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Best WordPress Music Themes plus Joomla, Drupal, and HTML music templates

best wordpress music themes 2012Singers and songwriters as well as other types of musicians and bands will be pleased to know that WordPress music themes will send the musically inclined on the fast track to showcasing their creative work. Artists who use music as a creative outlet will find that WordPress themes intended for musicians and bands are one of the best ways to connect with other music enthusiasts and fans. Here is the best part about incorporating WordPress themes into your online presence – it’s totally free. Better yet, WordPress requires no code writing, HTML or CSS experience or programming. It all sounds almost too good to be true but is indeed true. WordPress is perhaps the premier content management system available today for those seeking a free alternative to developing a strong web presence.

Artists and musicians write and perform music because they truly love what they do, but at the same time may also enjoy developing a strong listener base and following. A strong and impressive web presence gives musicians the opportunity to share their music with their fans as well as giving newcomers an opportunity to learn more about their music. WordPress music themes as well as other quality templates offered through Joomla, Drupal, and HTML music templates give aspiring as well as seasoned musical artists the upper hand in a highly competitive industry. Musicians and artists should explore the various WordPress music themes to find the best theme for their specific artistic expression. Showcased below are what may be considered the best in class of WordPress musical themes for artists seeking to step out from the crowd.

Rockstar - WordPress Template for Music Bands
1. Rockstar

When people think of bands, often the first thought that comes to mind is that of a rock band. Rockstar is perhaps one of the best WordPress themes for bands and music groups seeking to make a mark in the music industry. The theme is versatile enough to incorporate large amounts of writing and even publish song reviews and band reviews. Rockstar is indeed a star in the world of WordPress music themes. One unique feature of this robust theme is that musicians can incorporate an image of their preferred musical instrument as a website background setting. Image options include drum sets as well as a variety of guitars. The theme even goes as far as to offer images of a turntable for devoted disc jockeys. Additional features of Rockstar include unlimited sidebars, orange themes control panel, MP3 file player, pop-up banner, as well as social media integration features.

Eventure - Responsive WordPress Events Template
2. Eventure

Singers and songwriters who find themselves constantly on the road with the concerts and event circuit will find that Eventure is an ideal WordPress music theme. Getting the word out to your loyal fans and followers about your scheduled events and forthcoming gigs is easy and convenient with Eventure. This highly responsive theme is designed to integrate perfectly on mobile devices as well as standard platforms. In addition, Eventure is a WordPress template that offers simple and uncomplicated logo customization as well as support for Google fonts. Also on tap with Eventure are 15 various combinations of layout designs. Perhaps one of the most useful features of this music related theme is the fully integrated events widget. A calendar specific layout with an integrated calendar offers the perfect opportunity for musicians to put on display upcoming events and concerts. This highly useful feature will keep loyal fans informed and updated as to a band’s latest happenings.

Music - Musicians Theme Facebook App for Music Industry
3. Music

Perhaps one of the ideal themes for music related sites is the namesake theme known as simply Music. This truly musical mega-social theme incorporates the power of social media through a Facebook quick connect interface. This means that musicians can easily share via social media various audio, video and text based information with fans and followers. By incorporating this theme into a Facebook type fan page a musician or band is able to easily share music and stream audio to fans and followers. This highly versatile WordPress music template features Twitter widgets, sign-up modules for newsletters, Google Maps, events calendar and a gig calendar, as well as a content and image slider module. This highly responsive WordPress template includes dozens of hours of video-based tutorials to guide designers in getting the most out of the theme.

Soundboard - Premium Music WordPress Template
4. Soundboard

Soundboard is a truly cutting-edge music related theme by WordPress that puts musicians in the driver’s seat. This robust and highly responsive theme is able to manage tour dates, display albums and images, provide unlimited colors, offer over 500 Google fonts, and is fully language translation ready. This true WordPress music theme is intended for those in the music industry seeking to promote their artistic work. Getting your music to your fans and loyal followers has never been easier than with Soundboard. The theme features easy logo integration, high customizability, a robust media player, full social media integration, a promotional widget for posting concert and event information, as well as image galleries for posting photos and videos related to the band. Soundboard is a WordPress template that makes managing tour dates easy and effortless for musicians and non-musicians alike.

