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Most Popular Titanium Apps and App creators of 2012

WpApp - WordPress iPhone App
1. WpApp: iPhone App for WordPress

Specifically designed for iPhones, this app has a Database cache, a pull to refresh feature, 20 different color skins, Admob module, i18n localization, unlimited categories and is easy to customize. It is a WordPress plugin for viewing of WordPress pages and posts. This mobile app increases visitor loyalty and expands the blog market readers and makes money through the Admob feature. Increase the number of visitors to your blog with this app.

BizApp - Titanium Development App
2. BizApp

It has an iOS template on Appcelerator’s Titanium. The files have detailed comments, and different elements may be included into a personalized project. Other features include an easy integration to social media feeds, integration of the latest feeds, a page for products and services, and integration for the latest posts on blogs. Take your business to the next level by installing this application.

Night Club Mobile App
3. Night Club Mobile App

Night clubs are the entertainment spot of choice for many people. This application suits the unique needs of Night clubs, cafes, discotheques, and other entertainment spots. It comes with different modules that may be easily modified and extended. The modules include events, gallery, music, and map. The events module covers the events or agenda scheduled in a night club and invites people to join. The gallery displays images and albums from several sources, including social media accounts. The images may be downloaded and shared among users. The music module retrieves and plays selected music tracks from websites like Sound cloud. The map module gives clear directions to the location of a night club or other entertainment spot. It is easy to implement and customize.

StoreApp - Titanium Store Application Template
4. StoreApp V

It is a complete iOS application template suitable for business owners and consultants who come up with solutions for retail businesses. It is suitable for both hard and soft products. Features include product details, shopping cart, integrated PayPal module, product lists for easy viewing, and featured sections to details certain products. Create a mobile app for your store using this template. This application increases the usability of a store’s website by potential clients, which results in increased sales.

Radio Streaming - iOS Radio App
5. Radio Streaming iOS application

This app makes radio streaming for Android and iPhone easy. Features include iPhone and Android compatibility, Titanium source code, easy radio streaming, DJ’s module, MP3 streaming, background streaming with playback, functions over Wi-Fi and 3G networks, and a developer’s module. It can be used in modules or as a full app. Radio streaming has Titanium Appcelerator’s platform support and uses the JavaScript API for Titanium. Get more users to listen to radio shows with this exciting app.

BandApp - Audio Player iOS App
6. Band App

It is an app written in Titanium for bands. Band App uses standard iOS user interface controls and provides a familiar user experience for all iOS users. Features include maps for Gig venues, playable tracks, ready Twitter and RSS feed integration and iOS controls that make it easy for users to navigate. It uses orientation modes to flick between cover flow and the standard view. Increase band visibility and get more fans to attend your gigs with this app.

Mosiac - Photo Gallery App
7. Mosaic – Photogallery App

This app offers a rich media gallery component. It allows users to represent any visual element in a fast and easy way. It incorporates advanced display and sorting capabilities which add to the quality and sharpness of the image viewer. Mosaic displays multimedia elements with a professional finish. It is highly customizable and caters for professional utilities that may need a higher user interaction. Features include help and support, complete documentation in English and Spanish, visual elements, demo application, fade effects, and customizable display. The header and footer options allow for hiding in run time. It sorts elements using user custom data. Imagination is no longer limited thanks to Mosaic.

Fast Food App
8. Fast Food App

Fast Food takeaway is the easiest way to get a meal in a hurry. Fast Food App allows users to access their favorite fast food outlets and their hours of operations. It functions on Appcelerator’s Titanium and includes generic table Views with icons, a searchable menu, a sample location map and tab layout. Users may apply their own graphics and functionality to add to the uniqueness of the finished product.

iPhone Google Place API app
9. Google places API

It integrates the Titanium Augmented Reality module and hooks into the new Google Places API. The user gets live information from Google. The listings have directions on the details page and included a phone number that invokes the phone on selection. An easy search function allows users to find places using categories. This app needs the API key from Google and a Google account for proper functioning.

Get it Done App
10. Get it Done

This is a driving piece with room for dialogue. This app offers a straightforward solution to everyday task management. A
To do list has become a part of most people. It is easy to operate on mobile devices. The dates saved come with a musical reminder from a track that has relevant voice overs. Organize your
calendar and avoid missing crucial dates.

Swipeable Photo Gallery App
11. Swipeable Photo Gallery

The Swipe- able photo gallery iOS template comes ready for custom use on Appcelerator’s Titanium. It has provisions for personalized functionality, photos and graphics. The photo galleries include multiple directories for images, a swipe- able viewer, thumbnail creation, and custom settings. JavaScript code and the app combine to form a native app for iOS APIs. This app does not use a browser and uses Titanium API. Create unique photo galleries with the convenient swipe ability built in to them.

Simple iPhone App
12. Simple iPhone App

Simple iPhone app builds on Appcelerator’s Titanium. Mainly used for mobile and web app developers and designer portfolios. It is flexible and may be used to showcase other mobile or web applications. Multiple tabs may be added to create a full and personalized portfolio on the iPhone. It comes with full JavaScript commented files for easy integration into personal projects. The Simple iPhone App includes Photoshop files to build personalized pages. Create unique portfolios with this convenient app and get noticed.

Simple iPad App
13. Simple iPad App

Based on the Appcelerator’s Titanium iPad template, the Simple iPad app designed for web and mobile application development agencies and the portfolio of designers. It may be used to showcase other mobile and web apps thanks to its flexibility. Users may add as many tabs as they need when creating a full portfolio. The JavaScript come with full documentation and easily sectioned to facilitate easy cut and pasting options into personal projects. The portfolios created represent the personal style of the designer and will effectively represent this style to prospective clients.

University of Education
14. University of Education

University of Education is an app built on Appcelerator’s Titanium and is more than an iOS template. It provides nine different modules for educational institutions and other interested parties. These include the academics module that has a course list, admissions module and an about module that has the history of the institute. The media module has the gallery module, news module and a twitter module that displays tweets from an account and checks the network connection while displaying a loading indicator. The final category includes the mail module which opens the mail app for institutional email, the call to us function for direct calls from phones, and the map module that shows an interactive map of the educational institution. The app may be used as a full component, or several selected modules. It is 100% native and does not rely on a browser.

Universal WordPress Blog App
15. Universal WordPress Blog App

Based on the Titanium template, it creates a universal template that may be used for both iPhone and iPad devices natively. Users get a more interactive experience for putting tweets, posts and other information in a handy app which may be easily released through the Apple app store. Features include an integrated twitter feed, robust code,
and detailed documentation. Users may add pages from blogs and full PSD’s for graphics. It functions on iPad and iPhone platforms. The app works on both iPad and iPhone devices and two different looks may be customized for the two. Increase blog readership by integrating this application.