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Great new Joomla Plugins

TP Countdown - Joomla Plugin Extension
1. TP Countdown

TP Countdown is a handy Joomla plug-in to have if you’re in need of an easily skinnable and customizable countdown clock. This module features a selection of 30 Google fonts you can choose from, along with five color schemes for greater customization. You can also add your own skins for use with this countdown module. Setting TP Countdown is a relatively straightforward process that only takes minutes to complete. If you’ve been looking for a great countdown module, this is the one to turn to.

Pin It - Joomla Extension Module for Pinterest
2. Pin it on Pinterest Joomla Module

If your visitors are big fans of Pinterest, then they are sure to appreciate the Pin it on Pinterest Joomla Module. This lightweight module allows your users to pin their favorite images and text, plus it lets you choose the image you want to pin, along with text and a description. It also lets you choose which pinboard to use. The Pin it on Pinterest Joomla Module comes with complete Pinterest support and is compatible for use with a wide range of Joomla versions, including 1.5.x, 2.5.x and 3.0.x. This module works with all modern browsers and also works with the iPhone and iPad.

Mega Image Slideshow - Joomla Plugin Extension
3. Mega Slideshow – Premium Image Slider for Joomla

A nice slideshow feature can easily enhance the appearance of your Joomla website. Mega Slideshow offers a complete package that makes your website look great and function great as well. This module is ideal for news, magazine and blog websites as well as corporate websites, and just about any other site that relies heavily on images. Mega Slideshow can be used in a manual mode, a folder mode that gathers all of the necessary information from a single folder, an article mode that pulls images and articles by category and the advanced drag-and-drop AJAX upload mode, which allows you to drag-and-drop your images in one step. Other features include an optional progress bar, random images and multiple instant slideshow support. Mega Slideshow comes with plenty of clear documentation and it’s compatible with most current Joomla versions.

Smart SEO - Joompla Plugin Module
4. Smart SEO – Joomla Plugin

Search engine optimization is absolutely critical for just about any website, especially when it comes to gaining prominence on search engines like Yahoo, Google and Bing. This plug-in gives you the opportunity to optimize your content for SEO purposes with extraordinary ease. Not only can you check your SEO settings and score for each article, you can also check keyword density and search for primary keywords in your header text, alt text and main text. Making your way to the top of the major search engines is as easy as using Smart SEO.

ActionLOG - User Actions Logger
5. ActionLog – User Actions Logger

When you have a collaborative website, you always want to know what others have done while you been away. ActionLog does just that by adding important functionality that has otherwise gone missing in Joomla. With this module, you’ll be able to keep track of modifications made to existing content items as well as new user registrations, profile and password changes and new articles that have been added to the website. ActionLog creates a running log of all of these actions that can be downloaded and read at a later date. This module also gives you the option of receiving e-mail reports in conjunction with traditional file logs. Best of all, the ActionLog module is completely invisible to users.

Joomla Plugin - Lux Multipage Content
6. Lux Multipage Content

Multipage content in a single box is now a reality with this easy to use module. Lux Multipage Content simply creates a box featuring several tabs, with each tab containing its own article. Users can switch through articles simply by clicking each tab. It is a simple and elegant way to show multiple articles in a single tabbed box. Lux Multipage Content is easily customizable and it comes available with several themes included. Setting up this module is extraordinarily easy, plus it works with all of the major browsers.

Social Share Joomla Plugin
7. All in One Social Share Joomla Plugin

An awesome Joomla plugin extension, Social media buttons allow your visitors to freely share your website contents with others throughout the world with just a single click. That helps drive plenty of traffic back to your website. The All in One Social Share Plugin makes social media sharing much easier by providing a variety of stylish and colorful share buttons for all of your web content. The All in One Social Share Plugin automatically works on all of your articles, plus it is compatible with most major releases of Joomla. You get full Google +1 and Pinterest button support, plus a variety of buttons that even offer counters so you can keep track of how many people have shared your content. There is also support for an e-mail button as well as support for secure SSL websites. Plenty of documentation is included with this plugin.

