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How to know if your Child is being bullied online?

Cyber bullying is a major issue faced by teenagers these days. There is a lot of awareness among people regarding online connectivity and cyber bullying is the biggest factor in creating unsafe environment for children. Spying on your children is not bad because it enables you to know about them. It is feasible to get all the information about them and get evidences on their activities.


Some factors to consider for comprehending if your child is being bullied online:

  • If the child is spending less time with friends and becoming away from social life
  • Scratches, cuts or bruises on the body without any explanation
  • Afraid to go to school or getting away from studies
  • Damaged clothes or books
  • Shabby appearance after returning from school
  • Complaining about physical ailments like headache, stomach ache etc
  • Loss of appetite
  • Low self esteem and anxious behavior
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Troubled sleep or nightmares
  • Child is appearing sad, teary, depressed, aggressive or moody

These are the common factors to keep in mind for parents and they need to become aware of these things to make their children safe and protected.

mSpy is the most used mobile spy software for Iphone and Android tracking which parents can use for their children to detect every activity with full details. Time, date and other details are well revealed in these call, message and web logs. You can get all you need to know about your children and save them from the troubles they face in their lives.


mSpy is user friendly and you can install within a few minutes on your child’s mobile. The software doesn’t show up its presence and hence, it is feasible to install it without telling your children. It can be highly useful in developing a strong bond between parents and children. Checking your child’s mobile often doesn’t really help. It won’t help you in knowing the real activities of your child. Instead, they can cheat you with a wrong impression of their personality.

Spying on your children doesn’t mean that you are not having confidence on them. It actually depicts that you really care about them and don’t want them to go on the wrong track in their life. mSpy is the best software for this purpose and it is available at appropriate cost. You can get all you need to know about your children within a single click.

Get mSpy and save your kids from cyber bullying.

7 Reasons Why Your Website Has to Work on a Mobile Phone

pic1Being on the go is the way that most people operate today. Being on the go means that you will not always have the space that you would like to carry a large personal laptop. In lieu of a laptop, most people will carry around other devices. Some of these are mobile phones or tablets. Most smart phones and mobile devices were created to help access the Internet without needing a large screen. Website owners should be aware of the fact that everyone who attempts to access their website will not be accessing the site through a personal computer. The website will more than likely be accessed through a tablet or mobile phone regularly.

For website owners, this means optimizing the web page for mobile phone usage. Here are seven reasons why your website should work on a mobile phone.

1) Phones are more popular than computers

While there are still people who operate without having a personal computer inside of their home, it is rarer to find a person who does not have a cellular phone. The default cellular phone that is being released by manufacturers is a smart phone. Smart phones have internet access, and can access and load webpages as fast as many computers. So, while you may be building your website on a computer, you must build the site with mobile access in mind.

2) People Often Order on the Go

If you offer commodities on your website, having a website that can be accessed via a mobile phone can greatly increase your revenue. If you sell items, the website should be created as a mobile user friendly website. Allowing mobile phone customers to be able to browse, select items, and check out with little hassle can increase your revenue.

3) People Prefer Phones While Relaxing

When people tend to relax, they may not bring their personal laptop with them. This means that a person who is relaxing in bed, or in their living room may not take their computer, but they are likely to have their phone. A customer who is browsing may run across your website and decide to patronize your service.pic2

4) Mobile Friendly Sites are Easy to Build

There are website themes that are available to build websites. Some of these themes already operate as mobile friendly design. These designs translate well on a mobile phone and allow the buttons and screen scaling to match what you would like when it comes to mobile access.

5) It will be Easy for You to Access

Customers are not the only people who need to access the website on the go. Building a mobile friendly website will make it easy for you to access as well. If you wish to log into your website while on the go, with a mobile friendly site, you can log in an access the control panel of the website. During downtime in a commute or while caught in the city, you will be able to access your website and make changes or contact customers as you need to. As a business owner, being available in a number of different ways is necessary to best serve customers. A mobile friendly site will help you to serve them through your phone as well.

6) Bug Finding and Set Up is Easy

There is little reason to stall making the transition to a mobile friendly website. It is easy to make changes to a website in order to be more mobile friendly. Contrary to popular belief, bugs are not a major issue when making this kind of change to a website. is a website that can help you sort out any bugs that may be found in your software. If there are any bugs found, you can get a quick fix in order to set up your website design properly.

