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20 very creative Joomla templates

Everyones agree that Joomla is a very reliable content management system. Tons of Joomla based websites were simple to maintain and the users didn’t encounter major bugs. Each new Joomla version brought new improvements and people expect more from the versions to come.
Obviously, Joomla isn’t perfect and it must be corrected accordingly. One of the in the red aspects regarding Joomla is the lack of the possibilities of making very creative templates. WordPress is considered a better environment to make more creative websites, while Joomla is considered more technical. It’s a matter of personal taste, but this idea is widespread amongst web designers, therefore there it’s extremely probable to be true this situation.
Personally, I think that it’s a matter that very soon will be resolved. The huge WordPress advantage is that way more developers are interested in creating WordPress themes than Joomla templates. WordPress is more versatile and it’s suitable for a large pool of projects. In fact, there is no type of website project that can’t be created using WordPress! In conclusion, there are fewer developers that create Joomla templates and it automatically means that there would be fewer creative templates. Also, Joomla is more limited comparing with WordPress, but these “limits” may be easily skipped by a talented designer.
Luckily, anyone may find online some quite creative Joomla templates by doing a ten minutes search. We care about your time and to sustain our point of view here is a great list of 20 creative Joomla templates. Enjoy them and don’t forget to share the post with your friends!











TD creative












Spirit FX












Flat Metro






20 top selling Joomla templates

We previously published an article exhibiting the best WordPress themes. Now it’s time to delight you with a fresh set of the best templates, this time Joomla templates.
Joomla is open source as WordPress is, but unlikely Joomla didn’t benefit from the same advertising campaigns. Definitely, WordPress is the best tool for blogging, but for other kind of website projects it has very serious competitors. Joomla seems to offer the best solutions for corporate websites, online magazines, government applications or community based portals. Altogether, a good developer and a talented designer can create any type of website having at its core the Joomla platform.
Joomla community is growing and is very active so it shouldn’t be a surprise to see more and more Joomla websites. The template creators work day and night to bring to the market awesome templates that will captivate the attention of the users. As a living prove of the Joomla templates beauty, please check these 20 examples. All of them are carefully picked up, but the markets are full of other templates looking extremely well.


Bloora is one of the oldest Joomla template, but it doesn’t mean that it’s outdated. The huge success of this templates is due to the beauty of the layouts, but also due to its complexity. There is no webpage to miss (from homepage to blog section and 404 page) and all of them are beautifully created. The sliders are very attractive, but Plus Slider is really very appealing and I strongly recommend to use it in your projects.

Mj Simple

Mj Simple is built on Bootstrap and this fact determined to look like a WordPress theme. This template is simple and discrete, the user having no items to be distracted. It’s responsive, fully customizable and mobile optimized. In conclusion, it fully deserves its place in this list.

JF Chrome

The design of this template isn’t necessarily the most interesting one, but the unlimited number of webpages and features “forced” me to add here. Each component is customizable, there are tons of sliders to select from and I guess that the single downside of this template is that there are so many interesting features that it’s impossible to make a selection!!!

New Business

Unfortunately, this theme isn’t responsive, but the number of sales, the testimonials and the impressive design determined to present this template as one of the best ones. I felt in love with the extensive use of white space, the layout is calming and expresses trust. It’s one of the best template for corporate websites.


If you want a totally original portfolio, then Block Creative is the perfect solution. The homepage consists in six huge submenus. Into a world with no or very discrete gradients, this template is standing apart. Definitely, you should visit yourself to make a better opinion!


Eos is another theme that will make people say “wow”! The design is very modern and sleek and the fonts used complement these features. The slider contributes to the modern atmosphere, but it also creates the idea of dynamism.

BT Travel

This template is best matching to a travel company, but it may be easily customized for corporate websites. It has incorporated a forum which is rarely seen. The design is fresh and joyful and the viewers will appreciate the positive energy of the layout.

BT E-commerce

BT E-commerce is a great Joomla template that is destined for selling goods for kids. The design is very attractive and specially created for the most demanding public target, the kids. You have four menus, 6 color versions so the template may be easily customized to the owner preferences.


Aquilo is a great responsive Joomla template. Any viewer will be fascinated by the clean and modern design. This template is suitable for various business purposed, but the white and green colors make me think that it is suitable for environmental purposes.


This Joomla template is responsive and retina ready so no matter the device used, the user will have a great experience. It was created for e-commerce purposes, the black and white color scheme making it suitable for tech selling area.


The Joomla templates with video background are very rare. Fashion is a very modern and good looking template with video background that is suitable, as the name is saying, for fashion projects. Anyway, the template obtains the best scores at the aesthetics and originality chapters.


