Shopaholic - Responsive PrestaShop Template

Best Prestashop Themes and Templates for 2012

PrestaShop eCommerce TemplatesPrestaShop Themes are becoming a leader in the eCommerce space. E-commerce is quickly replacing traditional shopping outlets and channels as the demand for high-quality, well-organized and highly functional e-commerce web solutions systems is growing exponentially. The good news is that there are a handful of companies that produce excellent e-commerce platforms for web designers and developers who wish to create stunning e-commerce websites. PrestaShop is one of those companies that sets the standard for all other e-commerce websites. As a leader in e-commerce software, Prestashop offers a wide range of themes and templates intended for developing high-quality open-source e-commerce webshops and e-commerce stores. The possibilities are endless with the premium e-commerce themes offered by PrestaShop.

PrestaShop Themes make E-Commerce Virtually Seamless and Easy to Use

With well over 100,000 stores to their credit, the company offers support and platforms in 51 languages. Boasting e-commerce stores in well over 150 countries around the world, PrestaShop is leading the way for e-commerce well into the next decade. Providing a full range of services to merchants seeking the best in e-commerce development tools, PrestaShop has won numerous awards for unsurpassed quality in open-source business development and applications. PrestaShop products feature a generous list of value-added items including catalog management, full analytics, statistics and reporting, translations, shipping configurations, payment configurations, security configurations, as well as a host of other powerful e-commerce tools. These tools are all professionally integrated into PrestaShop software making e-commerce virtually seamless and easy to use. What follows below is a comprehensive list of PrestaShop premium e-commerce themes and templates that are all designed to inspire and impress website visitors and customers alike.
eStore - Premium PrestaShop Template
1. EStore

The EStore Premium e-commerece theme is a powerfully clean and elegantly modern PrestaShop e-commerce work of art. With perfectly clean lines and lack of clutter, EStore integrates well with virtually any type of online store or shop presence. The theme features jQuery Nivo Slider, PSD and Documentation, as well as highly customizable modules. This theme features full documentation as well as a fixed layout and a wide range of browser compatibility. This sleek looking e-commerce template by PrestaShop is highly responsive and easily integrated with a full range of shopping carts. Discover the clean and elegantly modern EStore template today and see what is possible in e-commerce development. Perfect for everything from online clothing stores to electronics stores.

MelbourneShop - Unique PrestaShop Template
2. MelbourneShop

Here is an impressive e-commerce premium theme solution by PrestaShop that will guarantee that a store or shop is noticed across the Internet. The MelbourneShop theme offers a unique and modern look that is highly intuitive and easy to navigate. This trendy e-commerce theme features custom modules as well as JQuery slider and a host of other highly functional features. Fully compatible with PrestaShop version 1.4.x, this theme is well respected among designers and developers alike. Its unique modern design features custom modules, PSD and full documentation. MelbourneShop is without a doubt a cut above with regard to e-commerce development. MelbourneShop can make an othewise average looking and functioning e-commerce website stand out and get noticed. Ideal for a full range of online product catalogs.

Cotton Candy - PrestaShop Theme
3. Cotton Candy

Cotton Candy is an aesthetically pleasing PrestaShop premium e-commerce website theme that will draw attention from all who visit a site that has been designed with this particular platform. The theme is fully compatible with PrestaShop version 1.5 and includes such unique features as social links and buttons, and full compatibility for additional add-ons and extensions. In addition, this trendy-looking theme features a flex slider, fully responsive jQuery slider plug-in, as well as a robust back-office. Full browser compatibility as well as language translation and other powerful tools set this theme apart as one of the best e-commerce themes available today. Try Cotton Candy today and see why e-commerce never tasted so good or looked so amazingly attractive. This theme is useful for selling a host of trendy products.

Sunset - PrestaShop Template
4. SunSet

Sunset is a simple yet powerful e-commerce premium theme by PrestaShop that is intended specifically for shops and stores featuring a wide array of apparel and clothing related products. The theme is intended for products and services related to such items as clothing, fashion accessories, handbags and other similar items. This theme is fully documented and is highly responsive with total social media integration modules. Here is a PrestaShop theme that also features a fixed layout as well as layered PNG. In addition to clothing and apparel, this Sunset PrestaShop e-commerce theme is ideally suited for a wide range of product lines and services. Experience the power of Sunset today, and see why so many developers choose SunSet as their e-commerce premium theme of choice.