Multimedia - Music, Video, and Picture WordPress themplate
5. Multimedia

This particular WordPress theme offers a more broad approach to music related themes. The Multimedia theme is equally at home with music, videos, pictures, and blogs. While the theme works well for professional multimedia blog type magazines, it is also a great music-centric theme as well. Multimedia offers 7 theme styles, nearly a dozen help videos, 7 ready widgets, an option tree, full Ajax control, over 20 short codes, custom fields, as well as an option tree theme menu. In addition, the theme also offers music playlist pages, video playlist pages, blog pages, and custom fields. Theme selections within Multimedia include an APL theme, cassette and tape themes, as well as a piano and happy hour theme. This highly responsive WordPress theme for music related sites is a true multimedia magazine style theme that allows easy integration of music, video, pictures, portfolios and blogs.

Stylico - WordPress DJ Template
6. Stylico

Here is a WordPress theme that focuses on the needs of Disk Jockeys and professional music industry producers. DJs who routinely travel from club to club will enjoy the flexibility that Stylico offers in being able to showcase upcoming events and gigs. This WordPress theme is perfectly suited for the disk jockey lifestyle with features such as the gig manager plug-in. This plug-in incorporates features such as Google Maps, and allows for updating and inputting gig locations. A robust media player is included in this theme to allow for easy music upload and delivery. Stylico Features a custom slider that allows designers to post, edit and modify an unlimited number of photos and images. In addition, the theme features custom pages, dozens of short codes, several widgets, various post types, as well as a 960 grid system and valid HTML and CSS. Stylico is a Disk Jockey’s dream come true.

MediaScene - Premium Music WordPress Template
7. MediaScene

Designers and developers seeking a highly versatile music based WordPress theme will be thoroughly impressed with the robust and versatile theme known as MediaScene. This theme is highly useful for those heavily focused on social media and offers such features as social media widgets that are ideal for sharing audio and visual media among followers and fans. An album rating type system offers you the ability to incorporate MediaScene as a blog with the intent of reviewing music rather than one for a band or group. Key features of this powerful and highly responsive WordPress template include over 100 short codes, full audio and video support, custom posts, 8 theme widgets, several sidebars, a review and rating system, full language translation, social sharing buttons, and limited colors as well as a fully customizable homepage. This excellent WordPress theme is truly a premium music style theme that offers those in the music industry huge advantages and benefits.

Phiyaz - Entertainment & Community WordPress Template
8. Phiyaz

This WordPress theme is primarily an entertainment and community driven theme that offers music bloggers the opportunity to post regularly about music and entertainment related subjects. While the main focus of Phiyaz is indeed text and blogging, there is also the ability to post a variety of images, photos, musical audio and video. The theme offers a highly useful one-page login and registration type system for creating a strong following of users. Some of the highly useful features in this robust theme included integrated plug-ins, light and dark skins, jQuery functionality, a simple admin page, alternating and nested comments, custom widgets, as well as WordPress thumbnail feature integration. Phiyaz truly gets the job done for serious musicians that enjoy blogging for the benefit of their loyal fan base and followers. For a highly effective entertainment and community style theme, Phiyaz is the WordPress theme of choice.

Eventalist - Events presentation WordPress Template
9. Eventalist

Eventalist is a highly versatile WordPress theme that is equally at home with musicians as well as corporate applications and personal use. This highly responsive WordPress theme originates from ThemeForest and is ideal for showcasing music events such as concerts and musical performances. Musicians seeking a high-profile response to their artistic works will be pleased to know that Eventalist is highly optimized for search engine optimization (SEO). The template includes various user short codes that allow for simple integration of events and gigs. In addition, Eventalist offers full Google Maps integration, a variety of attractive templates, full PSD files, custom theme administration, and the ability to create limited events. Musical artists will find this WordPress theme works quite well when highlighting or creating musical events. Eventalist is certainly worth exploring for those seeking a highly versatile WordPress music focused theme.