GossipFX is a really multipurpose template that is extremely complex: Dark and Light menu variations, 10 different background styles, many custom modules, 3 sliders and many other features. I guess that I made you curious about!

Metro Rox

Metro style took by storm the design community and of course, the Joomla developers implemented this style into their works. Metro Rox is a wonderful Metro inspired multipurpose template. Its design is standing apart and the colors used are making a very good combination. If you want to have a modern website, then this template is for you!


Symba is very suitable for a website that must express freshness and joy. The vibrant colors and the clean design are the major entities responsible for this relaxed atmosphere. Of course, this template is responsive and retina ready.

App Rox

App Rox is a very modern responsive Joomla template that is created to satisfy any type of projects and people. It has tons of useful webpages and items as FAQ page, prices table, audio and video galleries that aren’t common to other templates. Definitely, App Rox is a complex and good looking template.


Flat design is the current favorite style of both designers and users. Under these circumstances, it’s obvious that the developers must have created stunning flat Joomla templates. Kintamani is one of the most elegant flat template that is suitable for a large variety of purposes.


Fontaine is a responsive template that is destined for business or corporation use. The strong points of this template are the clean and elegant design, the relaxed typography and the unlimited number of options to tailor the template according to the needs and preferences.


Some templates developers prefer creating multipurpose works while others prefer focusing on a specific target. Churchy is one of best templates created for church or nonprofit websites; it’s responsive, retina ready and the design is really calming. I highly recommend taking a closer look at it!


It’s another template that should be admired because the words aren’t enough in this case. I am impressed by the cleanliness and the simplicity of Hli. If you want to have a website expressing refinement and elegancy then Hli is the perfect choice.


In the eventuality that someone wants to add the features of the previous template to his online store, then I have the solution for him. It’s called BestShop, a wonderful online store template.

I hope that these Joomla templates inspired you. As usual, if we missed your favorite template, please let us know via comment form and it will be added into this list. Also, it will be great to have your opinion about continuing to publish this kind of articles.

25 fresh and responsive Joomla templates

Joomla templates are the most used modalities of enhancing a website based on this content management system (CMS). Joomla is the second most famous CMS and lots of people are using this for their online presences. Just like WordPress, it is free, highly customisable and easy to use. The paradox of these CMSs is that nowadays a website is way more complex than the ones from the past (let’s say five years ago) but in the same time, it’s not rocket science to launch and maintain a website. Due to the endeavours of designers and developers, nowadays launching a website is something common. Moreover, we have tons of possibilities of customizing a website, one great example being the Joomla templates. Anyway, because these are so successful, people are wondering which is their secret.
It was officially released in August 17, 2005 and its main advantage is the open-source statute and the extensibility. These features combined with the easiness of maintaining a website were the “ingredients” that assured the success. Under these circumstances, it shouldn’t come as a surprise the fact that many governmental or car producers official websites are based on Joomla. Unlike WordPress, the user does not have just Joomla templates or plugins, on the contrary, he / she is able to customize the websites using components, modules and languages. Anyway, in the near future we will definitely showcase all the customisation possibilities of a Joomla based website.
For the moment, we have showcased here 25 fresh and responsive Joomla templates. Enjoy them and let us know your opinion about Joomla!





Noo news




JSN Ares


Optima Sales








Red bowl












Tiny strike






JM Galeria


Fancy Shop


Ultra host










Joomla vs. WordPress: Which CMS is Right for You?

One World - One Web

Content management systems, like Joomla and WordPress, are designed for assisting developers and webmasters in effortlessly creating quality blogs and websites in a matter of minutes. Users choose themes that best fit their preferences, and they can choose the features that they desire. Because these content management systems are built differently, they offer varying benefits and features. In order to choose which platform works best for you, it is necessary to compare one to the other. As a matter of fact, there are six major differences between Joomla and WordPress that you must make note of before making the decision of which platform you will choose.

Winner for User-Friendliness: WordPress

Both developers and users agree that WordPress is a lot easier to use than Joomla. In fact, user-friendliness is what makes it one of the most popular web-hosting sites in the world; nearly one of every 6 websites is powered by WordPress.  WordPress is easy to install, set up and design. People who have absolutely no web design and development experience love WordPress. The reason why Joomla is harder to use is because this platform is more feature rich and is geared towards people who have more experience with web design and development.

Winner for Flexibility: Joomla

When it comes to flexibility, Joomla is superior. Users can take advantage of the large array of features that Joomla provides to construct advanced websites and attention grabbing blogs. WordPress, on the other hand, is not quite as flexible because it is designed to meet the needs of the less experienced. Therefore, WordPress does not have the options that Joomla provides.