7) Your Conversions may Increase

pic4When you go from a design that was not mobile friendly to a sign that is easily accessible via a smart phone, you may be able to keep customers on your website a little longer. Customers who access websites via their mobile phone and happen upon a design that is not mobile user friendly will often quickly click away and instead look for another site. After implementing a mobile friendly design, you may find that users come to the website and stay a longer time. This is likely to increase your sales and your repeat visitors.

Changing over to a mobile friendly design is a top priority for website owners. Make sure that you have the job done professionally, in order to make sure that the website is performance friendly. Once you have a new mobile design, watch closely to your stats and any sales increases.

5 Best BlackBerry Apps for Graphic Designers

New technologies are making life much simpler for graphic designers, and there are some great apps available for controlling your business, getting your life in order and succeeding in the graphic design field. It also can help build your brand. Here are the five best BlackBerry apps for graphic designers.

1. Palettes Lite


Image via

Palettes Lite is the free version of the full software package, but it still has a huge amount of usability and is a more comprehensive tool than ColorRef. With Palettes Lite,  you will be able to create a color scheme with color codes, sliders, photos, or the color wheel.

The app is also shows complimentary colors and allows for new pallets to be created based on the merging of other colors. This great app also has a huge online palette sharing location where you can browse and download other user create color pallets.

2. ColorRef


Image via

ColorRef is a simple easy to use color scheme reference tool for graphic designers who like to match up color schemes while out and about. Sometimes in a moment of design inspiration you may want to check the compatibility of colors you are intending to use, and this is where ColorRef comes in.

The app can convert RGB, Hex or even CoreGraphics formatting, meaning that you can source colors from a variety of locations. There are some great online resources teaching about effective use of color schemes in web design if this is an area that you need more help with.

3. Evernote


Image via Wikimedia Commons

Hands down one of the best organizational apps out there, Evernote is a comprehensive tool that can be accessed from any device, even newer ones like the BlackBerry Q10, making it ideal for graphic designers who are always on the go. Simply make notes and memos on whatever device you like and then once saved, you can retrieve anywhere anytime.

With a few little add-ons you can also save webpages, bookmarks and create reading lists to refer back to. The premium edition ofEvernote has some extremely useful features such as note and file sharing as well as many other tools.

4. SAP TimeSheet Lite


Image via

If you are the kind of designer who needs help with time management, client rates and other office work, then this app will be a nice addition to your BlackBerry device. TimeSheet Lite is a free version to the full package, and it allows you to track time sheets, project details and client details so that you never have to worry about forgetting to log down your work again.

The full version has some really neat tools that will help to keep you on track up to date with clients.

5. Storage Made Easy


Image via

Many graphic designers work from a variety of locations, which can lead to a messy trail of files, documents and media. Storage Made Easy consolidates your file storage into one central point so you can get access to it from whichever device you are using, meaning that whether you are at your desk or on the train, you will never be without your files.

Mobile devices makes life easier for graphic designers, and the fact that you can use these apps from any place makes them even more convenient for those working in various locations.

Most Popular iOS Apps 2013

Using apps is a worldwide phenomenon, as they make work and life more convenient by giving you the information you need within a few seconds. Whether you want an app to make your work tasks more efficient, or want to find apps to develop your own app building skills, you’ll find more than 700,000 options in the Apple AppStore. Choosing from among these can be a little daunting and time consuming, so we have compiled a list of the most popular iOS apps 2013 for both end-users and app designers who want to save time and avoid the coding scratch process.

Blog News

1 –Blog News

Working on a blog can take long, constant hours of work, but with this app you no longer have to sit in front of your computer to get this work done. BlogNews installs thumbnails of all of your WordPress posts, grabs news from a magazine or blog, finds the thumbnails of your posts, views your web stats through Google Analytics, or manages your social media accounts from your iPhone or iPad. With a 10 minute installation, this app has many useful features for any blog owner who has a personal life as well as a professional one.

DOLPHIN - XML EBook Creator

2 – DOLPHIN – XML EBook Creator

Deciding to write an eBook can be a real challenge, especially if you aren’t tech savvy. So just how do you get your book in eBook form, load it to the Internet and place it up for sale? That is what the Dolphin XML app template can help you do. All you have to do is load up the content, add the multimedia (images, video, audio files) and create your eBook. Great features include slideshow creation. Expect a full XML driven app that doesn’t need you to add more code, both iPhone and iPad landscape and portrait view support with auto resizing, video layer support, thumbnail navigation, slideshow options and background display options.