Joomla Fisheye Menu Plugin Extension
8. Fisheye Context Menu for Joomla

Place greater emphasis on your menu icons with the Fisheye Context Menu. This simple and easy to deploy plug-in gives you a highly customizable right-click menu that allows your visitors to quickly and effectively share your content with others on Facebook, Twitter and Google. You can also add icons from other social media websites. With Fisheye Context Menu, you can set the icon sizes to whatever size you want and you can also control the menu direction as well. This module works with all major browsers and includes plenty of documentation.

Infinity Gallery - Joomla Plugin
9. Infinity Gallery

If you want to add a Facebook gallery to your Joomla website, Infinity Gallery gives you an opportunity to do just that and much more. This module is fully integrated with Facebook and it also features a Facebook app that makes it much easier to install and configure. You can source images from your Facebook wall, album gallery, photo gallery and events, creating a full image gallery that is easily controllable thanks to seamless Facebook integration. Now you can have a Facebook gallery on your website that can be updated with just a single click.

Joomla Smart Social Popup Plugin
10. Joomla Smart Social Pop Up Plugin

This particular module works to encourage your visitors to share your content by having them wait for a certain period of time unless they share or like your site. This module offers plenty of features that can be easily accessed from the admin panel. For instance, you can easily adjust the amount of time visitors must wait before the pop-up times out and also change the text. This module is coded to Joomla’s strict standards, so you know it will work flawlessly with just about any browser and any Joomla website.

Joomla SmartSocial Counter Extension
11. Joomla Smart Social Counter

With this simple and easy to deploy social media share counter, you can keep track of the number of people who like or shared your website content on social media sites. Smart Social Counter gives you three ways to show your top social counter, plus it is easy to configure thanks to the superb administration panel. You can also disable any social media counter icon, as well as change the position and order of the icons. This module is also coded in accordance with Joomla’s standard rules.

Facebook Traffic Pop
12. Facebook Traffic Pop for Joomla

Facebook Traffic Pop for Joomla is another way for you to get your visitors to like your website on Facebook. Instead of appearing as an ordinary pop-up, it simply appears over the center of the existing content. Users have the option of either liking your page or waiting a certain amount of time before the traffic pop disappears. The traffic pop remains fixed, even as the content behind it is being scrolled. In addition, that content remains disabled until the traffic pop times out. Facebook Traffic Pop for Joomla offers fully customizable CSS as well as the ability to set the background shadow opacity. You can also edit the timer to any value you want or you can disable it entirely.

expressQR - Joomla QR codes
13. expressQR for Joomla – Easy qrcodes

Feel free to create and insert QR codes anywhere on your Joomla website with expressQR. This module represents an extraordinarily easy way to display your content through QR codes. Now mobile device users can easily access their favorite content with a simple scan. This module is extraordinarily easy to use and fully configurable, plus it does not require you to have any PHP knowledge in order to make full use of it. expressQR comes with full documentation and support.

Joomla Social Feeder Extension
14. Joomla Social Feedr

Retrieve all of your online content from your favorite social media networks and have them displayed in a single location with this exceptional module. Not only is it very easy to use, it also features plenty of detailed documentation. With this module, you can source images, videos, text and other content from Facebook, Google, Twitter and a variety of other social media sites. Joomla Social Feedr also features cross browser support.

extroforms - custom Joomla forms
15. eXtroForms

Here’s an excellent plug-in that offers the ability to create a near infinite number and variety of forms. eXtroForms allows users to create a wide variety of forms that offer an outstanding combination of input fields. The customization possibilities are endless thanks to four different tooltips, customization via CSS and support for multiple languages. eXtroForms also allows you to preview your newly created form at any given moment without having to display on the front end. You can also protect your form from spam thanks to the built-in security measures. eXtroForms features clean code and it’s also XHTML and CSS3 compliant.