Winner for SEO: WordPress

WordPress is superior in the SEO department because this platform offers a number of features to help webmasters to get their sites optimized in the search engines. WordPress comes with an all-in-one SEO pack that helps users achieve a high ranking in Google. This SEO pack can be found in the WordPress control panel. Joomla requires that users make a number of modifications in order to enjoy the SEO benefits that are offered by WordPress. This, of course, requires that the user have web development and design experience.

Winner for Integration: Joomla

Joomla has an API that is designed to facilitate integration with third party apps and systems. Users who also wish to integrate with other websites can do so without difficulty. WordPress allows for integration with some apps and systems; however, this particular platform is not quite as powerful as Joomla in this area.

Winner for Add-On Development: Joomla

Regarding the development of add-ons, Joomla takes the lead (it also has some great plugins). Joomla comes with a developer API that enables individuals to personalize their websites and blogs. WordPress does not possess this quality. Compared to Joomla, the WordPress API is very basic.

Differences in Administration

If you lack web development and design experience, then WordPress will be easier for you to administrate. The control panel is highly accessible and is basic enough that you can select the options you need in order to successfully manage your website or blog. The Joomla control panel has complex features, like multi-language management, ecommerce features and user management—perfect for those looking for something more advanced.

If all you wish to do is manage a media site, create a blog or publish content, then WordPress is best for you. And as noted previously, WordPress is also a better choice if you lack web development design experience. Joomla is best suited for the advanced developer who just wishes to use a content management system to save time and effort, but wants an advanced site.  Ultimately, the platform that you choose all depends on what your goals as a developer are. If you build your site in either Joomla or WordPress make sure that it is both mobile and ipad friendly. When your customers are looking for hardware like Kensington ipad keyboard cases, they can find them in stock at

CMS Comparison: Joomla vs WordPress vs Drupal:

14 of the Most Popular Joomla Plugins – 2013

Joomla is a popular content management system (CMS) that is used by millions worldwide. Much like WordPress, it is open source and is freely available to any who wishes to use it. Also like its famous counterpart, it utilizes plugins to increase its functionality. Here are 14 of the most popular Joomla plugins to utilize in 2013:

Paradigm Slider Joomla jQuery Plugin

1. Paradigm Slider Joomla jQuery Plugin

This premium slider gallery offers a stunning combination of excellent features, cross compatibility with browsers and support for YouTube and Vimeo. Paradigm Slider offers a state-of-the-art slider with text animations and parallax effect. It also comes available with touch swipe capability for iOS and Android mobile devices. Other features include a component for slides data and a module for view output. It is easy to customize this plugin to your liking thanks to its easy-to-edit HTML and CSS. Enjoy unlimited slides and caption layers with this flexible slider plugin.

Facebook Traffic Pop

2. Facebook Traffic Pop for Joomla

Traffic pops are designed to encourage visitors to like your webpage on Facebook before proceeding on to other content. Facebook Traffic Pop for Joomla is a seamless and professional way of accomplishing this with relative ease. This module temporarily locks outpace functionality behind the pop-up for a predetermined amount of time. The optional delay timer allows you to adjust how long users must wait before the page becomes functional again. Other features include cookies that remember previous visitors, configurable URLs for the Like button and optional close on Escape key. You can even change the background opacity and other options right from your Joomla admin panel. It only takes minutes to install and it works on all sites.

Lof SlidingCaption Module

3. Lof SlidingCaption Module

This module is an excellent way of displaying images that are attached to content components or k2 components on your Joomla site. These images are displayed in a sensible and clean grid-based layout. Lof SlidingCaption Module is capable of auto-detecting and pulling images from articles and k2 items. It can even crop those photos to conform into attractive boxes on your website, as needed. This module gives you plenty of customization features, including the ability to display or hide item titles and descriptions within the sliding or fading overlays. This is one module you should keep an eye on if you’re looking for a functional and attractive gallery.

Lof Content Flash Accordion Module

4. Lof Content Flash Accordion Module

Here is a useful Flash-driven horizontal accordion gallery that offers plenty of functionality with a professional look. This module allows you to display all of your content in a space efficient accordion gallery and image rotator. Not only does it feature smooth animations, it is also relatively easy to install and embed on any Joomla site. It also features a nifty timer clock that tells users when the next slide will appear. This module is compatible with Joomla versions 1.5 through 1.7.

