The birth of the audio blogging revolution: Anchor

In this age of information, almost everything exists on the internet. Several years ago, we regarded the internet as a collection of written content documents coming from different sources around the world. Today, almost everything can be found online thanks to the new generation of developers who might have been following some java logging best practices. Consequently, the internet is no longer just a filing cabinet for text content.

Nowadays, we can enjoy seamless videos, attractive slideshows, online phone and video calls, and webinars. This is why many people have shifted from television to online videos, from hard-cover books to eBooks, and from radio to possibly Podcast. Well, partly podcasting as this has become an alternative to radio.

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Is there a True Alternative to Conventional Radio?

Yes, there is, and this is through Anchor. This is a social media and a blogging platform that allows you to listen to different news stations. On top of that, you can also share some audio files to your Anchor friends and followers, or even to different social media platforms such as Facebook, Google+, or Twitter.

The good thing about this new social media platform is that there is also a new way to like audio. Instead of clicking a like button, you can applaud the audio you are listening or applaud what the broadcaster has just mentioned during the audio recording.

When you listen to a high-traffic station, you might hear some endless applause, which could get annoying. That’s not a problem as you can disable the applaud feature, so you can focus in on listening.

Who is Broadcasting on Anchor Radio?

Anyone can broadcast on Anchor radio. Although big media companies can use this platform for their own radio broadcasting, you can also create your own Anchor radio station.

All you have to do is to record an audio that runs up to 5 minutes. After recording, your audio bytes become converted as a wave that can be shared online. Your audio will be online for 24 hours, and after 24 hours, the audio won’t be available anymore, so you have to create a new one the next day.

The reason why your audio is available only for 24 hours is to ensure fresh content. This means that Anchor listeners can search for fresh news stories.

Is Anchor a New Audio Blogging Platform?

Anchor is not only a new audio blogging platform, but is also the first audio blogging platform on the internet today. It does not aim to replace the traditional text-based blogging because Anchor audios can also be transcribed instantly into text form. This means that Anchor broadcasting can be considered audio blogging and text-based blogging at the same time.

Will Anchor Start a New Revolution?

Anchor will probably start a new revolution in radio broadcasting and blogging. There are really many people who feel more relaxed listening than reading to content. Moreover, there isn’t any alternative to radio yet except Anchor. The exciting thing about Anchor is that it has begun attracting some big media and social media personalities like Gary Vaynerchuck.


Anchor is not just a radio broadcasting platform as it’s a social media and a blogging platform as well. Although it has been launched recently, it’s now fast becoming the talk of the town.

This is because Anchor is easy to use for both listeners and broadcasters. Would you be interested in checking out Anchor today?