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Guest Posting Your Way to Blog Success

When you first start your blog, finding ways to bring in consistent traffic can be a major challenge.

One way that many newbie bloggers have made this transition easier is by guest posting.

So, what is guest posting?

Well, essentially, it means that you offer to write a blog post for another website. The post is generally credited to you and the blogger will allow you to link back to your site.

There are obvious advantages for both sides here. You’ll gain the exposure of their visitors while they get quality content to post on their blog.

But how exactly do you get these guest posting opportunities?

And what do you do when you get them?

Let’s find out.

Finding Guest Posting Opportunities

Your main goal when attempting to find guest posting opportunities should be to look for someone that has an audience as similar to your target reader as possible.

If you’re in the health niche, for example, you probably don’t want to guest post on a coding blog.

Instead, it’s best to stick with other health bloggers that wouldn’t exactly be defined as your competition.

For example, a blog that focuses on weightlifting will likely have interest in content from a nutritionist that has similar views on healthy eating.

So long as you’re establishing yourself as an authority within a strong niche, you shouldn’t have much problem finding other bloggers that would be more than happy to have you share your expertise on their blog.

Create a Plan

If you want to use guest posting to drive your blog success, you need to have a plan.

The first aspect of this guest posting plan is to determine your main objectives.

In most cases, your three main objectives are going to include:

  • Bringing more traffic to your blog
  • Positioning yourself as an authority within your niche
  • Earning backlinks that help with SEO

While you could write an entire book on the steps to take in order to accomplish those objectives, it’s important that you have some type of actionable plan in place

At the very least, you should have an idea of how many guest posts you intend to write.

Create a Killer Guest Post

While guest posting can definitely help you achieve the objectives listed above, it will be a huge waste of time if the content you create isn’t outstanding.

Creating a killer guest post on a website with a strong following can literally change the entire direction of your blog.

So, if you’re lucky enough to earn your way through the door and get accepted, make sure you produce something that’s memorable.

How do you do this?

Well, it starts with being useful.

Produce something that truly offers value to the people that read their blog. This will help you earn their trust and hopefully click that link back to your blog.


The potential offered by guest posting is something that very few other blog marketing opportunities can offer.

Take advantage of this and create a plan to use guest posting to drive your blog’s success.


Three Important On-Page SEO Factors You Can’t Ignore

Many website owners think of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as something that’s done behind the scenes; building links and driving traffic to your website in order to gain favor and credibility with Google. However, although what you do off your page is extremely important and definitely shouldn’t be ignored, one of the biggest mistakes that new – and even some experienced – website owners make is to forget about on-page SEO. With Google giving customer satisfaction a higher ranking than ever before when it comes to the factors that’ll get your site onto that coveted number one spot, on-page SEO has never been more important.


Photo by Stuart Miles at

Page Loading Time

Any good search engine optimization agency will tell you that the amount of time that your page takes to load can have a hugely significant effect on how well your pages and your overall website do in the Google search engine results. Although loading time can be a result of a whole range of different factors, it’s important to bear in mind that a slow-loading page can often be a direct result of what’s on it.  This could include large image files, videos, and even sounds that take longer to load up than the rest of the page. It could even be a result of your site’s theme or design. For this reason, sticking to a minimal yet interesting design is key.


Content is king – and that’s not only referring to the content you use to gain backlinks to your site, for example guest posts on popular blogs or news articles on local news sites. This also refers to the content which you display on your actual website. When coming up with content, many website owners make the mistake of keeping it to a minimum and rarely updating it – something that has the complete opposite effect of what you want when it comes to SEO. Instead, the content on your site should be informational, interesting, and answer the questions that your customers are asking the most. It’s also a good idea to integrate keywords into the content on your site, and update it regularly to make sure that it’s always fresh and current.

Images and Videos

When it comes to optimizing your website in order to be in with the best possible chance of appearing on the top spot of the Google search results for certain keywords, it’s not only important to think about your content and keywords. Optimizing your images is also important, and this can be done by using keywords and phrases as file names in order to ensure that they are more likely to appear in any relevant Google Image Search results. If you have uploaded any videos onto your site, you should also ensure that the video description is not only interesting and informative, but also optimized for Google Search. This way, your site will have the best chance of being discovered in not just Web search, but Image and Video searches too.

Good SEO should always start directly from your website!

SEO Tips: Time vs. Money

For many business and website owners, SEO is still seen as something that is too expensive to get into. This is both correct and incorrect; yes, SEO can be very expensive, but you don’t have to have a big budget in order to optimize your site and get your SEO performance up. SEO is always about time and money, and in this article we are going to discuss how you can balance these two aspects accordingly.


