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JomSocial Templates – Joomla gets Social Themes

Make Friends With JomSocial Ready Jooma Templates

JomSocial Templates JoomlaSocial media is the new normal in the online world of communicating, and Jomsocial templates brings users of Joomla into the social world. In fact, social media according to many estimates is growing at a faster rate than any other online trend in recent times. That is pretty impressive considering how young the Internet is in general. While it is true that there are indeed many choices for designers and developers interested in staking their claim in the social media arena, there is one CMS or content management system with a solid social media functionality that stands out from the rest. JomSocial is a software platform that integrates Joomla communities into strikingly attractive themes and templates. What’s even more exciting is that JomSocial is driven by AJAX and is therefore a robust and powerful framework. JomSocial can make even the most static of websites come to life with lively and interactive social networking functionality. Designers and developers know that social media is the name of the game today for long term and sustained success online, making JomSocial a wise choice. Continue reading JomSocial Templates – Joomla gets Social Themes