Music Pro - Musician WordPress Theme and Bands
10. Music Pro

Professionals in the music industry serious about promoting a label, or showcasing a particular band, will be quite pleased with Music Pro. This WordPress music oriented theme is fully customizable and is not limited to just music related website design but can be used for a number of other website design subjects and applications. Music Pro is a powerful and robust WordPress theme that features 10 custom widgets, an albums manager, filterable galleries, a playlist manager, widget areas, unlimited sidebars, as well as a theme options panel. Other features highly useful to web designers include social share buttons, full documentation, a wealth of shortcodes, as well as the ability to post audio, video images and other similar items. Music Pro is a true music oriented WordPress theme that will keep artists and musicians going strong in the music industry.

Continuum - Magazine HTML Theme
11. Continuum (HTML)

Here is an HTML theme that is billed as an industrial strength magazine website template. This HTML based theme features a professional grid-based layout with 70 pre-styled CSS formatting elements, 5 custom jQuery content sliders, and 16 pages of templates. While the theme is well suited for magazine and newspaper blogs the theme is also well suited for music related websites. The customized templates, unique layouts, prebuilt CSS styled elements, as well as color schemes make it possible to incorporate this theme into just about any type of music related site. Continuum is fully valid XHTML with simple and uncluttered code that is designed to be easily managed. Other notable features in this theme include 70 built-in CSS styled elements, full social media integration, as well as a unique grid based review layout type framework. Explore Continuum and discover a truly powerful HTML theme for music review related websites.

BlackStudios - Creative Joomla! Template
12. BlackStudios (Joomla)

BlackStudios is a Joomla theme that is perfectly suitable for music related websites and blogs. Designers and developers alike will find that BlackStudios is a highly creative and modern looking theme that will result in top quality music industry themed websites and blogs. The template is stylish and clean by design and offers Valid W3C XHTML 1.0 Transitional Code. In addition, this highly responsive and robust Joomla theme for music related sites features Joomla core element styling, a gantry core with 60 base modules, a 960 grid system, several color variations for black and white versions, a quick start package, and dozens of possible combinations for the layout of the main body as well as the sidebars. This Joomla theme is also well suited to mobile platforms as well as standard Internet access platforms such as desktop computers. Singers and songwriters as well as band members and a variety of other musically talented individuals will find that BlackStudios is well suited to developing an excellent music related web presence that will outlast the competition.

Mingle - BuddyPress Community WordPress Musician Theme
13. Mingle

Here is an extremely popular multipurpose WordPress theme that uses advanced WordPress framework, composed of WordPress, HTML5, and BuddyPress. Considering that this WordPress theme is indeed multipurpose, it opens the door for extremely creative versatility for musicians and those in the music industry in general. BuddyPress is a highly useful social network plug-in that turns your website into a social community portal with full functionality. This plug-in gives users the opportunity to interact with forums, groups, and followers. In addition, the plug-in offers a private messaging functionality. Mingle gives designers and developers complete creative license to produce stunningly attractive websites and blogs. Key features of this extremely popular theme include contact form builder, drag-and-drop layout manager, unbranded white label admin, as well as a host of other extremely functional features. Those in the music industry looking for a super robust WordPress theme will likely look no further than Mingle to help build a rabid fan based community website.

Stereo Squared - Responsive HTML music theme
14. Stereo Squared (HTML)

Stereo Squared is a highly responsive HTML type template that is tailored towards the music industry. Bands, musicians, singers, songwriters and other similar music industry professionals will be delighted to incorporate Stereo Squared into their artistic works. The template is even useful for disc jockeys seeking to create a web presence for their work. The template includes a variety of features including responsive layout, SoundCloud integration, Google Maps integration, excellent topography, Flickr integration, social media integration, as well as alternate layout options. Music professionals from all segments of the music industry will find that Stereo Squared is a well thought out and well designed template for a variety of music applications. Stereo Squared is a responsive HTML template that features sharp lines and attractive color combinations. The theme is well suited to music related websites and blogs and offers a variety of variations in homepage look and feel.