Big-Budget SEO

The simplest way to do SEO is by having a team of experts helping you every step of the way. If you have a big budget for SEO or internet marketing in general, then this is definitely the route you should take. Over 60% of today’s internet traffic still come from search engines, which is why having your site at the top of search results is a huge plus.

The guys at Blue Hat Marketing shared their secrets for maximizing your SEO budget. According to them, there are three main things to focus on:

1. Superb articles and other site content that will attract and engage visitors. Content is still the heart of every SEO campaign. Luckily, you can now hire the best content writers and creators from all around the world to help you produce high quality articles, podcasts and videos for your visitors.

2. On-site SEO optimizations that will help your site blooms. The best content needs to be presented correctly not only to users but also to search engine crawlers. Having a team of SEO, web design and programming experts optimizing your site will indeed be a huge plus.

3. Off-site SEO done right. In order to truly have a successful SEO campaign, you also need to build relationships with other sites and site owners.

What about doing SEO with low budget?

The secrets to a successful SEO campaign remain the same: the three points we discussed earlier. To have a truly successful campaign, you need to do those three steps correctly and effectively. The good news is: you can do most of them yourself.

seo secrets

When you have low or limited budget for SEO, all you have to do is invest more time to the campaign. For example, you can produce your own articles and keep your site updated. You may make mistakes at the beginning, but article writing is a craft that is easy to learn.

The same goes for optimizing your site. You may still have to hire a web designer to do the programming for you, but figuring out the elements that need to be improved is something you can do yourself. Of course, you can also spend some time connecting with other influential websites and writing guest posts to improve your site’s exposure.

Time vs. Money

At the end of the day, SEO is about time vs. money. Whenever you can’t afford to spend on your SEO campaign, you can always invest your time into it. it is just a matter of choosing the right balance to have a truly successful SEO campaign without breaking your bank.

20 wonderful Blogger themes

A good design remains a good design, no matter the context. It’s obvious that the content is the one that makes the difference, but it’s extremely difficult for an average user to identify useful pieces of information when dealing with a poor design. The widespread idea that quality will always shine and it will be discovered by someone is still valid, but it’s useless to wait for the respective moment. The modern entrepreneurs or website owners know that time is the most precious entity and the design of a layout is working as a catalyst. The more appealing is the design, the more chances are to have a heavy visited website. As everywhere in our lives, the originality is highly appreciated in the online environment. Definitely, a good looking original design is the key to success.
Theoretically, everything is simple, but to put in practice is a whole different thing. Quality requires passion, talent and hard work and this combination is difficult to achieve. Deeply studying the quality works of other designers is a good source of learning and we strongly encourage this manner of sharpening the skills.
Today we showcased 20 good looking and original Blogger themes. 100% sure, by checking them, you will have a better idea about what quality design really means. Of course, you may buy them if you are interested. Blogger is a great platform and it assures the perfect foundation for a great online presence.
It will be great to know your opinion about Blogger and your preferred theme from this list.



Mega Mag










Flat Mag






The Book Of Hours


The Firestorm


Bmag Magazine






Ajb Spot


Deco Mag










A Brief Overview to Successful Freelance Theme Development

Let’s face it – the morning commute, the difficulties with your boss, your snarky co-workers, and the list goes on – these things make working at home look so appealing.

Selling WordPress and Blogger themes is a great way to earn income and finally ditch that dead-end 9-5. Design students especially have a unique opportunity to quickly begin their home-based business. They don’t require additional training and will find building these themes is quick and easy.

Using this guide, you can embark on the world of freelance graphic design.


Step 1: Learn Theme Development

Oftentimes, design students understand the graphic part of creating themes. They can beautifully match colors and render amazing graphics. However, they don’t know a thing about theme development. They don’t know how to code themes.

Simply separate the main parts of a theme into a directory named for your theme. Then include the main parts of the theme. These main parts typically include:

·  header.php

·  sidebar.php

·  index.php

·  footer.php

·  style.css

“You can either create those files locally with a simple text editor (like notepad for example) and upload them via FTP or you can use the File Manager tool in your cPanel to create the files directly on your hosting account,” advises SiteGround, a site devoted to bringing you detailed tutorials for building themes for WordPress.

Step 2: Decide Where to Sell Your Work

Some people have done very well selling their themes on theme marketplaces. Most people prefer to sell on their own websites in order to avoid costly fees. Theme marketplaces are known to take more than half of the profits for the themes you sell. If you choose to sell on your own website, you’ll need to set up the site, manage it and market it. Sales aren’t going to happen overnight. It takes dedication and hard work to build a loyal fan base and get those sales.

