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Best PHP Scripts – Ranked by sales in 2012

PHP Script - AJAX Contact Form
1. AJAX Contact Form

Jigowatt’s AJAX Contact Form is an extremely popular contact form that is not only easy to implement, but also easy for visitors to use. Thanks to the contact form’s AJAX jQuery website component, you can easily place your contact form on any HTML or PHP page without any disruptions to the existing code. Validation, processing and delivery of complete contact information to your e-mail address is all done with just one file. Without any page reloads to worry about, you can save on bandwidth and keep your code simple and clean. The AJAX Contact Form has plenty of other useful features including an anti-spam filter, integrated animated success page, sliding error messages and digit validation.

Quform - AJAX Contact Form
2. Quform – Powerful AJAX Contact Form

A simple yet powerful AJAX contact form can make all the difference in a website’s success. Similar to most other contact forms, Quform allows you to embed it into any webpage in just a short amount of time. It also validates and sends complete contact information without the need for page reloads. UTF -8 encoding ensures that you receive any form information that happens to be in languages other than English. Quform is easily customizable, with four distinct layouts included and the ability to create your own captcha images. You can also adapt Quform to be used as a registration form or a quote form – the possibilities are truly endless.

Jigowatt - PHP Contact Form
3. Simple PHP Contact Form

Here is an extraordinarily simple PHP contact form that can be deployed on websites or applications in just a matter of minutes. Intended for use with Flash websites and applications, developers can simply drag and drop this simple PHP contact form into any project within Flash CS3 or above. Both code and graphic information is stored in a single movie clip, making it easier to deploy this simple script. Of course, it works with PHP-enabled servers and features form validation prior to message delivery.

PHP User Management Script
4. PHP Login & User Management

PHP Login & User Management is yet another high-quality script from Jigowatt. Once the script is successfully integrated into your existing website, you can create private user areas that require your visitors to be logged in in order to view specific web content. Of course, it features a control panel where you and other administrators can make a variety of changes and adjustments. For instance, you can change user levels, view timestamps, create custom sign-up fields and search through all users via AJAX. This MySQL-dependent script even features an installation wizard for more straightforward installs.

PHP Newsletter Mailer
5. Newsletter Mailer v1.3

Newsletter Mailer v1.3 offers plenty of great optional features in a simple yet powerful package. It is a powerful e-mail marketing tool that offers a number of different delivery options, including Amazon Simple Email Service and Sendmail. With this highly versatile PHP software, you can create custom submission forms, schedule newsletters, import subscriber information and much more. It even features captcha spam protection and support for multiple languages. Newsletter Mailer v1.3 is the way to go if you’re in search of a powerful newsletter solution for your website, blog or portfolio.

PHP Newsletter Mailer
6. Newsletter System

Here is another PHP-based newsletter script that offers plenty of excellent features in a simple and easy-to-understand package. Newsletter System features include unlimited articles and newsletter categories as well as the ability to drop and drag to your site. You can also customize the layout and colors to create a completely unique variant that blends in well with your website’s overall design and color scheme. The system only works on websites, but it can also be deployed within Flash websites.

PHP Booking Systems
7. BookingWizz

If you run a restaurant, a bed and breakfast or any other business that requires appointment scheduling, then you’re probably in need of a reservation system that can handle just about anything. BookingWizz offers just that and much more. It only takes a few minutes to have BookingWizz installed and once you do, you’ll have access to a powerful script that allows you to easily take free or paid reservations online. BookingWizz’s flexibility is also unparalleled – you can set prices, availability, impose restrictions and control the number of hours customers can reserve for each booking. You can even set a registration timeframe for each day. BookingWizz offers a simple yet elegant calendar that can be customized to your liking.

Ultimate Client Manager
8. Ultimate Client Manager – Lite Edition

Ultimate Client Manager is a powerful tool in the hands of businesses looking for a simple yet effective way of managing their clients. With UCM, you can effectively manage your clients, keep track of job hours, easily generate invoices and accept payments. UCM allows you to accept multiple currencies, thereby simplifying many aspects of the payment process when dealing with international clients. UCM also allows you to keep track of project requirements, due dates and files uploaded by clients themselves, all with just one single tool.

Advanced AJAX Contact Form
9. AJAX Contact Form – Extended

One of the best PHP scripts of 2012 from Jigowatt, is an extended version of its AJAX Contact Form. The script allows you to locate a self-contained contact form on any HTML or PHP page of your existing website. Just like the original AJAX Contact Form, this extended version also features validation, processing and delivery of the completed contact information with just one single file. Thanks to AJAX, you won’t have to worry about page reloads. Other features include improved anti-spam verification, replaceable verification images, instant notification via Twitter and e-mail and the ability to improve the user interface with JavaScript jQuery Slide.

PHP Event Calendar
10. PHP Event Calendar

Here’s another event calendar that features simple and painless integration as well as plenty of excellent functionality. This MySQL Database driven script is a traditional calendar that is capable of easily displaying important events. It also features a simple yet capable control panel that gives you full control over your calendar. You can add events, search for and edit existing events and even delete events from your calendar. Other features include the ability to export events to Google calendar or iCal, U.S. and U.K. date formats, cross browser compatibility and complete translation to any language.

ThumbsUp - PHP Scripts
11. ThumbsUp

ThumbsUp is a unique PHP voting script that allows visitors to place their vote for practically anything on your website. ThumbsUp also comes with a variety of useful features, such as the option to prevent IP addresses from voting. This script comes with six unique templates for excellent customization and an AJAX-powered back-end that offers plenty of powerful administration tools. ThumbsUp relies on PHP5 with PDO and it requires a MySQL database for optimal functionality.

Advanced Client Portal - PHP Script
12. Advanced Client Portal

Advanced Client Portal is another client management tool that gives your business a powerful way of managing client interactions in one central location. With ACP, you can create and manage multiple projects for each client, create professional invoices, create multiple project administrators and receive e-mail notifications for any account activity. ACP features excellent security for files and information, while its MVC architecture makes ACP easy to extend. ACP’s user interface is remarkably clean and simple to use, an aspect of this tool that can make all the difference for client retention.

CMS Pro - PHP Content Management System
13. CMS pro! – Lightweight Content Management System

CMS pro! offers an intuitive yet lightweight content management system that web agencies can easily put into service for their customers. By using this system, your customers can easily manage their entire site on their own. With a modular design, users can create unique page layouts, create and delete modules, create multiple posts per page and add as many items as they like. CMS pro! features nine professional plug-ins, including Event Manager, jQuery slider and RSS Feeds. Other features include a built-in commenting system and gallery module, integrated PayPal and Moneybookers payment options, Facebook Connect and much more.

Visual Form Builder - PHP Script
14. Visual Form Builder – Beautiful Forms In Seconds

Visual Form Builder allows you to utilize the power of PHP to build exceptional forms in just a matter of seconds. The script comes with two distinct themes already built-in with provisions for additional things. HTML5 fields are already included, as well as client and server-side validation. Visual Form Builder offers a wealth of customization features that place it head and shoulders above other form builders, including several download options and post processing control. Best of all, all forms created with Visual Form Builder are compatible with all browsers.

Advanced File Management PHP Script
15. Advanced File Management

This one-of-a-kind PHP script takes file management to an entirely new level. Advanced File Management offers plenty of advanced features that makes it a powerful tool for developers and administrators. With this script, you can adjust user permissions, you activity logs, change passwords and create folders for users. Meanwhile, users can quickly upload, download and even delete their files.