Musician:Artist - HTML5 online press-kit
15. Musician/Artist (HTML)

Musician/Artist is essentially an online press kit for musicians. The theme contains options for an artist/band to record labels, gig organization managers, venues, and applications to perform or even to release a CD album. This HTML theme also offers an option for blocks of music samples. Musician/Artist offers a music player, 4 CSS files, and 3 PSD files, as well as several HTML files. Additional features include Discography, Gigs Activity, Video and Posters Archive as well as Yahoo Flash player. While the Musician/Artist template is not cross-compatible with mobile applications, it is compatible with tablet type platforms. The theme is cross browser compatible with Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and Chrome. Help files are available in PDF format and offer a comprehensive level of support for designers and developers seeking to produce a high quality music related website or blog. Musician/Artist is a true online press kit for musicians that has a stunning and attractive look intended for good online visibility. A theme such as Musician/Artist can make all the difference in a musician’s online exposure.

Soundrock - Music Band Fan Club Template
16. SoundRock (HTML)

SoundRock is a HTML 5 compliant template built especially for bands or musicians. Great for artist, not coders, the HTML is extensively commented to allow for ease of customization. Templates come in six colors and have your basic pages covered: home, blog, albums, gallery (4 types), about us, gigs, and contact us. It is compatible across all major browsers and is mobile responsive so your band fans can enjoy your site even on their smartphones. This is a great template that allows for easy customization and fast re-skinning to make your band brand known.

Best in Class WordPress Music Themes For Music Related Sites

As is obvious, there are many options when searching for the perfect WordPress music theme. However, one thing is certain, whether designers of music related websites and blogs choose WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, or HTML, they will likely develop a great looking website or blog that is industry specific. The music industry is quickly adapting to the online world as musicians and songwriters take their artistic talents online. The music themes outlined here offer excellent options for these industry professionals to establish a solid online presence for their work. In fact, a number of well-known artists have already established themselves online through the use of WordPress music themes.

For example, Tom Jones is one such artist that has a long and distinguished career in the music industry and has staked a claim online for his artistic work through the use of a WordPress music theme. Another well-known music celebrity that has incorporated the WordPress theme into a notable web presence is Miley Cyrus.
Miley Cyrus WordPress Music Site
In addition, the Dave Matthews band offers an online presence with a highly unique and extremely creative look and style. The Dave Matthews band selected a WordPress music theme as the vehicle for this highly creative music themed website. Yet another is a music superstar known the world over named Mick Jagger, who incorporates a WordPress music theme into his band’s online presence. These powerful names in the music industry have all developed a strong and lasting online presence through the use of these highly functional and extremely creative WordPress templates. One other renowned and well-known band that has established itself online through the use of WordPress music themes is the band Duran Duran.

DuranDuran - WordPress Music Site
All this and more makes it clear why singers, songwriters and musicians alike have chosen to incorporate WordPress music themes into showcasing their artistic talents. From uploading audio samples of a band’s work to showcasing videos of live concerts and other musical venues, WordPress music templates are put to the test every day online by music industry professionals. Artists know and understand that getting exposure and getting the word out about their work requires smart leveraging of the Internet. These attractive and highly functional WordPress themes are the tools used to ensure that this leveraging of the Internet is successful.

By making a huge splash in the online music world with powerful WordPress templates, artists can improve their image, increase their fan base, as well as grow their social media following. As times change, so do career strategies, and that holds true equally as well in the music industry. Musicians know that by incorporating WordPress music themes into their overall success strategy that they will far exceed those who lack an online music presence. These best-in-class WordPress music themes for music related sites offer the perfect launching point for any musician’s online campaign.