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Most Popular Native Mobile Web Apps of 2012

Mobile Store Locator
1. Mobile Store Locator

Here is a great plug-in that allows users to locate their favorite stores as well as a variety of other important information. Mobile Store Locator uses a built-in API to fetch and display a list of stores and detailed information about each store. However, Mobile Store Locator goes even further than just displaying store lists. It also allows users to find the exact location of each store on a Google Map. Users can also search for stores closest to their current location, search by address or postal code and see each store using Google Maps’ Street View.

AJAX Mobile Contact Form
2. AJAX Mobile Contact Form

Schizzoweb’s AJAX Mobile Contact Form is another native mobile web app that offers responsive performance for both users and developers. This mobile web app is a simple contact form that allows users to send e-mails and join e-mail lists from the comfort of their mobile device. Features include anti-spam filters, e-mail message customization, field validation and much more. AJAX Mobile Contact Form is also set up for multi-language use – developers can simply customize this web app into a variety of languages to suit their user base. Not only is it extraordinarily easy to integrate this contact form into your existing mobile website, it also works with all of the major mobile devices, including iPhone, Android and Windows Mobile.

Locations Map Web App
3. Locations Map Web App

Small businesses need all the help they can get when it comes to having customers find their stores. Locations Map Web App allows users to quickly find locations displayed on the map and in the list. Locations Map Web App utilizes the Sencha Touch framework to provide a smooth and seamless experience that is fully functional with only a single page load. It also uses native touch functions, allowing users to swipe through images and other information with ease. With such a simple native mobile web app at your disposal, telling your customers exactly where you are located becomes a simple task.

jQuery Mobile Website Admin Panel
4. jQuery Mobile Website With Full Admin Panel

Not everyone can create a full-fledged mobile website from scratch. This is why a solution like the jQuery Mobile Website With Full Admin Panel exists in the first place. This all-in-one mobile web templates development solution gives you the ability to create an effective mobile websites without having to waste time creating all of those important features from scratch. This native mobile web app comes with a large selection of custom backgrounds, headers and footers, along with several layouts that allow you to mix and match for a more unique look. Best of all, you can make changes to your mobile website on-the-fly simply by using your mobile device. A simple WYSIWYG editor makes it very easy to create the best mobile website and edit content as needed.

Mobile jQuery Content Slider
5. Mobile jQuery Content Slider

The Mobile jQuery Content Slider is an excellent application for mobile browsers that allows users to browse through any content with just a few swipes. This touch responsive app is capable of adapting to the screen width of any mobile device, giving users a greater amount of versatility and the ability to make the most use of their screen real estate. Of course, you can always disable this feature via CSS customization if your mobile website does not need this functionality. Not only does the Mobile jQuery Content Slider support content in HTML, it also allows for content fetched via AJAX. This app makes an excellent addition to any mobile website.

SmartMail - Web Mail Smartphone Client
6. SmartMail – Web Mail Client for your Smartphone

SmartMail offers a fully functional IMAP web mail client that gives you complete control of your e-mail account. You can browse through all of your e-mail folders and do all of the things that you’d expect to accomplish with any other e-mail client. SmartMail supports English and German languages right out of the box and it is also possible to add new languages as needed. Built with HTML, CSS and PHP, it is compatible with most major smartphone operating systems.

Mobilitee - Mobile App Creator
7. Mobilitee — Mobile App Creator

Let’s say you want to enhance your existing website by creating a mobile app from it, but you can’t see yourself dealing with the hassles that come with creating a mobile app from scratch. Mobilitee’s Mobile App Creator lets you create a mobile app simply by dynamically pulling in content from your website via AJAX. Mobile App Creator automatically builds your mobile app as you browse. This mobile app also comes with several high-quality games as well as Photoshop templates that allow you to quickly create images, elements and splash screens for your new app. Mobile App Creator uses jqTouch for its underlying framework and it also includes support for Retina Display.