Create Your Own App

3 – Create Your Own App

Running apps when you have no programming skills is very possible especially with apps like this. Create your own apps with embedded YouTube videos, photo galleries, WordPress articles, tweets and map features. Add your own custom features and place your new app in the AppStore and you are ready to go.

Turn the PDF

4 – TurnThePDF

Working with page turning PDF files is now possible with this new app. TurnThePDF is a PDF reader with page turning features like those users are accustomed to on the iPad. This app creates those cool page turn effects for your PDF eBooks. It works very simply by allowing you to simply drag the PDF file into the project. Then all you have to do is write the name of your file and make sure the Add target box is check marked. When you launch the PDF with the app installed just swipe each page to the left or right to get the page turning action.


5 – iRadio

Listening to music has never been easier than with this app. Play any number of radio stations with this application. Stream ACC, MP3, MGU, PLS, Icecast and more. The app makes for easy navigation through its attractive tabs. It features easy social media access so users can share music. App creators can easily integrate PDF reader to add other features, and they can even play background sounds with the app in its closed state.

HTML - PDF Viewer - iOS XCode Project

6 – HTML / PDF Viewer – iOS XCode Project

Need a quick PDF viewer for your iPhone? This app is a plug-and-play option that installs within just a few minutes. Just drop and drag and you can immediately get access to your PDF content. Include the app with other app creations of your own too with easy instructional for this integration in the app documentation.

Cave Run Game

7 – Cave Run Game

Gaming has never had so many options. Now you can take favorite Flash games to your iOS systems. The Cave Run game is an app fashioned after the traditional PC flash game. It offers very simple game play with an Indiana Jones like character. Just hold the mouse button to jump and hold it a little longer to jump even higher.

My Plist Map

8 – MyPlistMap for iPhone & iPad

Create your own XCode maps and map notations with this cool app. The.plist file holds all your markers, notes and quick jots you need to make on map locations. Additionally when you sync your iOS device and PC the.plist file is downloaded to your server and updated immediately, so you don’t have to re-annotate the information you made while on the move. The app offers easy to use features; basically you just set your map marker and write in what you need. The app immediately creates the annotations on both the map and in a list form. Add pictures to illustrate places, click on the map pin to get descriptions, photos and more. App builders can integrate this app into their own custom apps, and add up to 7 pieces of information for each location pin they create (city name, state, country, population, latitude and longitude, pictures).

PhotoGallery - iOS XCode Project

9 – PhotoGallery – iOS XCode Project

Taking great photos is a real pleasure made even more so when you can easily share them with your readers or visitors. But great photographers are not necessarily great coders and adding photos to an iOS device may seem daunting. This great little app offers a plug-and-play iOS gallery option. Simply swap the default images for your own by dragging and dropping your photos into the app frame, and presto, you’ve got a cool gallery of beautiful photos for your iPad or iPhone.

Angry Ninjas Sling Shot Game Starter Kit for iOS

10- Angry Ninjas Sling Shot Game Starter Kit for iOS

Try your hand at game application design with this starter kit app. This is an easy to customize XCode project with video tutorials to make game making easy. Build your own levels, add your own art work and customize some of the preferences for sling speed and more. Make as many levels as you want and when finished upload and sell it in the AppStore.

iOS EBook Starter Kit with Video Guide Tutorials

11- iOS EBook Starter Kit with Video Guide Tutorials

Give your creativity free reign with this iOS eBook starter kit and video guide. Quickly drag and drop in images and content to make a page turning book for iPad users. Follow the reference guide to learn how to tweak your book, add multimedia and make it perfect enough for the AppStore. Additional features include 3D animation support, cool buttons for kid’s books and more. Don’t worry if you don’t have coding experience, as this kit simply allows you to replace existing images and content in the existing format. Its ease of use means you can publish your new eBook within a few short minutes.

MultiFunction Form

12- MultiFunctional Form – iPhone

Place any form you need on any of your custom apps with this multifunctional form app. Create email forms, order, information or any other form you need within just a minute or two. There is no need for special code knowledge and all form information automatically syncs with the server too, allowing you to view information either from your iOS device or PC.

Twitter Feed - iOS XCode Project

13 – Twitter Feed – iOS XCode Project

Manage your social media marketing campaigns more effectively with this little app. Add your Twitter feed to your own iOS device or to any user’s by integrating this app with your own custom apps. This app offers a quick way to include your Twitter posts in a dynamic and attractive layout in your own apps. It helps increase your social media exposure, sell your apps and get more traffic to any project you have. Additionally this small app offers compatibility with most iOS devices, ease-of-use, and an incredibly easy set up process. So easy in fact, that it works much like setting up your Twitter screen name and password.

