeat-x” if it needs to repeat from left to right, and “repeat-xy” if it needs to repeat both horizontally and vertically.

C. Create Your Own Theme

Surprisingly, this is not as challenging as the title might suggest. You’ve gone through all the Tumblr theme options, don’t find one you like, and are feeling a little frustrated as a result. Why not create your own theme?

The thing that makes Tumblr effective is that it uses only one page of HTML coding. That’s it. The CSS and scripts are all in the file’s head, so there’s nothing too fancy you’ll need to navigate. Tumblr uses blocks and variables. Variables are set off with the curly parentheses – they look like { or } – while blocks display blocks of HTML and variables for different occurrences and purposes. Blocks are set off like variables, but they are identified as blocks, like this:


Tumblr gives you several variables to use easily in the head of your HTML coding, such as:

{Title} – The html safe title of your blog

{Meta Description} – An html safe description of your blog for use within the meta tag

{Favicon} – A dynamically generated favicon url from your portrait photo

{RSS} – The url to the RSS feed of your tumbleblog

Your HTML head might look like this:

1 head>

2 title>{Title}title>

3 link rel=”shortcut icon” href=”{Favicon}”>

4 rss+xml” href=”{RSS}”>

5 meta name=”description” content=”{MetaDescription}” />

6 head>

Once you have your head in, you can go about creating some basic variables, such as:

{Title} – The HTML safe title of your blog

{Description} – The description of your blog, which may also include html

{PortraitURL-64} – The url to your portrait picture. The available sizes vary.

1 div id=”header”>


3 p>{Description}p>

4 img alt=”{Title}” src=”{PortraitURL-64}” />

5 div>

You can also tell your Tumblog – via the coding – what sorts of posts you want displayed. You will be using a variety of other blocks in order to make this happen:

{block:Text}{/block:Text} – Displays Text posts

{block:Photo}{/block:Photo} – Displays Photo posts

{block:Photoset}{/block:Photoset} – Displays Photoset posts

{block:Quote}{/block:Quote} – Displays Quote posts

{block:Link}{/block:Link} – Displays Link posts

{block:Chat}{/block:Chat} – Displays Chat posts

{block:Audio}{/block:Audio} – Displays Audio posts

{block:Video}{/block:Video} – Displays Video posts

{block:Answer}{/block:Answer} – Displays answer posts

As can be expected, there are also a variety of variables associated with each type of post, and these are:

{Permalink} – The exact url for a single post

{ShortURL} – The sharing friendly short url for a single post

{PostID} – The unique numeric post ID for a single post

Ultimately, you may end up with a code that looks like this:

1 {block:Posts}


3 {block:Text}

4 div>

5 {block:Title}

6 h2>a href=”{Permalink}”>{Title}a>h2>

7 {/block:Title}

8 div>

9 {Body}

10 iv>

11 iv>

12 {/block:Text}


14 {/block:Posts}

There are also a variety of free Tumblr backgrounds you can obtain from the internet for download. Sites for these include:

200 Best Free Tumblr Themes For An Amazing Blogging Experience

However, you can also do a Google search for “free Tumblr backgrounds” and get thousands more hits.

Happy Tumblring!