ThemeForest - Great place to buy WordPress Templates and More

Step 3: Outsource or Learn It

There are going to be some things you won’t be able to do yourself. For example, your website is going to need to be secure, but it’s likely you don’t know how to build your own network security. It’s likely you’ll want to hire another freelancer to handle this portion of your site’s design.

Another option is to learn the things you can’t do. You could go for an online IT degree here at Bryant and Stratton College. This will teach you to manage your own network and give you more skills you can sell online. It’s up to you, but don’t let small roadblocks deter your plans for a successful design career.

Step 4: Determine Pricing

Pricing should be based on the quality of the theme, the amount of time you spent on it and what similar themes are selling for. Press Coders, a popular theme tutorial site, warns:

“If you sell a theme for $35, give away 30-50% to an affiliate or marketplace, have a partner to split it with, subtract taxes and expenses, and add in the hours for dev time and support, you might as well just go work at McDonald’s!”

Step 5: Offer Incredible Customer Service

People who shop for themes are often website developers. Much of your business will be repeat business, so our final advice is to be a good customer service rep. Treat your customers the way you would want to be treated and you’ll soon find they’re telling their friends and colleagues about you. Success isn’t going to happen overnight. Be prepared to invest a lot of unpaid hours. If you’re determined and a quality designer you will be successful.

25 wonderful and fresh Blogger themes

WordPress is probably the most used platform for blogging, but it has very competitive “rivals” which many bloggers appreciate and therefore use. Blogger is a service offered by Google and and since it is accompanied by such a great name it is seen as a reliable product. These two platforms have many common features, but at the same time they have their peculiarities that differentiate them. The positive fact is that Blogger offers almost the same amazing features. Firstly, it’s free to create a website using Blogger, therefore the initial investment is the same as in the case of WordPress, namely zero! Secondly, the interface is simple and intuitive, therefore everyone is able to launch and maintain a website. The easiness of launching and maintaining a website were capital features that contributed to the success of these two platforms. Thirdly, but not lastly, the possibilities of customization and enhancing worked as a magnet for the users. Quite probable, the team behind WordPress paid closer attention to the customization possibilities marketing. As a result, we have way more WordPress themes and plugins than ones working for Blogger. The good news is that the web designers and developers won’t let this niche which is reinforced by the fact that we already have tons of amazing Blogger themes. Also, we will definitely keep you updated, therefore check our blog daily.
We showcased many WordPress themes and it’s logical to offer our readers alternative solutions. Consequently, here you have 25 fresh Blogger themes. Enjoy and share the post to your friends!



Work Mag




Flat News






The book of hours


Grid spot








Windy Mountains










Colorful modern




Buy themes






Flip flop








Best New Blogger Templates and Premium Themes

1. Festzeit – Responsive HTML5 Template for Blogger

One of a breed wonderful new Blogger templates, Festzeit, is perfect for any venue hosting exhibitions of art and music, and offers a trim, streamlined design with a built-in event calendar. It also includes a commenting platform and Google-based contact and map functionality. Festzeit catches the eye with a large photo header designed to provide an instant glimpse into the exhibition. Blog posts, also with an emphasis on photo or video headers, line up immediately below, while an attractive sidebar advertises upcoming events or showtimes. Festzeit is perfect for museums, small galleries, music shops and restaurants that regularly host artists, artists’ collectives, private studios and more. Last and best, every element can be customized for size, making the balance of the page uniquely yours. This is the darkened gallery of layouts, smooth, sexy and full of the flavor of cultured nightlife and considered appreciation. It’s all about the art with Festzeit.
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Best Premium Blogger Themes and Templates

Sandal Jepit - Premium Blogger Theme

1. Sandal Jepit

If you are using a blog to show off your portfolio, you will want one with a theme that does not distract from your work. Sandal Jepit is a Blogger template that that has a simple clutter-free style to accent your work rather than outshine it. The clean look of this template is geared towards artists and photographers who want to display their artwork, but it is flexible enough to be used for any type of blog. You will get a Fancybox for showing off your images and a widget area that can hold more than 14 widgets. Sandal Jepit is up-to-date and can support threaded comments and other recently-implemented Blogger features. Your visitors get multiple options for navigation and may share your content via any of a number of social media sites. The template has unlimited options when it comes to customization as well, so that you can use the color or image of your choice to serve as a background to your content.
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