Car Sale in App

14 – CarSale In App

Selling cars has never been easier, especially now that you can create your own car sales app. Made with the power of XCode, you can simply add cars from the PhpMyAdmin and they automatically appear in the app. Set up your new custom app with your own logo, description, email and Facebook information. Add markers to the integrated map to show the vehicle location and offer quick route locations. Easy to read documentation and video tutorials show you to communicate directly with the application server to make the changes you need. This way you don’t have to contact Apple every time you do a vehicle update. Besides, this app offers easy fill-in-the-box options, meaning you don’t have to learn to code to make attractive background, vehicle information and pic changes. Just enter the data in each of the admin boxes and “presto” the changes are made.

Apps make using your Apple device fun, but also offer convenience and efficiency. So whether you are looking for a game to play, a book to read or want to try your hand at game creating while riding the subway home from work, these apps can make working with other apps or content so much more efficient and simpler!

15 Android Apps for App Creators 2013

Creating Android apps can be very lucrative. They can be sold in app stores, offered on websites, given away to existing customers, offered as free gifts or options for loyal readers and more. But many web developpers, bloggers, and designers stay away from app building, believing it to be too complicated and requiring too much code. However, there are apps that can help create other custom apps. These offer ease-of-use, convenience, and easy WYSIWYG customization options. Even so, there are more than 450,000 different apps in Google Play alone, so finding those that work for developers can be challenging. The following list of 15 developer apps can help web administrators and developers create customized apps for their own needs.

Recipes App

1 – Recipes App

This app centers around food recipes, allowing developers to create their own custom apps using them. It is the perfect choice for either a chef or food lover site owner or app developer. There is no complicated coding to use or learn when creating apps with this tool. A user only requires a basic knowledge of the way Android development apps work to easily customize it for their own use. As requested by previous app users, there are now two existing versions of the Recipes App, one with AdMob and one without. The Admob version comes integrated with the famous Google Mobile ad Network, which advertises the app you create within other creator apps.

This app tool offers ease-of-use by simply allowing for the adding of custom recipes through the sqlite database using the SQLite Manager add-on for Mozilla. Additionally the app has search features so users can search for the recipes they need, and can be used on both a tablet and a Smartphone.

Android Webview

2 – Android Webview

An app that integrates a progress bar into the designers apps, but also adds Mp4 and 3gp video file usage in the apps created. Design features include attractive zoom-in and out touch buttons. This app directs users to rate an application, use a one touch button to call, or even open Facebook and Twitter applications. This is the tool that can build an Android Webview app in just 5 minutes.

Blog Gue

3- Blog Gue

Tweak blog RSS feed, blog Facebook pages, YouTube Channels and Twitter applications in applications created to market and improve the blog traffic. It offers ease-of-use, and only requires the insertion of appropriate URLs and custom images. The purpose in this app is to help blog visitors remain connected with the blogger content.

Full Android App Webview Template

4 – Full Android App Webview Template

Using a full android app Webview template means developers can create apps without needing to know how to use complex programming languages. Additionally this app allows users to host app files on a normal web hosting server, meaning content can change as frequently as needed.


5 – Socialize

Give apps the power of social viral marketing with Socialize. By integrating this app into other apps, a designer puts the custom app user to work. They can tweet, like, comment and share your apps content, bringing others to your app. Socialize allows users to get to their social networks faster and allows them access to all features. Both the developer and client user can interact with each other, upload pictures quickly and register your location with the click of a button. Upload links, offer likes, tweets, pics and comments just as if you were on your PC.

Create Your Android Map App

6 – Create Your Android Map App

Users needing to create Android maps for a business can find significant value in this app. Use Your Android Map to create your own location map. This is a template app that lets a user add custom features and needed data. Users have two versions available in this app; one with the integrated Admob and another without. Features of the app include; GPS support, multiple screen support, marker icons to mark location, dialog box features for map areas and more.

Kids Memory Game

7 – Kids Memory Game

Parents with kids under the age of 10 are often taking children in the car, the grocery store or in a department store, and need something educational to offer them while they wait. App makers can create custom kids memory games with this app to fulfill both the parent and child needs. Make memory game apps according to the criteria needed by the developer. AdMob is also integrated so any app made can start making money right away.