Tartan - PrestaShop Theme
5. Tartan

This PrestaShop premium e-commerce theme is perfectly suited for a range of shops and stores selling a variety of products. Tartan captures the imagination of designers and developers looking to create a truly unique and inspiring e-commerce website. The theme features JQuery slideshow plugin along with a host of social links and social media buttons as well as AJAX shopping cart functionality. This e-commerce theme is easily installed and highly intuitive. In addition, the theme offers a fixed layout and complete compatibility across a wide range of browsers. Tartan is a premium PrestaShop theme that is sure to meet the approval of discerning designers and developers everywhere. If you are looking for a highly responsive and fully functional e-commerce premium theme, then look no further than Tartan. Sell anything from cars to shoes with Tartan.

Alysum - Best PrestaShop Theme
6. Alysum

For a stunningly attractive online e-commerce shop or store, developers should consider this cutting-edge e-commerce theme known simply as Alysum. This robust and fully functional e-commerce solution offers unlimited color options, full Google fonts integration, dozens of backgrounds, as well as full language translation for up to 5 languages. In addition, the theme offers full support, additional modules and a cleverly stylish and attractively clean design. Other features include a newsletter block that incorporates a promo and social networks function. There is also a theme settings module and a logo module, as well as a Nivo Slider. This theme is fully customizable in style, color and layout. Alysum is highly scalable and has a wide range of themes settings that make integration and customization easy and enjoyable. Discover Alysum today and see how incredibly attractive e-commerce can really look.

Shopaholic - Responsive PrestaShop Template
7. Shopaholic

Shopaholic is a powerfully responsive PrestaShop e-commerce theme that has a professional looking design. This sleek-looking premium template features multi-lingual ad-block, clean design and unencumbered code, AJax add-to-cart features, a product carousel, as well as a host of other robust features. Customizable features of this theme include background, text, fonts, in addition to a variety of other elements. Shopaholic is highly scalable and integrates well across a wide cross-section of interface platforms. For example, Shopaholic is viewed equally well on a number of devices including mobile, tablet and desktop. With full browser compatibility, Shopaholic offers clean HTML design and unencumbered code, along with powerful features such as AJAX add a cart. In addition, Shopaholic offers social media block on footer, advanced search filter, PSD banners, as well as powerful search engine optimization options. Try Shopaholic and see how incredibly amazing e-commerce can be with this unique PrestaShop e-commerce theme.

Electronics Store - Clean PrestaShop Theme
8. Electronics Store

Here is an e-commerce theme by PrestaShop that offers those specializing in electronics and electronics-related products and services an opportunity to develop a highly functional and extremely powerful e-commerce website. Electronics Store offers a very clean somewhat minimalist look and feel that includes custom modules, jQuery slider and full documentation. With a fixed layout and full browser compatibility, Electronics Store is sure to get any electronics store or shop noticed on the Internet. Cart integration and other features typical of an e-commerce site are intuitive and easy to incorporate into the platform’s overall structure. For a clean and sleek-looking unencumbered e-commerce website theme, developers should take a serious look at Electronics Store. Online business owners looking to increase online sales in electronics should consider using Electronics Store.

General Store - Modern PrestaShop Template
9. General Store

The General Store theme by PrestaShop is a classical-looking e-commerce premium theme platform designed with a modern look in mind. The theme is fully documented and features PSD files, JQuery slider, custom modules, and a very clean and stylish design look and feel. The theme is very scalable and is suitable for a variety of websites devoted to any number of products and services. General Store offers a fixed layout functionality as well as layered PSD and full browser compatibility. The theme is fully integrated with PrestaShop version 1.5 and is considered highly responsive. Website developers seeking a highly scalable and fully functional e-commerce website platform will truly enjoy General Store and its wide range of features. General Store is a stunningly attractive yet simple PrestaShop e-commerce theme that is sure to garner the attention of some of the best developers in the business. Try General Store today and experience e-commerce like never before. Sell anything from auto parts to sunglasses with General Store.