Live Broadcast Countdown Module

5. Live Broadcast Countdown Module

Let your users know when special events draw near with this one-of-a-kind countdown module. Based on jQuery, this module displays a timer counting down the days, hours, minutes and seconds to practically any event you choose. This is ideal for sites that host live broadcasts, content unveilings and other special events. Live Broadcast Countdown Module allows you to display messages upon expiration of the timer, allowing visitors to stay abreast of the latest developments. You can also set the time zone as well as create your own module style. Live Broadcast Countdown Module works on all major browsers.

Dropdown Mega Menu

6. Dropdown Mega Menu

Dropdown Mega Menu gives you the power to offer your visitors plenty of choices when it comes to navigation. This module offers a sleek and sophisticated look that fits in well with any template, especially with the ability to switch between multiple layouts and colors. You also get support for multiple menus on a single page as well as compatibility for most major web browsers and mobile browsers. Flexible configuration is one of the many reasons developers turn to Dropdown Mega Menu when it comes to mega menu modules.

DZS Ken Burns Gallery w Admin Panel - For Joomla

7. DZS Ken Burns Gallery /w Admin Panel – For Joomla

The Ken Burns effect is a well-known technique used by the famous documentarian in his Civil War documentaries. This style has caught on in many areas, including web design and development. DZS offers a simple and effective way of replicating this effect within a functional image gallery. You can choose between using the Ken Burns effect for your images or you can turn it off and transform the gallery into a simple slider. CMS panel options give you plenty of powerful management and modification tools at your disposal. You can even get free upgrades and free support after you download this program.

Smart SEO - Joomla Plugin

8. Smart SEO – Joomla Plugin

Search engine optimization is practically the backbone of any successful website. Smart SEO gives you the opportunity to successfully optimize your Joomla site for Google, Yahoo, Bing and other top-tier search engines. Smart SEO helps you improve upon your web content by searching for primary keywords within your content while measuring keyword density. It also features provisions for autochecks and SEO checks. Smart SEO is remarkably easy to install and easy-to-use.

Joomla Social Bar Plugin

9. Joomla Social Bar Plugin

This program allows you to install a series of clean and elegant social media icons onto your Joomla page. There are over 20 social icons included along with two distinct color styles (clear and dark). PSD files are also included for designers who want to create and extend their own social media icons. The social bar itself fits in with just about any site, with easy installation and cross browser support being among its many attributes. The Joomla Social Bar Plugin operates on the powerful jQuery Framework, ensuring lightning fast and reliable performance. Documentation is available upon download.

Simple Joomla Newsletter Extension

10. Simple Joomla Newsletter Extension

Here is a simple and effective newsletter extension that is intended for use with the old Joomla 1.6. This module provides plenty of spectacular features that make bulk emailing a breeze. It is not just the ability to send e-mails to existing subscribers that makes this extension powerful. It also comes with a variety of other features, including the ability to create newsletters from templates, enable automatic unsubscribe links in each e-mail and the ability to edit the HTML template in Adobe Dreamweaver prior to delivery. Simple Joomla Newsletter Extension also features UTF -8 support for newsletters in multiple languages.

Joomla Smart Social Pop Up Plugin

11. Joomla Smart Social Pop Up Plugin

Smart Social Pop Up is another traffic pop that is designed to drive up your popularity on Facebook, Twitter and Google. The installation process for this plugin is relatively straightforward. Once everything is up and running, you have the option of changing any value on the traffic pop, including the text dialog on the pop up itself in addition to the time for pop up timeout. The Smart Social Pop Up sits in the center of the page, locking out other content until users either click one of several social media icons or wait for the specified amount of time.

Infinity Upload

12. Infinity Upload

Project collaboration doesn’t get any better than with Infinity Upload. This Infinity module allows authorized users to upload files directly onto your Joomla site. Infinity Upload is written in lightweight AJAX for the best performance possible without reloads. All you have to do is select one or more files and press a button to upload. Users can see a confirmation or error screen depending on what they’ve uploaded. This module also provides convenient e-mail notifications whenever someone uploads any file onto the server. Infinity Upload is easy to configure and comes with its own documentation.

Joomla Viral Marketing - Viral Payment Pack

13. Joomla Viral Marketing & Viral Payment Pack

With the Viral Marketing & Viral Payment Pack, you’ll be able to promote your company and its products at little to no cost. Whether you’re trying to get music files, product catalogs, discount coupons or software into the hands of potential customers, this outstanding module has exactly what you need to get the word out fast. This simple viral marketing system module prompts visitors to post your advertising message to their social media networks before downloading your product. Thanks to the power of friend recommendations, your company and its products will spread like wildfire. You can easily customize your messages and modify other aspects of this useful module. It also features full file control and best of all, it doesn’t need any advertising pop ups.