Soundboard & Ringtones

8 – Soundboard & Ringtones

Create movie ringtones, scary ringtones, personalized musical ringtone apps, all which can be added to blogs or websites and offered for sale or use. Additionally, any custom ringtone made is packed with AdMob, the mobile Google ad software supporting other apps, to allow developers to start making money immediately. Using the app only takes a few minutes. Once finished, add the apps to websites, and make money from them. App users will find easy customization options with no needed coding, a grid view and tab layout to help cut and sequence the sound media. Experience the uniform UI design and smooth scroll performance when using the Soundboard & Ringtones app, which makes the ringtone process more efficient.

Android Bottom tabs

9 – Android Bottom Tabs

Customize the standard Android Tabs according to the app needs. Make these more uniform by displaying the tabs in the custom app in the same manner on each of the Android platforms (the standard tabs tend to different across the various Android platforms). This app is easily installed and modified by selecting from the different options; meaning there is no need for coding abilities.

Ecommerce Shop

10 – E-commerce Shop

An app template for users with e-commerce websites that sell computer components. It offers simple instructions for building an API using PHP and MySQL. The app allows users to register, sign in and search and purchase products. When integrated with a site it loads 10 rows at a time and offers the user PayPal purchase options. Designers are offered security encryption of sha256. Developers are offered an easy SQL script that can be imported to the sits PhpMyAdmin for convenient mobile adaptation.

Dictionary App with Search

11 – Dictionary App with Search

Designers working with language based apps or websites, may be interested in the Dictionary App with search, which can be easily integrated into other mobile apps or used to create specific dictionaries and glossary apps. Its search feature offers convenience for users who need to access terms.

The Restaurant app

12 – The Restaurant App

An app you can customize to offer restaurant locations, menus, and reservation options. The UI design and features allow app developers to customize local restaurant and menu options for users. Additionally web and app developers can access app functionality from the admin web page, thereby customizing menu lists and reservation options.

Your Media Player

13 – Your Media Player

Create a radio mp3 player that offers mp3, ogg, m3u, and wav playlists. App designers can create their own playlists for users to listen to. Access and organize music for others to listen to from the app you create.

Picture Quiz

14 – Picture Quiz

Developers wanting to entertain their users will love Picture Quiz as it allows you to create an image quiz. The app maker doesn’t require programming skills. Just add your images and choose the category. The code will take care of itself. Create the vocabulary picture quiz, the president quiz, geography quiz, astronomy or any other visual subject quiz. Users working with the app will feel challenged with the countdown timer, integrated music and the Admob integration for immediate money making opportunities.

Android Photo Grid

15 – Android Photo Grid

This app allows developers to showcase an array of images. It offers a fresh, clean background and many categorical options. Additionally the app allows users to swipe and zoom into photos. It can be used ideally by photographers or bloggers who need to offer image gallery options in an innovative and artistic way. No specific coding or graphic skills are needed to integrate the app with a site. The photo grid automatically cache’s the preloaded images so the fit in the cell; meaning you don’t need to resize each and every image you use in the gallery.

Many application creators are not necessarily expert coders. Actually, many are only slightly familiar with coding, and instead opt to use applications to help create and customize their own applications for their websites

Most Popular Titanium Apps and App creators of 2012

WpApp - WordPress iPhone App
1. WpApp: iPhone App for WordPress

Specifically designed for iPhones, this app has a Database cache, a pull to refresh feature, 20 different color skins, Admob module, i18n localization, unlimited categories and is easy to customize. It is a WordPress plugin for viewing of WordPress pages and posts. This mobile app increases visitor loyalty and expands the blog market readers and makes money through the Admob feature. Increase the number of visitors to your blog with this app.

BizApp - Titanium Development App
2. BizApp

It has an iOS template on Appcelerator’s Titanium. The files have detailed comments, and different elements may be included into a personalized project. Other features include an easy integration to social media feeds, integration of the latest feeds, a page for products and services, and integration for the latest posts on blogs. Take your business to the next level by installing this application.

Night Club Mobile App
3. Night Club Mobile App

Night clubs are the entertainment spot of choice for many people. This application suits the unique needs of Night clubs, cafes, discotheques, and other entertainment spots. It comes with different modules that may be easily modified and extended. The modules include events, gallery, music, and map. The events module covers the events or agenda scheduled in a night club and invites people to join. The gallery displays images and albums from several sources, including social media accounts. The images may be downloaded and shared among users. The music module retrieves and plays selected music tracks from websites like Sound cloud. The map module gives clear directions to the location of a night club or other entertainment spot. It is easy to implement and customize.