Facebook Mobile Web Application
8. Facebook Mobile Web Application

Another native mobile app that always comes in handy is the Facebook Mobile Web Application. With this application, users can enjoy full Facebook functionality on their mobile device. Users can view their Facebook friends lists as well as wall content, posts and news. They can even update their Facebook status using this convenient mobile app. Facebook Mobile Web Application relies on AJAX to load content without reloading the page itself. It only takes less than 2 minutes to have this app set up and ready to go.

Mobile jQuery Photo Gallery
9. Mobile jQuery Photos Gallery

Mobile jQuery Photos Gallery offers a powerful solution for managing and displaying photo albums and images on mobile devices. Front-end features include responsive touch enabled navigation, slideshow support and automatic galleries list display right on the homepage. There is also plenty of back-end support, including an exceptionally clean and user friendly admin interface, support for captures and multiple uploads and the ability to extend the app according to your mobile website needs. Of course, Mobile jQuery Photos Gallery relies on jQuery for its powerful software framework and is compatible with all mobile device operating systems.

Mobile Registration Form
10. Register/Sign In Mobile Form

What you have here is a simple registration and sign-in form that works with any mobile device. This unique and useful app uses jQuery effects as well as AJAX for real-time username and e-mail address verification. It also includes field validation, admin notification and admin approval as well as PHP code for registration and sign-in. Register/Sign In Mobile Form is available in multiple languages.

YouTube API Mobile Videos
11. YouTube API Mobile – Videos site

As more people watch YouTube on their mobile devices, it only makes sense to have a native mobile web app that allows users to access millions of videos from this popular service. The YouTube Mobile Application is based on the YouTube API v2, updated with the latest stable jQuery mobile framework and filled with plenty of popular features. Users can view a variety of standard feeds, view playlists and enjoy the same sort of functionality as offered by the full-fledged YouTube website from the convenience of their mobile device. This app is optimized for iPhone and iTouch users, but also works on other mobile devices including Android and BlackBerry.

jQuery Pull Down to Refresh
12. jQuery Pull Down to Refresh

Here is a simple app that does exactly what its namesake suggests. The jQuery Pull Down to Refresh plug-in allows users to drag down and release a simple bar on their mobile app to refresh content. This plug-in works best on mobile apps that offer static content that isn’t refreshed in real time. It is fully compatible with jQuery Mobile, plus it can fit into any HTML page. Developers can create their own custom messages and modify how it looks via CSS. Anyone looking for a simple app to refresh their content with should take a look at this sample and lightweight plug-in.

jQuery Facebook Side Menu Plugin
13. jQuery Facebook Side Menu Plugin

This particular plug-in adds a Facebook menu to the side of any HTML page. Compatible with nearly every mobile device browser and operating system, developers can use it just about anywhere, even on ordinary non-mobile websites. The jQuery Facebook Side Menu Plugin offers remarkably easy customization via CSS and jQuery Plugin Options, plus it is also fully compatible with jQuery Mobile.

Restaurant Menu App - jQuery Mobile
14. Restaurant Menu App: JQuery Mobile

Developers looking for an excellent restaurant application for mobile devices will enjoy the Restaurant Menu App. Based on the powerful jQuery Mobile software framework, Restaurant Menu App displays a variety of food and drink options. Features include a user-friendly touch responsive interface using FlexSlider and the ability to insert, delete and modify content such as text and images. Restaurant Menu App supports all of the common mobile device operating systems and it works on any mobile website.

WP to Mobile
15. WPtoMobile

WPtoMobile is a specially designed application that enables mobile device support for your WordPress. However, it is not a plug-in or theme for WordPress itself, but it’s all special application reserved for mobile devices. jQuery Mobile support ensures that it is compatible with all of the major mobile device platforms and their browsers. WPtoMobile features a custom menu along with custom navigation and a touch responsive gallery for images.