Bonfire - Premium PrestaShop Theme
10. Bonfire

Here is a premium PrestaShop e-commerce theme that offers a unique design and look that is sure to turn heads. Bonfire is an inspiring e-commerce theme that offers full slider functionality, product category with grid, products soon, JavaScript functionality, extremely clean code, homepage content slider, as well as multi-language sliders and a host of other powerful features. Bonfire has proven in the past to be a very popular e-commerce theme that has recently now been offered by PrestaShop. The template offers an extremely user-friendly administration panel, slideshow integration, easy customization, as well as several color schemes. This extremely robust and attractive-looking e-commerce theme offers full documentation and is highly responsive. Developers seeking an exceptional premium PrestaShop e-commerce premium theme should look no further than the exquisitely designed and perfectly implemented Bonfire. This theme is ideal for selling high-tech products online.

Mint Store - PrestaShop Premium Template
11. Mint Store

Mint Store offers a clean and fresh design in premium e-commerce webstore theme solutions. This PrestaShop e-commerce premium theme offers custom top horizontal menu modules, slideshow modules that are fully customizable, social media add-on features, as well as custom type contact information modules. This premium e-commerce theme is fully functional and highly responsive. The theme offers a modern and clean platform for designing and developing attractive-looking web shops and e-commerce stores. In addition, the theme offers full documentation and fixed layout, as well as PSD files. Designers and developers alike will appreciate the full functionality and easy integration that Mint Store offers. For a highly scalable and fully functional e-commerce store that is sure to turn heads, this is one PrestaShop theme that should not be overlooked. Try the Mint Store premium theme for yourself today. Sell anything from financial products to camping gear with Mint Store.

Urbanista - PrestaShop Fashion Template
12. EggThemes Urbanista

Urbanista is a stunningly attractive fashion style premium theme by PrestaShop that features a stylish and sleek design, a variety of modules as well as a featured products module, PrestaShop installation module, language integration, a products tab module, bestseller and special products module, as well as Nivo slideshow functionality. Developers seeking to create a highly attractive and fully functional webshop or e-commerce store focused on apparel, handbags or fashion products will be right at home with Urbanista. The theme is known for its impressive slideshows and stunning visual effects. This PrestaShop premium e-commerce template is highly responsive and fully documented. Designers and developers alike will respect and appreciate the incredible functionality that Urbanista offers. Experience e-commerce solutions and software at its best – Experience Urbanista today.

Arundo - Premium PrestaShop eCommerce Theme
13. Arundo

Those interested in a powerful multi-store e-commerce solution will be pleased to know that the e-commerce PrestaShop premium theme known as Arundo has just what they are looking for in a theme. This flexible and highly scalable e-commerce premium theme includes unlimited colors, full global font integration, dozens of backgrounds, a stylish and sleek look, full language translation, excellent support, as well as additional modules and a host of other features. This theme features full documentation and is highly responsive. Arundo offers live logo creation, robust back-office, list and grid product listing styles, a variety of sliders, a selection of product carousels, custom links, social media widgets, in addition to a number of other robust features. Arundo is scalable for a wide range of online businesses and can be integrated into a number of product and service catalogs. Developers seeking a powerful business software solution for e-commerce should seriously consider the PrestaShop theme known as Arundo. Sell sporting goods to personal care items with Arundo.

MultiShop - PrestaShop Theme
14. MultiShop

Here is an impressive PrestaShop e-commerce theme that offers a distinct and classic look for elegant and impressive products and services. MultiShop sets the stage for impressive-looking e-commerce sites with such features as drop-down menus, AJax cart functionality, various product carousels, PSD files, bootstrap framework, as well as a host of other powerful and robust features. In addition, this impressive e-commerce theme offers tableless design, full search engine optimization functionality, as well as high responsiveness and full functionality. MultiShop is an attractive e-commerce theme that is suitable for a number of elegant and stylish products and services. The theme also features full online payment functionality, and the latest and most up-to-date HTML5 and CSS3 features. This e-commerce template also offers social media integration and functionality, as well as simple and fast set up and installation. Discover the power of MultiShop today and sell almost anything.

Shopping - PrestaShop eCommerce Template
15. Shopping

Shopping is an excellent and easy-to-use PrestaShop e-commerce premium theme. This attractive-looking clean and extremely modern styled template is search engine optimization friendly and easily social media integrated. Other features include a product slider, homepage slider, Ed block, grid and list products view, as well as JQuery enhanced user interface. In addition, this powerful e-commerce premium theme by PrestaShop features Facebook widgets, as well as custom payment icons and a powerfully impressive administration panel. Shopping also features full documentation and is highly responsive. Discover an impressive e-commerce shopping template today and see how easy e-commerce can actually be with the right template. Other unique features of this robust e-commerce template include full product slider functionality. Shopping is a theme that is certain to make products and services stand out from the crowd and increase online sales.