StoreApp - Titanium Store Application Template
4. StoreApp V

It is a complete iOS application template suitable for business owners and consultants who come up with solutions for retail businesses. It is suitable for both hard and soft products. Features include product details, shopping cart, integrated PayPal module, product lists for easy viewing, and featured sections to details certain products. Create a mobile app for your store using this template. This application increases the usability of a store’s website by potential clients, which results in increased sales.

Radio Streaming - iOS Radio App
5. Radio Streaming iOS application

This app makes radio streaming for Android and iPhone easy. Features include iPhone and Android compatibility, Titanium source code, easy radio streaming, DJ’s module, MP3 streaming, background streaming with playback, functions over Wi-Fi and 3G networks, and a developer’s module. It can be used in modules or as a full app. Radio streaming has Titanium Appcelerator’s platform support and uses the JavaScript API for Titanium. Get more users to listen to radio shows with this exciting app.

BandApp - Audio Player iOS App
6. Band App

It is an app written in Titanium for bands. Band App uses standard iOS user interface controls and provides a familiar user experience for all iOS users. Features include maps for Gig venues, playable tracks, ready Twitter and RSS feed integration and iOS controls that make it easy for users to navigate. It uses orientation modes to flick between cover flow and the standard view. Increase band visibility and get more fans to attend your gigs with this app.

Mosiac - Photo Gallery App
7. Mosaic – Photogallery App

This app offers a rich media gallery component. It allows users to represent any visual element in a fast and easy way. It incorporates advanced display and sorting capabilities which add to the quality and sharpness of the image viewer. Mosaic displays multimedia elements with a professional finish. It is highly customizable and caters for professional utilities that may need a higher user interaction. Features include help and support, complete documentation in English and Spanish, visual elements, demo application, fade effects, and customizable display. The header and footer options allow for hiding in run time. It sorts elements using user custom data. Imagination is no longer limited thanks to Mosaic.

Fast Food App
8. Fast Food App

Fast Food takeaway is the easiest way to get a meal in a hurry. Fast Food App allows users to access their favorite fast food outlets and their hours of operations. It functions on Appcelerator’s Titanium and includes generic table Views with icons, a searchable menu, a sample location map and tab layout. Users may apply their own graphics and functionality to add to the uniqueness of the finished product.

iPhone Google Place API app
9. Google places API

It integrates the Titanium Augmented Reality module and hooks into the new Google Places API. The user gets live information from Google. The listings have directions on the details page and included a phone number that invokes the phone on selection. An easy search function allows users to find places using categories. This app needs the API key from Google and a Google account for proper functioning.

Get it Done App
10. Get it Done

This is a driving piece with room for dialogue. This app offers a straightforward solution to everyday task management. A
To do list has become a part of most people. It is easy to operate on mobile devices. The dates saved come with a musical reminder from a track that has relevant voice overs. Organize your
calendar and avoid missing crucial dates.

Swipeable Photo Gallery App
11. Swipeable Photo Gallery

The Swipe- able photo gallery iOS template comes ready for custom use on Appcelerator’s Titanium. It has provisions for personalized functionality, photos and graphics. The photo galleries include multiple directories for images, a swipe- able viewer, thumbnail creation, and custom settings. JavaScript code and the app combine to form a native app for iOS APIs. This app does not use a browser and uses Titanium API. Create unique photo galleries with the convenient swipe ability built in to them.

Simple iPhone App
12. Simple iPhone App

Simple iPhone app builds on Appcelerator’s Titanium. Mainly used for mobile and web app developers and designer portfolios. It is flexible and may be used to showcase other mobile or web applications. Multiple tabs may be added to create a full and personalized portfolio on the iPhone. It comes with full JavaScript commented files for easy integration into personal projects. The Simple iPhone App includes Photoshop files to build personalized pages. Create unique portfolios with this convenient app and get noticed.

Simple iPad App
13. Simple iPad App

Based on the Appcelerator’s Titanium iPad template, the Simple iPad app designed for web and mobile application development agencies and the portfolio of designers. It may be used to showcase other mobile and web apps thanks to its flexibility. Users may add as many tabs as they need when creating a full portfolio. The JavaScript come with full documentation and easily sectioned to facilitate easy cut and pasting options into personal projects. The portfolios created represent the personal style of the designer and will effectively represent this style to prospective clients.