Social Feedr

14. Joomla Social Feedr

All of social media feeds come together in a simple and smartly designed package. Social Feedr allows you to fetch your posts, videos, images and status from a variety of social media networks, including Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and more. This plugin offers simple customization features that make it a breeze to work with, along with cross browser support and multi-language translation. It also comes with plenty of documentation for developers

Best Sites to submit Free Joomla Templates

More than likely you’re used to read articles featuring beautiful Joomla templates (both, free and premium), but what if you’re one of those who build free templates for the Joomla community?
How do you share your freebies with Joomla users?

Of course, one of the most effective ways to promote your products is to start your own site. Another way is to comment on the articles that showcase free Joomla templates. Both options are good, but you can also submit your freebies to different directories. This is how you will promote you free Joomla templates to the widest possible audience. If you like the idea, here is a list of websites you may find helpful. The point is the websites on the list are not only great places to find free templates for Joomla sites, but also allow users to submit similar freebies.

Another reason for you to check our list is that most directories allow links to authors’ websites. Therefore, by submitting your free templates to these resources you will get extra backlinks to your portfolio.

So, why don’t you visit the following directories one by one, read their terms and possibly use them to promote the free Joomla templates you build?

Below are 12 sites to submit free Joomla templates to, but if you know a website that should be included on this list, please let us know by leaving a comment.














Helen Bailey is a Marketing Assistant working for Template Monster. The company is known for offering a massive collection of website templates for all kinds of websites. For instance, there are more than 1200 Joomla templates at

JomSocial Templates – Joomla gets Social Themes

Make Friends With JomSocial Ready Jooma Templates

JomSocial Templates JoomlaSocial media is the new normal in the online world of communicating, and Jomsocial templates brings users of Joomla into the social world. In fact, social media according to many estimates is growing at a faster rate than any other online trend in recent times. That is pretty impressive considering how young the Internet is in general. While it is true that there are indeed many choices for designers and developers interested in staking their claim in the social media arena, there is one CMS or content management system with a solid social media functionality that stands out from the rest. JomSocial is a software platform that integrates Joomla communities into strikingly attractive themes and templates. What’s even more exciting is that JomSocial is driven by AJAX and is therefore a robust and powerful framework. JomSocial can make even the most static of websites come to life with lively and interactive social networking functionality. Designers and developers know that social media is the name of the game today for long term and sustained success online, making JomSocial a wise choice. Continue reading JomSocial Templates – Joomla gets Social Themes

Discover 20 new Joomla Templates for 2012

new joomla templates 2012Joomla is an open source style content platform that is completely free and gaining ground in the content management arena. This highly scalable content platform is ideal for blogs, webpages, news type websites and polls while being versatile enough to support a wide range of international languages. Joomla has been downloaded tens of millions of times to date and is quickly becoming the go to source for content management software. These new Joomla templates offer a wide range of layouts, designs and site structures that allow designers and developers to create fantastic looking websites. The platform offers a highly flexible template layout that allows for a variety of different elements to be incorporated into the design of a particular website. Customization and versatility are the prime tenants of Joomla themes.
Continue reading Discover 20 new Joomla Templates for 2012

Top Joomla templates and themes for Joomla web sites

BlackStudios Creative Joomla Template

BlackStudios, supported by Joomla! 1.5 and 2.5, has an easy-to-use quickstart function that immediately displays the default demo page, and is one of the best selling Joomla templates. BlackStudios is a highly customizable, powerful piece of software. With an included mobile site designed for smartphones, 7 module combinations and dozens of sidebar configurations, this layout is powered by Gantry, with all the font and logo customizability that entails, and also includes several color schemes with pre-fabricated PSDs. The front page is dark, sleek and metallic, with speedy, semi-transparent menus that evoke the cutting edge in business websites. User login, fully supported by BlackStudios, is also available in the top right corner. Below, a scrolling slideshow gives viewers a sneak peek into site offerings before they click in. BlackStudios is an ideal theme for any modern company website, but can also easily be adapted to humor and text sites that run on an editorial model. Deceptively simple, but always elegant, BlackStudios is a true workhorse of a theme.
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Top Joomla Templates for Creative Themed Websites

WordPress is currently the leading content management framework (CMF) for blog publishing and website creation. Individuals who want to start their own blogging empire often turn to WordPress due to its ease-of-use, simplicity, and advanced utilization of plugins that can fill in any missing gaps or add new features to the system. All of this may sound very familiar to you, but are you aware that WordPress has a counterpart?
Continue reading Top Joomla Templates for Creative Themed Websites