TimeShop - PrestaShop Shopping Theme
16. TimeShop

Get ready for a multipurpose e-commerce PrestaShop theme that is as functional as it is attractive. This theme features a wide array of features including a modern and ultra-clean design, a unique grid system, a bootstrap framework integration, a grid and list products view, as well as a variety of modules and top-quality customer support. This theme is fully functional and highly responsive and gives developers the flexibility they need to create outstanding e-commerce web shops and storefronts. In addition, the TimeShop premium e-commerce theme offers full integration with HTML5 and CSS3 functionality. The theme comes complete with full documentation and is proven to be highly responsive across a wide range of platforms such as mobile, tablet and desktop interfaces. Developers should explore their options with this robust PrestaShop e-commerce premium theme known as TimeShop. Sell computers to furniture with TimeShop.

Warehouse - HTML5 PrestaShop Theme
17. Warehouse

Warehouse is considered an unlimited HTML5 premium PrestaShop template that is intended for creating exceptionally attractive and functional e-commerce websites and storefronts. This impressive premium theme offers full HTML5 and CSS3 design integration, rollover effects, list view and grid view, branded logo functionality, a wide variety of slider functionality, product search, as well as a host of other robust features. Warehouse is designed to work perfectly with a number of products and services. Developers seeking to create a clean-looking and highly functional e-commerce website or store will find that Warehouse is easy to use and highly intuitive. This premium PrestaShop e-commerce theme comes with full documentation and is highly responsive. Developers seeking to create the next beautiful and ultra-functional e-commerce website should look into the advantages of using a theme such as Warehouse.

LA Store - Modern PrestaShop Theme
18. LA Store

LA Store is a PrestaShop premium theme that offers a powerful platform for developing a fully functional yet simple and cleanly designed e-commerce website. This minimalist-looking PrestaShop e-commerce premium theme is perfect for creating a wide range of e-commerce sites dedicated to an unlimited number of products and services. This highly useful theme features layer slider functionality, a variety of custom modules, PSD files and full documentation. Developers will enjoy the ease-of-use and intuitiveness of this smartly crafted e-commerce premium theme. Other features include a full range of browser compatibility, as well as a fixed layout. Most developers who have experienced and used the theme known as LA Store will likely all agree that this PrestaShop premium e-commerce theme is extremely responsive and offers functionality across a wide range of operations. Discover LA Store and see why so many e-commerce developers are taking advantage of this powerful and robust PrestaShop e-commerce premium theme. LA Store is suitable for most any product line.


Developers intent on creating the best e-commerce experience possible for website visitors will be delighted with the flexibility and functionality of each one of these PrestaShop e-commerce premium themes. With literally hundreds of features and functionality that are perfectly suited to business owners intent on increasing sales, the PrestaShop family of e-commerce templates and themes is sure to inspire and impress. PrestaShop offers powerful and highly integrated e-commerce software that makes e-commerce webshop and storefront development easy and intuitive. From catalog management to product export and inventory management, PrestaShop has all the features and functionality that a developer could hope for in advanced e-commerce software. Developers with an eye for quality software will come to respect the premium e-commerce themes offered by PrestaShop.

Developers Looking for True Flexibility in Open Source E-Commerce Software Will Like PrestaShop

From cross-selling features to a variety of product page features, PrestaShop gives developers the added edge they need to create exceptional e-commerce websites. In addition, this highly robust e-commerce platform offers the ability to sell downloadable products, as well as product comparison functionality and even layered navigation features. All this along with advanced stock management and highly scalable back-office capabilities make PrestaShop the e-commerce software platform of choice. Developers looking for true flexibility in open source e-commerce software will find that PrestaShop meets all their needs and goes far beyond. At the end of the day, e-commerce is about engaging shoppers in a creative and inspiring way while increasing online sales. PrestaShop makes this happen each and every day through a wide range of outstanding e-commerce premium themes. Try a PrestaShop e-commerce premium theme and see why so many developers use this robust system to build exceptionally high-quality websites.