University of Education
14. University of Education

University of Education is an app built on Appcelerator’s Titanium and is more than an iOS template. It provides nine different modules for educational institutions and other interested parties. These include the academics module that has a course list, admissions module and an about module that has the history of the institute. The media module has the gallery module, news module and a twitter module that displays tweets from an account and checks the network connection while displaying a loading indicator. The final category includes the mail module which opens the mail app for institutional email, the call to us function for direct calls from phones, and the map module that shows an interactive map of the educational institution. The app may be used as a full component, or several selected modules. It is 100% native and does not rely on a browser.

Universal WordPress Blog App
15. Universal WordPress Blog App

Based on the Titanium template, it creates a universal template that may be used for both iPhone and iPad devices natively. Users get a more interactive experience for putting tweets, posts and other information in a handy app which may be easily released through the Apple app store. Features include an integrated twitter feed, robust code,
and detailed documentation. Users may add pages from blogs and full PSD’s for graphics. It functions on iPad and iPhone platforms. The app works on both iPad and iPhone devices and two different looks may be customized for the two. Increase blog readership by integrating this application.

Most Popular Native Mobile Web Apps of 2012

Mobile Store Locator
1. Mobile Store Locator

Here is a great plug-in that allows users to locate their favorite stores as well as a variety of other important information. Mobile Store Locator uses a built-in API to fetch and display a list of stores and detailed information about each store. However, Mobile Store Locator goes even further than just displaying store lists. It also allows users to find the exact location of each store on a Google Map. Users can also search for stores closest to their current location, search by address or postal code and see each store using Google Maps’ Street View.

AJAX Mobile Contact Form
2. AJAX Mobile Contact Form

Schizzoweb’s AJAX Mobile Contact Form is another native mobile web app that offers responsive performance for both users and developers. This mobile web app is a simple contact form that allows users to send e-mails and join e-mail lists from the comfort of their mobile device. Features include anti-spam filters, e-mail message customization, field validation and much more. AJAX Mobile Contact Form is also set up for multi-language use – developers can simply customize this web app into a variety of languages to suit their user base. Not only is it extraordinarily easy to integrate this contact form into your existing mobile website, it also works with all of the major mobile devices, including iPhone, Android and Windows Mobile.

Locations Map Web App
3. Locations Map Web App

Small businesses need all the help they can get when it comes to having customers find their stores. Locations Map Web App allows users to quickly find locations displayed on the map and in the list. Locations Map Web App utilizes the Sencha Touch framework to provide a smooth and seamless experience that is fully functional with only a single page load. It also uses native touch functions, allowing users to swipe through images and other information with ease. With such a simple native mobile web app at your disposal, telling your customers exactly where you are located becomes a simple task.

jQuery Mobile Website Admin Panel
4. jQuery Mobile Website With Full Admin Panel

Not everyone can create a full-fledged mobile website from scratch. This is why a solution like the jQuery Mobile Website With Full Admin Panel exists in the first place. This all-in-one mobile web templates development solution gives you the ability to create an effective mobile websites without having to waste time creating all of those important features from scratch. This native mobile web app comes with a large selection of custom backgrounds, headers and footers, along with several layouts that allow you to mix and match for a more unique look. Best of all, you can make changes to your mobile website on-the-fly simply by using your mobile device. A simple WYSIWYG editor makes it very easy to create the best mobile website and edit content as needed.

Mobile jQuery Content Slider
5. Mobile jQuery Content Slider

The Mobile jQuery Content Slider is an excellent application for mobile browsers that allows users to browse through any content with just a few swipes. This touch responsive app is capable of adapting to the screen width of any mobile device, giving users a greater amount of versatility and the ability to make the most use of their screen real estate. Of course, you can always disable this feature via CSS customization if your mobile website does not need this functionality. Not only does the Mobile jQuery Content Slider support content in HTML, it also allows for content fetched via AJAX. This app makes an excellent addition to any mobile website.

SmartMail - Web Mail Smartphone Client
6. SmartMail – Web Mail Client for your Smartphone

SmartMail offers a fully functional IMAP web mail client that gives you complete control of your e-mail account. You can browse through all of your e-mail folders and do all of the things that you’d expect to accomplish with any other e-mail client. SmartMail supports English and German languages right out of the box and it is also possible to add new languages as needed. Built with HTML, CSS and PHP, it is compatible with most major smartphone operating systems.

Mobilitee - Mobile App Creator
7. Mobilitee — Mobile App Creator

Let’s say you want to enhance your existing website by creating a mobile app from it, but you can’t see yourself dealing with the hassles that come with creating a mobile app from scratch. Mobilitee’s Mobile App Creator lets you create a mobile app simply by dynamically pulling in content from your website via AJAX. Mobile App Creator automatically builds your mobile app as you browse. This mobile app also comes with several high-quality games as well as Photoshop templates that allow you to quickly create images, elements and splash screens for your new app. Mobile App Creator uses jqTouch for its underlying framework and it also includes support for Retina Display.

Facebook Mobile Web Application
8. Facebook Mobile Web Application

Another native mobile app that always comes in handy is the Facebook Mobile Web Application. With this application, users can enjoy full Facebook functionality on their mobile device. Users can view their Facebook friends lists as well as wall content, posts and news. They can even update their Facebook status using this convenient mobile app. Facebook Mobile Web Application relies on AJAX to load content without reloading the page itself. It only takes less than 2 minutes to have this app set up and ready to go.

Mobile jQuery Photo Gallery
9. Mobile jQuery Photos Gallery

Mobile jQuery Photos Gallery offers a powerful solution for managing and displaying photo albums and images on mobile devices. Front-end features include responsive touch enabled navigation, slideshow support and automatic galleries list display right on the homepage. There is also plenty of back-end support, including an exceptionally clean and user friendly admin interface, support for captures and multiple uploads and the ability to extend the app according to your mobile website needs. Of course, Mobile jQuery Photos Gallery relies on jQuery for its powerful software framework and is compatible with all mobile device operating systems.

Mobile Registration Form
10. Register/Sign In Mobile Form

What you have here is a simple registration and sign-in form that works with any mobile device. This unique and useful app uses jQuery effects as well as AJAX for real-time username and e-mail address verification. It also includes field validation, admin notification and admin approval as well as PHP code for registration and sign-in. Register/Sign In Mobile Form is available in multiple languages.

YouTube API Mobile Videos
11. YouTube API Mobile – Videos site

As more people watch YouTube on their mobile devices, it only makes sense to have a native mobile web app that allows users to access millions of videos from this popular service. The YouTube Mobile Application is based on the YouTube API v2, updated with the latest stable jQuery mobile framework and filled with plenty of popular features. Users can view a variety of standard feeds, view playlists and enjoy the same sort of functionality as offered by the full-fledged YouTube website from the convenience of their mobile device. This app is optimized for iPhone and iTouch users, but also works on other mobile devices including Android and BlackBerry.

jQuery Pull Down to Refresh
12. jQuery Pull Down to Refresh

Here is a simple app that does exactly what its namesake suggests. The jQuery Pull Down to Refresh plug-in allows users to drag down and release a simple bar on their mobile app to refresh content. This plug-in works best on mobile apps that offer static content that isn’t refreshed in real time. It is fully compatible with jQuery Mobile, plus it can fit into any HTML page. Developers can create their own custom messages and modify how it looks via CSS. Anyone looking for a simple app to refresh their content with should take a look at this sample and lightweight plug-in.

jQuery Facebook Side Menu Plugin
13. jQuery Facebook Side Menu Plugin

This particular plug-in adds a Facebook menu to the side of any HTML page. Compatible with nearly every mobile device browser and operating system, developers can use it just about anywhere, even on ordinary non-mobile websites. The jQuery Facebook Side Menu Plugin offers remarkably easy customization via CSS and jQuery Plugin Options, plus it is also fully compatible with jQuery Mobile.

Restaurant Menu App - jQuery Mobile
14. Restaurant Menu App: JQuery Mobile

Developers looking for an excellent restaurant application for mobile devices will enjoy the Restaurant Menu App. Based on the powerful jQuery Mobile software framework, Restaurant Menu App displays a variety of food and drink options. Features include a user-friendly touch responsive interface using FlexSlider and the ability to insert, delete and modify content such as text and images. Restaurant Menu App supports all of the common mobile device operating systems and it works on any mobile website.

WP to Mobile
15. WPtoMobile

WPtoMobile is a specially designed application that enables mobile device support for your WordPress. However, it is not a plug-in or theme for WordPress itself, but it’s all special application reserved for mobile devices. jQuery Mobile support ensures that it is compatible with all of the major mobile device platforms and their browsers. WPtoMobile features a custom menu along with custom navigation and a touch responsive gallery for images.